My parents divorced when I was eleven, after she was sent to prison for drug trafficking and possession. She was sentenced to forty years and would be eligible for parole in twenty.

Once the divorce was final, dad sat me down and said, 'Luke, it's just me and you now. We have to take care of each other. You know what your mother was doing was wrong, but if you want to se her and visit her, I'll take you.'

'No dad. In school we've seen pictures of what drugs can do. She was causing that in what she was doing. I never want to see her again.'

'That's up to you son, but I think you need to write her and tell her how you feel.'

'I will,' I said. I kept putting it off and after the third letter she sent me, I wrote my letter. I never heard from her again.

Two years later, Kurt and his dad moved in three houses down from us. Kurt was my age and in my classes at school. We immediately became great friends as did our dads.

Kurt and I did everything together. When you saw one of us, the other was always close by. After school, we'd both head to my house and wait for our dads to get off work. They said that as long as we were together, we could do it, otherwise, we'd have to go to a sitter until they got off work.

Well, as boys will do, we began discussing sex. We admitted to each other that we each jerked off and soon were jerking together. Before long, it escalated into us jerking off each other. Well, by fifteen and our sophomore year of high school, we had graduated to sucking and fucking each other. We found that we both totally enjoyed it.

We knew that we were gay, although we kept it hidden at school.

By then, we'd spend our days during the summer at one or the other's house, having sex mos of the day. We couldn't get enough. Then at seventeen and he beginning of our senior year of high school, on Saturdays, we'd go to a local park that was partially wooded and have sex with guys out in the woods.

During our junior and senior years of high school, our fathers began going out together on Friday and Saturday nights, some time both, and later tell us about some ladies they met. Usually, they returned home after three in the morning.

All during high school, our dads would take Kurt and I camping up on a nearby lake on property owned by a friend of my dads. There was a one room cabin that contained kitchen, dining table and several beds all in that one room. In one corner, was a small bathroom with toilet sink and small shower. Kurt and I always chose to sleep outdoors in a tent. By doing that we could continue our sex at night.

After graduation from high school, our dads asked if we'd like to go up to the lake for a full two weeks. We said sure. Plans were made and while our dads were at work one Friday, Kurt and I did the grocery shopping and packing up of all the gear. When our dads got home, the changed and the only thing that they had to by was the beer.

They both got off early at three and by six, we were at the campsite. Being on private property, there were no other campers around. It was awesome, with the clear private lake right by the cabin for swimming and fishing.

Everything was unloaded into the cabin and while Dad, (Brad), and Jake, Kurt's dad, unpacked things in the cabin, Kurt and I set up our tent across the clearing from the cabin.

Kurt and I went to collect firewood as our dad's prepared dinner. When we returned and walked into the cabin, we noticed them acting funny. Later, when Kurt and I were alone, he asked if i had noticed.

'Yea. I wonder why they were acting so funny?'

'I don't know. It was as if they had been caught doing something.'

We shrugged it off and didn't think any more of it.

Saturday, we needed more firewood so Kurt went one direction and I went another. I returned with my arms loaded down and asked Jake if Kurt was back.

'Not yet. Your dad went looking for him.'

I headed off the trail Kurt had taken to see if I could find either. About four hundred yards from the camp I began to hear voices. Planning on scaring them, I eased up silently. When I spotted them I froze.

A few feet off the main trail, I saw my dad and Kurt standing, facing each other and kissing. I couldn't believe Kurt had made a pass at my dad much less dad responding. When they separated, I was shocked to hear dad say, 'I've been wanting this for a while.' Then dad dropped to his knees and after pulling down Kurt's shorts began sucking his cock. I watched as dad brought Kurt to a climax and swallowed. Then I was even more shocked to see dad stand and Kurt drop to his knees and suck dad off.

After Kurt stood and as they got them selves put back together, Dad asked, 'Kurt, does Luke know you suck cock?'

'Oh, no sir. He has no idea.'

'So you two have never done anything together?'

'No sir. Does he know anything about you?'

'Fuck, no. I don't know how he'd accept it. Does your dad know anything?'

'Shit no. He'd probably disown me if he knew.'

