As my brown eyes slowly open, I'm alarmed to see that darkness surrounds me.

The only light seen is above me. It's a flashing red color that offers a small glow.

'Roderick, where the hell are you?' I asked myself.

'Is Pretty Rickie awake?' the familiar voice said. That sounds like sarcastic Justin.

Suddenly, I feel the tightness of a chain locking my ankles and wrists to a metal cross.

My naked ebony body is chained in a standing position.

This position leaves my 9.5' black cock and curved ass exposed for manipulation.

'We missed you, Roderick,' another voice teased. That must be playful Shawn.

'We hope that you are not mad,' a third voice said. That sounds like sensitive Marcus.

How the hell did I get chained to a cross with Justin/Shawn/Marcus as my torturers?

Like lightning, I recall that these guys are punishing me for dating them at the same time.

I met Shawn at school-I met Justin on Adam4Adam-Marcus was my stats tutor.

Initially, I thought they were pretty queens who liked to have fun.

Unfortunately, they were sadistic queens who interpreted us having sex as love.

The torture began with Justin calling me into his garden shed.

My 9.5' black cock was immediately sprung when I saw him wearing a leather vest that revealed his broad chest and leather pants that highlighted his plump booty.

That's why I didn't resist him chaining me to the cross. I thought that it was only a game. The game abruptly ended when Justin whipped me with an extension cord.

A chill washes over my body when I think about how Justin hollered at me,


I prayed that Shawn and Marcus would protest against Justin's game of vengeance.

But the 2 quickly found pleasure in abusing me.

Shawn's innocence turned into rage as he fisted my tight black ass with motor oil.

Marcus' calm stature became anger as he threatened to sever my dick with garden shears.

During each punishment, my screams were held by a small red ball that was wedged in my mouth with a black leather collar. Now, the red ball is gone. Why?

Justin interrupts my thoughts when he turns on the shed's overhead light.

I see that the flashing red light belongs to a camera, which sits on top of a metal cabinet.

As I am about to voice my objection, I am surprised to see my 3 torturers-naked.

'Rick, we hope that it's okay for us to record this moment with you,' Marcus said.

He looks adorable wearing his nerdy glasses.

I'm enticed with Marcus' mini afro crowned head and skinny caramel frame.

Out of the 3, Marcus has a black girl's hips, which gives him a voluptuous caramel booty.

'Yeah Pretty Rickie, we want to remember our fun with you,' Justin grinned.

Ignoring his sarcasm, I am captive to Justin's masculine caramel physique.

While Justin appears like a hard core thug-he is truly a dick riding cunt.

More than anything, I want to suck on his dark button nipples and tap his round booty.

'Besides you know you want us, Roderick,' Shawn said.

Out of them all, Shawn is a nasty freak. He was always willing to please my 9.5' cock.

Likewise, I was attracted to his caramel baby face, lean body, and diamond stud earrings.

However, he was such a slut. Shawn only wanted me because I was a star football player.

'Come on, you sexy piece of trade. Don't be mad at us,' he said.

Shawn walks closer to me. Standing in front of my stiff cock, he licks his fat juicy lips.

'I'm not mad,' I said apologetically. 'I'm sorry that I treated you guys so wrong.'

'Really, so why did you play us?' Justin whispered in my ear from behind me.

'It's because I was raised a Jehovah's Witness. My parents taught me that guys like you-'

'You mean guys like you,' Shawn said as he places his soft hands on my semi-hard cock.

'Yeah, guys like me,' I said. 'We are a sin and we only live to fuck.'

'So you proved them right,' Justin whispered in my ear.

I can feel his 8.5' black cock rubbing between my hairy dark ass cheeks.

'Yes,' I said nodding my head.

'Well we should not disappoint your parents,' Marcus said.

As Marcus and I tongue kiss-Shawn kneels on the floor-while Justin plays with my ass.

I feel like Jesus chained in a standing position to the metal cross.

The camera records Shawn/Marcus/Justin's love and devotion of my body.

Marcus kisses me and places passion marks on the left side my neck.

Justin's 8.5' dick fondles my dark hole while sucking on the right side of my neck.

However, Shawn covets my affection by swallowing my swollen black pole.

DAMN! This faggot is a damn good dick sucker.

'Swallow that log, shorty,' I moaned as Shawn eats my 9.5' black cock.

