A chained Rick slowly opens his bedroom brown eyes to see Justin/Shawn/I standing in front of him.

'Oh look, Roderick is finally awake. Marcus was worried about you,' Shawn said mockingly.

'I wish that you guys would end this,' I attempted to plead the importance of morals to Shawn/Justin.

'See Rick, Marcus is worried that we are hurting you. But you loved being fisted with motor oil and whipped with an extension cord. Didn't you?'

'We made our point 4 hours ago. Let him go,' I pleaded.

'Hell no, Marcus,' Justin said to me. 'Pretty Rickie is gonna pay for fucking with us.'

Rick's crime was dating Shawn/Justin/I at the same time.

He had to learn that while the 3 of us are caramel queens-we are not his play toys.

I should stop this, but Rick looks incredibly sexy standing chained in a spread eagle position.

Rick looks so submissive with his luscious brown lips wedged around a small red ball, held in place by a black leather collar. This position leaves his black dick and curved ass fully exposed to our pleasure.

I crave to suck his dick-but when I look into his eyes-I can only see his pain.

I am the only 1 who cares-Shawn and Justin are enjoying torturing this poor man for his crimes.

Justin said to Rick, 'It was so easy to trap you. All I had to do was wear a black leather vest and tight black leather pants. You were so happy to see my chiseled caramel complexioned chest and my plump booty. You happily followed me into my garden shed, where I tied you to a metal cross.'

'WHAP!' was the sound Justin made smacking Rick's bare ebony ass with a black leather paddle.

'You love it when Justin spanks your hairy black ass.' Shawn said to a crying Rick.


'I know that you love feeling pain.'


'You love feeling pain because you are a PUNK ASS BITCH!'


Responding to Shawn's accusations, the crying ebony brute's black dick swells to its full 9.5'.

'Just because Rick acted like an ass by cheating on us, doesn't mean that he deserves torture,' I said.

However, my protest is silenced by Rick's erected 9.5' black dick loudly raining pre-cum on the floor.

Shawn and Justin slyly smile at the ebony brute's rock hard cock and bruised bare bottom.

'Marcus, Rick deserves to be punished. He may have hurt Shawn and I-but he broke you,' Justin said.

Justin's words force me to recall how Rick manipulated me. When he left me, I felt broken-weak.

I have always seen myself as ugly. I am a skinny queen with a mini afro crowned head, wearing thin framed glasses that makes me look like a nerd. My body is plain, except for the fact that I was born with hips like a black woman.

I am not butch like Justin. I can understand Rick's attraction to Justin's broad chest and a plump booty.

Nor am I pretty like Shawn. I can see how Rick was attracted to Shawn's smooth caramel skin, thin-firm legs arms and legs, stacked booty, and especially his large dick sucking lips. My 8inch black dick rises each time I am near Shawn's caramel baby face, which holds a diamond stud in each ear.

My best friends are beautiful. However, their looks fade from committing these horrific acts.

'Guys, it'ôs not right how we are crucifying this guy. Meeting both of you was the only positive outcome that stems from Rick'ôs whorishness. I thought we made peace with ourselves and Rick,' I said desperately trying to bring in clarity.

Their brown eyes blankly stare at me.

'You know, I have heard enough of you. If you were so upset, then you would have left,' Shawn said.

Shawn comes closer to me and grabs my semi-hard 8inch black cock.

'Admit it. You like this. You are a freak just like Rick.' Shawn said.

When Shawn licks his thick lips, I can feel my dick growing harder-but this just is not right.

'Stop it Shawn,' I said pulling away.

'Will you two stop flirting for a moment,' Justin said. 'Marcus, believe it or not Rick likes this.'

I stare at Justin as if he has 2 heads, 'What person would like to be punished-tormented like this?'

Justin smiled, 'I will prove it to you. Pretty Rickie, I want you to answer honestly, if you can.'

Rick nods his head YES signaling that he understands.

'Do you want us to stop punishing you?'

A brief silence fills the room as the 3 of us stare at Rick for an answer.

I am stunned when Rick shakes his head NO. He likes the punishment.

'He has to be lying,' I said.

