Bryan woke up with a start and notice that he was in Alex’s car. Bryan turned to Alex and smile. “Hey are we there yet?” he asked?

Alex grinned and said “Not yet, 45 more mins.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. He looked out the window and prayed that Patrick is safe and sound.

They drove for the next two hours in silence. After 45 mins, Alex parked his car in a spot where he knew that Alex won’t find it. He then turn to Bryan and said “Bry, go to the woods and stay there. I want you to wait for Patrick and me so we can head to the police station so we can turn my brother in.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. Bryan head to the woods as Alex head to the cabin. As he walked there, he saw Adrian and greeted him. “Hey Ads, where you going?” Alex asked.

“To get some food,” Adrian said. “We came here alone?”

“Of course,” Alex said. “Go, I will look after Patrick.” They hug for and pat each other backs then separated. After Adrian left, Alex walked in and went to check which room that his twin hold Patrick in. As Alex went to the next room, he heard someone was walking around in the room across from the room he was about to enter. He tried the door and found out it was lock. Cursing under his breath, he took out the key that he took from his twin when they hug. He put the key in and turn it, which led the door to be unlock. He open the door and saw Patrick looking outside the winder.

“Hey, “ Alex said, walking in. Hearing the voice, Patrick turned around and saw Alex walking towards him.

“Adrian, I’m not thinking of escaping, please don’t hurt Bryan.”

“Patrick, relax. Adrian is not here. I am Alex, his twin.” Alex said. “I want you to go and meet Bryan in the woods.”

Patrick look at Alex and hesitated. “Look,” Alex begin “I know I look like Adrian but Bryan told me how you guys meet. He didn’t tell Adrian that.”

“How did we meet?” Patrick asked

“By you guys being customers to Bryan’s and Bryan’s friend Chris soda stand.”

“Okay,” Patrick said, looking at Alex.

“Go to the woods and you will find Bryan there,” Alex continued. “I Will meet you guys after I confront Adrian about this okay.”

“Okay,” Patrick said. Patrick got up and left as Alex left him walk to the woods. Patrick walk out to the woods and run there while Alex wait there for his twin.

For the next 15 minutes, he waited until he hear the cabin door open and saw that Adrian entered with a bag full of groceries. He grinned at his twin. “Hey can you get Patrick so he can help us out?”

“Why?” Alex asked

“Because I want him to help that’s why.”

“Aren’t you worried that he will try to escape?” Alex asked, trying to stall Adrian

“Na, Adrian said. “He wouldn’t because if he did then I would have no choice to hurt and possibly kill Bryan.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Alex asked, getting little worried.

“Nah, but if he does escape, I will have no choice.” Adrian said. “Patrick get you ass out here.” Nothing.

“Where is that boy?” Adrian thought aloud.

“Out,” Alex said grinning. “You won’t be able to touch him anymore. I let him out when you left.”

“The hell you did that?” Adrian scream and punch his brother

Sunned by the punch, Alex punch his brother back. “You’re an ass that’s why. Why the hell did you killed that PI?”

“Because he knew too much,” Adrian said. Punching and kicking his brother. Alex, on the ground, crawl to the pan, grab it and hit Adrian with it, knocking him out. He lean down and check his brother. Knocked out, Alex thought since he can still feel the pulse. Okay, Alex thought. Where to now.

Patrick in the woods

Patrick, dressed in jeans and T-shirt, was running for his life. He run as fast as he could, looking over his shoulder to make sure that no one is following him. As he runs away, he falls down, with a thud. He picks himself up and kept on running. I have to warn Bryan about Adrian, Patrick thought. He continue to run through the woods then fell again. Picking himself up, wondering why the hell I keep on falling. He continue to run through the woods, ducking under tree branches. He paused for a moment to catch his breath, once finished; he continues to run when he falls down for the third time. As he was pick himself up, he heard a twig crack behind him. Turning around, looking for someone


Nothing. As he began to run again, a hand came out behind the tree, and grabbed him, coving his mouth before he could scream for help.

Hitting and punching the person behind him he heard the voice that he knows and loves “Hey, it’s me, your safe.”

Turning around, he sees Bryan grinning at him. They hug and kissed each other. “I missed you, Bryan said. “

“I missd you too.” Patrick said. “Why did you break up with me?” Patrick asked.

“To protect you,” Bryan said. He told Patrick everything. Patrick look at Bryan as he listen.

“Okay,” Bryan said after he finished his story. “Can you forgive me?” Bryan asked.

“Yes,” Patrick said. “Let’s get out of the woods.”

“I agree,” Bryan said. Bryan and Patrick start walking in the woods when they both heard “Marco” out of nowhere.