Just as my phat dick becomes used to his kisses, Shawn starts to hum on my hairy balls.


'Oh! Shit!' I moaned.

Justin leaves from behind me while Marcus' red tongue laps my hairy nipples.

As Shawn hums on my balls, his right fist pumps my hard cock.

Surprisingly, Marcus rubs my stiff dick while Shawn hums a melody on my nuts.

Marcus sits on his knees next to Shawn-together their juicy mouths devour my 9.5' cock.

'Goddamn, this shit feels amazing!' I moaned.

I look down at the kneeling dick sucking queens.

Shawn's wet tongue glides up/down on my base-Marcus sucks my tip.

'Do that shit, faggots! Eat that dick!' I moaned.

With my dick in their mouths, I notice that the 2 queens are lovingly kissing each other.

'I want you, Shawn,' Marcus said.

'I want you, too,' Shawn said.

Ha! Look at that. My cheating ways brought these 2 together. Yet, my dick needs love.

'Suck my dick, mawfuckas!' I ordered.

In response, the 2 continue to suck my hard dick into a soft explosion.

'Damn! I'm about to cum!' I grunted.

'Ah-Ah-AH SHIT!' I screamed as my cum flows down Marcus/Shawn's throats.

The camera continues to record as my black cock hungers for a tight ass.

Despite Shawn and Marcus announcement of 'love,' I have a sudden realization.

Unlike Shawn/Justin-I never fucked Marcus. Instead, I had Marcus' 8 inch cock fuck me.

I have always been turned on by a feminine guy fucking the tar out of my ass.

While chained to the cross, I decide that it's time for me to have a piece of Marcus.

He bends over and slowly backs his lubricated asstwat on my stiff 9.5' black dick.

''s so big!' Marcus squealed.

'Yeah, it is baby, but you can take it,' I said.

Shawn sits on the floor-watching Marcus take my 9.5' dick inside of his ass.

'Damn, Roderick, you have such a big dick,' Shawn praised.

'Damn right. My dick loves to fuck faggot bitches like your boyfriend,' I proudly said.

'Are you jealous, Shawn? Are you jealous that I am fucking your twink?'

In response, Shawn's baby caramel complexion face reveals a sly grin, 'No, not at all.'

'Shit, Shawn. Your boy's ass is tight, but now that I'm in, his ass is going to be a pussy.'

'Ehh!' Marcus whistled upon feeling my black cock invade his asstwat.

'Ow! Ehh!' Marcus cried with my black dick half way in his pussy.

'I just don't know if I can take it,' he said.

Surprisingly, Shawn said, 'You can do it, baby. Take it slow and take a deep breath.'

'But it's so big,' Marcus whined.

'I'll help you,' Shawn said.

Shawn clamps his full juicy round lips around Marcus' 8' black cock.

Sure enough, Marcus takes the full length of my dick.

After seeing Shawn/Marcus' exchange, I acknowledge that they really are in love.

Still, my dick needs love. While Shawn slobbers on Marcus' cock, my dick fucks his ass.

'Dang! Marcus. Ya ass is thick and tight!'

Unexpectedly, Justin walks behind me. He places his hard 8.5 cock between my cheeks.

'His ass feels damn good doesn't it?' Justin whispered in my ear.

'Yeah!' I said.

'I was standing in the corner watching you,' Justin said.

Quickly, I discover that Justin's dick is now fully lubed.

Without my ass offering any hesitancy, Justin's 8.5' dick slips inside of my hole.

'OH!!!' I said in surprise.

The camera records our 4 way compartment train.

Shawn jerks his own 8' dick as he eats Marcus 8' cock;

Marcus keeps backing his asstwat on my 9.5' black dick;

while my hairy ass surrenders to Justin's 8.5' cock.

The room swells with the sound of our fucking.

'Ah! Ah! Damn!' I moaned. While I feel intense pain-I want more.

'Come on, Pretty Rickie. You can take it,' Justin whispered.

Although I am chained to the metal cross, I am determined to give as good as I receive.

'Fuck Marcus harder, Pretty Rickie!' Justin ordered me.

With all my might, I sway my hips so that I can continue banging Marcus' walls.

'Yeah! Yeah!' Marcus cried in pain.

'Open his asshole and feed him your cock,' Justin ordered me.

I'm determined to please Justin. Feeling him close to me, makes me feel like heaven.