I eased back a ways and called out their names.

'Here, son. We're on our way. Kurt got slightly lost.'

I acted as if I hadn't seen a thing when we met, but I had decided to see if I could get Kurt's dad. He was built, hot and a turn on to me.

The next day, Dad went into town for a few things that we had forgotten and Kurt went for a hike. Jake was in the cabin, cleaning up when I went in.

Wearing just a pair of nylon shorts and no underwear, I began talking wih him, soon making suggestive remarks to him about how he must get lots of women and how well I bet he satisfied them. As we talked, my cock got hard and I made sure he could see the bulge. He, in turn, got boned also.

Becoming more aggressive, I stood near him and felt his hard cock. 'Nice,' I said.

'Luke, what are you doing?'

'Well, it appears that we're both horny as hell. Why don't e do something about it?' I said as I began pulling down his shorts. Once I had his cock exposed, I grasped it and began stroking it. As I did he moaned slightly, and I leaned in and kissed him, offering my tongue.

After a slight hesitation, he parted his lips and offered his and we began kissing passionately. As we did, I felt his hand slide inside my shorts and grab my cock.

When the kiss ended, I said, 'You can have that if you want it. I don't mind and you won't be the first.'

He looked at me and dropped to his knees, quickly pulling down my shorts. Seconds later, my entire cock was buried in his mouth and throat. Within just a few minutes,my cock was exploding into his mouth and he was swallowing eagerly. When he stood up, I smiled and said, 'My turn,'and dropped to my knees and sucked him off, swallowing his load.

When I stood up I asked, 'Does Kurt know you suck cock?'

'Lord, no. Does Brad know about you?'

'No, not a thing, nor does Kurt.'

'Luke, what happened between us shouldn't have happened.'

'Maybe not but it did and I'm not sorry about it. I hope it can happen more while we're here.'

'Maybe. I don't know.'

That evening and all day Monday, I noticed that things were strained between the three of them. I was the only one that knew what was going on. I decided to end the tension one way or another.

Late Monday afternoon, I told Luke to join me for a hike, and he agreed.

As we left the camp, dad said, 'Don't be gone too long boys. We going to start dinner soon.'

'Okay, dad,' I called over my shoulder.

I led Kurt to the clearing where I had seen him and dad have sex. Stopping, I said, 'We need to talk.'

'Uh, what about?'

'Things that have happened.'

'Oh?' he answered nervously.

'Kurt, yesterday while dd went to town and you were hiking, I sucked your dad off in the cabin.'

'No way! My dad's not like that.'

'Oh, yes he is. More than you know.'

'Don't tell me he sucked you also.'

'Yes he did, just like you and my dad sucked each other here the other day.'

'How did you know about that?'

'I saw you. I saw the whole thing and I thank you for not telling him about me.'

I didn't think it was my place to tell him. Did my dad asked about me?'

'Yes, but I didn't say anything either.'

'Thanks,' he said.

'But I'm curious about them. They both seem uptight. I don't know if it's because they each had sex with their best friends son or if they themselves might be having sex. From what I understand, they supposedly don't know about each other, but I'm just not so sure.'

'You might be right. How can they not know about each other with all the time they spend together on weekends. Maybe they're getting it on somewhere else.'

'That's what I'm thinking, and I've got a plan.'

'What is it?'

'Tonight, I'll go in and make sure one of the shades is up just enough for us to see in. Then, after we go to bed, we'll stay awake until they go to bed. We'll give them a few minutes then go see what is going on.'

'Sounds good,' he said. Then after a pause,he asked, 'Luke, are you upset with me for having sex with your dad?'

'Hell no. I'd love to do it myself, and by he way, your dad sucks great.'

'I saw him boned a few months ago and wanted it,' Kurt said.

'If we find that they are having sex together, we'll figure a way to let them know and maybe all have sex together.'

'I'd love that,' Kurt said.

We returned to the camp and ate dinner. Then later, after a game of Hearts, Kurt and I headed for bed.

An hour later, our dads put out the campfire and went inside. We waited until they turned out the main light, leaving on just a small lamp.

We eased over to the window I had prepared and began watching.




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