Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 10: In Hector's Bed

The limo ride back to the Bain compound Thursday night was uneventful with not much in the way of conversation among any of the occupants. All sat back in their seats, exhausted from a big day at the studio. When the boys had gone looking for Brandon before they departed for home they discovered that the girl he'd hooked up with earlier in the day had taken him somewhere off the studio grounds. He was in all probability in the sack somewhere with her.

Once the car arrived at the Bain's home and the family safe inside Mrs. Bain reminded the boys that she was expecting help on Friday setting up for the party.

"Mom, I invited Bobby and his band," Hector

"That's fine... I enjoy hearing him sing... He's got a great voice... Sounds a lot like Frankie Valli."

Back in the day Frankie Valli lead singer of The Four Seasons had a powerful falsetto voice and so did Bobby. After that conversation Mr. and Mrs. Bain said good-night and were off to their living quarters. The boys went out to the lanai to enjoy some liquid refreshment and the night air. As Hector went on in a romantic way describing the evening with stars in sky Logan began to think about all that had transpired that day and days prior. Hector had captured Logan's attention with his exotic multiracial features earlier in the day, and the invitation to meet him in his bed.

Hector's black eyebrows enhanced his shallow almond shaped eyes and narrow pointy nose. His smile revealed perfect white teeth. The sensual thin symmetrical lips with the hint of a black moustache on the upper lip and soul patch on the lower made Hector appear more manly and desirable.

At almost six feet Hector and Logan were about the same height. Although Hector's body; arms, legs and chest were defined from hard work he did not possess the physique of a body builder. However, the prominent pectorals displayed noticeable dark brown areolas surrounding two small brown nipples. Logan wondered whether Hector's nipples were sensitive. It hadn't taken but a couple seconds to arouse Logan sitting across from Hector.

"You want to go upstairs and watch some television in my room?" Hector asked.


Once upstairs the two boys sprawled across Hector's big bed. As they lay on the bed Hector rubbed Logan's leg with his foot in a sensuous manner. After watching some television Logan decided to go to bed around ten.

Logan sat up on the bed and said, "Good-night."

Before Logan could clear the bed Hector reached out and took hold of Logan's hand with both of his. Clasping Logan's hand between his he pulled his friend towards him and said, "Spend the night with me tonight Logan... I'll make it worthwhile." Hector's eyes were pleading with Logan to stay.

"What if someone discovers us together in bed?"

"Like who?"


"Brandon won't be home tonight and if he does make it home he'll be too drunk or stoned to give a damn," Hector said. "Sides mom'll call me on the intercom in the mornin to wake me up if I'm not downstairs for breakfast."

"You sure?" Logan asked. "What about your boyfriend?"

"What boyfriend?" Hector asked. "I told you Kim and I broke up... Anyway we got an open relationship."

"You sure?"

"Sure I'm sure... I just want company tonight... Please... Stay with me tonight," Hector pleaded, staring at Logan with soulful alluring green eyes.

The two stripped to their underwear, pulled the sheet back and crawled back onto Hector's big bed. Once they got comfortable the boys began to talk about this and that while letting their hands leisurely roam around fingertips brushing across each other's upper bodies while their feet caressed each other's feet and legs in a sensual manner.

Logan discovered during the pillow talk conversation that Hector had a sense that he might be gay since around the time he arrived in America. He had never had the desire to be with a girl. He disclosed that he and Brandon had engaged in common pre pubescent and puberty sex play while growing up together, but that had broken off a couple years ago. He also disclosed he'd been involved with two boys at college besides Kim and Bobby. Both brief meaningless relationships. The boy's hands continued to roam over each other's bodies titillating erogenous zones.

Although both boys were aroused neither one wanted to take the initiative to start anything of a real consequence. They were satisfied with tactile exploration and just talking.

Logan asked, "I noticed the small flag tattooed in your pubic area just about the hairline... What's the meaning?"

"There're kind of special... My dad had me and my older brother tattooed to identify us... That was when there was a lot of political unrest in Brazil."

"Where's your older brother?" Logan asked.

"He's dead... Killed in Brazil... After he was killed mom and dad managed to get me out of the country before dad was killed... That was when the Bain's took me in... And after dad was killed mom came to America."

Once again Logan could see that Hector was becoming emotional. He chose not to pursue any further question about his brother or father, so he changed the subject. "I see you're circumcised... Is that common practice in Brazil?"

"No, mom's choice... Common for Korean boys... I'm glad she had it done."

"Yeah, same here," Logan said. "So, you're part Korean?"

"Yeah... Kinda little mix of a lot of ethnic groups around the world."

With Logan lying on his back Hector began circling the areolas on Logan's pecs. With the completion of each circle the nipples became more erect. With the thumb on his right hand Hector began to tweak the nipple nearest him. The hard nub stood out about a quarter of inch when fully erect.

"So your nipples are sensitive," Hector said. "I wonder if I can make you cum playing with your nips."


"I can make Kim, Brandon and Bobby cum just playing with theirs."

"I'm game... Give it a try."

The more Hector played with Logan's nipples the more he squirmed and moaned. Logan cock throbbed inside his drawers.

"Why don't you get rid of them shorts... Don't wanna make a mess in them when you cum," Hector said.

Logan pushed his drawers down and kicked loose of them while is throbbing cock stood tall jumping with each beat of his heart. The cockhead was swollen.

"You know that's just about one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen," Hector said grasping Logan's cock around the shaft.

The Brazilian turned loose of Logan's throbbing cock to concentrate on his nipples. He continued tweaking them. He rolled the erect nubs between his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. After a few moments he moved his hand to the other nipple and let his warm mouth engulf the one closest to him. His tongue circled the areola before he bit the erect nipple tenderly, bringing about a gasp and then moan of pleasure from Logan.

