It began innocently, though some might think not. A Main St bar, Santa Monica, California, in place to be at the time. I was new in town. slid by the line at the door by waving to some acquaintances. Standing beer in hand back against the bar when a very glamorous blonde girl started chatting me up and next thing stuck her hand down front of my pants. Right down, reaching for the south pole. Ought've stopped her, but seemed like fun at the time, assumed she was drunk, my acquaintances ogled wide-eyed, some guys crowed.

'Come outside, I'll give you a blowjob' she said.

First thought was No. Don't know her, could be risky. 'Sure' I said and swaggered out with a dumbly confident 'Well, guys, I guess this is what comes to the good.' I really assumed some of them might've followed us out to scope this surprising action...but just when you needed them none did.

Outside I told her 'It's too public.'

'Don't worry, I know a spot.' She pulled me by the arm towards the farthest corner of the building. I let myself be pulled around the corner into a narrow passageway between that building and the next. She didn't hesitate, went behind and unbuckled my belt, pulled my pants down, briefs, goosed my ass making my prick accelerate its woodie skyward, then grabbing my cock with one hand and my ass with the other took control.

'Oh, ah, I thought you were going to give me a blowjob. Ah, you're rough.' Her hand was firm to say the least yet with the other kneading my buttocks and a sense of novelty being taken over in a way never before I was reaching boiling point quickly. Her hand pumped up and down, cool air washed around my parts, almost point of no return just as the black and white and roof lamps of a police cruiser past the end of the alley, turning in the parkinglot. It stopped, I heard the door open, voices, two cops talking to each other, and I reached to take the young woman's hands off my cock and pull my pants up.

'No' she snapped fiercely, slapping my wavering hands away and with amazing strength put her hand over my mouth and pulled me bodily deeper into the alley against the wall while she continued to stroke my cock steadily and firmly. It was all so strange and new I came powerfully right then, held upright and silent by her hand over my mouth. I lost awareness for a few moments with the intensity then heard: 'Don't move or I'll cut your throat.' From the corners of my eye I saw a combat knife at my throat. 'The cops left while you were cumming.' Something pushed painfully into my ass then pumped and swirled some, forcing me feel her power inside my body. 'Pull up your pants, we're crossing the parking lot.' I hesitated and she cut me. The blade sliced the skin of my neck just sufficient that it burned and frightened me.

Dildo in my ass I fastened my pants and allowed her propel me across the parkinglot passing several people also crossing. She tapped on the side of a dark blue van, the door slid, I glimpsed a pretty petite blonde, I was pushed and pulled inside, fell on my face and my hands were manacled behind my back.

We drove maybe 15 minutes, I was hooded, pulled roughly out and led stumbling up steps, stripped naked, chained to the wall, pushed down onto a narrow hard bed. The door slammed shut. Someone was breathing very near. 'Who's there?'

'It's alright, Mistress has gone, I'm Jilly' a melodious light voice said. The hood was removed and a beautiful body stood near me naked, so close I felt her heat.

'What's going to happen to me?'

'She's taken you to milk you. I'm to take a load now.' One hand cupped my testicles lightly, the other closed around my stiffening shaft. She moved the foreskin up and down, rolling my balls skillfully. Shifting her grasp to the root of my cock, continuing to pump it, she lowered her head and licked, flicked, sucked. 'Lay back, relax' she said and I lay back knowing I would come in a few moments. 'Lift your legs, open them wide.' She felt for the dildo and I jerked spasmodically as she withdrew it. Whimpering, shuddering, an immense orgasm broke, sperm pumped, neatly caught in a wineglass by Jilly, gone from the room before my vision cleared.

I slept, awakening to Mistress unlocking my chains. Dropping them aside she told me to get up then gave me a karate kick which knocked me down. Her fighting pose, strength, speed, agility told me I didn't stand a chance. Her finger beckoned so I tried nonetheless and she knocked me down again, twisted my limbs, let me rise then winded me with punches to stomach, felled me with blows to kidneys and spine.

Hurt, not actually injured but thoroughly cowed I donned the pair of wornout denim cutoffs she flung at me, holes letting the the air at my ass and balls. She appraised me. She found me sexually attractive but I didn't think that would do me any good, perhaps the reverse. My eyes flicked involuntarily to her magnificent breasts and she responded by bitch-slapping me on each cheek. 'Don't stare at me, bitch! Walk ahead, out, turn right along the passageway. Walk sexy.'

