One Year Later

Bryan woke with a start when he heard someone open the door. He sat up, revealing that he is shirtless and put on his glasses. There he see his boyfriend, Patrick, with a tray of pancakes, eggs and toast with a flower between his teeth. Bryan grinned. “Happy birthday,” Patrick said after spitting the flower onto the tray. “Thanks babe,” Bryan said grinning, giving Patrick a peck on the lips. “You made me breakfast in bed?” Bryan asked

“Yup,” Patrick said. “Along with some dessert.” Patrick wiggle his brows up and down

“Tempting,” Bryan said. “But I have things to do along with my dinner birthday with my family.”

“Okay,” Patrick said. He started to make out with Bryan and taking off his shirt. They continue to make out when Bryan broke the kiss.

“What is it?” Patrick ask.

“What if someone walk in?” Bryan asked smiling

“No one is going to walk in,” Patrick said, grinning. “No will ever going to walk in because you, my gorgeous boyfriend is not at home but living with me in an awesome apartment.”

“Right,” Bryan said, continuing with making out with Patrick. Bryan broke the kiss laughing. “Let me eat first. You totally distracting me.”

“Oh really,” Patrick said as he look at Bryan and flex a little.

“Stop it,” Bryan said, laughing. Bryan started to eat while Patrick watch.

“What?” Bryan asked.

“Nothing,” Patrick said. “You look soo cute when you eat.” After Bryan finished, Patrick sat next to Bryan and cuddle from behind. “You know, Patrick started “I am going to shower now. You can join me if you want.”

“I will keep that in mind” Bryan said. He watched as Patrick took off basketball shorts and toss it aside and boxers and toss it aside and walked in the bathroom nude. Patrick look around and winked. Seeing the little tease make Bryan hard. “Fuck it,” Bryan thought and follow Patrick in the bathroom. Bryan took of his boxers and jump in the shower. “Hey,” Bryan said

“Hey yeah back.” Patrick said turning. He has amazing abs along with pecs. His dick was hard, probably 9 inches as well and uncut. Bryan is also uncut but 8 inches hard. Bryan started to make out with Patrick and trace his hand all over Patrick’s body. Patrick did the same to Bryan. They washed each other body sensually along with the hair. After that, Patrick kiss Bryan which lead to a hot make out session. Patrick then got down on his knees and started to stroke Bryan penis. “What are you doing?” Bryan asked.

“Shhh” Patrick said. “Let me service you on your birthday.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. Patrick started to stroke Bryan. He continued to do this and retract Bryan foreskin. Patrick lick the head, tasting the precum which made Bryan moaned. Patrick started to lick the head, swirling his turn around it, making Bryan shudder and moan louder.

“Fuck,” Bryan said. “Suck my dick babe.”

“With pleasure,” Patrick said and started to suck it. Patrick bobbed his head up and down, making Bryan moan. He even throw in the licking of the head. Patrick took a break from sucking and started to worship Bryan penis. He kiss Bryan’s penis on both sides and slowly lick it. He continued by licking Bryan’s balls and sucking it, making Bryan moan. Patrick started to suck Bryan again and Patrick started to stroke himself. Bryan guided Patrick’s head on his penis with his hand. Bryan held Patrick head there and started to thrust in Patrick’s mouth. Sensing that Bryan want to be in charge, Patrick slow down the bobbing and let Bryan face fuck him. Bryan moan and groan. He gasped. “Patrick, I’m close.” He warned. Patrick ignore it and continue sucking it. “I’m close,” Bryan said again.

“I know,” Patrick said as he taken his mouth off Bryan’s penis. “I want you to cum into my mouth.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. Patrick started to suck Bryan again, bobbing his head up and down. He continued this and started to deep throated Bryan. Bryan moaned. Bryan humped his dick in Patrick mouth and scream “I’m cummming.” Bryan shot his cum in Patrick mouth, shooting four shots and moaning. Patrick was also moaning as well as gasped as he stroke himself and cum too. Patrick kept Bryan penis in his mouth and hummed. He want to savor Bryan’s sweet cum. Patrick took his mouth off Bryan’s penis and grinned. “That was amazing.”

“I agree,” Bryan said, grinning. Bryan kissed Patrick and taste his cum. It was sweet and nice. “Lets get out of the shower because if we don’t we will get prune.” Bryan said,

“Okay,” Patrick said. He turned off the shower and kissed Bryan one more time. “Happy birthday baby.”

“Thanks babe” Bryan said. They toweled off enter their bedroom naked. Patrick got on the bed and Bryan followed. “come here,” Patrick said. Bryan walked over and sat down. Patrick motioned again and Bryan lay down and Patrick scooted over and hug Bryan from behind. They held each other naked and each of them was content. “I love you,” Bryan said.

Grinning, “I love you too,” Patrick answered back. They held each other for a moment when Bryan phone rang. “Hello?” Bryan said.

“Hey Bry,” Zach said. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks man,” Bryan said.

“No problem. Zach replied. “I got the boys here. Say happy birthday to Bry.”

“Happy birthday,” Oliver and Gary shouted.

