June 6,1999

Bryan age 7and Chris age 6, were in front of Bryan's house, in the drive way, trying to sell their sodas for 50 cents. They have been at it for almost almost for an hour without any customers. Bryan sighed in disbelief.

"Dude at the this rate, we will not be able to sell our sodas." complained Bryan

"Dude, chill will you. Chris said. "Why do you have to be so freaking negative."

Bryan rolled his eyes at his friend. "I am just stating the obvious here. Geez."

Chris shook his head at his friend's negativism. Bryan and Chris had been friends since they could even remember. The boys were inseparable. If you you see Bryan, you will see Chris a couple steps behind him. Bryan got up and grinned.

"How do you know that will be able to get customers today?"

"Because I see three kids with their grandma and mom walking our way right about now" said Chris.

Just when Chris finished his sentence,two boys and 1 girl walked up to Bryan and Chris.

"Hi" the girl said. She was wearing a pink dress.

"Hi" Bryan and Chris said.

"Can we buy some of your sodas?" asked the boy in the blue shirt and khacki shorts.

"Sure man." Chris said. "That will be fifty cents"

"Ok" the girl said. "Mommy can i have a dollar fifty please?"

"Sure sweetie." the mom said. "Hi, I am Janet. This is my mom Mary and my kids Patrick, Paul and Paula."

"Nice to meet you." Bryan said. " I am Bryan and this is my friend Chris."

"Hi." Chris said. The boy in a green shirt and shorts grinned."Hi, I am Patrick. Nice to meet you."

Bryan grinned. "you too. Nice to meet you and your family as well."

Janet turned to Bryan."Are your parents home?"

"Yes" Bryan replied. "They are inside."

"OK." Mary said. "That is good. It very nice to meet you boys."

Patrick grinned."Nice meeting you Bryan and Chris."

"You too" the boys said.

"You too" replied Chris and Bryan. The boys gave Patric, Paul and Paula their sodas after they paid a dollar fifty. Little did they know it was how the friendship of Patrick, Paul, Paula and Bryan start. This grow into sleepovers at Bryan's house and the Patrick's house as well. Chris and Patrick are friends but not as close as Bryan and Patrick. This friendship grew very close to the heart of the Patrick and Bryan.Little did they know, it might grow into something special.

Fourteen years later Bryan, 21, was hanging out with his friend Chris when he got a text from Patrick's cousin Autumn.

"Hey, remember that Patrick's surprise welcome back party is tonight."

"OK thanks for the reminder." replied Bryan.

"Hey man" Bryan said turning to his friend of 19 years. "You wanna come to Patrick's surprise party tonight?"

"Nah. Sorry man. I am going to hangout with April tonight if that's cool with you?"

"Yeah no problem." Bryan replied. April is Chris's girlfriend of 4 months and they are happy. Bryan is happy for them. But there times when he wish that he wish that he have someone special in his life. You see, Bryan is gay and he only told his friend Patrick, Chris and his family. Thankfully both his friends and family are alright with it but that left Bryan to wonder sometime. When Bryan came out to Patrick, Patrick told Bryan that he is straight and that he is only into girls and that he is fine with being friends with Bryan. Bryan is alright with this but Bryan is "gay for his friend Patrick" ever since Bryan was 15 and started to notice things about Patrick.Bryan is a swimmer and got a great body and Patrick got a great body too for football and baseball. Bryan is now 6'1 178 pounds and Patrick is 6'2 199 pounds of muscle. Bryan grinned because he had missed Patrick so much that it hurts since Patrick decided to go on a road trip with is friend Mitchell across country. Thank goodness for skype and cell phone and face time because that was what kept Bryan and Patrick close. Bryan got up to go to his car that was parked in front of Chris's house.

"See you man." Bryan said to Chris

"Later man. Love you." Chris replied.

"Love you too man." Bryan walked towards his 2014 Honda civic and drove home. When he got there, here saw that his parents and sister were home.

"Hey guys. Bryan said

"Hey honey" Monica said

"Hey bud" John said

"Hey big bro" Ashley said.

"I am going to Patrick's to celebrate his coming back from that trip."

"OK Have fun and be safe sweetie." Monica said.

"I will." Bryan replied. "Oh, little sis, you wanna come with me?"

"Nah, I am good." Ashley said. "Gonna hangout with Ryan."

"OK" Bryan said. "Have fun."

"You too." Ashley said as she got up and went to the front door. "I will be back at 10."

"OK honey." Monica and John said.

Bryan got up."Better get going or else Autumn going to kill me."

"OK son, be safe." Monica and John said.

"I will. Anyways it is just across the street so you can see me and where I am going."

"OK" Monica and John said.

Bryan got up and went to the front door. "I probably going to sleep over at Patrick if that is OK with you."

"Yeah that is fine with us" His parents said.

"Cool" Bryan said.

Bryan opened the front door, closed it and locked it behind him. He walked over to Patrick's house and saw that Autumn was there already and was doing the decoration.

"Hey you." Bryan said

"Hey ya back" Autumn replied. Only Autumn, Amanda and Aubrey know about Bryan's crush on Patrick.

"So you excited that he is back?" Autumn ask her best friend.

"Yeah." Bryan said, grinning.

"Good." Autumn said. "It is so good to have him back. I missed him."

"Me too." Bryan replied.

Out of the blue Patrick got out of the van with his friend Mitchell. Bryan and Autumn ran up to Patrick and hug him.