"Ahhh... Keep doing that," Logan moaned.

Hector continued biting and sucking on Logan's nipple. He noticed that Logan was stroking his cock. Hector slapped his hand away and said, "No touchy dickie," and went back to sucking on the nipple.

After a few minutes of nipple play Logan said, "Oh man... I think I'm gonna cum."

Hector ceased any further contact with the nipples and asked, "You ever been finger fucked while havin your nipples sucked on?"

"I ain't had much of nothin done."

"You wanna let me try," Hector said.


Hector reached over to retrieve a small packet of lubricant from the drawer in the nightstand. He broke the packet open, pulled Logan's leg back and began massaging lubricant in his asshole, listening to his friend moan with each touch. After a few minutes of lubricated massage Hector gingerly began to insert his forefinger into Logan's asshole. Logan gasped and jumped saying, "Easy."

Hector continued playing with his friend's asshole while he returned to biting and sucking on Logan's nearest nipple. Between finger fucking and sucking the nipple Logan was writhing and moaning like a bitch ready to have a double orgasm. The feeling Logan was experiencing was electrifying.

The forefinger on Hector's right hand was buried all the way in Logan's hot asshole. The Brazilian boy found what he was looking for - the prostate. He could sense that Logan was on the verge of a powerful orgasm the way he was gyrating around on the bed bucking and moaning.

Suddenly, Logan began bucking his hips and shooting ropes of white spooge from his engorged member. Hector could feel the wet cum splattering his face and body. Logan was attempting to push Hector's head away from his sensitive nipple. All the while Hector continue finger fucking and sucking. Finally, Logan said, "Stop man... You gotta cut that shit out."

Hector stopped sucking on Logan's nipple, but left his finger buried in his friend's asshole.

"Man... I'm seein fuckin stars," Logan said.

Hector didn't answer he just started licking cum off Logan's body. After he was done the boys returned to the conversation of earlier. After a few minutes of conversation about different things both boys drifted off to sleep that night with Hector's finger still buried in Logan's ass.

Before dawn Logan awoke to find Hector lying half on top of him. His left leg lying in between Logan's legs with the side of his face and long shaggy black hair resting on Logan's chest. Logan put his free arm over Hector's body pulling him tight against his body. The warmth of Hector's body was exhilarating. Logan could feel Hector's heart beating as his engorged penis pressed against his body.

Without a thought Logan kissed Hector on the forehead. He rolled his head back, opened his eyes and looked into Logan's eyes. Hector whispered, "Thank you for staying with me last night and the morning kiss... I could get used to that very quickly."

"You know I'm beginning to develop strong feelings for you Hector."

"Lay your heart against my heart that I may hear your love summoning me to forgetfulness... Lay your mouth on my mouth until all dissolves in mist about me," Hector said to Logan.

"I didn't know you're a poet."

"I'm not, at least not that poem," Hector said. "That poem belongs to Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff... Thank her for it... Something I learned in one of my English Lit classes at college."

"I love the way you deliver it," Logan said.

Hector moved his head to a position where his mouth was aligned with Logan's mouth. He touched his lips to Hector's lips. No sooner had Logan and Hector begun to kiss than Maria's voice came over the intercom announcing that a new day was born, breakfast would be ready in about a half hour. It was Friday the day before the big party, and there was still a lot of work to be done. The two broke their embrace and Hector said, "I guess we need to go take a shower, get dressed and down to breakfast."

Logan got out of bed first and went to the bathroom to relieve his bladder before going to Brandon's room to get his work clothes. He returned to Hector's room to find that his friend was already in the shower. Logan entered the shower and said, "Brandon didn't make it home last night."

Hector pushed his soapy body up against Logan, put his arm around his friend's neck and pulled Logan's face to his for a kiss. As the two kissed their aroused members were rubbing each other's crotch area. Both boys reached down to fondle the other's swollen schlongs. They began pulling on each other's soapy cocks. After stroking each other with great vigor both boys began moaning in unison, their bodies went stiff and they shot their loads on each other's midsections.

"Oh my... That felt so good," Hector said. "I needed that."

"Yeah it did," Logan said. "Great way to start a day."

"Everyday... But I want more than a quick hand job to start my day," Hector said.

"Me too. I want to hear you recite some more of that poetry while we make love," Logan said as they exited the shower stall.

The two boys met Maria on the lanai for breakfast where she asked, "So where's Brandon?"

"No idea," Hector said.

"I hope he gets home by nine because that's when the catering people arrive to start setting things up," Maria said.

Mr. and Mrs. Bain joined the group around the big table for breakfast. Logan led the conversation Friday morning asking more questions about Hector's homeland: Brazil. Between the young Brazilian and his mother they went on to explain corruption, race and ethnicity issues in his native Brazil. Hector's tale of life in his homeland was very enlightening yet scary for Logan. Hector was worldly; whereas Logan had lived an isolated life and sheltered life. He had never been outside the United States.

"Hector tells me your husband and older son were both killed in Brazil," Logan questioned.

"Yes, my husband General Cezar Costa was killed in a coupe and Geraldo was killed before that in a violent street shooting in the capitol.... Much violence during that time."

"Sorry for your loss Mrs. Costa," Logan said.

"We are so very thankful for Harold and Barbara... They took Hector after Geraldo was killed... And I joined them a couple years later as soon as I could get out of the country and come to America under political asylum."

"Again... Sorry for your loss... But sure glad you all are here safe in the United States," Logan said.

"That's why the Fourth of July is so important to my son and me."

The conversation ended when Mr. Bain held out his glass to make a toast with his mimosa to independence forever in America. A few minutes after the toast the catering company began to arrive. Mr. Bain dived in along with Hector and Logan helping unload tables, chairs and other items for the party.



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