“Thanks,” Bryan said grinning. “Anyways what you guys doing today?”

“Well,” Zach said. “I am going out with a girl tonight. Gary and Ollie are hanging out with the family. Why?”

“Oh,” Bryan said. “Well I was wondering if you guys want to grab dinner with me and my family.”

“Oh,” Zach said. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Bryan said. “I will ask Pats.”

“Okay,” Zach said. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s all good.” Bryan said. He hung up and turned to Patrick. “Well, the boys said happy birthday to me. They also told me they are busy today when I asked them to join me and my family for dinner. They told me to ask you if you can come. And I am asking you, can you come?”

Patrick sighed. “No I can’t babe. Autumn have this art show tonight. I’m sorry I can’t grab dinner with you.”

“Okay,” Bryan said, little disappointed.

“Hey,” Patrick said. “I will see you tonight with two surprises. Okay?”

“Okay,” Bryan said. Patrick got up to get dressed and turn to Bryan. “That doesn’t mean that I can’t take you for lunch.”

“Okay,” Bryan said, grinning as he also get dressed. They exit their bedroom and enter the living room and kitchen area. They both plotted themselves on the couch and watch TV. They watched the movie “White House Down.” For the next two hours, they watch the movie and when it is over, they got up to leave. They decided to go to BJ restaurant and bar to celebrate Bryan’s birthday. Bryan ordered onion calamari along with chicken tenders and fries. Patrick got pasta. They ate their lunch in silence and grinned every once in a while. After they are done, Bryan and Patrick share a desert. After Patrick pick up the tab, they left and went to Bryan’s parents’ house. There they were greeted by Bryan’s parents and sister

“Hey Bryan, Patrick.” Hey all said.

“Hey,” Bryan said to his parents and sister.

“Hi,” Patrick said grinning.

“Happy birthday,” The parents and sister said.

“Thanks,” Bryan said.

“Patrick,” Ashley said. “You want to join us for dinner.”

“Sorry,” Patrick said. “I have a thing to go to for Amanda.”

“Oh,” Ashley said. “Okay.”

“Sorry,” Patrick said.

“It’s all good.” Ashley said. Patrick look at the clock and sigh. “I have to get going,” Patrick said.

“Okay,” Bryan said. “Bye babe.

“Bye,” Patrick said to Bryan, Ashley and Bryan parents. After Patrick left, Ashely turned to Bryan. “Some boyfriend. I swear, that boy is awesome and stuff but sometimes he is not boyfriend material. I mean come on. Who leaves their boyfriend to be by themselves on their birthday?”

“Hey,” Bryan said. “Lay off of him. He is busy and besides chill okay.”

“Okay,” Ashley said. “If you say so.” Bryan turn to his parents and said. “Please contain her.”

“Patrick is busy and its fine. Bryan is not alone. He got us.” John said.

“Ashley,” Monica said. “You are too much.

“Yeah, Yeah,” Ashley said. John and Monica laughed at Ashley antics. So did Bryan


Zach’s house

Zach and the boys were there when Zach heard the doorbell. He got up and open the door to reveal that Patrick was there.

“Hey guys,” Patrick said.

“Hi,” Oliver, Zach and Gary said. “What you doing here?”

“Well,” Patrick said. “I have something to tell you. They all discussed and at the end, they were all grinning.

“Do you think he will like it?” Patrick asked

“He will love it.” Zach said grinning. Zach looked at the clock and cursed. “Dude, we better get going.”

“I agree,” Gary said grinning. They all got up and went to their own cars and drove to Old Spaghetti Factory. There they were greeted by the host who pointed them to right direction. There they see “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN” banner and servers running around setting the table up. “Hey,” Zach said. “If you guys need some help, just ask.”

“We are fine,” one of the servers said. “oh did you say that there is a cake you want to refrigerate?”

“Oh yeah,” Gary said, running to car and run back with the cake in hand. “Here it is.”

“Thanks,” the waiter said grinning. “Go and relax. We got this okay?”

“Okay,” the boys said grinning.

“This going to be an awesome surprise party.” Zach said grinning

“I agree, Patrick said. 



Bryan was getting ready for his dinner with the family. As he was doing that, his dad walked in and grinned. “Looking good son.”

“Thanks,” Bryan said. “You look good too dad.”

“Thanks,” John said grinning. “Hmmm. You ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Bryan said. They both dressed in slacks and polo shirt. They open Bryan’s room door and went out and downstairs. There, they see the girls was waiting for them.

“Ready?” John asked.

“Yup,” Ashley Monica and Bryan replied.

They went to their van and drove to Old Spaghetti Factory. As the van pull up, Ashley open the door and jump out fast.

“What was that?” Bryan asked laughing

“Have to go to the bathroom Ashley said, running to the restaurant door.

“Can you get a table for us too?” John asked, laughing

“Yeah, yeah.” Ashely said, running and went in. She went to the party room. There she sees the Nguyen family along with Bryan’s friends. “Get ready,” Ashley said. “He’s coming soon.”

