Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 13: Independence Day Party

Friday night and early Saturday morning had been a fuckathon for Bobby and Logan. Logan had fucked Bobby three times during the impromptu overnight visit; however the exciting part of the evening was Bobby asking if he could fuck Logan, and Logan told him he would be the one to take his anal virginity. The question was, when and where?

The boys awoke from the respite around eight Saturday morning with only about two hours sleep. The smell of stale sweat and sex permeated the bedroom. "My God, my ass is on fire!" Bobby exclaimed. "I think you may have to eat me out this mornin to give me some relief."

"Come on Bobby... Get outa bed you gotta perform today," Logan said with concern in his voice.

"I don't know whether I can make the party... Nah, just shitin ya," Bobby replied with laughter. "Just thought I'd fuck with ya this mornin."

"So, you gonna fuck me this mornin?" Logan asked.

"I'd like to fill your ass... But I gotta show to do today," Bobby said. "If you wanna come back over here tonight I'll do ya."

Logan brushed Bobby's long hair back, nuzzled into his ear and whispered, "I'll be ready all day long... My ass'll be itchin thinkin about you fillin it tonight."

"Come on let's get up, shower and dressed," Bobby said.

As soon as the boys were dressed they were off for the Bain compound. As they drove Bobby said, "You know... You said you're a novice at ass fuckin... But that sure was a professional job you did on me."

The gate was open at the Bain estate. Different vehicles were arriving and departing. Bobby drove in to find a parking place. Once parked and out of the car the two boys walked towards the entrance to the house. Inside they were greeted by Mrs. Bain with, "Where you been Logan? You know were responsible for you this weekend."

"Hector and me got separated last night, so I went over to Bobby's house."

Then Maria said, "There's coffee and pastries out on the lanai."

Before Bobby and Logan went to get something to eat Logan asked Maria, "Where's Hector?"

"Upstairs as far as I know... He hasn't come down yet," Maria said. "I think Kim stayed overnight."

The boys dashed upstairs to find Hector and Kim spooning beneath a sheet in bed. "Don't they look sweet," Bobby said as he sat down on the side of the bed.

"I wonder if they're as happy as I am this mornin?" Logan asked.

"Hey you two time to get up." Bobby said shaking to the two slumbering souls awake.

"What do you guys want?" Hector asked.

"Time to get up got a party downstairs," Logan said.

"We wanna party right here in bed some more," Kim said.

"Cool... See you kids in a while," Bobby said as he and Logan left the room.

After the two left the bedroom Kim said, "Makeup fucks are so intense."

"Uh Huh," Hector replied. "Come on let's get goin 'fore someone else comes up here lookin for us."

On the lanai Brandon and his girlfriend greeted Bobby and Logan. The four sat down at the big table where they were served coffee and bear claws by a member of the catering team. Logan looked around to see workers from the catering service and the studio putting the final touches on everything. After a couple cups of coffee Bobby's band members began to arrive. They took vacant seats around the table for coffee. Brandon's mom and dad arrived with a couple of guests. Bobby decided it was time to get the show on the road.

Bobby said, "Come on guys let's get on stage and knock out a set."

The group of musicians mounted the stage to prepare for a little practice session before the onslaught of guests arrived. The scheduled kick off for the party was noon and it would last until midnight with fireworks planned for around nine in the evening.

The band began playing Yankee Doodle Dandy followed by America the Beautiful. After the two songs there was cheers and applause from the lanai. Bobby said to his group, "Let's do that new song I wrote a few weeks ago."

The band began to play and Bobby hit his mark with his new song. Again at the end there was cheers and applause. As the band members put down their instruments and stepped off stage Mr. Bain motioned for Bobby to join him and another man. The band members returned to the lanai for drinks and another pastry while Bobby conferred with the two adults.

After a few minutes Bobby rejoined the group of young people to announce that Mr. Bain had lived up to his promise. The man he had been talking to wanted to talk business the next week. As the day wore on more and more guests arrived, the band played more sets music and Bobby sang with gusto. As darkness approached an announcement was made that the fireworks show would begin at nine, but beforehand the band and Bobby would sing a medley of patriotic songs.

Logan's dad arrived shortly before the fireworks show without his wife. "Hey dad... Where's mom?"

"She wasn't feeling well... But I'm here."

"Glad you could make it," Logan said.

Mr. Austin told his son that he'd be okay with the adults to go ahead and be with friends for the evening. After the prelude of songs to the fireworks show Bobby and his band would play one more set at around ten. Logan had noticed that his dad appeared to be enjoying the evening dancing with Maria and Mrs. Bain.

When the band finished their last set of songs Mr. Bain called Bobby and the boys from the band together. He handed each one a crisp one hundred dollar bill and thanked them for their service. Bobby and the band weren't expecting any pay other than an occasional tip dropped into the big clear jar at the front of the stage.

Each member of the band after the last set divided the money in the tip jar. There was a little over one hundred and sixty-five dollars to divide among them plus the hundred dollars each that Mr. Bain had given them. Not too bad for a bunch of young musicians invited at the last minute to play a gig.

The big winner was the band's exposure that day that would end up landing them many more gigs throughout the summer, including a concert for Labor Day. That concert would eventually lead to a job as backup singers for a well-know pop music group.

By midnight as Logan looked around not many people were left and Mr. and Mrs. Bain were tactfully ushering the stragglers towards the front of the compound. Sometime after the fireworks show Logan had lost track of his dad, Brandon and his girl friend as well as Hector and Kim. After the band packed up and departed Bobby approached Logan and whispered, "You ready to get fucked?"

"I think so... But aren't you tired?"

"Yeah... But never to tired to fuck you baby."



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