Bryan's House

Bryan woke with a start, noticing that there was a huge lump beside him. He turned over and saw that Adrian was next to him, holding him around the waist. Bryan grinned at the sight. Adrian is hot, especially when he is asleep. Feeling that nature was calling, Bryan wonder how he was going to get out of this deathtrap. He gently moved Adrian's arm from his waist, got up and went to the bathroom to use it. Once he was done, he returned to his room and laid down next to Adrian. He noticed that Adrian started to stir,

"Morning," Bryan said, grinning.

"Morning," Adrian replied, grinning."Want some breakfast? I can make it for us?

"Sure," Bryan said grinning."Anyways when are we going to go through with this plan?"

"Today," Adrian said grinning."You know what to do right?"

"Oh, yeah," Bryan said grinning. "I sure cannot wait to wait to set that plan in motion."

"Me too," Adrian said, grinning. He went to the kitchen to start on the breakfast. Bryan started to hang out in the family room, where there was a TV. He started to watch it until Adrian called him because the food was ready. The boys ate a hearty meal of eggs, bacon, and toast with coffee and juice. Once done, the boys decided to watch TV and decided to wait a certain time to see t their plan in motion.


Meanwhile -Oliver's house.

Oliver and his parents were preparing for Olivia's surprise birthday party which will be in They invited everyone that Olivia knew including Zach, Gary and Bryan.Olivia was looking intently at the banner that he just pick out for his sister and contemplating whether which one he should put up, he heard his phone ping.He took out his phone and saw that it was from his sister

Hey baby bro, I will be at the airport at 2 pm so can you tell the 'rents that I will be home real soon. "

Sure, Oliver replied. I will see you soon.

See you, Olivia replied. After reading that text, Oliver put his phone away and called his dad for help

"Dad, I picked a banner," Oliver yelled, "Can you come and help me?"

"Sure thing buddy" his dad yell back. Sean went to see where his son is. Oliver look like his dad so much that people thought for a second that they were brothers. Sean grinned at his son,"Now which poster?"

"This one," Oliver replied pointing at the one that he wanted. Sean looked at it and grinned. "Good choice. Oliver and Sean hang up the poster and decided to call it for the day since they have everything ready

"Oh, Dad," Oliver began, "Liv will arrive at airport at 2 so we will have at least an hour and a half to get everyone ready to surprise Live.

"Okay," Oliver grinned, "Sounds like a plan." They both walked in and decided to watch TV since they both deserv edit. Oliver's mom walked in and saw them on the couch and shook her head but didn't say anything to them. No all they have to do is to wait for Olivia to come home so they can surprise her.


At the Airport

Once the plane touched down on the runways, Olivia let out relieved sigh. She always hated the take off and the landing since it always seems to be really shaky. Okay girl, Olivia thought, you can do this. Once the plane taxi into the hangers, and parked, the captain thank them for flying with the airline and wished them all a good day. Olivia unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed her over the head luggage and walked with the other passengers to get her luggage that she bring on the plane with her. Once she got everything situated and have all of her belongings she walked to her car. As she was walking she feel like someone is following her. She turned around, trying to see who it was.

"Hello?" Olivia said. "Is anyone there?"

No respond since it is just her. As she continue to walk to her car, she had that feeling again. She turned around and saw that there's a group of people behind her with mask covering their faces.

"Hey," Olivia said, "Can you guys move so I can get to my car.

No one responded

Are you Brody's ex-girlfriend?" guy 1 with a mask asked

"Yes," Olivia replied. "Why you asking this?"

"Brody wants another chance with you." Guy 2 with a mask said.

"No," Olivia said. "I broke up with him for a reason. Now get away from me."

"Not unless you get back together with Brody." Guy 1 said. As soon as he said this a more people surrounded her car. They were all scaring her by hitting and pounding on her car. Olivia screamed put the car in reversed and hit the pedaled. Seeing this the people moved out away just in time. Olivia tried to drive out of the parking structure when another guy came out of the blue and stood in front of her, making her stop. He then quickly moved to her side of the door. Seeing this, Olivia tried to lock her door but she was not quick enough. The guy opened her door and grabbed her and put her on the ground. He kneed her on her chest.

"I lied," he started, his voice is really deep . "It wasn't Brody who send us. I want you to deliver a message to your brother for me. The guy whispered what the message is into Olivia ear.

"Can you do that for me?" he asked.