Frightened, I obeyed and grunting approval she reached out and squeezed my left ass cheek.

I swiftly learned the routine: ankles chained, clean the large dwelling which looked to be a converted warehouse, do maintenance, be fed regularly in the kitchen on the ground floor: a slave's life in a feudal castle. When night came I slept on a narrow piece of foam at rightangles to the foot of the enormous bed she shared with slave Jilly, Before sleep, milking. 'Lie on your back, don't move, don't make a sound' Mistress instructed. I lay on my back waiting, two gorgeous women standing above me, Mistress tall and commanding, Jilly petite and warm-hearted.

I was ordered to strip where I lay -- naked beneath the two females, exposed, entirely vulnerable, subservient. 'Look at me' Mistress instructed abruptly and as I nervously raised my gaze she pulled off her lycra top exposing conical breasts with big brown nipples, Jilly removed her top and my cock vibrated like a tuning fork. 'Now Jilly will excite you touching you in places and ways you've yet no idea arouse. She'll take her time and bring you to orgasm. If you moan I beat you in the morning. If you don't, you watch me beat her. If you moan too easily to save her from beating, I beat you both.'

Sexily tantalizing me by snaking her naked butt at me, then breasts, Jilly knelt and ran hands over my thighs, up my belly, a finger probed my most arousing spots on my ass cheeks, between my legs, behind scrotum, a surprising effect of two fingers separating with a swift flip while running from behind balls across corners of buttocks. Fingers over my belly, all I could do to suppress a cry, then one hand caressing testicles, cock, squeezing to pump the yearning shaft yet harder. And thus she massaged and stimulated me and just when I felt I was about to come soundlessly she clutched my ass cheeks hard with both hands, digging her nails in, and flicked her tongue across my cock. 'Arghh!' burst out involuntarily and the first shoot of semen ejected several feet leaving a trail up my chest to my throat. Some hit Jilly's face, several first-break cum balls hit Mistress. Instantly Jilly's hand grasped my shaft, pumping the remainder from my cock for a wonderful, fearsome orgasm. I simply let myself moan and groan.

They laughed, first time I'd seen lightness from Mistress who scooped a palmful of semen and stroked it over her face like face cream, then they left the room talking and laughing to each other like a couple of young secretaries about last night's soap opera. They were bizarre but it was no joke.

I closed my eyes and may've dozed, then they were standing over me again. Jilly, holding a wineglass, knelt and businesslike massaged my cock. Her kind personality and delight in cock calmed aroused me, even my absolutely helpless servitude to these females excited me and I came in a few minutes, my entire ejaculate captured in the wineglass, milked from root to head to obtain the last drops. Mistress took it and left. Later I learned from Jilly that some she used to make cream to rub on face and tits, some she consumed raw. Maybe that would make a man of her, or something.

Most nights the two women had sex while I was instructed to look and not play with myself. It was tough and sometimes I jerked off when they were sleeping but they always found out. Jilly's eyes were sharp and then next day Mistress would put me over the table and spank me hard.

Days working house and enclosed garden. Nights milked like a bull. Getting horny watching them have sex, never having sexual intercourse myself, never getting my cock inside pussy. Spanked, pinched, beaten, humiliated. Angry at being captured, deprived of dignity, and yet somehow excited, even relieved not having to think for myself, fend for myself, struggle to make a living and pay bills.

I don't recall how long this passivity lasted, a few weeks maybe, then my body and mind recovering from clinical shock I began to feel immensely horny for both females. Began feeling like a real bull. I'd have given anything to have Mistress at my mercy and screw the ass off her, but still I was afraid of her, she was truly crazy. And Jilly who often looked at me with quick foxy sideways glances of desire. I knew she yearned for my hard cock in her pussy, not merely in her hand.

