Our friend, Justin, sent Marcus and I a text message that read, 'Meet me in my tool shed at midnight.'

'What do you think is going on, Shawn,' Marcus asked as we trudged into the meeting space.

'You know how that butch queen is, she is always taking it over the top,' I said.

'True!' Marcus said.

Hearing Marcus' high-pitched laughter reminded me of the revealing time we had during our last session with Dr. Claudia.

### ### ###

Dr. Claudia was our college clinical psychologist. She agreed to see Justin, Marcus, and I as a group in order to help us cope with the realization that we slept with the same man, Roderick.

'All right, gentlemen. This is our last session together and I want you to sit facing each other in a triangle. In our very first session we played the mirror game where each one of you had to say something nice about the other. Does anyone remember how that session went?'

'It was awful,' Justin said in his syrupy voice. 'We were so ready to blame each other for that trifling Negro, Rick.'

'Exactly,' Dr. Claudia said. 'Now for our last session, let's play the game again. Shawn, you have been very quiet. I would like for you to say out loud what you find most attractive about Justin and Marcus. It can be anything from physical to character attributes.'

I sat in silence pondering how I should approach this. In our time together, I have grown to appreciate them both for many reasons. I wondered should I be honest or should I lie?

'Ok, Justin and Marcus,' I said with caution, 'I think that you guys are the greatest. Marcus, I like that you are extremely intelligent. I love your gorgeous caramel skin, kinky hair in a short fro, your calm authoritative presence that gives us wisdom, and your nerdy thin glasses. But...I especially love staring at your round booty.'

A second of silence ensued, then Marcus' loud laughter filled the room.

'Marcus, hush,' Dr. Claudia, advised. 'Please continue'.

'Ok. Marcus, I love watching your ass print. Your ass is so gorgeous that even grown women and men immediately stop in awe of your sexy dark globes.'

'Thank you,' Marcus said blushing.

'Ahem!' Justin said and rolled his eyes away from me.

'Oh, come on, Justin. You know you are a great friend. I love our girl talk, your crazy sense of humor, and your eccentric sense of fashion. I especially love how on the surface you look like a hardcore street thug, but inside you are a big girl.'

'What'chu talking about Willis,' Justin said in a deep baritone voice.

'Seriously, I love how you have a I don't give a fuck attitude. I can just be myself with you. I especially love to look at your caramel skin, your thick lips, and your broad chest.'

'Well, you know I am a runner,' Justin said basking in his own beauty.

'Justin, shh,' Dr. Claudia ordered. 'Shawn did you have more to say?'

'No, Dr. Claudia.'

'Ok, see how easy that was. Each one of you is a gorgeous black man who need to embrace the other genuinely.'

### ### ###

That was a great session. I was surprised the guys took my statements so well. I felt like we finally moved on from blaming each other about Roderick's unfaithfulness and that we even let go of our anger towards Roderick for abusing us.

Unfortunately, my pleasant memories ended when Marcus opened the shed's door.

'What the hell!' he remarked in response to seeing the room completely dark.

'What is going on?' I said staring at the dark room.

We stood outside the room wondering why would Justin text us to meet him here and not be present.

'Hmmp!' a muffled noise was heard from inside the room.

I stared into Marcus' pretty brown eyes for confirmation that a sound was heard.

'Justin,' Marcus called.

'Hey guys!' Justin yelled in the dark. 'Come in and close the door.'

Instantly a faint light appeared from a lamp in the shed's corner. Not knowing what else to do we agreed.

'What's going on, man?' I asked walking in to the shed and closed the door behind me.

Unexpectedly, Marcus and I went into complete shock by the vision before us.

We saw a naked brotha standing directly in front of us. It took me a minute to realize that the nude brotha was really Roderick. I was more dumbfounded when I noticed that he was not standing...

No, he was chained- chained to a metal cross, which placed him in a standing position.

His brown bedroom eyes looked at us pleadingly for help while his luscious brown lips was wedged around a small red ball held in place by a black leather collar. Roderick's wrists and ankles were locked to the cross by a silver chain and his back was laid against the cross leaving his slightly crooked dick and plump ass completely exposed. Seeing Roderick in this vulnerable position instantly made my mouth water for his cock.

'What the hell!' Marcus whispered.

'Do you guys like?' Justin asked walking from behind Roderick.

I was further surprised to see Justin wearing a black vest that revealed the nipples on his broad chest and tight black leather pants that was stuffed with his ample booty.

'Justin, what is this?' Marcus asked ending my trance of watching Justin's phyne body.

'What is this?' Justin repeated, 'Its revenge. I am going to teach this piece of trade that is not smart to fuck with a caramel queen.'

Unexpectedly, I began to laugh at this scene.

All three of us started to chuckle, but not Roderick. His mouth was closed around the round red ball preventing him from laughter. He could only grunt, 'hmmp!'

'Justin, come on...what's going on,' I said.

