Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 11: Party Preparations

A few minutes after nine Friday morning the catering service arrived at the Bain compound, but Brandon was no where to be found. Everyone began to busy themselves around the compound setting up tables and chairs. The cooling tubs for drinks and watermelon arrived. Around noon the staging crew arrived from the studio to setup the portable stage, extra lighting for the live band and other entertainment as well as the crew to setup the temporary dance floor. Just after noon Brandon and the girl he'd picked up the day before moseyed in as if everything was cool with him showing up late. Mr. Bain didn't say a word, but if looks could kill Brandon would be dead on arrival.

Maria and Mrs. Bain's jobs that day were to supervise. They would make sure all decorations were placed just right, and make sure all workers in the big yard were kept hydrated. By four in the afternoon the house and yard was fully festooned in patriotic red, white and blue decorations. The baker called confirming the large red, white and blue flag sheet cake along with patriotic cup cakes would be delivered around ten Saturday morning. Before the catering service supervisor departed he told Maria and Mrs. Bain that the ice would arrive early along with other perishable foods, and he and his servers would be there by ten.

Mr. Bain called out, "Your dad's on the phone Logan."

Logan rushed to the lanai to take the phone from Mr. Bain. He listened for a few seconds and then said, "That's great dad... Love you, see you tomorrow."

"My dad wrapped things up in San Diego and he's drivin back home early tomorrow," Logan announced to all. "He said if he wasn't too tired from the drive he's gonna try to make the party sometime in the afternoon."

"That's great... I look forward to visitin with him," Mr. Bain said.

As the boys sat down for cold cut sandwiches and lemonade on the lanai there were more phone calls. Some were guests confirming they would attend while others had other plans and would not be able to attend. Bobby called to ask Hector if he and his band could come over to set up amps and the drummer setup his drums. Finally, everything was complete and ready for Saturday's big Independence Day party.

Brandon spoke to his dad and then announced that he and his new girlfriend were departing and would see everyone on Saturday sometime. After Brandon departed Bobby and the drummer arrived. Hector and Logan helped the two boys unload their musical equipment. Once the drummer was setup Bobby plugged his guitar into the amp and began to play cords. Mrs. Bain yelled out, "Sing for us Bobby."

Bobby belted out a couple of songs. The songs brought applause from the lanai, especially from Logan. He thought the young long haired rocker was kind of cute. After the two had their instruments in tune they left the stage to join the others on the lanai for something to eat and drink.

Logan asked, "What kinda songs are you gonna sing Bobby?"

"My repertoire consists of not only my own songs, but songs of other artists."

"Like who?" Logan asked.

"You'll find that out tomorrow," Bobby said with a laugh.

"Bobby, I want to thank you for bringing your band to play and sing for our party," Mr. Bain said.

"I've got an ulterior motive sir."

"What's that?" Mr. Bain asked.

"You work for one of the largest motion picture studios in Hollywood, so I assume there will be people from the entertainment industry dropping by tomorrow." Bobby said. "So, how could I turn down an invitation from Hector to come over here to perform on Saturday... Me and my band need all the exposure we can get if we're gonna hit the big time."

Mr. Bain smiled at the young performer. The young man was a visionary entrepreneur. In his mind Mr. Bain knew he would be talking Bobby and his group up if they performed well. The drummer said, "I gotta get goin Bobby... Comin with?"

"Nah, I'm gonna hang out here and visit Hector and Logan for a while," The young singer said. "See ya tomorrow around ten."

Hector smiled a devious smile at his friend. The adults got up from the table to go inside. Before Maria departed she told the boys to clean up after themselves. The three were left to their own devices. For some reason Logan was smitten as a kitten with Bobby. The boys continued to converse about one thing then the other.

Before long Mr. Bain announced that he, Mrs. Bain and Maria were going out for the evening. He walked over and laid a couple of twenties next to Hector's hand on the table. The boys all smiled and nodded in agreement.

Again as the adults left the lanai Hector asked, "You got swim trunks Bobby?"

"Nope... Didn't bring any with."

"We'll go skinny dippin... If that's okay with you and then cruise In-N-Out?"

"Sure... Sounds cool with me," Bobby said.

