Ch10 Run


Patrick,dressed in jeans and T-shirt, was running for his life. He run as fast as hecould, looking over his shoulder to makesure that no one is following him. As he runs away, he falls down, with a thud.He picks himself up and kept on running. Ihave to warn Bryan about Adrian, Patrick thought. He continue to runthrough the woods then fell again. Picking himself up, wondering why the hell I keep on falling. Hecontinue to run through the woods, ducking under tree branches. He paused for amoment to catch his breath, once finished; he continues to run when he fallsdown for the third time. As he was pick himself up, he heard a twig crackbehind him. Turning around, looking for someone


Nothing.As he began to run again, a hand came out behind the tree, and grabbed him,coving his mouth before he could scream for help.

-10hours earlier-

Bryanwoke up with a start thanks to his alarm clock. He hit the snooze button andgot out of bed. He paddle across the room in order to get to his bathroom.There he shower, brush his teeth and did his hair. Once he was done, Bryan wentdownstairs where he found his sister, dad and mom were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Morning," Bryan said to them.

"Morning," they all replied. Bryansat down next to Ashley who was eating cereal. Bryan looked at Ashley and shookhis head.

"That's my cereal, you are eating."

"Well, sorry about that," Ashleystarted. "Mine ran out so tough luck."

"Okay, just stating a fact," Bryansaid. He got up and went to get a bowl, pour cereal and milk in it and cameback with it and put it on the table. He sat down again next to his sister andate his cereal. Once he is done, He picked the bowl up and took it to the sinkso he can rinse it and put it in the dish washer. Once done, he walked to thefamily room and turn on the TV. He began to flip through channels when hissister sat down next to him.

"What you watching?" Ashley ask?"

"I am just flipping," Bryan replied.

"You never flip channels," Ashleysaid. "What is wrong?"

"Nothing," Bryan said. Ashley justgive him the really look

"Fine," Bryan said. "It's Patrick.He hasn't been answering my texts. I saw him yesterday shopping but I don'tknow. Maybe he is just busy."

"When was the last time you texted him?" Ashley asked

"Yesterday," Bryan said. "I will try calling him now."

"Okay," Ashley said as she stood upand walked away from the family room to give Bryan some privacy. Bryan took outhis phone and dialed Patrick's number. It rang 6 times before going to voicemail.

"Hey this is Patrick phone, leave amessage"


"Hey Pats, it's me. I was calling if you want to do something today. Call me when you get this message. Thanks. Talkto you later." Bryan said. After hanging up he walked up stairs and head to hisroom. He falls down on his bed again and decided to read a while. In his mindhe knows that Patrick might just be busy, but in gut, it screams "Patrick is introuble."


Meanwhile at a cabin that belongs to Adrian and Alex's family cabin north of the city.

Patrick woke up with a start, lying on a hard floor, noticing that he was in a room by himself, bound and gag. He tried to free himself when a door open to his room and Adrian entered with a bowl of food. He walked over to Patrick and squatted down in front of him.

"If I remove your gag, can youpromise me that you won't scream? Even if you did, we are miles away from civilization so no one will hear you anyway."

Hearing this and noticing the food, Patrick nodded.

"Good," Adrian replied. He took the gag from Patrick's mouth and unbound him. Patrick crawl over to the food andeat it. "Where is Anthony?"

"I told you," Adrian began, "he is gone. Don't worry about him. I took the body with me and burry him so no one will know what happen or where he is."

"Except for me," Patrick said. "Are you going to kill me because I know what happen to Anthony?"

"No," Adrian began. "That would be way too easy. I probably will use you as leverage."

OncePatrick learned that he will be safe for now, he started to eat again insilence while Adrian got up and close the door behind him, locking it. Patricklook around the room, thinking how thehell am I going to escape from this.