'I am serious guys,' Justin responded. 'Rick is going to pay for fucking with us.' Justin picked up a black leather paddle that sat on a worktable.

'Did you really think that you could lead all of us on?' Justin asked to a gagged Roderick. 'That you could just have all of us, then brag about your victory to your so-called straight friends. Oh no, you will be our bitch for the night!'

'Whalp!' was the sound that echoed in the room from Justin slapping the paddle against Roderick's muscled bottom.

'Mmmp!' Roderick screamed while his manhood started to harden and sweat poured from his forehead.

'How the hell did you do this?' Marcus questioned causing Justin to smile.

'I kept all of this stuff from my last relationship. He was a complete freak,' he answered.

I instantly flashed to Justin telling us about Paul, who was a white guy in to being dominated by a large black Mandingo like Justin. Justin said that Roderick was the first black dick he ever had.

'So, how did you get Rick here?' Marcus asked.

'That was the easy part guys. Just tell this horny bastard that you had some ass to give and that you want to try a new game and he will do anything? Isn't that right, mawthafucka.'

'Whalp' was the sound of Justin slapping his paddle on Roderick's black hairy ass.

'Mmaa' Roderick grunted in a choked scream.

I couldn't help but feel excited about this scene and when I saw Roderick's dick harden to its full 9.5 inches, my own 8inches came to life.

'So who would like to begin,' Justin asked. 'Here Shawn take this leather glove.'

'What am I supposed to do with it?' I asked.

'You will know what to do.'

I placed the black leather glove on my right hand while Marcus tried to bring reason to us only to be interrupted by Justin spanking Roderick's ass.


'uhhhh!' Roderick grunted. His eyes blinked as if he was trying to fight for consciousness.

'Do you like that, Pretty Ricky? I can do it harder.'

'Whap! Whalp! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whalp!'

When Justin stopped his marathon punishment, I saw a sweaty Roderick's ass brighten red from the torment. Marcus pretended to avoid his eyes, but it was clear he enjoyed the show from the growth in his skinny denim jeans.

Justin's brown eyes cast a look of lunacy as he spanked Roderick's cheeks.

'Come on, Pretty Ricky. Talk to me. I will be gentle,' Justin mocked.

'Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!'

The sound of the paddle spanking Roderick's ass was endless. I could see bloody welts appear on his trunk. This scene was intense!

Man, I wish someone would fuck me, I thought while Marcus was now fully watching the scene with his covered black dick now completely hard for sucking. This scene's intensity made me feel brave enough to step to Marcus and see his dark ass globes in full view- but before I moved a step...

'All right, Roderick. As much as I am enjoying this, I want my friends to have fun, too,' Justin said.

'Go on, Shawn. Tell us your story.'

Damn!, I thought. Torn between swallowing Marcus and inflicting punishment on Roderick.

I chose to punish Roderick so that I may feel the passion of humiliating him like he did me.


Like Justin and Marcus, I first met Roderick in college. He played cornerback on our school's football team. I thought he was the hottest piece of trade with his attractive 5'9 height, cute smiling dimples, cornrows that descended down his head in a vertical pattern, arms ripped with biceps, 6 pack stomach, bowlegged walk, and large curvy ass. When I saw Roderick, my asstwat instantly moistened.

Besides his good looks, Roderick was an A student in psychology. I was very grateful, but surprised, when he agreed to tutor me. Usually the sport jocks never wanted to be caught with the twinks.

As we studied in the school's library, I noticed that the time was past midnight. The buses stopped running from campus at midnight.

'Hey Roderick, I don't mean to bother you, but could I ask for a ride home.'

'No, problem Shawn.'

Everything was going great as we drove away from the school headed to my house. The mood was light as we talked about classes and our teachers.

However, the mood changed when Roderick asked me a personal question.

'Do you have a girlfriend, Shawn?'

Oh hell! Here we go with this macho bullshit, I screamed inside.

'No. I was never into girls for a relationship. They are pretty and intelligent but not for me.'

'Oh,' he said at my confession of being gay. 'I kind of thought that was the case. Your gestures and movements made me think you like to suck dick,' he glanced at me and then concentrated on the road.

Wow! Did he just say that? I thought as we rode through the city to reach my house.

I decided to play along.

'Yeah, I love to suck dick. I love to be fucked, too. I believe they call people like me twinks.'

'I know what a twink is,' he said with assurance. 'I didn't know black guys could be twinks.'

'Yes we can.'

'Twinks know how to swallow big dicks. You may like to suck dick, but do you know how to suck a big dick?'

'Yes, I know how to swallow big loads. Can I show you?'

'Sure,' Rick said. With his right hand he unzipped his pants and pulled his large black dick into view. 'Wow, it's so big,' I said marveling at his thick and slightly crooked black pole.

'It's only 9.5 inches.'

'May I touch it?'


Roderick pulled into a deserted park while I placed my soft hands on his cock. His dick was so hard like a wooden cane. I began to give him a hand job.

'No bitch, suck it!' Roderick commanded.