Days had lost their meaning. Mistress was out, I'd heard the vehicle leave. I'd come down from the roof having fixed the mechanism which drew back a massive perspex skylight over the hot tub, tested it then sat by the hot tub to rest a moment, felt Jilly's presence and glancing over my shoulder met her smile, swept my hungry eyes over the taut curves of her young belly, lingered hungrily on firm tits covered by tank top, lovely legs, eyes sparkling with desire. I saw I could have her. A beautiful ripple of laughter broke from her as I started to my feet and she darted away like a fawn, like a child playing. Best as my chains allowed me I sprang to the side and threw myself at her legs, bringing her down on the soft rubberized flooring. Laughing, we wrestled like kids. Her tank top came up. She was naked under the brief skirt. I got between her legs, she laughing, pretending struggle, both hands pinned overhead in one of mine. My other hand pulled my zipper down, yanked my tool out, my thighs pushed hers farther apart, the back of my hand rubbed her wiry cute bush then I thrust in.

Marvelous. The male animal in me released I rutted on elbows and knees. My chest upon her breasts pressed those gorgeous globes out against my arms. Her hardening nipples rubbed my chest, her little cries excited me so I thrust my cock mindlessly, that automatic purely rhythmic pump-pump-pump without awareness boosting to highest ecstasy.

I'd hobbled back to my tasks when Jilly entered looking cowed and scared and murmured 'She knows' she muttered I'd no time to question her for Mistress stormed in behind her, carrying a paddle. 'Bend over that chair.' A paddling followed, soon I sobbed yet dared not speak, even to ask for mercy. Any word could set this insane creature off and she might kill me. 'I'll teach you not to shaft my slave' she shrieked. 'When I've finished with you, you won't have the will to shaft anything, you'll be pussy glad to be taken. Jillie, fetch my strapon collection.'

I yelped as Mistress pushed something in my ass. She could have simply shafted me instead was using an inflatable dildo to gradually expand me, keeping me aroused. she wanted to make me enjoy being penetrated. Working it around in small circles she told me I was pussy, invited me to feel how it felt to be a girlie, told me 'Loosen up, bitch, you're going to get a lot of this from now on' till against my will I whimpered with desire.

Mistress knelt, hands on my waist, I felt her positioning the strapon - she pushed and it entered smoothly. Gradually she got the rhythm. I think the piglike squeals came from me. After a few minutes I became aware of my tormentress's grunts. Restraint abandoned, anger, lust, frustration and pleasure surged from the deeps within her. Suddenly I sensed she too became aware of this, her movements changed, sounds ceased, abruptly she withdrew, stood and hustled Jilly from the room.

I was alone with mad Mistress. 'Damn you, damn you God' I heard. 'Damn you for making me a woman when I was born to be a man.' She pulled me upright by my shoulder. Panic overcame me as she lowered her head with jaws open. I pictured her tearing my throat open. She went for my nipple. I thought she would bite it off yet when her teeth closed around it she merely nipped then sucked, then nipped some more, and I found the sensation erotic.

Her thrusting in my man pussy resumed with anxious fervor. Like a man wanting to cum yet despairing of achieving orgasm she'd get faster for a couple of minutes then pause, try another angle, move up and down, back and forth. Suddenly on her feet she kicked me between the legs with a cry 'Damn you God for this! I was born to be a man!' Her kick just missed crushing my testicles.

With main strength she gripped both my shoulders and threw me onto my back. My foolish cock rose to the occasion as she held my balls in her hand with a wild-eyed expression. She wanted to climax with me. A confused perverse male-female spirit trapped to madness within a magnificently sexy female body. She sat upon my cock. It's thick and she had to force the bulbous head into the cavity unused to cock. She rode me up and down. Orgasm still eluding her she went down upon her elbows trying move like a man as if the cock were hers, pussy mine. Several times she reached mini-orgasms and collapsed onto my chest, her body betraying her by responding the female way in passive climax, needing the pumping male thrust to impel her to full satisfaction.

Driven mad with desire, frustration and anger she leapt off pulling me to my knees by my hair, then pulling me over her body. 'Do it good, boy' she snarled. 'Fuck me good.' Kneeling over the feral female I entered and her cunt sucked my shaft in like being sucked into the vacuum of outer space. The sexual power of this creature. Dilating and contracting in waves running upward she made me become animal, too, or maybe alien. I humped, all my anger, frustration and fear swelling my tool. I shafted her hard enough to crush a normal woman. She began to moan and cry and I knew I had her on the end of my cock like a puppet, she was mine at last. I wanted to hump her for an hour till she collapsed exhausted by orgasms yet I came within 10 minutes, hearing her long drawn out 'ohhhh' as hot semen hit the walls of her womb. I was still recovering my breath when she abruptly stood almost wrenching my penis off and left the room.