Rick shakes his head NO, that he is not lying.

Shawn erupts with laughter.

'Do you want us to let you go?' Justin asked.

Rick again shakes his head NO.

'I cannot believe this,' I whispered more to myself that the others.

'You have to understand, Marcus. Some people like receiving pain,' Justin said.

'Hahmp!' 'Hahmp!' was the sound a gagged Rick made.

He's laughing. Rick is laughing at me-AGAIN.

I feel hurt-disillusioned because that nigga needs to pay. Shawn holds my left hand-comforting me.

Suddenly, I cannot feel his hand-I cannot hear Rick's muffled laughter-I cannot see Shawn/Justin/Rick.

I am left alone with my story.


Like Justin/Shawn-I first met Rick in school. Along with attending classes, I worked as a math tutor.

On first meeting Rick, his ebony apple shaped face was flushed red from panic about a stats exam.

'I have to pass the class or else I'm off the team. Can you please help me,' Rick whined.

Despite his pathetic lyrics, I felt sexually drawn to Rick's 5'9 height, cornrows that descended down his head in a vertical pattern, arms ripped with biceps, bowlegged walk, and large curvy ass.

Rick was cruising me, too. Men/Women cannot help but stare at my voluptuous black booty.

After he passed the class-through my assistance-Rick came back to see me.

'I just wanted to say thank-you. Would you like to catch a dinner and a movie with me?'

'Sure. So what night are you free?' I asked in shock that a sports jock asked my nerdy self on a date.

After our date, I walked with him to his apartment. We sat on his couch and shared a bottle of Merlot.

'So tell me why a dude isn't hitting your back?' Rick asked causing me to burst out laughing.

'You are so forward,' I flirted, which made Rick's adorable dimples appear.

'To be honest, I do not think that guys like me because I have a black woman's hips and ass,' I said.

'Yeah, you do,' Rick smiled. Suddenly, the heat of lust filled the room from Rick panting for my ass.

'Guys like to date guys not androgynous queens,' I explained.

'Not true,' Rick interjected. 'Stand up.'

When I had done so, Rick stared at my PHAT behind.

'You are a total package, baby.' he said.


We laid naked on top of Rick's bed. My bodacious ass rubbed on his 9.5' black shlong.

We shared a passionate kiss as my skinny body laid on his hairy 6-pack abs.

Quickly, Rick turned me over. My skinny caramel legs wrapped around Rick's muscled body.

'Damn, shawty. I love ya ass!' Rick praised me.

'Really? You know I have always fantasized that a guy would call me Monica,' I smiled.

'All right, Monica.'

From Rick's sweet words, I started to think more positively about my body.

'Wait a minute. I've got a present for you,' Rick said leaving the bed.

He left the room and returned with a circular purple box. He placed the box on my waif chest.

'What is it?' I asked.

'Open it and find out,' Rick said

I sat on the bed so that I may open the box-Inside, was a woman's blonde wig.

'Umm what do you want me to do with it?' I asked.

'I think you know,' Rick said with a twinkle in his brown eyes.


Rick sat on top of his bed in a doggy style position as I slid my 8' black dick inside of his tight hole.

'Ohhhhh! Yeah Monica,' Rick exhaled as my black cock expanded in his ebony muscled body.

I cannot believe that I am wearing a blonde wig while fucking Rick's bubble butt, I thought.

'Damn, Rick. You are such a freak.'

'I told you that you're a total package, girl. Now fuck me, Monica.'

With that, I snatched Rick's hips and pounced my balls on his dark hairy hole.

'Awww! Awwww!' Rick screamed. 'That's right, Monica. Fuck me girl!'

'WHOP! WHOP! WHOP!' was the sound my balls made as it shaped Rick's ass into a pussy.

'OH SNAP!' Rick yelled at me. 'Be gentle, girl. I don't let too many people back there so calm down.'

But I couldn't stop. My 8' black dick directed my actions.


My 8' dick never had so much control over a man.

For a change, I was burying someone else's face in the pillow.


'DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!' Rick screamed in pleasurable pain.