Hector slipped inside to make sure the adults had left. Upon his return he said, "All's cool," and started to strip out of his clothes. Bobby followed leaving Logan sitting in his chair agasp. "Come on Logan get outa them clothes," Hector said from the pool.

Logan stood up to shed his clothing as he watched Bobby pull off his underwear, but before he could get a good look at the singers goodies the boy was off and in the pool. Bobby didn't appear to have the athletic tight physique as the other two, but had a desirable body.

With Logan left on the lanai the other two were already in the pool swimming laps. They had to be careful not to splash any water on the crepe paper decorations. Once Logan was unclothed he jumped into the pool. As the boys swam around Bobby asked Logan, "Has Hector told you about us?"

"He said that you two had been friends throughout high school, but didn't go into details."

"Hell, we were more than friends... Eh Hector?"

"Oh yeah."

"He's got a new boyfriend now... Really cute Korean guy from college... Eh Hector?"

"Kim and I are kinda on and off right now."

"So, what's your deal Logan?" Bobby asked. "Who you datin?"

"No one at present."

Bobby didn't mince words he came straight to the point. "You gay or straight?" Bobby asked.

"Like I told Hector yesterday I'm not sure who or what I am."

"You can be my boyfriend anytime studly," Bobby said with a big smile. "I like what I see."

"Thanks.... You're pretty good lookin too," Logan said as he began to experience arousal beneath the waterline of the pool.

Bobby swam over to where Logan was standing in the pool. As he stood in front of Logan he gazed into the depths of the water and said, "I sure like what I'm seein... That's pretty good size piece of meat."

For some reason things below the waterline of a crystal clear pool become distorted and appear somewhat magnified. Logan returned a look at Bobby's underwater package and noticed there was substantial arousal. His cock was standing up at approximately sixty degree angle form his pubic bone. Bobby moved forward. He touched Logan's erect nipple. Logan jumped back and gasped.

"Oh my," Bobby said. "Another with sensitive nipples... And nice size dick too... How'd you like an underwater blowjob?"

"Uh," was all Logan could get out before Bobby dived beneath the water, grabbed Logan's dick and took it into his mouth. Logan couldn't believe how presumptuous Bobby was.

Logan gasped and moaned. Hector looked at Logan, smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Bobby resurfaced and said, "Why don't you sit on the edge of the pool so I can do justice to that magnificent knob."

Again, Logan looked across at Hector to see if he was going to object. When he didn't Logan jumped up on the edge of the pool. Bobby moved forward spreading Logan's legs apart to gain access to the hard member. He went to work on kissing and licking the big cockhead. He then began to swallow about a third of it while playing with Logan's balls. After much sucking and licking Logan felt his nuts begin to draw up and he said, "Oh shit... I think I'm gonna cum Bobby."

Bobby continued polishing the knob. Logan wailed a long, "Bobby I'm cummming," and then he popped a load in the singer's mouth. Bobby didn't back off he kept draining Logan's balls. Logan was forced to push Bobby's head back off his sensitive cock. Bobby's lips made a popping sound as they released the member.

"Now you owe him a blowjob Logan," Hector said. "That's the way things go."

Logan unceremoniously changed places with Bobby. As the young singer got into place Logan noticed that although very hard Bobby wasn't all that big in the dick department. The more Logan looked at the prize before him he could see that it might only be four to four and half inches hard and about the thickness of a flashlight battery, but had a beautiful cockhead and nice smooth nut sac.

After a few minutes of intense oral pleasuring Bobby shot a load into Logan's mouth without any warning. Logan sputtered and gagged at first, but continued to clean up draining the remaining spooge from Bobby's member.

Bobby asked, "Who's next?"

Before anyone could respond the intercom from the gate sounded. The speaker on the wall in the lanai announced that the person waiting to get buzzed in was Kim.

"What should I do?" Hector asked. "What should I tell him?"

"Let him in," Bobby said. "We're all friends... Maybe he stopped by for a blowjob."

"Yeah... Might as well," Logan said laughing.

Hector got out of the pool to answer the intercom. After he acknowledged the caller he grabbed a beach towel, wrapped it around his waist before he proceeded through the house to greet Kim at the front door. After a few minutes the two boys appeared from inside the house. On the lanai Hector said to Kim, "You might as well get out of them clothes and join us."