Afterreading for a couple of hours, he decided to go for a run. After getting dressed he decided to call Patrick again. After 6 rings it went straight to voicemail

"Hey this is Patrick phone, leave amessage"


"Hey Patrick it's. I was wondering if you got my earlier message. Anyways call me when you get a chance." After leaving the message, Bryan hung up and went downstairs and head out the front door for his run. After running/walking for an hour, he walked passed Adrian and Alex's house where he noticed either Adrian or Alex was in front of thehouse with the cops. Being curious, he walked over to the cops and Adrian/Alex

"Hey Adrian," Bryan started, "what's going on?"

"Adrian?" The cops ask. "I thoughtyou said your name is Alex."

"Alex?" Bryan began. "I am so sorryabout that. You and your twin look so a like I get mix up."

Alex grinned. "No worries. My parents mix us up too and they are our parents."

"So officer, what is going on?"Bryan asked

The officer, who look around his late 20s or early 30s, look up and down at Bryan before asking, "Why do you want to know?"

"I am Adrian's and Alex's neighborfor a couple years and we are pretty close. Heck we are all close around the neighborhood. So I was just wondering. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

The officer grinned, clearly a little attracted by Bryan's sweaty good looks. "Uhsure if that is okay with Mr. Chavez here."

"Sure," Alex grinned. "I found a car in front of my house and it doesn't belong either belong to Adrian, myself or my parents, so I just call to see what is going on and if they can tow it."

"Can I take a look at it?" Bryanasked.

"Go ahead," the officer said.

Bryan walked toward the car and looked at it. He thought, I wonder where I saw this car before. "Thanks," Bryan said to theofficer and Alex.

"No problem," the officer said. When the officer left, Bryan turned to Alex/Adrian. "Are you really Alex or you are Adrian pretending to be Alex?"

"I am really Alex," Alex replied. "I freak out when I saw that Adrian isn't here this morning and I saw the car in front of my house so I just call the cops. Look I don't know what it is but I have a bad feeling about this."

"Why?" Bryan asked.

"Because if you look closely to the car, you can see there is blood." Alex began. "I don't know how much you know about my brother and me but I am going to come clean since it involves you. Adrian is obsessed with you. He has paranoia schizophrenia and if he get off his medication, things can get out of hand. First it can be harmless and I let it slide then it escaladed. I am so sorry. I don't know whose car that is but I have a feeling he either hurt or kill the owner of that car."

"Why are you telling me all this?"Bryan asked.

"Because Adrian confined in me about trying to break you and Patrick up. I was for it since you and Patrick were so happy together and I was a little jealous and also because Adrian is not the only one that fell in love with you."

Bryan hearing this was a little puzzled then his face lit up. "OH!!!!"

"Yeah," Alex said, looking down at the ground trying to hide his embarrassment. "Then it got a bit out of hand. I vowed that if anything happen to me or heaven forbid to you or Patrick I will have to tell the authorities since Adrian is criminally insane and I fear that he is escalading. That is why I decided to tell you. Can you forgive me?"

"Yeah," Bryan said. "Look, you don't have to act all guilty about this. This is not your fault. It's Adrian's okay."

"But I condone it," Alex said. "If I haven't and force him to take his medication, none of this would have happen."

"Hey," Bryan said. "Did you force Adrian to stop taken his medication?"

"No," Alex said. "He did it all by himself.

"Then it is not your fault. Yes it is partially your fault since you let it slide but it is also Adrian's fault,knowing the repercussion that might happen if he stop taking his medication and he chose to do it anyways." "I don't blame you okay."

"Okay," Alex said. Then out of the blue, Bryan's phone rang, and Bryan answered it. "Hey," Bryan began. "No I haven't seen him. Wait, he hasn'tcome home last night. No, Autumn I understand you are scare but maybe he is alright and decided to get a motel or something or crash at a friend's house without letting you know. I will call him again I promise. Okay, Bye." As Bryan hang up, he turned to Alex.

"Patrick hasn't come home and his family hasn't heard from him. They are scare. I am too. I am calling him right now."

"Okay," Alex said.

Bryan dialed Patrick's number and after 6 rings, it lead to voicemail. "This is Patrick, leave a message,"


"Hey Pats its me again." Bryan began. "I hate the person who keeps on calling you trying to make sure that you are okay, but I am doing this right now becauseyou haven't come home and both your family and I are worried about you. So please call me back and let me know that you are okay. You have five minutes to do this. If the five minutes come and you haven't call back, I will know something bad has happen. Five minutes."