Rick gyrated his back, which caused his PHAT BLACK DICK to sway.


Each time my brown balls slapped Rick's ass-I felt more like a man.

Even though I was wearing a wig, I felt man enough to claim this football player's ass.


My body tingled with pride.

I thought-This dude is much stronger/faster than me-yet, I am fucking the shit out of this dude.


I may have been wearing a blonde wig-but Rick was the 1 crying like a bitch.

'OH! YEAH! GOD, MY GOD YOUR DICK IS SO BIG,' were the words that fell from Rick's mouth.


As he cried like a cunt, Rick started to massage his 9.5' black dick into a climax.

My skinny hands continued to clinch his hips so that I could pound Rick's black pussy sore.


'Oh shit! MONICA!' Rick screamed as white cum sputtered from his 9.5' black dick onto the bed.

'YEAH, RICK! YEAH! DAMN! DAMN!' I cried as my wet gushed in Rick's muscular black ass.

That night was fantastic-but that was just the beginning.

I kept the wig on as I slept in Rick's bed. He was on the phone talking about me to his friends.

'I hope you don't mind. But I told my teammates what a big dick you have-and they want to meet you.'

'What?' I said.

'Don't be shocked. This type of shit happens all the time.'


'Yup,' Rick slyly smiled.

Just like that, Rick sold me to his friends like I was a slave on the block.


I waited in his bathroom-preparing-as his friends walked into his apartment.

When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I was surprised by how pretty I looked.

This was the day that I truly accepted my body. Sadly, Rick's knock on the door ended my tranquility.

'Keep the bedroom lights out or else my boys won't play,' he advised.

I could not believe how slutty/nasty Rick and his football teammates acted.

Must be from all the touching in the field, I silently laughed.

Unfortunately, my laughter quickly ended when I left Rick's bathroom.

With my blonde wig on, I walked inside the ebony brute's bedroom.

'SLAM' went Rick's bedroom door behind me. I was immediately pulled to the bed.

With my back against the cushion, I heard-

'Get that, nigga!' a faceless voice said.

'I will stuff my dick in that bitch's mouth!' a man with a Spanish voice said.

Then, a heavy dick tapped me on the lips. I opened my mouth and the heavy dick went inside.

'Mmp' I grunted as the heavy uncircumcised dick GAGGED my mouth.

'Suck it, ya nasty bitch!' the Spanish voice said.

'That ain't shit man!' the first voice said. 'Ima fuck dat faggot nigga in the ass!'

In a heartbeat, my legs were held over my head by strong hands, so that his dick could fuck me.

'MMMHH!' I whelped.

Because I was gagged by the heavy dick, I could not scream in pain as a loonngg dick slid in my voluptuous ass.

'Yeah! You stupid faggot! Dat shit feels good riyht?' the first voice asked.

I could only answer with 'Mmphhh' as both dicks fucked my nasty mouth and slutty ass.

Attempting to find peace on this train, I calmed my breathing.

My peace quickly ended when someone's ass jumped on my erected 8' dick.

'Yeah! This faggot knows how to fuck,' a new voice said.

'Well, we want our tail, too,' a fourth voice said on the sidelines with surrounding voices agreeing.


Rick, despite my fear, I genuinely loved the attention your friends gave me.

I wanted all of your friends to admire-love my beautiful body.

When a new person yelled at me, 'You pussy bitch, kneel on your hands/knees,' I was in Heaven.

Sitting on all 4's, I was shocked to feel ropes tie my wrists-ankles-I fell on the bed like a tied animal.

'Ha! This bitch is a prized pig now,' a young voice said.

Immediately, my fun was replaced by fear.

Forced to lay on my back, I called for you Rick. I said, 'Rick, hel-'

'Shut da fuck up!' the young voice said.

He forced me on my back so that I may suck his dick.

'SLURP! SLURP!' was the sound that I made as the young guy's pencil dick fucked my mouth.

Laying on my back, I sucked the young guy's dick. Suddenly, I felt fingers crawling inside my asshole.


As I sucked the young guy's pencil dick, 3 fingers were burrowed into my assclit.