Kim took off his clothes and jumped in the pool where he asked, "So, what's goin on?"

Bobby said, "Let's see I gave Logan a blowjob first... Then he gave me one... Before you arrived we were askin who's next in line for a BJ... I guess that'd be you."

"I guess I'm in the game," Kim said. "Who's gonna do me?"

"Bobby made the suggestion," Logan said sarcastically.

"I can solve the dilemma," Bobby said. "Logan, why don't you and me give Hector and Kim BJs."

"I'll take Hector... You do Kim," Logan said to Bobby.

With no arguments Kim took his place along side Hector on the edge of the pool to complete the round of blowjobs. Once done Hector asked, "Who's hungry... Hungry for In-N-Out? Not more dick."

All answered in unison with me. The boys were out of the pool and over to the pool house where they rinsed the chlorine off and then got dressed. After they were dressed Hector said, "I guess Kim's drivin... My cars blocked in the garage and Bobby and Logan don't have any wheels here."

"Cool by me," Kim said.

The four boys trooped out of the house to the big parking area in the front of the compound. All piled into Kim's car for the trip to get some burgers. As the teens cruised In-N-Out thoughts continued to consume Logan as to what happened earlier and what might happen later.

Chapter 12: Bobby's Bedroom

After the boys finished their burgers and fries they discussed what happened and what might be on the agenda for later that night while they cruised around Encino. It was apparent to Logan that the boys were well-connected in the community as everywhere they stopped someone knew them.

At one local hangout a couple of the kids who were going to be guests at the Fourth of July party approached Kim's car and asked Hector who was riding shotgun, "The party this year gonna be as cool as last year?"

"A blast... Better than last year," Hector replied. "Bobby and his band are gonna be there."

"Cool," The boys replied.

While Hector continued talking to the two young people about the party Bobby whispered into Logan's ear, "You wanna stay at my place tonight."

Logan didn't reply because Kim asked as he drove off, "Where can I drop you two in the back seat?"

"My place," Bobby said before anyone could chime in. "That's if you two don't want us hangin around."

Once in Bobby's apartment a somewhat confused Logan looked around at the clutter. Bobby led Logan to the darkened bedroom where the older teen grabbed his guest. He pushed Logan against the wall and began kissing him. There they stood in silence locked together in a tight embrace. Their bodies illuminated by a small nightlight that outlined the two shadowy silhouettes embracing as they kissed soulfully.

Logan was swept away by a Bobby's brisk actions. He could feel the singer's small erection pressing against him. As the two broke the embrace they continued to hold each other when Logan remarked, "I can't believe this is happening."

"Why?" Bobby asked. "Baby I wanted to do this the first time I laid eyes on you this afternoon... You're so fuckin hot and sexy... I wasn't sure you'd be receptive til I put the move on you back in the pool."

"So, are you ... I mean are you totally queer... Gay... Or do you go both ways... Or what?" Logan asked with hesitation.

"I date women for appearance sake, but prefer sex with guys."


"Yeah, for some silly ass reason sex with guys is just so much more meaningful and fulfillin for me than with girls," Bobby said. "And fun... What about you?"

"What do mean what about me?"

"You wanna stay the night?" Bobby asked. "I'll make it worthwhile... I'll have you seein fireworks before the sun rises."

"I guess."

"No... You can't guess Logan... You either want to stay and make love... Or not... I'm not gonna pressure you into anything you don't want."

"I mean yeah I wanna stay," Logan said. "It's just that all this is so fuckin new to me... And comin so fast."

"How so?" Bobby asked, but didn't give Logan a chance to reply. "How many guys have you had sex with Logan?"

"Uh... Uh... Well there was...." Bobby interrupted and said, "Nothin to be ashamed of... If you're a virgin that's cool 'cause we all been there... If you been fucked by a hundred guys ain't nothin either."

"It's not that... It's more," Logan said as he launched into a brief explanation about the dreams, having sex with Brandon, Hector and Kim. He wanted to try to keep all the players straight as well as the little white lies. For some reason he felt he could open up to Bobby.

After a few minutes of explanation Bobby said, "I don't care about who all you've had sex with in the past or why... Tonight, I want us to have sex together... And I won't tell anyone... Your secret's safe with me."


"The golden rule around Hollywood... You don't fuck and tell," Bobby said with a chuckle.

