[I apologize to my readership regarding the weak ending for Chapter 14; also, Chapter 15 may not be strong. If you wonder where my stories are by not posting chapters as fast as I should it is because of work. Sometimes I have a good deal of free time and at other times I am slammed with deadlines.]

Chapter 15: The Hot Rod

Monday morning after the big holiday weekend and what seemed like days of nonstop sex with three different new boyfriends Logan awoke from a dream with a hard-on in his hand. With a July late morning sun streaming through his window he tugged at his hard cock before he threw back the sheet and rolled out of bed. As he sat on the edge of the bed looking at his engorged cockhead his ass burned and itched.

Logan got up and began walking towards his bathroom. Before he reached the door the burning and itching in his ass became more intense. He felt sure the half dozen or more times Bobby fucked him the previous day produced the irritation.

In the shower Logan played with his nipples getting them hard while watching his hard cock dance as he manipulated the hard nubs. He soaped up and stroked his seven inch hard cock until it squirted multiple ropes of spooge onto the tub floor.

After a long warm shower Logan felt somewhat better, but the mild burning and itching lingered. He dressed and went to the kitchen where his mother sat at the kitchen table writing a letter. She said, "There is cold cereal for breakfast and coffee is still hot in the pot if you want some honey."

"Thanks mom."

"When you go back to your room get the sheets off your bed and toss them into the washing machine. I'll be starting a load after I finish this letter."

"Who you writin?"

"My sister," Mrs. Austin replied. "How many times do I have to remind you to enunciate your words distinctly? Add the "G" on your ing words."

"Yes mom."

After a bowl of cereal and fruit Logan ambled back towards his bedroom with a cup of coffee in hand. He sat the coffee cup down on his desk before he striped the bed. He bunched the sheets and pillow cases before walking to the laundry room where he deposited them into the machine. On the way back to the bedroom he stopped in the main bathroom to see if any aspirin or pain relievers were in the medicine cabinet.

Along with the aspirins Logan also found a tube of hemorrhoid cream. He grabbed both before he went back to his bedroom. In his bathroom he downed two aspirins followed by a big gulp of coffee. Then he dropped his pants, squeezed a glob of goo onto his fingers and smeared the medication to reduce blood vessel inflammation into his burning and itching ass.

Within a few minutes the itching and burning became unnoticeable. He pulled up his pants before he returned the medications to the bathroom, trying not to be detected by his mother. As Logan came out of the main bathroom his mother asked, "By the way where were you Sunday? You didn't come home after the party Saturday night."

"I thought I was good to spend the whole weekend with my friends."

"Sorry... I guess I forgot... You know how I worry about you honey."

"Had a great time mom... Enjoyed the party... Made a new friend... Thanks for lettin me spend the weekend with my friends and the concern for my safety."

Logan decided maybe he should try to be a little bit more discerning towards his mother. She had been acting more pleasant the past few days. The telephone rang. Mrs. Austin answered and then said, "It's for you baby boy."

"Mom!" Logan exclaimed. He hated it when she called him those endearing names, especially when his peers were in close proximity.

"Hello," Logan answered.

"Hello baby boy," the voice on the other end chided. Logan and Brandon conversed for a few minutes before Logan said, "Yeah, come on by and pick me up."

"Oh, your father called... He wants to meet you for lunch today."

"Ooops change in plans. Gotta meet my dad at noon... Call ya when I get back."

After Logan hung up he asked, "When will dad be here?"

"Around noon," Mrs. Austin said.

"Okay mom."

With a couple of hours to kill Logan went back to his room where he sorted out some clothes he could no longer wear. He needed to get his wardrobe sorted out before school started. He put the clothes in a bag to give to his mom to take to church. Once that was done he sat down at his desk to make some cryptic notes in his journal about the weekend while he daydreamed. A knock on the door followed by, "Come on son let's go."

The teen got up to greet his dad, "Hey dad where we goin?" Logan asked as he opened the door.

"We gotta go meet a guy about a car at one this afternoon. Before that I thought we'd grab a sandwich."

"What kind of car?" Logan asked.

"You'll see it when we get there," Mr. Austin said as the two walk toward the front of the house. "I've just seen a photo of it so far."

"Mom goin with?" Logan asked.

"No, she has no interest in you getting a car or what kind."

The two exited the house, got in Mr. Austin's car and departed to get something to eat. After about an hour of idle chit-chat and driving they pulled into a small sandwich shop. Once inside a man waved them over to his table. Introductions were made before Logan and his dad were seated. Turned out that the man they were having lunch with was the man who worked with Logan's dad and had the car for sale.

After they ate Logan's dad followed the man to a shop off the main thoroughfare. They got out and entered the building. After turning on the fluorescent lighting there sat, a customized 1956 Chevy Nomad.

Logan walked over to it and exclaimed, "Wow! - Wow!"

"You like it son?" The man asked.

"You know I do," Logan said. But this thing all customized the way it is, is way too expensive for dad and me."

The owner said, "This car was my son's pride and joy... His mother and I got it for him as a high school graduation gift... He drove it the entire time in college and in the Army before he got shipped overseas."