"We missed you." They cried.

"Bryan, Autumn." Patrick said. "I missed you too. There is so much to discuss and talk about. Let's go inside I am starved. Patrick turned to Mitchell. "Wanna come dude?"

"Sure." Mitchell said.

"Hey man." Bryan said grinning as he shakes Mitchell hand.

"Hey ya back." Mitchell said grinning. " I heard a lot about you man."

"Thanks." Bryan said. "All good I hope."

"Yup." Mitchell said. "Hey I am Mitchell."

"Nice to finally meet you." Autumn said. "I am Autumn, Patrick's cousin."

"Nice to meet you too." Mitchell said.

Bryan, Mitchell, Patrick, and Autumn walked inside the house and saw that everyone was there. Patrick's parents, brother and sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents were there.

"Hey guys." Patrick said grinning.

"Patrick, we missed you so much." Everyone said.

"I missed you too" Patrick said. "Hey this is Mitchell, for those who haven't met him yet.

"Hey." Mitchell said.

The boys and Patrick's family and Mitchell started to eat dinner that Mary made. It was spaghetti and meatballs, very Italian. Everyone had wine with it as well except for Autumn and Paula since they were underage. After dinner Mary served desert which was cheesecake, Patrick's and Bryan's favorite. After desert, Patrick decided to make an announcement.

"Hey guys. Thank you for coming here and welcoming me back. Anyways I am seeing someone here." Patrick said.

"That's great" Everyone said.

"Who is the lucky girl?" ask Paul.

"Well, it is Mitchell." Patrick said.

"What?" Everyone said.

Bryan nearly gasped in shock but recover. "That's great." he managed to get out.

"Thanks." Patrick said. "Hope you guys not disappointed."

"No" Everyone said. "We just a bit shocked that is all."

" I am happy for you." Autumn managed to get out.

Mitchell grinned. "That's great that you accept Patrick for who he is and I promise I will treat him very well."

Bryan smiled. "That's awesome man." "Hey can I be excused? Need some air."

"OK" Everyone said.

"You know what can I come with you?" Autumn asked.

"Sure" Bryan replied Autumn and Bryan got up and walked to the front yard. As soon as Bryan reached it he started to cry. Autumn walked up to Bryan and put her arms around Bryan.

"It's OK" Autumn said. "Patrick is an idiot for not thinking about dating you. You are such a better guy then Mitchell."

"I know" Bryan said. " I wish I had the guts to tell him before he left. Now he is with Mitchell."

"Hey, Patrick is not going to marry the guy." Autumn said. "Change his mind and his view on you. Let him see the guy you really are."

"Thanks." Bryan said.

"I am going to go in. Wanna come?" asked Autumn.

"Nah not yet . I need a minute." Bryan said.

"OK" Autumn said. She was about to come inside when Adrian cam running by shirtless. He was one of the hottest guys in the neighborhood. Bryan grinned the moment he saw him.

"Hey" Bryan said grinning.

"Hey ya back" Adrian said. He frowned "Why so sad?

"It nothing." Bryan said

"OK." Adrian said. " I am always here if you need me OK."

"OK" Bryan said.

"Hi." Autumn said. " I am Autumn."

"Nice to meet you. Adrian." Adrian said.

"Hey" Adrian said to Bryan. " You want to go out sometime?"

"Sure" Bryan grinned. "Here is my number."

Bryan gave Adrian his number and Adrian grinned "Thanks."

Adrian called Bryan's number just to make sure.

"Hey" Bryan said grinning.

"Hey ya back" Adrian said. "Just making sure you give me the right number."

"OK" Bryan grinned.

"I will see you around Bryan. Autumn" Adrian said

"Bye" Autumn said.

"Later." Bryan said.

"Oh my God" gasped Autumn. He is so freaking hot."

"I know." Bryan grinned.

"He asked you out." Autumn said.

"Yup." Bryan said grinning.

"Lucky you." Autumn said.

Just then Patrick walked out and said."Who was that?"

"Adrian" Bryan and Autumn said.

"Oh." Patrick said."What he want?"

"Oh, just a date with Bryan." Autumn said.

"Really?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah" Bryan said.

"Well I am happy for you man. But I don't like the guy."Patrick said.

"Why not?" Asked Autumn and Bryan.

"I don't know. I just don't trust him." Patrick said.

"Really?" Bryan asked

"Yeah" Patrick said."He is not good enough for you."

Stunned at what Patrick just said

"What" Bryan said.

"Unbelievable."Autumn said.

"Dude you cannot just say that" Bryan yelled.

"Why not?" Patrick said.

"You cannot just say that "He is not good enough for you." "It is not fair to you, me or Mitchell. How dare you say that."Bryan screamed

"I can said what I want" Patrick yelled. " I am your friend."

"No you are not. You are an ass." Bryan said.

"I agree with Bryan here." Autumn said.

"Anyways why do you say that. If he is not good enough for me,then who is? Tell me." Bryan said.

"You want to know who is good enough for you? Me Bryan. I love you. I am in love with you." Patrick said.

Stunned at this statement, Bryan got out "What? what about Mitchell?"

"Mitchell and I are not together. We just say that just to see how you react to it."Patrick said. "Please forgive me Bryan. I love you. Mitchell was in it."

Bryan just stared at his friend of 14 years in disbelief.

to be continued.




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