After Bobby said that, the shorter boy stood on his tiptoes engaging Logan in another soulful kiss before pushing the taller boy onto his bed. The two boys got down to business. In a matter of seconds they were out of their street clothes. After a sixty-nine session to get acquainted, polishing each other off, the two turned facing each other where they once again engaged in some soulful making out.

After a while Logan asked, "How come you don't live at home with your parents?"

"There divorced.... 'Sides I'm old enough to be out on my own... And I make enough money to support my own place here."

"Sorry to hear 'bout your parents," Logan said.

"Yeah, it was the lifestyle... Dad's a character actor and mom's a cabaret singer... Just didn't work out."

Bobby told his bedmate who his parents were and a little more about them. Logan didn't recognize the names, but considering the sheltered life he'd led that was not surprising.

"With mom and dad workin entertainment... Me startin my own band... I got to meet a bunch of entertainers at a young age," Bobby said. "Dad and mom would take me with them when I was younger, so I got to meet and experiment a lot sexually."


"If the outside world only knew the behind the scenes secrets in Tinseltown."

"I often suspected as much," Logan replied.

"The first time I had sex with a girl was when I was when I was like thirteen... She was fifteen or sixteen... Wow, what a chick... She could suck a dick and fuck."

"Wow, that's so fuckin cool," Logan said.

"She was workin on the same movie my dad was in. She took a likin to me right away... One thing led to the other and before long we was fuckin all the time."


Yeah, we fucked the whole summer away."


"For her age she knew all the moves... Then the next summer I met up with an older teenage boy... He taught me what foreplay was all about as well as introduced me to anal intercourse... I was hooked."

"So, that's how come you got all this shit down pat?"

"Yeah, 'tween her and him they taught me all about foreplay and sex... They all told me foreplay that's like the ingredients making the cake... The orgasm is like the toppin," Bobby said. "And then I met Hector... And we sucked and fuck all summer long."

"So, I hope that means whatever we do we'll keep between us," Logan said. "I sure wouldn't want my parents or the world ta hear 'bout me being queer."

"My lips are sealed unless you want to experiment with threesomes or foursomes... Do you think about orgies, even if no one tells?" Bobby asked. "You already told me about your dreams... Sounds excitin."

"So, you ever been involved in an orgy?" Logan asked.

"Oh yeah, a few times."

"Were they mixed or just guys?" Logan asked.

"A little of both, but most of the time guys... But I really enjoy being with just one guy and hopefully you'll be that guy for a while," Bobby said. "Sex is just so much more gratifying between two people who get to know each other's bodies, wants and desires."

"I believe that," Logan said.

"I like you Logan... I like your body, and especially that big dick... But I'll understand if you find a girlfriend next fall when you go to school and want to move on."

"If I happen to find a girlfriend next fall to satisfy my parent's wishes can we still have our secret sexual relationship?" Logan asked.

"I sure as hell hope so!" Bobby exclaimed, pushing Logan back on the big bed. "Now let's quit talkin and get down to some serious love makin."

"You are the first guy I've been with that uses that term for sex," Logan said. "What gives? Do you think you're in love with me?"

"Nah... The term's a euphemism for suckin and fuckin," Bobby said. "The term makin love is much more refined and romantic than fuckin or suckin."

"I like that."

Bobby said, "We make love, but we talk dirty while in the midst of love makin understand."

"How's that?" Logan asked.

"Have you ever engaged in anal sex with a guy before?"

"No, just jerk offs and a few blowjobs," Logan said, again telling a little white lie. "Never had a guy's cock up my ass," Logan said and that wasn't a lie.

"You wanna try it with me 'cause I sure want you ta fuck me tonight... You don't have to reciprocate tonight... I'll guide you through the process of makin love to me."

"I'll give it a go," Logan said. "And if a guy takes me anally it'll be you Bobby."

Let's go take a shower first," Bobby said, pulling Logan up off the bed leading him towards the bathroom.

The two boys walked towards Bobby's bathroom all the time Bobby kept explaining to Logan what and how things were going to play out that night. Once in the bathroom Bobby flipped on the light exposing a white towel on the vanity with a selection of adult sex toys on display. Logan appeared somewhat shocked by the display that greeted his eyes.