I obeyed him like a hungry dog. I stretched my body over his car's stick shift so that I could suck on his hot chocolate dick. With its crooked base, I could only place half of his pole in my mouth. Roderick told me that he wanted more by placing his strong hand on top of my head and pushing my head down further filling my juicy mouth with his chocolate hard candy.

'Damn, Shawn. You got skills,' Roderick moaned leaning back in the driver's seat while he fucked my mouth. I moved up and down- up and down-up and down his shaft seeking his creamy nut.

'Ah I don't want to cum, yet,' Roderick said in a whisper.

He removed his hand and pulled me away from his shaft. We tongue kissed and then he nibbled on my right ear. I could have melted feeling the stubble from his goatee on my face.

'Let's go to the back,' Roderick said.

As we walked around to the back of his car, Roderick kept his dick out letting its precum dangle to the ground.

'Get on your knees, bitch!' he ordered once we reached the back of the car.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' was the sound I made swallowing his chocolate lollipop.

Roderick grabbed both sides of my face and began to mouth fuck me while I played with his hiary nuts and jerked my 8 inch cock.

I could suck his dick forever, I thought.

I placed my hand on his curved black booty to increase the pressure between us.

'Wait a minute,' he said moving my hand away. 'I don't play that faggot shit. Now keep sucking.'

I eagerly continued to push his dick in my mouth, never minding the scene made. I felt like a dog privileged to suck his master's cock.

Roderick opened his car's trunk.

'Shawn, take off your clothes and lay on the back.' he said interrupting my meal.

Again, my only thought was to please this hot piece of trade. I quickly removed my clothes revealing my 8inch dick and smooth caramel bottom. I laid my back down on his car's floor and placed my legs in a V shape.

'Damn, Shawn. You get down like that?'

'Fuck me, Roderick,' I responded aching for him to slide his hard dick in my asstwat. He smiled his beautiful dimples making my pussy juices flow.

Roderick lowered himself to the ground and spat in my dark center. Then, he pushed his dick inside of me slowly/gently/completely.

'Ah' I moaned loving how Roderick made me feel like a two-dollar whore by fucking me in a deserted park at night.

'Damn that ass is tight,' Roderick whined.

'Go deeper, Roderick! Deeper!'

'You like this dick? You want it-then you're gonna get it.'

He slammed his dick in me faster/faster. I started to play with my cock as I enjoyed Roderick riding my caramel ass home.

While pumping me with his pole, he kneeled his legs onto the trunk's floor. Soon, he moved his ebony gladiator body into the trunk and rested on top of me. My legs continued to stay in a V shape while his 9.5 inch dick enveloped my ass. The pleasure was unbearable!

'Oh, Roderick, I am going to wet.'

'That's right, baby. Cum for me,' he whispered into my ear, making me excited by rubbing his goatee on the side of my face.

'Ah-ah yeesss!' I whined.

'Oh shit,' he said digging his dick deeper into me.

'Eh-yeah! Damn.' Roderick said releasing his cum within my tight asstwat.

That night was fantastic! I finally had a chance to have Roderick bust his nut in me... I couldn't wait to do it again.

--- --- --- --- ---

'But, I never did.' I said facing Roderick wearing the black leather glove.

Roderick merely stood motionless in a captive positon.

'I didn't hear from you in two days. I figured that you were busy with school and sports. Until I saw you in the club with Justin. I approached you to understand what was going on. Do you remember what you said? DO YOU?'

Roderick's sexy brown eyes blinked and he nodded his head yes.

'You said, don't be a faggot about this. I'm just chillin with my boy. And then you walked away with Justin and never looked back at me.'

I felt incredible rage burn within me as I spoke those words aloud. The feeling of rejection instantly returned to me.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed motor oil on one of the shed's shelves. I poured the liquid on the glove that held my hand. Then, I walked behind Roderick as the guys looked at me in wonder.

'WHO'S THE FAGGOT NOW, BITCH!' I screamed as I pushed my lubricated gloved hand deep-Deep-DEEP in his gorgeous black ass.

'IIIIIIII!' Roderick screamed in a gagged grunt.

'That's right, you are Roderick,' I said pleasuring the feeling of burying my soft knuckled fist in his colon.

'You are a faggot, Roderick,' I said with my 8 inches ready to explode in pain from delivering such pain.

When I pulled out of his ass, my gloved hand was covered in his shit and globs of excrement fell from Roderick's ass and streams of shit slid down his hairy legs.

Marcus moved his eyes away from the scene while Justin looked on smiling.

''Hey! Look,' Justin excitedly said pointing to Roderick.

I was surprised to see that his cock had fully extended to its 9.5 length. Precum collected from its head and dripped to the floor.

I licked Roderick's cum making a loud, 'mmm' sound as tears fell from his eyes on the back of my head.

'haha!' Justin laughed. 'We really were wrong, weren't we Rick. You were a submissive bitch all along,' he teased.

And with that Roderick eyes closed from loss of consciousness.




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