My virgin eyes once strived upon your bronze expression. My mind hung on every word that braized your precious lips. My ears heard your every breath and I watched your chest rise and fall in rythm and your eyes of deep brown earth, gleam in the light. Muscles and strength concieled in a fabric draped lightly over copper skin. Curls flowing in a wind that never stops to take a breath. My hands caress your chest beneath the fabric of your shirt. Every pore and inch of skin under the prints of my fingertips. I loose myself in your glance, your eyes take me places I could never go alone. Our hands in a tightened grip, I can feel you stength and cunning.. They reveal themselves in your blood-drained palm. This air, it whisps and flows around you to plant itself on your lightened face and blows my hair around my starry eyes. I feel your pressure, your heat as you foward yourself against my chest- your hands, your haert, your arms, your grasp. I feel the wind make its way around our bodies. Its subtle gentleness increases to a havey heartbeat. The blood in my ears pounds at the presssure of the air around us intensifies. I feel you hold me tight... The pressure is gone, diminished. The heat of your warm chest is replaced by the chill of the aptmosphere. I miss the warmth and dispise the uninvited chill of the wind. My virgin body remembers your warmth and your lips, your touch. As Im swept away into the breeze, the mouth of a Red Dragon swallows me and im stuck in a dark place. How I yearn for my Capricorn.



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