Bobby, seeing the look of shock on Logan's face began to explain what each item was used for and why they were used. He also explained more about foreplay and the act called rimming. "We don't have to do that the first time, maybe later."

"Wow!" Logan exclaimed. However, he'd learned about anal rimming from Kim.

"I'm gonna to clean out my ass," Bobby said, grabbing the douche bulb. "Anytime ya have anal intercourse ya always take a douche or enema...Wouldn't want you ta get scared off by any shit on your dick."

Bobby continued to explain to Logan about all the sex toys and their various uses such as the butt plugs, dildos, cock rings, condoms, lubricants, etc., that were all laid out as he prepared for his anal douche. "These vials are called poppers," Bobby said holding up the glass vial. "You crush a vial," Bobby crushed the vial and inhaled the vapors. "Like it makes anal sex so fuckin good."

Bobby began the process of cleansing his rectum while Logan watched. Then the two boys entered the shower where they began bathing each other, paying special attention to each other's genital areas. "Bathing's not only to clean the body, but part of foreplay," Bobby said. "Before I get fucked I like to open the old ass up with one of my dildos."

Bobby began to ease a dildo up his soapy ass, winching with the pain of every inch. Once finished in the shower the two dried off, wrapped towels around their bodies and exited the bathroom for the bedroom. Bobby went to the top drawer of his dresser to lay out the condom and lubricant.

"Get in bed baby," Bobby said. "Now were gonna get lubed up, so you can give me good fuckin."

The two got onto Bobby's bed where they began to lube up Bobby's asshole. Logan finger fucked the lubricant into Bobby's ass. Then Logan rolled on a condom. Bobby said, "I like it face to face... I wanna see my lover."

Bobby pulled his legs back to his chest exposing his ass while Logan prepared to penetrate Bobby's asshole. Ever so slow Logan began to push forward. He could see Bobby biting his lower lip as his big cockhead began to penetrate Bobby's as, so he asked, "Is this too painful... Am I too big?"

"It's painful at first, but the pain will subside," Bobby said. "I think that's about the biggest cock I've ever taken up my ass."

After Bobby finished Logan made complete entry. Bobby gasped and exclaimed, "Oh My God... I can't believe you got that thing into my ass."

Logan stopped to let his bottom get accustom to his cock. Then he began pushing forward. Bobby succumbing to Logan's big cock moaned. Logan asked, "Everything okay?"

"Oh yeah... It's like fiery poker up my ass. But it'll all be good in no time and electricity flowin through me," Bobby said. "Now get a good rhythm goin... I wanna feel that big cockhead hit my "G" spot."

"G spot?"

"Yeah, my prostate," Bobby said.

Logan began sliding his cock in and out of Bobby's well-lubricated asshole. Bobby had his legs locked around Logan's waist, pulling, fucking back every time Logan pushed forward.

Bobby began to howl, "Fuck me baby... Gimme all that big fuckin dick."

Logan said, "I love to hear you sing for me to fuck you baby."

The two boys rhythmically fucked each other for what seemed like a half hour with Bobby howling all the way, "Fuck me baby... Make me cum."

The two began stimulating each others nipples. Both howling with pleasure.

After a few more minutes Logan exclaimed, "I think I'm cummmmmin!"

"Oh yeah... Fuck me faster and harder... Make me cum baby."

Both boys exploded within seconds of each other. There was a ton of cum on Bobby's chest and midsection. He said, "Don't pull out... Lick the cum off me."

Logan did as instructed. With his cock still lodged in Bobby's ass he could feel his bottom partner tightening his sphincter muscle squeezing his cock. Logan went forward where his mouth met Bobby's mouth. The two lock lips for mere soulful kissing.

After a few minutes of kissing the two sat up in bed without Logan's cock slipping out of Bobby's ass. Bobby began kissing and nibbling on Logan's nipples, causing him to moan. Logan cock was getting hard again as was Bobby's cock.

"Now in this position just rock back and forth with me."

The two rocked stimulating Bobby "G" spot. After few minutes Bobby said, "Put some more lube down there and fuck the shit outa me."

With more lube in place the two went back to fucking. They must have fucked for an hour before hitting another climax. Both boys were totally spent. They dozed off to sleep in an embrace and still connected.



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