Just as she finished, Bryan walked and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Bryan said, grinning. Everyone was at the table and started to eat and chat. After eating and chatting, they all look at Bryan and grinned. Monica waved to the waiter and nodded. The waiter then went into the kitchen and took out Bryan’s birthday cake. They all sing happy birthday and Bryan blew out the candles. They all had the cake and ice cream. After they were all done, Bryan grinned. “Thanks mom.” Bryan said.

“You’re welcome,” Monica said. “Now SPEECH”

“Alright alright,” Bryan said grinning. Bryan got up and said. “Thank you all for coming out to celebrated my birthday. It was an awesome surprise. I had no idea whatsoever. Most of you I know for a long time and most not but all I want to say thank you guys.” Everyone clapped and whistle. Patrick got up and said. “I have a speech also.” Bryan looked at him puzzled. “Well,” Patrick begin. “For those who don’t know me, I am Bryan’s best friend and boyfriend. I want to tell you how we meet. It was summer and Bryan was selling soda with his friend Chris. Unsuccessfully I might add. It wasn’t until I came along that he was able to sell. That begin a new friendship and that lead to something more.” Patrick paused a bit. “What I am trying to say is Bryan you are the light of my life, my world.” Patrick knelt to the ground and pull out a black box and open it revealing a ring and said” I love you so much. Will you do me the honor of being my husband?”

“Yes,” Bryan said, smiling. “YESSSSS” There was applause everywhere and John grinned. John picked up the glass and said “I want to make a toast. To my son and future son in law Patrick and Bryan.”

“To Patrick and Bryan,” They all yelled. Bryan grinned and so did Patrick. After all the excitement, the recently engaged couple came home to their apartment and Patrick grinned. So did Bryan. Patrick held out his hand and Bryan grab it. Patrick led Bryan to their room and closed the door. There. They started to make out and take off each other clothes. Once naked, Patrick kiss Bryan and started to give Bryan a rim job. Patrick then finger Bryan ass to get it ready. Patrick lubed up his penis and Bryan’s anus and enter Bryan slowly. They move in and out. They made love for 15 minutes before cumming together. Exhausted, Bryan turn to Patrick and grinned. “I love you baby.” Patrick grinned also. “I love you too.”



Bryan was in his office finishing paper work when, his assistant came in and said, “Your husband is on the line.”

“Thanks Alisa” Bryan said. “Hey babe,” Bryan said after picking up.

“Hey yourself,” Patrick said. “I’m going to pick up the twins soon. I was wondering if you want to grab dinner at a restaurant tonight.”

“Yes,” Bryan said. “I would love to.” After hanging up, Bryan turned to his assistant and said, “I am leaving now Alisa. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” Alisa said grinning. Bryan walked to his car and started it. Bryan then drove him. Bryan, now 28, is married to Patrick four six years and have fraternal twins with Patrick. th twins are both five years old. Bryan is also a child psychologist along with therapy for families. Patrick is making money by owing his own business. They are both doing very well and love their twins, Jacob and Jade a lot. When he got home, the twins ran to him screaming, Papa!!! We miss you. Grinning, Bryan replied, “I miss you guys too. How’s kindergarten?”

“OK” they replied in sync.

“Good,” Bryan said, kissing them both on the cheek. “Do you have homework to do?”

“Yes,” Jake said. “One packet of learning numbers.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. “Go do them so we can go to the dinner later on today and possibly watch Finding Dory.”

“YAY!!!!!!!” the twins scream running upstairs to start on their homework. Bryan shook his head and grin. He decide to get something to eat when his husband came downstairs and grin

“Hey baby,” Patrick said.

“Hey ya back.” Bryan said kissing his husband. Patrick look at Bryan and shook his head. “What did you say to them to make them clean their room and do their packet?”

“Hmm,” Bryan said. “I promise them dinner and a movie after dinner if they finish their homework.”

“Well, I guess that is possible,” Patrick said. “Which movie?”

“Finding Dory,” Bryan said grinning

“Of course,” Patrick said grinning. “Well what to do now?”

“Well we can watch How to Get Away with Murder again,” Bryan said grinning

“OF course,” Patrick said. They watch that TV show until it is time for dinner. They went upstairs to get the twins. When they enter the room they see that the twin had clean their rooms along with completing their homework and they are napping. Bryan woke up the twins to tell them to get ready for dinner so they can come home to watch the movie. The twins got ready and meet Bryan and Patrick downstairs.

“We’re ready,” Jake said grinning. Patrick grinned. “Alright, let’s wait for papa. He is still getting dressed.”

“Oh man,” Complained Jade. “Papa will take a long time.”

“Oh no he won’t Bryan said grinning.  "Jade why are is exaggerating?." The twins laughed at Bryan when he said that. "Because it kind of true Jade said," giggling.They left to eat at Old Spaghetti factory and eat their fill. Once they are full, they went home to watch Finding Dory. After an hour and 15 mins of the move, they decided to put the twins to bed. After putting the twins to bed, Patrick and Bryan watch one last episode of Scandal then head to bed. They walk hand in hand up the stairs and grinning. Once the reach their room, their shut their doo to get some privacy.

And the live happily ever after

The End.




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