Growing up my mom's best friend Connie was always around. Her and my mom were like sisters. When I was 16 Connie met a man named Danny. Danny was the baseball coach at our high school and 20 years younger than she was. Standing about 6'2", ripped from years of athletic training, and covered with fur. Being that Connie had been married twice before, they wanted a small wedding and eloped in Las Vegas. With Connie being around all the time, once they were married that means Danny was around all the time.

Danny was a very physical guy, always having his hands on my back or with his arm around my shoulder. I always thought it was a little strange but went with it. I knew that I was gay from a young age and I knew that a man like Danny was just what I wanted. The way his ass moved in anything he wore, the way his bulge would swing in his shorts, it all made me weak kneed.

After several years of this almost brotherly interaction I was getting ready to graduate. Danny became like a big brother or second dad to me. My 18th birthday came and went, not being one to really celebrate birthdays it was kind of a non-event. However, the Thursday after my birthday, Danny came up to my locker at school and asked if I needed a lift home. Because I liked the exercise of walking to and from school I convinced my parents I didn't need a car. But the thought of being with Danny was too enticing to pass up.

As we drove the mile or so to my house we made idle chit chat about how things were going with school. He asked about my plans for the summer, and I asked about how things were going with the baseball team. Before I knew it we were pulling into our driveway. As we pulled in I saw my parents step out the side door of our house, my mother carrying a bag and my dad carrying a cooler. Not really sure what to make of the situation, I stepped out of the car and asked, "What's going on? What's with the bag and the cooler?" My mom said, "Well you better ask Danny, honey." Giving me that sly motherly grin she uses so well, I turn around, "Danny, what's this all about?" He walked up and said, "I know that you aren't too big into birthdays, but you should celebrate, turning 18 is a milestone. So, I booked us a camping trip. I am actually pretty surprised that you didn't notice all the camping stuff in my back seat."

Because I wasn't expecting this, I was a little shocked. All I could do was look at him and grin stupidly. Danny knew how much I loved to camp, but I rarely had an opportunity to go. Grabbing the bag from my mom, he looked at me, "Mikey, grab the cooler, lets get going." Hugging my mom and dad, I grab the cooler and follow Danny back to the car. As we climb back into the car, I look over at Danny, still grinning from the excitement and mystery of the trip we were embarking on.

As we pull out of the driveway, waving to my folks as we pull onto the street, I look at Danny, "So Danny, where are we headed for this camping trip?" He just smiles and says, "Someplace special that I know about. It will be a surprise." Not pushing the topic I simply slip in the hypnosis of the hum of the road. After about 2 hours on the road, I we started slowing down at a dirty road, pulling onto the road, I asked how much further was this place. He simply said, "We're here." Looking up I saw there was a simple, rustic looking building up ahead.

I waited in the car while Danny got us all checked in and came out with our parking slip. We drove toward the furthest edge of the campground. Pulling up to a wooden fence he stopped the car and said we were just on the other side of the trees. Grabbing our stuff we began the process of carrying our camping equipment over to our camping spot. It was amazing. Secluded from the others, and right on the water. We had the tent set up in short order and were setting our camping chairs out. I looked over at Danny, "I can't thank you enough, this place is amazing." He just nodded and said, "Lets get changed and take a swim."

I looked at him and blushed slightly, saying "You can change first." I was nervous that seeing him naked would get me aroused. He said, "Oh come on Mikey." Not wanting to appear prudish or immature about the situation I followed him into the tent. Danny was on one side of the tent digging through his bag, while I was looking through the bag my mom had packed me. Finding my swim shorts I pulled them and looked over just as Danny was sliding his shorts down his ass. I gasped audibly at the sight of his furry ass. Turning toward me Danny asked, "Is everything alright?" I made up some lame excuse, but my eyes were draw to long thick cock hanging between his legs. Finally, looking up and meeting his eyes, he just winked and pulled on his very brief trunks. The trunks he was wearing were white square cut Andrew Christian trunks. I was very familiar with the look having seen them online several times. I, on the other hand, pulled on my baggy, board shorts.

Danny commented on how developed my body was getting, having worked out with my brothers throughout high school. I blushed, not knowing how to respond to his compliment. I was not used to being complimented on my body. Danny grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the water. As we walked down the dock, he was holding my hand. At the end of the dock, Danny grabbed my hand and pulled me close. His face only inches from mine, I was sure he was going to kiss me. His lips hovered near mine and I could feel the warmth radiating from him. Then, without warning, a mischievous smirk appeared and I went flying off the dock and into the water. Upon surfacing I looked up at him and yelled, "I can't believe you did that." But soon was in a fit of laughter. Holding myself up on the dock to keep from going under.

