Two weeks later

Patrick woke with a start and was crying. He couldn’t believe that the love of his life was gone and today was the day to say goodbye to him. Last two weeks was very hard especially since he was by himself. He thought he would have more time with Bryan but he was wrong. With the help of his friends, his family, Bryan’s family, he slowly put the pieces back together and it was excruciating. Patrick got up and dress in his suit so he can get ready for Bryan’s funeral. He grabbed the paper that has Bryan’s eulogy on it and walk downstairs. There, he saw that his cousins, parents and family were all there waiting for him. They didn’t know what to say except for a hug then all left to go to the church. There they were met with a lot of people who were grieving the loss of Bryan. Bryan’s mom and sister were there as well and were in the vey front of the church. They turn around motion for Patrick and his family to go to the front, which they did. The rest of Bryan’s family was there as well and were all teary eyed. Bryans’ friends were there as well along with Chris and April, Olivier, Olivia, Gary and Zach. They all turn to the center of the church as the coffin carrying Bryan’s body was carried by his dad and his cousins. They set the coffin in front of picture of Bryan smiling. The Priest started, “We gather here today to celebrate the life and death of a love one Bryan. In this time, we question why this man that is so young was taken from us. But we should remember that God take the very best to be one of the angels to watch over us.” The priest continued. “We will be hearing two eulogies from Bryan’s dad and another from Bryan’s significant other.”

John got up and walked to the podium. “My son, Bryan was the light of my life. From the day he was born to my wife and me to, the first day he could walk and started school. He was a selfless person and he put everyone before himself. My son died trying to save a friend’s life. He will deeply missed and will always be loved by his family and his friends. Now Patrick, Bryan’s boyfriend want to say some things as well.”

Patrick, took a deep breath and walk to the podium. “Bryan and I first met during the summer when he was seven and I was six. He was selling sodas with friends, unsuccessfully, I might add.” Chris laughed along with some friends and Bryan’s parents, sister and Patrick. Patrick continued, “It was a great way to meet and be friends. For that friendship turn something more important and special. Bryan is, was and will ever will be the love of my life. Even though he was gone, he’s not forgotten. Bryan you are my world and my life, and I couldn’t thank you enough to be in my life and how grateful I am for our little infinity. You give me that over the years through our friendship and while we dated. For that I am eternally grateful.” Patrick, in a puddle of tears, was comforted by Zachary, by hugging was in tears as well. Zach helped Patrick to go back to his seat and sit down. They were all crying and there was no a dry eye in the church. In the back of the church, a guy dressed in army uniform and hat, with blond hair and blue eyes, was bawling his eyes out. “Great,” he thought. “If Bryan could see me, he would so kill me right now.” After the speeches and celebration of Bryan’s life, everyone got up to go to the cemetery to burry Bryan. As the exit the church, the guy in the army uniform exit as well. He walked up to Bryan’s parents and said, “I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Bryan when was in the reserved for the Army.”

“Thank you,” John said. “You knew my son?”

“Yes,” the guy said. “More than you know. I am Brandon Smith by the way.”

“Nice to meet you,” Monica said, little teary eyed. “I wish we could have met in a better circumstance.”

“Me to ma’am” Brandon said. He continued, “I have to go since I will be the honor guard for Bryan. I will see you at the cemetery okay?”

“Okay,” Monica said

Brandon turned to Patrick. “He loves you and always will. Bryan told me a lot about you.”

“Thanks,” Patrick said. Before Brandon left, he hugged Patrick, John, Monica and Autumn. “I will see you guys soon okay?”

“Okay, “they said. Brandon left

Autumn turned to her mother, “Did you feel that hug?”

“Yeah,” her mom said. “It felt a lot like Bryan’s”

They walked to the cemetery together

At the cemetery before honor guard

Brandon was getting ready for the honor guard when TC showed up in his army uniform as well.

“TC,” TC said, and you must be Brandon.

“Yeah,” Bryan said. “How you know Bryan?”

“I operated on him,” TC replied. “I tried everything to help him but he died, on my table. I just don’t get it. I supposed to save his life.”

“Hey, look at me TC,” Brandon said. “Bryan don’t blame you for that.”

