'Look. Roderick's awake. I am glad that you are back,' Shawn said to a regaining conscious Rick.

'Marcus and Justin were worried about you, but I knew you would be just fine. Aren't you going to thank me for cleaning your shitty ass. I never dreamed that your asshole was so sensitive and that all your nasty shit would fall out from my fisting you with motor oil.'

As Shawn's laughter at Rick's misery floods my garden shed, I notice that it has been an hour since I called Marcus and Shawn over to torture Pretty Ricky.

Rick brought this on himself for dating Shawn, Marcus and I at the same time. In return for his misuse of us, I chained him in a standing position to a metal cross to be put on display for our amusement. He looks so pathetic, pleading for help with his brown bedroom eyes.

I really enjoyed spreading his soft brown lips around around a small red ball, held in place by a black leather collar.

'So, are you still aching to have a nut, Pretty Ricky.' I mockingly said.

'We should stop this,' Marcus said.

'Calm down,' Shawn said. ' We are just only having fun with Roderick. Besides Marcus, from your growing cock, I can see that you want you want to punish him, too.' I laughed at Marcus' hypocrisy. Who would think that my nerdy friend Marcus would enjoy torture? I always saw him as a skinny queen with nerdy glasses and an afro crowned head. But there he is with his dick ready to burst and his voluptuous caramel ass ready to be plowed. Out of the three of us, Marcus' has an incredibly large ass. I could tell that Rick must have enjoyed plowing his caramel anal walls.

I could also see why he fucked Shawn. My friend has a beautiful caramel baby face with two diamond studs posted in both ears and large thick lips. Perfect for sucking Rick's 9.5 monster dick. So, with these two gorgeous twinks, what did he find interesting about me?

I am not thin like these two-I have a broad runner's build. Yet, I have a round ass that cripples Rick with pleasure.

That's how I trapped him. My method was to wear a leather vest revealing my broad chest and leather pants to showcase my plump booty. After he saw this caramel vision of loveliness, he was all mine.

Poor horny fool, he should have known better than to fuck with a caramel queen.

Still, Rick was the best lover I ever had. Too bad the sonofabitch tried to play me.

My locking his strong brown wrists and ankles spread eagle to the cross doesn't cause him enough pain.

No, I want him to feel pain-the same pain that he caused me to feel. I ignore Shawn and Marcus' flirtatious exchange:

'You know sometimes, Marcus, you are such a pretentious cunt,' Shawn said.

'Look, I just disagree with chaining the guy and holding him prisoner,' Marcus retorted.

'Look at his growing cock-he doesn't look like he is in that much pain.'

What's funny is that Shawn is jealous of Marcus showing Rick attention.

Shawn wants to fuck Marcus's asstwat - and Marcus wants Shawn's thick lips on his sweet sausage, but both are scared to say anything. Its a shame. They are a cute couple.Just like Rick and I were a cute couple.

I walk closer to Rick's chained body. My soft hands touch his rock hard ebony chest.

Rick looks at me apologetically with his bedroom brown eyes that ask to be released, but his slightly bent 9.5 dick says differently by beginning to erect.

With my left hand, I massage his big dick while using my right hand to toy with his hairy balls.

Rick's body relaxes from my hand play.

No that sonofabitch needs to pay, I thought.

I let go of his hard 9.5 cock and squeeze his soft nuts. Water begins to rise in Rick's eyes as I crush his nuts in my hand. Despite the pain, Rick's dick is still hard and drips precum.

I love punishing him. I love being in control of his body and humiliating his manhood-just like he destroyed mine.

Rick's crying from my squeezing the cum out of his 9.5 cock makes my caramel ass ache to be ripped.

My friends are in a state of shock when I start sucking on Rick's erect brown nipples while bouncing my caramel booty. I can't help it. Rick's tears sends me to ecstasy.

Tears fall down Rick's brown apple face as I bite harder onto his nipples while squeezing his nuts and bouncing my caramel ass jugs.