My giggle fit was interrupted by a loud splash behind me. I turned in time to see Danny's head break the surface. Casually he swam toward me, gripping the dock next to me. Again his face close enough to kiss. He wipe the water out of his eyes and looked at me with an intensity I had never seen from him before. It was now his turn to blush. He looked away quickly and pushed off the dock, swimming backward into the clear lake water.

Letting go of the dock I swam toward him. All the while admiring his body floating in the water. As I got closer he rolled and dove down, providing me a fleeting look at his fine ass in those now transparent white trunks. The hair on his ass visible through the white fabric. Not able to enjoy the vision for long I felt a pair of hands grip my calves and pull me under. Startled I screamed as I was pulled down. I surfaced and looked around, only to see Danny swimming closer to shore. Not wanting appear the weakling I swam toward him, now in waist deep water and tackled him, pulling him back. As he collapsed backward with me, my hands which had been on his hips slid forward ending up high on his inner thighs. When I realized where my hands were I instantly let go, embarrassed and nervous of what he would think.

Without missing a beat, Danny picked up and tossed me back into the water. Coming up just long enough to take a gasp of air he pounced. Tackling me from behind. As we fell into the water, I felt some against my thigh. At first I thought it was a fish or a weed, I reached down to brush it away, soon realizing that my hand came into contact with Danny's cock. Much to my surprise, it was not soft.

Before I was able to move my hand away, I swore I felt a slight thrust of Danny's hips against my hand. We were now standing in the water, face to face. His face drew closer, the intensity of his stare was back. There was something in his eyes that I was unfamiliar with. He laced his fingers in mine and drew me closer. As I felt his breath tickly my lips, his eyes changed and let out a grunt of frustration and quickly moved toward shore. Terrified that I had done something wrong, I watched him move up the beach and toward the tent. So scared about what was happening, I didn't even think to check out his amazing ass as it briskly moved behind the trees.

I stood still for a minute trying to process what had happened. He grabbed my hands. I hadn't come on to him, as I so badly wanted to. This wasn't something I started. As I processed the thoughts in my young mind I began to get angry. Why we he acting like that. I decided that I needed to talk with him.

I quickly moved out of the water and up the beach, through the trees and toward our tent. He couldn't have been out of the water but 5 minutes before me and as I approached the tent I saw him slamming a beer. Looking at the cooler I noticed and already empty can next to it. I stepped closer and asked, "What the fuck was that about Danny?" He looked at me, blushed, and averted his eyes saying, "I have no idea what you are taking about." I was getting angrier, "That's bullshit, answer the question." I grabbed the can out his hand and said, "Talk to me damn it."

He looked at me, the intensity back in his eyes, forcefully he grabbed my head and pressed his lips to mine. Shocked at the intensity of the kiss I opened my mouth willingly accepting his tongue as it probed my mouth. His hands snaked around my body and soon pulled me hard against him grinding his hard cock into me. His hands moved up my ass to my lower back, then he slowly slid them down inside my shorts. As his hands slid down into my shorts the loose fitting shorts fell to my feet. Breaking the kiss Danny slid down my body taking my 7.5 inch cock into his mouth. Overwhelmed by the sensations of his mouth working up and down my cock and his tongue sliding over the head of my cock, I gripped his shoulders for stability. I was so caught in the moment I didn't care this man was married to my mom's best friend.

Running my fingers through his hair I began to feel the load of all loads building in my balls. The feeling was so intense that it almost hurt. Letting out a loud moan, I began firing my load deep into his mouth. I could feel him groan around my cock as he swallowed my load.

I pulled him up by the arms a kissed him deeply, tasting my load on his tongue. While kissing this amazing man, I felt his hands slide down to my ass again. The trance of his kiss was broken when I felt his fingers begin probing my ass. Danny spun me and bent me over the camp chair. As I looked over my should, I could see the top of his head as his tongue worked my ass hard. I was moaning so loud, I was afraid we would start gathering a crowd, but at the same time didn't care.

The smooth wet feeling of his tongue was soon replaced by the hard blunt head of his cock. Leaning over my back, Danny whispered in my ear, "This is going to fuckin' hurt Mikey." I felt the head of Danny's cock break through my tight hole and screamed, the pain was intense. I underestimated the size of his cock. Still purring in my ear Danny said, "Breathe baby, just breathe, it will lessen. You can do it baby."

After what felt like an hour, Danny's balls were pressed against my ass. He was right, the pain had lessened and all I wanted at that point was for him to fuck me. I began to slide my ass forward and back fucking myself on his cock. "You are one horny cock slut aren't you baby?" he asked. I just grunted in response.