“Polo,” Bryan yelled back.

“Marco,” the voice said again

“Polo,” Bryan yelled back.

“Marco,” the voice yelled with a head sticking out with a smile, grinning. The face belong to Zach.

“Polo.” Bryan grinned and run to Zach and hug him along with the other boys, Oliver and Gary. Bryan run to hug them.

“I miss you guys.” Bryan said.

“Miss you too.” Zach said. “Hating you was the hardest thing ever. The boys agree

“I know,” Bryan said. Seeing that Patrick was puzzled, Bryan continued “The boys and I decided that we should pretend to end our friendship and pretend that I betrayed the boys so I can get on the good side of Adrian

“Yup,” agreed a girl who was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. Also to pretend that you hate me as well.”

“Yeah,” Bryan said. “Patrick I want you to meet Oliver’s sister Oliva. I pretend to attack her to get into good graces with Adrian.” Turning to Olivia. “Sorry.”

“It’s all good” Olivia said, grinning.

“Okay,” Patrick said “How did you guys know where to find us?”

“Bryan called me before he left with Alex. He pretend to talk to David.” Zach said

“Hey,” Alex said,” arriving couple minutes late. “I knocked out Adrian so I don’t know long he will be out. Sorry I took so long.”

“No problem,” Bryan said.

“Lets go,” Alex said. As they begin to leave, Adrian showed up with a gun. “Not so fast.”

“Adrian,” Bryan said. “Calm down.”

“No,” Adrian said. I overheard you guys talking. You played me?”

“Yes,” Bryan said. “I’m sorry.”

“Well you will be sorry after I took care of Alex.”

Adrian pointed the gun at Alex and said “Sorry,” and shot the gun. “No Bryan said,” Bryan jump in front Alex and it hit Bryan in the stomach area. Bryan hit the ground will blood on his stomach, stunned. Zach duck the punch from Adrian and grab the gun and disable it. Adrian ran after he saw what he did. Zach rushed over to Bryan and saw that Patrick and Oliver took off their shirt and put pressure on Bryan’s gun shot wound. “Bryan,” look at me, Patrick said. “You will be fine. Call 911” turning to Zach. Zach did and 2 mins later the ambulance showed up, putting Bryan on the stretcher and race off to the hospital with Zach with him. Patrick call Bryan’s parent to tell them what is going on and which hospital Bryan is at then rush off with Oliver, Olivia and Gary in Gary’s car. Alex stunned still, got up and went to his car and drove to the hospital

At the Hospital

Conner and his Friend TC was playing ping pong when they got paged. They rushed out and was met by a young man along with the paramedics pushing a gurney saying “21 year old, gunshot wound to the stomach.”

“Okay,” TC said. Looking at the patient, he ask “what’s your name?”

“Bryan,” The young man said stuttering. “Okay Bryan, I will take care of you. Can you promise me one thing?”

“Yes,” Bryan said

“Good, I want you to fight like hell,” TC said as he was pushing the gurney

Bryan nodded his head. They both head to the surgery room and prep Bryan for surgery. The surgery was successful but as soon as TC closing the wound, the monitor was beeping.

“He’s crashing,” TC said. “100 epi please and charge one 100”

“Charging 100” the assistant said. They press the charger against the chest and shook

“Nothing,” TC said. “Charging 200”

“200” the assistant said. They press it against the body and shook

“take it 300.” TC say but the assistant didn’t do it. “He’s gone TC.” “Call it.”

“No,” TC said. His turn to his friend for help but Connor just shook his head. TC getting teary. “Time of death 9:30pm.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Connor ask

“Yeah.” TC replied. Connor and TC and took of their mask and walk out.

IN the Waiting room

Bryan’s parents and sister along with Oliver, Zach, Gary, and Oliva was there. They got up a soon as they saw two doctors walking out. TC turned to them and said, “May I speak to the family of Bryan?”

“We are here,” John and Monic said. TC walk to them and said “Can we go somewhere quiet so we can talk?”

They got up and walk to the corner where the kids see them talking to the parents. They saw that the doctor was talking saying and Monica went to the ground, crying. John was next to her, trying to comfort her. Zach and everyone knew what is up and was quietly crying. Patrick was crying the hardest and trying their hardest to comfort each other. TC got up and walk away with Conner. They left the family and friends alone so they can grieve privately. TC left and walk to the closet with supplies and cry there. Connor went to his friend comfort him. After a while, they got up and went back to work.

Adrian at the cabin

“Those bastards let me shot Bryan. I will make them paid for what they done.” Adrian said.




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