“I know,” TC said. “I just feel bad that I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“I know,” Brandon said. “But hey, I think we will catch that guy who did it.”

“Yeah?” TC asked.

“Definitely,” Brandon said. “Look I will meet you at the plot. Just need some time to myself okay?”

“Okay,” TC said. “See you here.”

“Okay,” Brandon said.

After TC left, Brandon looked around to make sure it is all clear. He took off his hat and took off the blond hair revealing that it is a wig and took off Brandon’s face and put back the hat on, leaving Brandon’s face, a mask on the ground and run off to the area where Bryan’s supposed to be buried.

AT the Cemetery

Adrian was walking, actually sulking behind the trees. He watched as people who love Bryan all gather together to burry Bryan. Adrian was also at the wake as well, unnoticed. He now know that Bryan is really is dead which totally set his plan in motion. He watched the honor guard all line up and about to shoot off the gun when he noticed something about the last honor guard. Something familiar about him. The honor guard turn to Adrian and smiled.

“It can’t be,” Adrian gasp.

Patrick was witnessing the burial and honor guard of his boyfriend when one of the honor guard that was in line with the gun decided to break formation and run after someone, in doing so, Adrian ran which lead the honor guard to tackle Adrian, knocking over the casket, which open, reveling a dummy in it. The honor guard punch Adrian and Adrian trying to fight back, knocking off the honor guard’s hat. The honor guard handcuff Adrian said the Maranda right to Adrian. The honor guard turn around and grinned.

“Missed me?” Bryan asked.

“Bryan?” Monica asked.

Yeah, mom. “Bryan said. “I’m safe and alive.”

“But the doctor said you died on his table.” Monica said

“Well, I faked my death to lure this guy out.” Bryan said pointing to Adrian. “Besides, my heart stopped for 24 hours.”

“How, what why?” John asked in tears and laughing.

“The drug Zach give me give before arriving at the hospital. That stopped my heart.” Bryan said. “I ask Zach during the sleep over before I decided to set the Adrian plan in motion. I knew that Gary and Oliver would object so I ask Zach.”

Oliver and Gary just shook their heads “You know how dangerous that could be?”

“Yeah,” Bryan said. “But I knew I was safe with Zach. I trusted him.”

“I’m sorry,” to his family and Patrick.

Patrick still stunned, slowly wake up to Bryan.

“Hey babe,” Bryan said. Patrick didn’t say anything except for the slap across the face.

“How dare you?, “Patrick said. “I cried for weeks and weeks. Your parents were a mess. I WAS A MESS!!!”

“I’m sorry,” Bryan said, still stunned at the slap. “I guess I deserve that.”

“I guess you do.” Patrick said. “I can’t believe you are here, with me still.”

“I am,” Bryan said.

“How?” Patrick asked. “We saw the body.”

“Well,” Bryan said. “What you saw at the hospital was real. That was me. After they put me in the coroner office, Zach snuck in and got me out. He asked Bosely to get a guy to replicate my body for the viewing. That’s what you saw at the viewing. I knew that Adrian was wanting to see I was dead so he thinks it is safe to come out of hiding. The next few weeks was hard on me. Zach had me wear the mask and the wig of Brandon and made me use that name. He literally forced my hands off my phone when it rings. I was so tempted to answer the phone when you, my mom, dad and sister called. He told me I was supposed to be dead. I was there you know, for the eulogy. It was really beautiful. Especially yours Pats. I was in the back, bawling my eyes out. Especially how I give you a an infinity in the time that we are friends and more. I just lost it. I was there. All the way.

Bryan looked at his family and friends. All the people that showed up to his fake funeral. “Well,” he said smiling. “I guess I know what my funeral will look like when I actually died.”

“Yes, you do,” Chris smiling. “So don’t expect me to show up to the actually one.”

“Shut up,” Bryan said grinning. “I know you will.”

“Definitely.” Chris said grinning

Bryan turned to Patrick and smiled. Patrick smiled back. “Can you promise me one thing?”

“Anything,” Bryan said.

“Promise me you will never scare me like that again. Promise me that you will die when we are old and bald and of natural causes.”

Bryan look at the love of his life and smile. “I promise.”




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