Sensing my readiness, Danny withdrew his cock and slid back in, grinding his cock into my ass. I felt his hairy chest leave my back and his hands move to my hips. He began to fucked me at a faster pace, until he was pounding my ass. We were both lost in our sexual euphoria, paying no attention to the volume of our moans. I heard the roar of a wild man behind and soon felt my ass flood with the warm feeling of Danny's cum. Suddenly without touching my cock I started cumming, firing my load onto the camp chair in front of me. Coming down from our sexual highs Danny was still buried in my ass, I could feel mini thrusts from him as he lay across my back.

After several minutes of post orgasmic bliss Danny straightened up and let his cock slide slowly out of my ass. The warm air was filled with a combination of smells - sweat, pine, lake water, and cum. As I stood on my unsteady feet, I turned to Danny, unsure of the reaction I would get. Looking up into his gorgeous eyes I saw a love that was without limit. Wrapping his arms around my neck he pulled me firmly to his furry chest and pressed his lips against the top of my head. He whispered in my ear, "Mikey, that was amazing, I love you so much." Looking up again, into his eyes I felt completely safe in his arms. Silently our lips connected and a passion fueled kiss ensued.

Danny pulled away and asked me if I wanted to go wash up, then we would cook up some food. Knowing that I smelled like an oversexed swamp creature I agreed. The walk to the shower house was not a long walk, but it was made longer by our horsing around. Snapping towels, playing grab ass, and enjoying each others company. Stepping into the shower house, it was obvious that because of it being a Thursday and the time of day we had free reign over the place. We stripped and, deciding we would have our privacy, entered one stall together. Now if you have ever been in a shower at a campground, they typically are not very large and it was a tight fit. Once the water was going we jockeyed for position in the shower, Of course, I put up little fight in where Danny guided my body. I just wanted to be in contact with him at all times.

After washing my back Danny pressed forward, pushing me face first into the wall. It was obvious what his intentions were as I could feel his thickening cock slide across my still throbbing ass. I felt the strangest combination of vulnerable and alive as the blunt head of his cock connected with my swollen ring. The water helped ease the pain as he slowly pressed back into me. Despite myself I moaned loudly. In the cement building the echo was almost as loud. As his thrusts picked up speed and intensity the room soon filled with the echoes of both my moaning and our skin slapping rhythmically. The ridges of Danny's cock made my ass feel alive as they stretched and pulled inside me. With his upper back against the opposite wall he had the leverage and angle needed to maximize the depth of his penetration, opening me again deep inside.

The clapping of our skin was getting louder and the intensity continued to grow. Once again lost in our sexual euphoria we could care less about the noise we were making, convinced that we had the park virtually to ourselves.

With a loud moan Danny fired another load into the depth of my ass, grinding sensually into me while collapsing forward and nibbling my neck. No sooner had his furry chest made contact with my back, we heard something. Not sure what it was we ignored it. However, we heard it again. Realizing that someone had purposefully been making the noise, Danny peaked out the curtain. "Can I help you?" he asked. The man on the other side of the curtain responded, "I know you guys are practically alone here, but you really should be more discreet. The owners wouldn't take too kindly to finding you fucking in the shower."

To say I was mortified would be an understatement. However, as I looked over my shoulder at Danny, he was smirking. He pushed the curtain back and said, "Sorry, we will keep that in mind." As I looked at the man, he was in his mid-20's or early 30's, well built and wearing a shirt emblazoned with the logo for the campground. I soon realized what Danny was smirking at, as my eyes caught sight of this man's obvious erection. Danny grabbed my hand and said, "You ready to head back over baby?" I just nodded, still embarrassed at what had happened.

The guy from the campground said, "Well if you studs need anything, you just ask for Chris and I will be happy to help in any way I can." Knowing instantly his statement had a double meaning both Danny and I winked at him as we wrapped our towels around our waists and walked out of the shower house.

As we were walking back to our camp site, Danny busted up laughing. I couldn't help but follow suit. He looked at me and said, "Can you fucking believe our luck? Not only did we get caught, be the guy had a hardon!" I just looked at him and said, "Come on Danny that was so embarrassing. What if it had been someone else?" He simply shrugged off my question and kept walking.

When we got back to the campsite, Danny set about building a fire. Knowing this man could just about anything, I wasn't surprised when only a few short minutes later he was successful. After cooking up some dinner we sat around the fire as the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon. Once it was dark out, I couldn't help but think to myself how sexy Danny was in the glow of the fire.

I was unsure of what the future would hold, or what would happen when we got back home after this camping trip. I was sure of one thing though, I was having the time of my life. Briefly, while taking in the striking man before me I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like if Chris joined us in the shower room. But that thought soon passed as Danny stood, dropping his short as he did, and began approaching me cock at the ready.



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