Sweat pours from Rick's forehead, mixing with his tears; his swollen dick is ready to explode.

He needs release- but I won't let him cum.

I let go of Rick's nipples. His dick slowly loses its erection and his tears dry.

My feeling of lust subsides for a moment.'Miss Thing, you are a freaky whore,' Shawn said to me.

'I did not know what you had planned?' Marcus said in astonishment.

'What, he likes to be treated like a bitch, don't you Pretty Ricky?'

Right on cue, Rick's softening cock points directly to me and lets out a stream of piss on my broad caramel chest.

Shawn and Marcus are in shock.

However, I know what to do. I lower my body so that Rick's golden stream slaps me in the face.

I open my mouth to gulp his black man's piss down my throat.

'Budble, budble, budble,' is the sound of Rick's piss filling my luscious mouth.

I quickly swallow each piss trickle, not once letting a drip spill from my mouth.

'Budble, budble, budble.'

Rick's piss tastes bitter and salty, but there is an undertone of sweetness.

'Budble, budble, budble.'

My own 8.5 inches is now ready to release cum, however, I won't give Rick the satisfaction.

'Budble, budble, budble.'

Still, drinking Rick's golden stream makes me gyrate my caramel ass globes-in a slow hypnotic circle.

'Budble, budble'

I wish my friends would come behind me and fuck my sweet caramel ass, but they are too far in awe.


When his piss ceases, I start to slide his now erect black cock between my juicy tan lips. Loving the feel of a hard black cock in my mouth. I let Rick go with a loud 'plup' sound from my sweet lips vibrating on his manhood.

'Did you like that, Rick?' I ask.

He nods his head yes.

Marcus gives me a towel found by the washing machine.

'You just love to see me humiliated don't you, Pretty Ricky?'

He nods his head yes. Even with the red ball stuck in his mouth, I know that he is laughing.

'Hey Justin, tell us your story. How did you get wrapped into this sonofabitch's lies?'Shawn asked.

# # #

My story with Rick begins while I was healing from a bitter breakup. My former guy's name was Paul. I loved that pretty white boy with all my heart. He taught me about the pleasures of controlling someone's body. Interestingly, Paul is the owner of the S&M gear that I use to punish Rick.

*Just like you, Rick. I would chain my pretty white boy and gag him with my long black dick. He would whimper, but he loved it, just like you*.

Sadly, Paul loved meth more and so I had to leave him.

Healing, I did what most single queens do when looking for a date, I placed an ad on Adam4Adam. Ignoring the liars and the sad social rejects, I almost gave up on finding a new love.

Imagine my surprise to find a guy my age, early 20s, and to find that we not only went to the same school, but he was black.

*Rick, you were my first black cock. I never let a black man touch my sexy caramel complexioned body. I went along with you because unlike a white man, I didn't have to be the black Mandingo. I wouldn't be objectified because of my broad caramel build, my phat ass, my large dick. You were special, but I was just a date to you, wasn't I? *

We instantly recognized each other from school at our first date. I instantly fell in lust with his 5'9 height, cute smiling dimples, cornrows that descended down his head in a vertical pattern, arms ripped with biceps, 6 pack stomach, bowlegged walk, and large curvy ass.

Throughout the night, sparks flew as I fell for Pretty Ricky's sweet words. I invited him to my home for a nightcap.

After sharing drinks, I felt that I could trust him. We both sat naked on my queen size bed.

'Damn, do you always keep your ass shaved?' he asked.

I blushed.

'Come on, Justin. Let me fuck you,' Ricky said massaging his 9.5 inch black cock.

'I've never let a man, much less a black man, fuck me. I'm scared, I guess.'

'Really?' Pretty Ricky said.

I could tell by the way Rick licked his juicy brown lips that he wanted to eat my caramel biscuits.

'You shouldn't be scared. I'll be gentle.'

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was my loneliness, but I believed him.

'Don't be scared, baby. I will go slow,' he pleaded laying his apple brown head on my lap.