Doors banged loudly throughout the building marking her furious passage. The real coldness of death swept over me then. I'd fucked her to orgasm and witnessed her release the womanhood she repudiated. She'd kill me for that. Escape now or die.

Listening hard I heard an engine rev, then the garage door mechanism whine and clack. Silence descended over the house. Listening hard a minute, 2 minutes, 3...silence deepened. That sense one has that a building is truly empty. Was I so lucky that both had gone out?

Escape. My maintenance work provided access to tools sufficient to break open my ankle manacles. Why hadn't I done it before? First clinical shock, I could understand that. After that? Had I been enjoying this bizarre dangerous situation? I began breaking out in hot then cold sweats. Truth was, Mistress had terrified me. So totally dominated me physically and mentally I'd been afraid even consider escape. What to do? I kept hearing creaking and imagined it was both females creeping up on me with some sadistic plan to scare and torture me before murdering me.

Only the old building creaking. I must be calm if I was to make it out alive. Flash image - hairpin on the floor, noticed earlier. Maybe picking the lock would be easier than breaking the chain. As kids we used pick all kinds of locks with hairpins and bent nails. If I could still remember....The lock clicked open, it was no more than a toy. I reached the door...Not even locked...Highly suspicious...A trap? I stepped through....Stark naked!

With every fiber of my being wanting to flee I had to turn back and retrieve the denim shorts. Into Mistresses bedroom. An oversize sweatshirt, still small on me but it'd suffice. Ran through the corridors like a trapped rat, stopped at the front door locked from outside. Garage door vaultlike, couldn't be opened without the code. That left the roof.

Up the ladder, out through the trapdoor where I'd fixed the skylight in the flat roof. All these days imprisonment my mind had been so shut with fear and weird pleasure I'd even failed to look around the neighborhood when up on the roof. Mind opened I now realized where I was. This building was on one of the streets leading off Pacific Avenue onto Venice boardwalk and the beach. Many of the streets had warehouses or former industrial units, some converted to living quarters like this. I looked down into a courtyard 20ft by 20ft sealed by a 10ft high steel gate. The place was a fortress. With a hoarse shudder the steel gate began to slide open. Mistress returning!

I ran to the opposite side of the roof, looked down into an alleyway three floors down. Again, as kids we'd done these things, but then our bones were made of rubber. Hands grasping the parapet I let myself down to full extent, peered down across the front of my body. Nothing for it but try or die anyway....Pushed myself clear with one foot, let go, focusing upon the ground. Landed hard, folded, rolled, hit the wall. A dog started barking nearby. Staggered to my feet. In one piece. Looked down the alleyway, people passing on Venice boardwalk, ran ran ran. Out on the boardwalk where weirdness is the norm I kept on running. Barefoot, ass hanging out of torn shorts, entirely normal here.

I saw the lane I'd formerly used to take from my little apartment to watch the sunset each evening, ran along it, galloped across the road as if the tearing traffic didn't exist, vaulted the gate, paused, saw no sign of my captor's vehicle, smashed the window with my elbow and was inside within a minute. Stuffed shoes, shirt, sweater, pants into a bag: another minute gone. Money....insane bitch had my wallet with credit cards. I retrieved my spare ATM card and credit card statements from a drawer.....Yes yes yes!

Out on the street, already enough time for her to reach here if she guessed where I'd go. Hailed a cab. Didn't stop. Hailed another. Didn't stop. Shit, was that her vehicle coming toward me?

Horn sounded. Cab going the other way had stopped, driver signalled to me he was waiting opportunity to turn. Leaping into the traffic I reached the back door, threw myself in. 'You aren't supposed get in that side' he said in an injured tone as he set in motion.

I believe I laughed as if I'd just heard the funniest joke in my life. I was free, bruised and shaken but on the bright side, what a blast those orgasms. The things a guy has to go through to get regular sex these days!



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