Logan could tell something was wrong as the man walked around the car rubbing his fingers across the slick paint job and patting the roof. Emotions were evident as he continued talking and walking, explaining all about the car. "He parked it when he left for Vietnam... Hasn't been driven since," the man said. "He was a helicopter pilot... Flew medevac missions for the 1st Air Cavalry."

"Wow," Logan said. "You must be proud of him risking his life goin in gettin the wounded out under fire and all... I've seen some of that on television... Pretty hairy."

"We are proud of him," the man said.

"So, he don't want it?"

"He won't need it any longer son. He was killed flying wounded out of a place called LZ X-Ray in Ia Drang Valley South Vietnam."

"I'm so sorry to hear that sir," Brandon said.

"His mother and I want the car to go to a good home... Someone who will appreciate it and take care of it," The man said. "He was our only son... Your dad tells me you're his only son."

"That's correct."

"Don't go to Vietnam son. Nothin but a political war over there. Ain't gonna be no winners." The man said with that look of sorrow. "Anyway when your dad and me were talkin and he told me all about you and you needin a car to start college, and after some more palaverin and dickerin we came up with a price we all think is fair."

"How much sir?"

"That's between your old man and me son," the man said. "You like the car? - You want it?"

"Sure do, but I don't want my dad to go broke buyin it for me."

"I guarantee he ain't gonna go broke... He's gettin a real sweet deal son."

"I sure want it."

"Let's go to Department of Motor Vehicles and get the thing signed over to you... Then we'll go buy a battery, get some gas in a can, come back here, start the thing up, and you're on your way son."

I'm ready... Let's go."

Logan and his dad exit the building with the man right behind them. He stopped to lock the door and then they were off to DMV and the auto parts store. With all paperwork completed, purchases made, back at the building every one pitched in to install a new battery. Then they checked the fluid levels before pouring a couple of gallons of gas into the tank. Once that was all done the man trickled a little gas into the top of the carburetor and started the Nomad Wagon.

The vehicle came to life with dual exhausts roaring like a Lion. The man let the car idle for a few minutes before he said, "I gotta get the big door open so you can drive it out."

Once outside the Nomad sounded better and looked better under the California sun. "You got some place to be?" Logan's dad asked.

"Sure do."

"Well you better get goin."

Logan walked over and shook the man's hand and said, "I truly am sorry for your loss sir... I'll take good care of it for you, his mother and him."

"If you don't like it... Bring it back in 24 hours and I'll give you your money back son."

The two shook hands again and then Logan got into the vehicle. As he drove away the two older men stood and talked for a few minutes before they went their separate ways. In the meantime, Logan couldn't make up his mind where he wanted to go first to show off his new hot rod.

But the first thing he needed to do was get gas. Logan drove to the nearest gas station to fill the tank before he decided to go see Brandon. Bobby was at practice with his band. When he arrived he called Brandon from the gate to gain access. The gate opened, Logan drove up the dive and parked his new car. Brandon and the dog came outside. Brandon said, "Damn... Cool lookin ride man... When did you get it?"

"Bout an hour ago."

Brandon walked around the car looking it over. "Fuckin great paint job and bitchin wheels." Then he popped the hood to see what was beneath. "Damn... Check it out... V8 with four barrel carb, chrome valve covers and a bunch of other chrome goodies... Cool ride man."


"Wanna go swimin before you take me for a ride? Ain't no one home."

"Where's Hector?"

"He and Kim are out somewhere doin something."

"Let's go swimming and then go cruise."

The two and Bozo went up to Brandon's room. Once there they stripped out of their civilian clothing. Standing naked in front of Brandon he said, "You deserve a blowjob? - To celebrate your new ride."


Logan was hard as soon as Brandon offered to suck his cock. Brandon pushed him back onto the bed and fell on top of his friend where he began fondling his nipples. "Turn around on the bed so I can suck that nice dick of yours."

Brandon wanted to sixty-nine. After the boys polished each other off orally they bounded down the stairs nude to the pool. They swam for a few minutes before they got out of the pool to go sit in the lounges while they tanned and talked. Logan sat down first and then Brandon scooted in beside him. As they began talking Brandon was playing with Logan's nipples and cock trying to get him hard again.

"So, who'd you hook up with after the party?" Brandon asked.


"I've never had the pleasure of Bobby's cock in my mouth or up my ass," Brandon said. "How big is he?"

"He's not as big as you or Hector, but big enough to satisfy me," Logan said. "But he can go and go forever... Oh yeah suck on my nipple."

"So who all have you been with since we got together to break your cherry a few days ago?" Brandon asked before his tongue danced across the top of Logan's hard nipple.

"Besides you, Hector and Kim, Bobby all day Sunday."

"Wow, so what did your mom have to say about you being gone all weekend?" Brandon asked as he continued to stroke Logan's hardening cock.

"Not much... Dad had a talk with her... Oooooooooh yeah suck it."

"You ready to give a girl a go?" Brandon asked. "Cause I got a special girl all lined up for you."

"Might as well give it a go... Try everything at least once... I hope she can suck cock as well as you guys."

Brandon took Logan's cock into his mouth to finish him off. Logan didn't want to tell Brandon that Bobby had deflowered him on Sunday. He would save that little tidbit for later. He wasn't sure how his best friend would react and didn't want to chance damaging their friendship. He exploded with a powerful orgasm in Brandon's mouth.



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