'Please, baby. Let me fuck your tight phat ass,' Rick whined placing his warm mouth on my nipples.

'Ahh, oh Rick. Stop. That's my spot.'

From his teeth nibbling on my tits, my 8.5 dick came to life.

'Yes, Rick. Ah yes!' I moaned with delight from his mouth play on my tits.

I pressed his head closer to my chest making sure that his mouth stayed full with my breasts while I jerked my 8.5 cock.

'Oww!' I moaned feeling my virgin hole loosen.

'Come on baby, cum for me,' Rick said between sucking my breasts.

'I just can't take it anymore. You can fuck me, but you have to be gentle.'

'You know I will, baby,' he whispered in my ear making his goatee rub against my face.

Instantly, cum spat from my dick.

'ahhhh!' I moaned wanting more.

'Have you ever had someone eat your ass?' Rick whispered.

'No, I've ate a guy out before, but I've never had someone eat me.'

I reached for the matches that sat on my nightstand and lit a vanilla candle that sat on the wooden wall panel.

'Lie on your stomach.'

Obligingly, I rolled over exposing my caramel ass to Rick's command. He lay his hard ebony body on top of mine, sandwiching his hard black cock between my luscious ass jugs. I turned my head around to kiss his juicy mouth while he rubbed my virgin booty with his hard dick.

I've never made love to a man before. I loved Paul, but our sex was more about fucking. In comparison, this moment with Rick, this handsome Zulu King, was about love.

I melted as Rick kissed my back, both of my voluptuous caramel ass cheeks, and my hole.

'Ah!' I whimpered as his tongue licked the rim of my hole and pushed itself inside of me.

Having Rick worship my body made me feel beyond beautiful. I wanted to give him the same feeling.

'Rick put your dick in my mouth,' I said like a slutty whore.

We lay in a 69 position; as his tongue licked my hole, I swallowed his mammoth black cock.

'Is it good, baby? Does it make you feel good?'

With my mouth full with his big black dick, I whimpered, 'Yes.'

'I want your ass, baby. Sit on my face.'

I held my runner's legs steady on the bed so that I could squat over his face. As his tongue glided through my cheeks, I crawled down his body to suck on his large cock.

'No baby, I want you to feel good. Just stay steady don't worry about me.'

Wow! I thought. I never had a man who only wanted to please me. And please me he did. Rick's tongue was like heaven, soaking up my anal juices.

'Oww, Rick. Yes, papi.'

The vanilla candle illuminated our movements on the bedroom wall. I sat on his face while his tongue went deeper in me.

'You think you're ready, baby?' he asked between meals.

'I think I am.'

I turned my body so that my virgin ass sat on the tip of his large monster cock.

'Its so big, Rick.'

'Don't worry about the size. Just take your time and go slow.'

Quickly, I left my position to rub Vaseline between my virgin dark hole. I returned to my position of attempting to ride Rick's monster cock.

My virgin ass timidly ate the tip of his dick.

'Da-damn! Your ass is tight! Wo-o,' he moaned.

I could see that he was fighting the urge to cum. His pleasure made my ass loosen and gulp his cock.

'Yeah, papi. Oh!'

His dick was so big. I had to stand up for a second and try again.

'Take your time, baby.'

He's so patient and gentle, I thought.

The second time was the charm. His dick easily slid in crumbling my anal walls.

'Yei!' I squealed as my ass ate his 9.5inches.

'Oh Rick! Don't move. Let me just ride it.'

'Do your thing, baby. This feels damn good.'

I rocked my body side2side with his 9.5 black cock inside of me. Rick gently moved with me, slowly massaging my colon, allowing my hole to loosen, and swallow his monster cock.

'Oww! This feels so good,' I whined pinching his dark nipples.

'You like it, baby? You want more, baby?

'Yes Rick. Fuck my pussy.'

With that we were on. He placed his large black hands on my sexy caramel runner's legs and proceeded to push his 9.5 dick deeper inside of me.

'AW! YES!' I yelled loving this feeling.

