My first time pulling CQ with SGT Pennington came and went with no problems. The following day was what the Army calls compensatory time, but in the afternoon there were classes to attend. During the all night session pulling CQ I'd gotten to know SGT Pennington better as well as Ryan the company clerk. Found out they were pretty squared away guys. When the clerk discovered that I could type he asked me if I'd be interested in working with him in the orderly room. As much as I would have enjoyed being around Ryan I declined his invitation, but assured him that if after skills testing there was anything I could do to help out around the orderly room or company I would be willing. That seemed to satisfy him.

The morning after CQ Ryan said that he'd mention to Top that I could be counted on to fill-in as needed around the company headquarters doing some extra duty after testing was complete. I figured why not ingratiate myself with the company head shed; it couldn't hurt, I was already known by some as a lifer. Besides, I learned that clerks in the company who many times served as drivers got to take trips to the Seoul and other areas in Korea when officers or senior NCOs had reason to go.

After breakfast about mid morning I awoke with a raging hard-on. I wasn't sure whether to rub it out lying in my bunk in the empty hooch or go to the latrine and do it in the shower. Staying in my bunk to jack off there was a possibility that I might get caught by one of the house boys who came and went at will. There was one young house boy in his twenties I'd seen around the company that I thought if I was back in the states I wouldn't mind letting him blow me or vice versus.

The houseboy was very good-looking with nice body. I'd learned his name was Kim, but had dismissed any thoughts about sex with him. However, I did find myself fantasizing about him. I figured it was safer to go down to the shower to jack off; besides, the company was out in the field for the morning doing some training thing. I'd heard them march out of the company area after an early morning chow call, so the company area was pretty much empty except for a skeleton crew of support staff.

I got out of my bunk, threw on my fatigue shirt and began walking towards the latrine in my shower shoes trying to keep my erection hidden by shoving my hand inside my pocket. I looked a mess in my flip flop shower sandals and my shirt unbuttoned hanging loosely outside of my fatigue trousers.

Once I got into the latrine I heard the shower water running. I peeked around the corner and low and behold there was SGT Pennington in all his splendid glory beating his meat. What a sight to feast my eyes on, watching the red haired Buck Sergeant hammering his soapy cock with clenched fist. I could clearly see his fist gliding back and forth, exposing a pretty glistening crimson knob with a purple band as he worked his cock in and out of his fisted hand.

Although the young man's body was somewhat pale with freckle spots he was in good physical shape. His head was thrown back. I could tell he was deep into concentration jacking off. I decided to go for it. I stripped off my uniform and walked into the shower with my soap in one hand and my semi hard cock in the other. A surprised SGT Pennington was horrified. By the expression on his face I thought he was going to shit himself right there in the shower. He immediately began turning red spinning around facing the wall.

'Hell, you don't have to hide that beauty from me. I'm here for the same reason, Sarge.'

The Sergeant didn't say anything at first, just stood with his back to me jacking off. I'd caught him off guard with his hard dick in his hand and he was definitely embarrassed, but he was on the verge of busting a nut.

'You ain't got anything to be ashamed of or anything I haven't seen before, Sarge,' was all I could say.

Slowly the shocked Sergeant began turning around to face me. His cock that had just unloaded was getting soft. I watched his hazel eyes drop, gazing upon my now hard cock that I was lathering up for a good jerk. I was giving my squad leader's red haired crotch a good look too. He had a respectable size cock and was packing nice size nuggets in his scrotal sac. He was definitely a fire crotch. I figured what the hell I might as well go for it. What could happen? The worst was to get caught by another soldier or turned-in as a queer by Sergeant Pennington and then the Army could send me back to the world.

The Sergeant left the shower stall to dry off. I jerked off eventually spraying spooge onto the shower floor. I finished my shower and then moved to the sinks where we shaved and brushed our teeth in awkward silence. I made my mind up to let Sergeant Pennington make the first move to speak. When we got back to the hooch he disappeared behind the OD blanket that served as a curtain while I finished dressing out in the communal squad area. Once I finished I walked back and knocked on the wall.

'Enter,' came the command.

'Hey Sarge.'

'Private,' Sergeant Pennington replied.

'I just want to tell you that what happened in the latrine stays in the latrine as far as I'm concerned.'

'Cool,' The Sergeant said, 'You scared the hell outa me back there.'

'Sorry,' I said, 'I've heard about the witch hunt trying to catch guys jacking off. Personally, I think the Army is way out of line trying to put guys in the stockade or giving them dishonorable discharges for jackin off. Just a fuckin waste of time and money as far as I'm concerned.'

'I agree,' Pennington replied, 'a guy has needs. The Army only gives an Article 15 if you get the clap in the ville.'


