Chapter 14: Give Up The Booty

Sunday morning after the big Independence Day party ended Logan awoke in Bobby's bed to the band leader singer's fingers titillating his hard nipples, "I just love playin with these."

Logan lying on his back buck naked with his left arm around his new lover replied, "I enjoy the way you play with 'em."

A smiling Logan gazed across his chest to watch Bobby manipulate his hard nubs while he watched his cock jump with each heartbeat. As Logan's heart sped up so did his bouncing boner. Not used to waking up in a strange bed, especially with another guy beside him, Logan savored the sensual stimulation, but envisioned it as something he wanted to explore more. The feeling of another warm human body next to his brought feelings of exhilaration. Logan knew he could get used to those types of feelings very quickly.

"Last night you said you were gonna fuck me," Logan said. "What happened?"

"I thought about it... But decided ta wait 'til today... Today we got all day eh."

The nipples being titillated were taut. While the older boy played with the younger boy's nipples Logan thought about what his mother and father might be thinking, wondering where there only child was that Sunday morning. He'd never been away from home on a Sunday, especially in another boy's bed before. His thoughts were also on Hector, Kim and Brandon, and what they might be doing that Sunday morning. Were they enjoying the morning as much as he?

Although curious about how not going home might impact his chances for getting a new car Logan's major thought running through his head that morning was about Bobby seducing him.

"I love the way you mess around with my nipples," Logan said. "Every time you touch 'em it's like electricity shootin through my body... Straight to my cock... Bet you could make me cum playin with 'em if you wanted."

Both boys were aroused. Bobby's finger and thumb released the hard nub. His left hand eased across Logan's chest and stomach toward his throbbing cock. When Bobby grasped it Logan jumped, letting out a sigh. The two continued to fondle and kiss each other for a few minutes. Logan could feel his sexual emotions building as Bobby's fingers wet with saliva played with the head of his cock. Bobby's hand then moved onto Logan's nut sac.

Bobby wet his finger again before letting his wandering forefinger move along the taint until the finger tip found its way to his friend's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Logan spread his legs apart, a spontaneous reaction, giving Bobby's finger plenty of access to explore his virgin asshole.

Each time the tip of Bobby's forefinger touched his sensitive hole Logan would sigh and moan. Every once in while Bobby would coat his finger again with more saliva and then go back to work. Logan wanted his friend to finger fuck him, "Ah... Oooh yeah baby... Play with my asshole."

"Oh I am."

"Go ahead finger fuck me... Just get that finger all up in my ass."

Without a word the older boy reached for the bottle of lubricant. He began to dribble some into Logan's ass crack and then began massaging it deep into his asshole with his middle finger. The two had repositioned lying opposite each other, so they could continue to orally stimulate each other's genitals. As Bobby's tongue licked Logan's glans one finger kept penetrating and probing his friend's asshole while the other played with a hard nipple.

Bobby listened to Logan moan, begging for more. "Oooooooh fuck baby put it in... Oh shit you're in don't stop baby finger fuck me... Make me cum... Oh fuck make me cuuuuuuuuuuuum," Logan wailed.

In Logan's mind he thought for sure as a novice he would never have been able take Brandon's mammoth man meat up his unspoiled ass, at least not the first time, and was doubtful about Kim or Hector. However, he was sure he could take all Bobby's smaller dick up his ass without too much pain. Logan had made up his mind: Bobby would be the boy to take his anal virginity.

Without any warning Bobby eased his finger from Logan's asshole, sat up in bed and said, "Let's go shower and get you ready for a first class earth shatterin fuckin eh."

The two got out of bed and went into the bathroom. In the bathroom Bobby explained the what and why of an anal cleansing prior to fucking, "Don't want you shittin all over the place eh, 'specially my beautiful dick."

"What d'ya mean?"

"I don't fuck a stranger in the ass or let a stranger fuck me without a good cleanin... An anal douche," Bobby said.

"But I'm not a stranger," Logan said a little hurt.

"No, but we're strangers sexually."

Bobby continued to explain to his friend about anal cleansing. He told Logan the first step was to sit on the commode to evacuate his bowels; in the meantime, Bobby prepared the solution for anal douche bulb. Once Logan finished taking a dump Bobby instructed him to get down on all fours. With the help of a little lube and slow gentle pressure Bobby inserted the tip of the bulb into Logan's ass and began to empty it. Of course Logan jumped and let out a couple of audible expletives, but soon settled in for his friend to complete the cleansing enema.

Once that was done Bobby turned on the water to a perfect temperature and then the boys got in the shower where they began soaping each other's bodies, paying special attention to each other's asses and genital areas. As the two let the water rain down on them rinsing the soap away Bobby had moved behind Logan. With his arms wrapped around Logan's chest Bobby began to fiddle with his friend' nipples again while rubbing his hard dick into Logan's soapy ass crack. Logan was gasping and moaning under his friend's tender touch.

"Did I tell ya how much I love playin with these eh?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah... You can play with them as long as you want... But not too long or you might make me cum."

"Nah, I want you to cum while I'm up inside you... Fuckin your brains out eh."

"Yeah, that's what I want."

"So, none of the other guys fucked ya yet eh?" Bobby asked.

"Like I said before all this is kinda new to me," Logan said. "I mean... Like you guys in the past few days have been my first sexual encounters since I moved to California... No one has fucked me yet."

"Why did you decide on me to be the one to pop your cherry?" Bobby asked. "That's an honor."

"Uh... Um... I don't know how to say this... I don't want to hurt your feelins..." Bobby interrupted his friend saying, "You mean 'cause the size of my dick?"

With a sheepish look Logan replied, "Yeah."