With my hands-ankles tied in rope, I could not escape the onslaught of sharp fingers fucking me.


'MAWTHAFUCK!' the young guy said signaling that his dick was ready to EXPLODE.


Instantly, bitter cum splattered on my tongue, which made my asslips clinch the sharp fingers.

In a second, the Fingernail Guy easily turned me on my stomach.

With my hands tied behind me, Fingernail Guy pushed his uncircumcised dick inside of me.

'UHHH!' I screamed as Fingernail Guy's coke bottle dick pummeled my hole.

All around me, I heard- 'Fuck him, man. Fuck that BITCH!'

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' was the sound of cold laughter echoing in the room.

From the darkness, a mouth kissed me tenderly-it had to be Rick's.


'What's wrong baby. You can't take a little pain,' Rick said toying with me.


I felt the urge to spew chunks as Fingernail Guy continued to assault me with his gargantuan dick.

'plea-Please RICK! Help me! PLEASE!'

Rick merely stood over me laughing-Matter of fact, the whole room echoed in laughter.


Yet, I could still feel Fingernail Guy's dick thundering against my caramel complexioned ass.

'You can take it, Monica. Give him that ass,' Rick ordered standing over me.

I knew that I had to please my ebony brute-or else he would stop loving me and my body.


I was in a daze as Fingernail Guy continued running through my ass- fasterFasterFASTER!

'Oh Rick. OHHH!' I whimpered in pain.

'Stop fronting, faggot. You twinks love big dicks.'


When I heard Rick's cruel words, I realized that he only saw me as a toy-not a person needing love.

My body-my mind-my soul disappeared as Fingernail Guy's stank cum bubbled inside my ass.

Over me, Rick's 9.5' black dick rained cum on my face.

Time stood still as I laid on the bed with my skinny wrists-ankles tied in rope.

A puddle of wet covered my caramel complexioned face and a stream of cum oozed out of my ass.

Rick, I remember how your brown apple shaped head glowed after your climax.

'Whaoo! Baby, you were the best! I'll call you soon. Thanks!'

You quickly untied my wrists-ankles and pushed me out of your bedroom door-your apartment.

I sat on the cold floor outside of your apartment. Then, I remember you threw my clothes at me.

'I thought we had something special,' I said.

'Monica, don't be a fag about this. I'll see you later,' you said then slammed the door in my face.

Outside-I could hear you and your friends laughing.

'Yo! That nigga wanted to be called Monica. What the fuck! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'

Finally, I took that stringy blonde hair wig off my head-got dressed-and left.

I was lost. I didn't know what happened to us.

In 1 minute I was pleasing you-in the 2 minute I was wobbling away from your apartment.

Thankfully, outside of your building was Shawn/Justin.


They explained everything, Rick. Now-I know everything about you.

I stare at the chained Rick. He is chained to a metal cross-just like how I was tied like a pig.

'Why Rick? Why did you want to hurt me like that. I did nothing to you-but you hurt me.'

My brown eyes search Rick's apple brown face for an answer. Finding none, I look on the floor.

Unexpectedly, I hear, 'Hahmp!' 'Hahmp!'

What the hell is that noise?-It's Rick laughing-He is laughing at me-AGAIN!

'Shut the fuck up man,' Justin said banging Rick in his hairy ebony chest.

'Are you ok?' Shawn said.

I can see that Shawn wants to lay his hands on me. But there is no calming me, now.

At this minute-my morals-has left me. I see a pair of garden scissors on the shed's table.

'You want to laugh, Rick? You want to laugh at me? I'll give you something to laugh at,' I said.

I pick up the scissors. I walk closer to the chained ebony brute with the garden scissors in my hand.

'SCHWIP! SCHWIP!' was the sound of the scissors opening and closing.

Justin and Shawn are horrified-but not as scared as Rick.

His brown eyes stare in horror at the garden scissors.


'EMMPH! AMMMPH!' Rick grunted in terror.

'Now, you are screaming. But its too late,' I said.


I stand in front of Rick. I place the scissors on Rick's 9.5' black dick and hairy balls.

Rick's bedroom brown eyes blink-blink-then close.





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