"Yes," Olivia shakenly said. As soon as she said that, he took out his gun and pistol whip her, which knocked her out. He pulled her to other side of the parking structure and pull out a burner phone and dialed 911

"911 what's your emergency?" the dispatcher said.

"A woman fainted. She is in the LAX parking structure."

"Ok, help is on the way"

The guy hang up and calmly walked to his car, where his friend waited for him.

"It's done," the guy 4 said to guy 3



At Oliver's house.

Oliver and his parents and the guest were waiting for Olivia to show up at the house when the house phone rang.

"I will get it," Oliver said,passing by Bryan, Gary and Zach, the guest and his parents. Oliver picked up the phone and answered

"Hello," he began.

"Is this the Pope residence?"

"Yes it is," Oliver replied. "Who am I talking to?"

"This is Christina," the woman replied over the phone." I want to let you know that your sister Olivia is inthe hospital. Some guy call 911 saying that she fainted at the airport. I just want to call to let you know."

"Thank you," Oliver said. He then hung up and turned to his parents and guests.

"Olivia is in the hospital." Oliver said. "She fainted. I think she is fine."

"Okay," the parents said. "Why don't you guys stay here and try to tell the arriving guest what happen. Olivier you want to come?"

"Yeah," Oliver said. Turning to his best friends. "You want to come with me?"

"Sure," Bryan said.

"Of course." Gary replied.

"We would love to," Zach replied.

The parents and Oliver, Bryan, Gary and Zach all went to the hospital. Sean walked up to the reception desk

"I am here for Olivia Pope." Sean said. "I am her father."

"Okay," the receptionist said. "A nurse will be with you."

A nurse entered the room.

"You must be Olivia's family." The nurse started.

"Yes," Sean replied. "Can you tell us what is going on?"

"Olivia arrived with a mild concussion due to being hit in the head." "She is resting now."

"Thank you," Sean said. He turned to his family. "She is okay." Sean said. "She had a mild concussion, but he is okay."

"That is good," Oliver let out a sign of relief. "Can we see her?"

"Not today," Sean began. "But I think the nurse with make an exception right?"

"OF course," the nurse began. "Only two people at a time."

Oliver and his dad walked with the nurse to the Olivia's room. There they saw that sheis clearly resting. There is and IV in her arm but she is good. Olivia opened her eyes and grinned when she saw her dad and baby brother.

"Hey," Olivia started. "So sorry about what happen."

"It's okay baby," Sean said. "You are okay." What happen?"

"I don't know," Olivia said looking at her dad and brother. "I probably fainted from not eating a lot."

"Yeah," Oliver grinned. "Probably that."

"Hey, dad," Olivia said, "Can I get some time with my brother?"

"Sure," Sean said, leaving the room.

"What?" Oliver said as soon as Sean left and closed the door.

"I lied," Olivia said. "I don't want dad to worry about what happen"

Olivia told her brother what happen to her and what the guys with mask did to scare her. Oliver listen to her.

"What did they want?" Oliver asked

"To deliver a message to you?"Olivia said. She whispered the message to her brother which made Oliver paled.

"You okay?" Olivia asked, looking worry for her brother.

"I am," Oliver said. "I am going to go now since you are going to need your rest."

"Okay," Olivia said.

Olivier left the room and went to the waiting room. HE pulled Zach, Gary and Bryan to aside.

"Olivia was attacked" Oliver started

"What" Why" Asked the boys shocked?

"I don't know," Oliver started "But I have a feeling I know who behind this"

"Who?" the boys asked.

"I will tell you later." Oliver said. He left to be with his family

"Okay," Bryan said. "What is that all about?"

"No idea," Zach said looking at Oliver as he walked away. "I am worry about him"

"Us too," Bryan and Gary said.


At the airport before the party, after the call was made.

The guy hang up and calmly walked to his car, where his friend waited for him.

"It's done," the guy 4 said to guy 3


"We should go, and take off the mask." Guy 3, said driving away from the scene.

"Good thinking, Guy 4 said in the passenger seat.

"Anyways why we/ you attack her?"Guy 3 asked as he took off his mask reveling it was Adrian.

"I always hated her guts," Guy 4 said. "She always has a problem with me being gay. Besides that homophobic bitch told me to stay away from her brother since she fear that I might turn him gay."

"Wow," Adrian said. "That is so stupid."

"I know right," Guy 4 said, taking off his mask. He turned to Adrian and grinned. Adrian grinned back. They pulled into a kiss and separated.

"Let's get out of here." Adrian said.

"Cheers to that," Bryan said laughing. They drove off out of the parking structure and left.




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