The red haired Sergeant was starting to loosen up, so I was going to take advantage of our time together learning as much as possible about my Squad Leader in the time we had before the company came back. 'So, how long you been in this shit hole country?' I asked.

'I got here back in December before Christmas last year, not six months yet.'

'What are the summers and winters like here?'

'The winter season fuckin cold. I mean burrrrr, damnnnn fuckinnnn cold, like some times with wind chills in the minus twenties and forties or below. The battalion had a lot of frost bite casualties last winter and deaths too.'

'Damn!' I replied.

'Yeah, probably why the former Battalion Commander got relieved. You probably got here at the best time of the year for weather in Korea. I understand that June, July and August are hot mother fuckers. The spring and fall ain't too bad, but summer and winters are a bitch.'


'Yep, hot and humid during the summer and really stinks from what I've been told,' The Sergeant said.

We continued talking getting more comfortable with each other. After a few more minutes the Sergeant said, 'Randy, call me Jerry when we're off duty; besides, I'm actually an E-4. The BC wants all squad leader E-4s to wear Sergeant Stripes, so orders are cut making us Acting Sergeants. According to TO&E Squad Leasers are suppose to be Staff Sergeants, but those and other ranking NCOs are in short supply with the war in Vietnam heating up.'

'And what the fuck does TO&E stand for?' I asked.

'Table of Organization and Equipment. TO&E is the document that prescribes the wartime mission; capabilities, organizational structure, and mission essential personnel and equipment requirements for all Army units. Basically, everything from ass wipe to ammo, beans to bullets and us. Everything has a line number, including us. Everything is ordered by line number including us.

'Damn, I'm learning something new everyday,' I replied, 'I'll store that away I might need that information someday.'

'You'll get more about TO&E in a class for the EIB I believe,' The knowledgeable sergeant said.

'Cool. So, you got Sergeant Stripes in less than six months. From PFC to Sergeant. Not too bad for bein here less than six months,' I said, 'Maybe there's a chance I can make sergeant soon. How'd you do it?'

'Basically, just kept my shit squared away. Before I can get promoted to Sergeant E-5 I've got to attend the Division NCO Academy. I'm waiting on a slot.'


'You get that EIB pinned on your chest and I don't, you may get my stripes,' Jerry said.

'You been goin to the classes. You'll make it,' I replied.

'I hope so. I'd hate havin to go back to pullin details and KP,' Jerry said.

'Just curious how often do you jerk off in the shower?'

'Not much. I got this squad room back here to take care of that. The other guy is a real Sergeant and he's got a Yo-Bo down in the ville, so he's not around much of an evening. I don't go to the ville much. Only been there a half dozen times since I got in-country. Mainly, I go to the Steam and Cream for a blow job. I really don't care to fuck them whores in the ville,' Jerry replied.

'I hear that loud and clear. I'm always up for a good blowjob at the steam and cream. Let me know when you are gonna go the next time.'

'Okay,' Jerry said, 'Oh by the way wait till you have to drop your drawers out in the company area at O'Dark-thirty in the morning and let one of our medics feel you up, playin with your cock looking for the dribbles of clap. That's a real treat.'

'No thanks,' I replied, 'If anyone feels me up it's gonna be in private on my terms.'

Jerry looked at me quizzically and then asked, 'So, you got a girl friend back in the world waitin on you?'

'Nope. Not a girl or a guy. What about you?'

'Nope,' again, Jerry looked at me with that wry curious look he'd given me a minute before saying, 'What do you mean not a guy or girl?'

I immediately took notice that he said guy before girl. Did that have special meaning? I needed to find out because I wouldn't mind engaging in a little mutual masturbation with my squad leader if he was agreeable.

We continued talking peeling the layers of the onion away. During our conversation we both discussed our lives in the world and sex lives. I'll admit a little guardedly when it came to sex, but none the less discussing the matter. I made the comment that I thought the Army's policy regarding homosexuals in the Army was bullshit.

He agreed with me saying, 'Yeah, this shit about if we get captured and we're queers the enemy can use it against us to make us spill the beans is crap. Hell, as infantry grunts we don't know any fuckin secrets; besides, the North Koreans know more about us than we do. Wait till you get up on the 'Z' and they start broadcasting shit across the DMZ all bout you, your family your girl friend. Fuckin scary shit man.'

'You're kidding.'

'Nope. I been up there. Believe me it's scary,' Jerry replied.

We could hear the company coming back to the compound for noon chow. They were singing those Jody marching songs. Some things never change in the Army. SGT Pennington suggested we go meet the troops for chow, and then after chow we would head off to attend EIB classes.



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