"Anything?" Alex asked

"Nothing," Bryan began. "Can you set the timer for me at 5 mins?"

"Sure," Alex said. "Why if you don'tmind me asking."

"Because I give Patrick five minutes to call me back. By then if he hasn't I have the right to panic."

"Okay," Alex said.

After five minutes passed and no news from Patrick, Bryan decided to call one close person that you know that he can count on, David.

"Hey David, it's me. Something iswrong. I haven't heard from Patrick since yesterday and he hasn't come home yet. No, I don't think that I am over reacting. Okay maybe a little. I give him five minutes to call me back and I got nothing. Yeah, it's probably nothing. I don't know man. Something is wrong, I can feel it in my gut. And you know how my gut is. Yeah. Thanks Davey. Talk to you soon.

"Who you called?" Asked Alex

"David," I replied. "A good friend of mine that is a good detective as well.

Then out of the blue, Alex's phone range and he looked at the phone. "It's Adrian.

"Answer it," Bryan said.

"Hey bro," Alex said. Wait what. Where are you? Okay. Ummm I will. I won't I promise. Look Adrian are you sure you want to do this? Okay. Bye.

After Alex hung up, he turned around, pale as a ghost and looked at Bryan. "He got Patrick. He also killed Anthony. He ask me to do something and to come alone. I am going."

"No," Bryan replied. "I am going with you. It's okay. Look. I want to get Adrian for what he did. Look I know he is a decent guy if he take his medication so I will make sure he gets the help that he needs."

"Okay," Alex said. "I am driving. He is at the cabin in the woods couple hours from here. We should get going now."

"Okay. I said. "Look, Thanks forthis. We will meet up at 5 to go there."

"No problem. Okay cool."

Bryanleft to get to shower and get ready for his meet up with Alex at 5


Meanwhile in the woods'Adrian and Alex' family Cabin

Patrick was sitting on the ground, contemplating on how to escape the room because he has to warn Bryan about what is going on with Adrian. He is still beating himself up for what happen to Anthony but he knows that he has to find a way to keep himself alive long enough to escape and warn Bryan. He was lost in his thoughts when Adrian unlock the door and enter with the food. The food was not much but it was food and Patrick was really hungry.

"Hey Patrick, I am going out to check on something. You better not pull something because if you do, I will find a way to hurt your boyfriend and make you watch me kill him. Got it?"

"Yes," Patrick murmured.

"Good," Adrian replied. "I will be back soon. As soon as Adrian left, Patrick broke down for a good few minutes,composed himself and ate the food, contemplating whether or not it is worthescaping from Adrian.


Bryan's house

After Bryan finish showering, he went into the kitchen to get something to eat when the doorbell rang. He got up to get it when his sister beat him to it and open the door to see that it was Alex who she taught was Adrian.

"What the hell are you doing here Adrian? Bryan doesn't want to see you so I suggest you to leave."

"Whoa, I am not Adrian, I am Alex. Adrian is my twin and Bryan is expecting me. Hey Bry."

"Hey," Bryan replied. He turned tohis sister, "he is telling the truth."

Ashely sighed and let Alex in. "Fine, anyways do you have a girlfriend since you are mighty hot."

Alex laughed. "I did, but we broke up."

Ashley shook her head. "What a shame. You are a hunksicle.

"Thanks I think?" Alex replied laughing. Bryan just rolled his eyes. "Don't you have to do something Ash?"

"Yeah,"she replied. "I am going to head over to Ryan's house. See ya later brother."

"Bye."He replied, shaking his head. He turned to Alex as soon as she left. "I'm sorry about that. My sister is a little blunt." Bryan apologized

"No need to apologized," Alex replied. "I like her bluntness, it is refreshing."

"Yeah,"Bryan replied. "Well try living with her. Anyways, ready to go?"

"Yup,"Alex replied. They both left the house and Bryan lock up the house.

Please be safe Patrick Bryan thought.




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