While chained to the cross, I roll my hips so that my dick will hammer Marcus' dark nail.

'Slurp! Swalrp!' was the sound Shawn makes as he gags on Marcus' wooden cock.

'Oh! Damn!' Marcus cried.

Marcus grabs Shawn's head-force feeding the baby faced twink his dick.

Intoxicated in lustful emotion, Shawn's pumps his dick in a faster rhythm.

He signals his desire to cum by muffling the sound, 'HMMMPFF! HMMPPFF!'

Soon, Shawn's cum rains on the shed's floor.

Most guys would be tired or have lockjaw after cumming, but not Shawn.

Like a good slut, Shawn continues to swallow Marcus' dark sword.

As Marcus gags Shawn, my body trembles from Justin's hard dick breaking my walls.

'Fuck me, Justin. Fuck me!' I commanded.

'Tell me you like it, boy,' Justin whispered.

'I like it.'

Justin grabs my hips so that he may fuck me harder.

'Are you a faggot?'

'n-Yes! YES! I am a faggot.'

'That's right, faggot! Take this black dick!'

'Oh shit! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!' Marcus whined.

As my dick plunges him faster, Marcus pours his spew down his lover's throat.

'Damn, I'm gonna cum, too!' I yelled.

'Let it, loose, boy. Cum in Marcus' ass,' Justin ordered me.

'HOLY SHIT!' I screamed as my wet gushes inside of Marcus' tight womb.

'Was that good, baby?' Justin asked me.

After cumming twice, I can no longer speak. I can only nod my head yes.

'But I'm not done yet, faggot!' Justin said.

With his hands choking my neck, Justin's 8.5' dick pounds my ass into submission.


'Owww! Owwww' I cried.


'You are, Justin. You are.'


'Yes. Please cum inside of me.'

'AHHH FUUCCKK!' Justin thundered as his cum explodes in my black asstwat.

The camera continues filming after Justin unlocks me from the metal cross.

As blood recirculates in my wrists/ankles, I feel incredibly sore.

'What a night,' I grinned.

'We had a great time, Rick,' Marcus said.

'Yeah. It was fantastic' Shawn said.

The 2 hold each other close and walk away from Justin and I.

My heart envies their ability to love-their ability to love another man as if it was natural.

With Justin and I alone, he silently watches-studies my longing to be like Marcus/Shawn.

I move closer to Justin. Our bedroom brown eyes lock into an embrace.

'I like you, Justin.'

'Really?' Justin asked in disbelief.

'I know that we have been through a lot just now. But I want to be with you.'

'Why?' Justin asked with caution in his voice.

'I like you for having a masculine appearance and an effeminate swagger.'

Thankfully, my line causes a smile to form on his inquisitive face.

I decide to move in for the kill by tenderly kissing him.

In this moment, I surmise that Justin and I are building something truly special.

A week later-I still haven't heard from Justin nor have I seen Shawn/Marcus in school.

I disappointingly accept that my encounter with the 3 was not a long term arrangement.


On the day after Easter, my family gathers for dinner.

I find great peace in being home with my family. Nowhere else can I find this tranquility.

In the kitchen, my mom and grandma prepare dinner.

In the basement, I watch a basketball game with my dad and grandpa.

The doorbell rings, everyone is too engrossed in their own affairs to answer the door.

So, my 10 year old brother responds.

All is quiet-All is peaceful-until, mom loudly screams, 'OH MY GOD!!!!'

The men quickly run upstairs into the living room and we are all horrified by the sight.

On the television screen is a picture of me locked to a metal cross-being fucked by Justin.

Throughout the room, my words echoed,'Yes. Please cum inside of me.'

I run to push the stop button on the DVD player.

Sadly, my grandma faints to the floor. Grandpa and mom try to resuscitate her.

'Roderick, what is the meaning of this?'

Tongue tied, I turn to my brother for help. His cherub brown face looks at me with pity.

'The guy in the movie gave it to me. I played it because of the strange title...,' he said.

Looking on the cherry oak coffee table, I saw the DVD cover.

In rainbow colors the title read-'NEVER-EVER FUCK WITH A CARAMEL QUEEN!'

Quickly, I realize that Justin must have given my brother the DVD.

How could Justin hurt me like this? I thought we had something special.

As vomit rises in my throat, my dad punches me in the face-knocking me unconscious.




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