"Nah... Never hurt my feelins... 'Sides size ain't all it's cracked up to be," Bobby said. "Sides at five and half by five I can do just as much... Maybe more than those guys with them larger dicks... 8 and 9 inches"

Logan continued to moan while Bobby manipulated both his nipples, using his thumbs and forefingers, while Logan stroked his cock. Bobby demanded, "Quit pullin on that thing... I don't want you cummin 'til I'm ready for you ta cum."

Logan turned lose of his hard cock while Bobby continued pushing his hard dick into Logan's soapy ass crack. Logan couldn't wait for Bobby to penetrate him. "Oh yeah... Fuck me right here right now if ya wanna baby."

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck you in the shower okay, but I want the first time to be special between us eh," Bobby said. "I want us to be facin each other... lookin deep into each other souls when we cum."

"I'd like that," Logan said.

"I want your first time to be the most memorable of your life," Bobby said. "Whether you ever get fucked in the ass again or not or you get fucked a million more times.

"So, how many times you gonna fuck me today?" Logan asked.

"Many times as your virgin ass can take it eh," Bobby said. "I want to eat you out and fuck you on the kitchen table later on."

Finally as the water started to cool down Bobby said, "Let's get out here and into bed and let the fuckin begin."

The two dried off and hit the bed. Once in bed Bobby continued to explain to his partner all about anal sex: the dos and don'ts. Bobby got all the items needed for a good fuck from the drawer in his nightstand, "Now, I'm gonna lube your ass," Bobby said. "Lay back... Let me finger fuck you usin a lot of lube."

"Oh yeah," Logan said. "I enjoy gettin finger fucked."

"Once I get you all lubed up good and proper I gonna put on a rubber... Then I'm gonna have you sit on my dick and slide down my pole eh."

Bobby explained the best position for a beginner, "I'm gonna lay on my back... You get on top and straddle me... We're gonna take it slow the first time."

"Okay," Logan said as he assumed the position instructed.

"Is it gonna hurt?" Logan asked.

"Not gonna lie to ya... Yeah... It's gonna hurt at first but after a few minutes I think you're gonna enjoy it... I know I sure enjoy gettin fucked."

Instructions complete Bobby put on a condom, held his cock steady at the base and told Logan to start to sit down. The first touch Logan jumped and exclaimed, "Oh fuck!"

"Calm down baby... You weren't even close to getting the head in...Let's try it again... Take it slow and easy eh."

Again Logan squatted over Bobby's dick. Once he felt the pressure from the spongy head Logan stopped momentarily. Then he followed Bobby's instruction about how to work the sphincter muscles in his ass. He began working the muscle putting more pressure on his asshole. Bobby reached up and began playing with Logan's nipples. Logan threw his head back gasping and then suddenly the head of Bobby's cock popped into Logan's virgin ass. "Ow... Ow... Oh shit... Fuck," Logan screamed grimacing in pain.

"Stop," Bobby said. "And don't pull off... Just relax eh."

As the older boy looked into his lover's eyes Bobby continued playing with Logan's hard nipples when suddenly his sphincter relaxed and he slid all the way down his friend's cockshaft. The entire five and half inches of Bobby's cock buried inside. Logan could feel his friend's bush tickling his bottom.

Bobby pulled Logan forward and said, "Just let things adjust 'fore we get into any serious fuckin eh."

Logan did as he was told. He leaned into Bobby for a kiss. The two kissed soulfully for a while letting Logan get used to the thick dick in his ass. The two began slowly bumping and humping, fucking each other. While they fucked Bobby said, "Now that you're used to my dick tell me when you want to change positions."


The two continued to fuck each other with ease while kissing for what seemed to Logan an eternity. He asked, "What other positions do you like?"

"Doggie and missionary are my favorites... There are a few others," Bobby said. "Want to give 'em a try?"


"Missionary is how I want to end up when we cum together eh."

The two tried doggie and other positions before they ended up in the missionary position. Bobby said, "This is the one I prefer for makin love."

With Bobby's cock buried inside Logan the two sucked each other faces, nibbled on ears and necks. They were highly aroused, sweating profusely, all while talking dirty to each other. Suddenly Logan wailed, "Make me cum baby... Make me fuckin cum."

With Bobby on top the two began power fucking each other. The two were banging each others brains out. Both boys could feel the orgasms building inside them. Every time the head of Bobby cock passed across Logan's prostate he would yelp and scream for more. "Gimme more of your big fuckin cock baby... Make me fuckin cum."

Bobby slammed everything he had into Logan's ass while he talked dirty to his lover. Suddenly with sweat dripping from Bobby's face down onto his lover's he yelled, "I'm about ready to cum!"

"Me too... Fuck me... Fuck me hard."

Both boys exploded in simultaneous orgasms. Bobby made Logan cum like a horse. Ejaculation such as he had never ejaculated before. There was cum all over the place. Logan on his back looked up at his lover and said, "Don't pull out... Leave that big hard fuckin cock in there as long as possible baby."

Bobby began licking the orgasmic fluid from Logan's upper body in between body kisses. After a few minutes Bobby's limp dick fell out of Logan's ass. The two dosed off for a few minutes. After about fifteen minutes the boys awoke, both fully aroused, ready for another round. Bobby was true to his word. In between showers Bobby ate his lover's ass and fucked him on the kitchen table. Of course Logan reciprocated. What a meal for the two. They experimented with other positions on chairs, the couch and back in the bedroom. Logan also found the energy to fuck Bobby a couple more times.

After the fifth time taking a shower, Bobby soaped up his lover's ass and asked, "You ready for me to fuck you in here under the soft rain of the shower eh?"

"Go for it."

By then Logan's enlarged asshole was no problem for Bobby to penetrate. The two fucked in the shower for what seemed like an hour, but was more like thirty to forty minutes. Strange how quick that first fuck is, in and it's over. Each successive fuck takes longer and longer to cum to fruition.



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