He pulled me to lay on his chest, so that he could fuck my hole deeper.

'OH RICK!' I screamed in lust.

As we shared a passionate kiss, I felt his black dick pummel my asstwat.

'SLAP!' was the sound heard as his masculine black hands spanked my plump booty.

'Yes, papi. Take my dark cherry.'

Quickly, he flipped me on my back, pushing his 9.5inches deep-Deep-DEEP inside of me.

Laying on my back, I noticed how Rick suddenly looked different. I'm not sure how to explain.

While Rick held my legs apart, gouging my tight ass with his phat black cock, his gentleness was replaced with a look of intense hunger.

'Wait a minute. You are ripping my ass apart. Your dick is to big,' I pleaded.

'Shut the fuck up, bitch. This is my pussy. You hear me, faggot?'

Is this how a bottom feels? Am I supposed to be quiet and let him take full advantage of me?

'Yes, papi.' I whimpered not sure of what else to say.

Even though I saw the change in his demeanor, I rationalized that we were both caught in lust. Besides, this was my first black man. I had to give him my sweet pussy in order for him to stay and I loved the intoxicating sound of his hairy brown balls punishing my caramel ass:


I clawed my nails into his chiseled back pushing him in to me. He gagged my ass with his dick making tears streak down my face.


'Yes, papi. Fuck my pussy. Please fuck my pussy.'


I jerked my 8.5 dick until my cum spilled out of my body onto my stomach and broad chest.

'OH-Oh-oh! Your ass is so tight.'

'Your dick is so big.'

Rick towered over me with his softening 9.5inch black cock still in my deflowered asstwat. I merely lay on the bed, loving this feeling of vulnerability. He removed himself, laid down, and held me in his powerful ebony arms.

We never kissed. He never said goodnight. He just fell asleep while the smell of vanilla filled the room.

The next day, I awakened and he was already dressed.

'Hey, I gotta go. Thanks for a great night.'

'Um...ok. Why not hang around for a minute.'

Rick's bedroom eyes gave a look of frustration.

'Hey, last night was fun, but you know we are both grown men. There's no need to be a fag about this.'

With that, he was gone. It happened so fast that I couldn't say a single word. I was in complete shock (disbelief) that I was played by this horny nigga. I thought that we had something special.

Unexpectedly, there was a knock on my front door.

Surprise, it was Shawn and with Shawn came the truth.

# # #

'It was the awful fucking truth, Pretty Ricky,' I said to my gagged and chained lover.

The guys watched silently. I could tell that they wondered, along with Rick, about my next move.

'I was only a piece of virgin meat for you to chew on, wasn't I Pretty Ricky?'

He nods his head yes, crushing my spirit. His behavior told me the truth; yet, I always hoped-

'Justin, are you ok?' Marcus asked standing next to Shawn.

I felt odd by these two standing on my right side like good guardian angels and to my left was a gray extension chord on the floor.

'I'm fine, guys.'

I stand in front of Rick and rub my left chin against his goatee. I whisper in his ear,

'That's why I call you Pretty Ricky. Because all the guys and girls are so lucky to have a pretty mawthafucka like you.'

I moved away to pick up the long gray extension chord. I bound the chord around my left hand holding on to the female end of the plug.

I could see Rick's ebony gladiator body stiffen.

'Justin, don't do this man' Marcus advised. 'We are better than this.'

'Leave him alone, Marcus.'

'Shut up the both of you!' I ordered.

Standing behind Rick, I asked, 'Pretty Ricky, please answer a question for me?'

'SHWAP!' was the sound of the male end of the extension chord smacking against Rick's muscled back instantly leaving a red mark.


'hmmph' Rick gave a muffled scream.






Marcus eyes flinched as his dick hardened watching this scene. Shawn gave a sinful white smile.




Rick's muscled back once smooth, black and beautiful now looked scarred, bloody red, and horrid.



'eahhhh, ' Rick screamed.

Pretty Ricky's bedroom eyes blinked then closed shut from losing consciousness.




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