As Nelson and I approached the platoon hooch two Korean males were exiting the front entrance to the pale green Q-hut with boots in their hands and arms full of fatigues. I started to break for them, thinking them to be thieves. Nelson grabbed me by the arm restraining me saying, 'Those are house boy's not slicky boys.'

'House boys? Slicky boys?'

'Yeah, they're Korean locals who work on base doing domestic chores for GIs. Slicky boys are young Korean thieves. Ya gotta watch out for them. They get into to the Army compounds and steal anything that isn't nailed down. Also watch out for them when you're in the ville.'

'Damn, something else to watch out for,' I replied.

Gary said to me, 'Rumor has it Slicky Boys are so good they can steal a Duce and half while you're sittin in the driver's seat drivin it. They stole a piano from and officers club while a bunch of officers were in the place drinking.'

'Wow! So, these guys are that good,' I said.

'Put American thieves to shame,' Nelson said.

'I'll remember that. So, how do I tell the good Koreans from the bad ones?' I asked.

'I've been told you'll get to know over time. I don't know yet,' Gary said.

'So now I got to figure out who's a good Korean and a bad Korean as well as try to figure out who are C.I.D. undercover cops,' I replied.

'You're forgetting the GI thieves. Hell we got thieves right here in the company and battalion. Every once in a while the MPs are called and they cart off somebody to Casey,' Gary said.

'Oh shit! I better watch my stuff and keep it secure.'

'Yep. By the way, if ya want to hire a house boy now would be a good time to talk to them and set up a service. Actually only NCOs and officer are supposed to have house boys, but Top turns his head. We all chip in five dollars a month for them to keep the hooch clean, but for personal services they want more money,' Nelson explained.

'Do you have them do stuff for you?' I asked, 'How much more a month?'

'No, can't afford it on PFC's pay. The price depends upon what you want them to do for you. I use Quartermaster laundry, shine my own boots and make my own bunk up.'

I replied, 'I think I'll wait a while.'

We ducked inside the hooch where other members of Second Platoon were lounging around on the bunks talking, smoking and listening to music. A few were playing cards. Both of us flopped down on our bunks to rest up before chow. Other platoon and squad members were wandering in and out of the hooch till finally we were only the two of us left.

As we lay in our bunks across from each other I couldn't get my new best buddy's naked body out of my head. Finally, I dismissed the thought drifting off to sleep. Over the next few days Nelson and I shared our history only to discover that we lived about fifty miles from each other. My home was Evansville, Indiana, and Nelson came from a small farming community across the river in Utica, Kentucky. We both shared the same interests in music, films and cars.

Before I knew it the weekend had arrived. On Saturday after morning inspection Gary and I attended a two hours classroom pre land navigation class. The NCO that taught the course we discovered had run a similar course at Fort Benning and did a damn fine job presenting. We learned that the upcoming week would be the first land nav course to qualify. He urged the dozen or so in attendance to pay close attention to his class and pass the course on the first time out. By the time we returned to the hooch it was empty. Other platoon members were either at the EM club or in the ville, so Gary and I headed to the latrine to shower as we'd done a few times before since my arrival in the company.

Once again we stood across from each other letting the warm water run down our bodies and once again my eyes were drawn to Gary's manhood. This time it appeared a little bigger than on previous occasions. I thought to myself, one of these days I'm gonna walk in and catch him flogging his pole. My dick began growing, so again I turned facing the wall. We finished showering, got dressed and left the block building walking back to the hooch.

Gary broke the silence on the trek back saying, 'There ain't no need to hide it, Randy. We all get hard ons.'

I responded, 'What do you mean. I wasn't trying to hide anything. From what I was seeing it looked as though you were gettin hard in there; besides, I just didn't want to get caught by Sid or have some one else walking in on us seeing me starting to get all boned up.'

'As long as we aren't doing anything like manipulating each other's cocks or they were fully hard there's really nothing the Sid assholes can do. Besides, a hard on is a natural thing.'

'Yeah I know that,' I replied, thinking this kid from Kentucky was pretty savvy.

'In case you're curious mine grows to a fraction over eight inches when it's all boned up. What about you?' Nelson questioned.

I replied stretching the truth a little, 'Almost seven inches.'

'Not bad,' Nelson responded, 'Make some young Jo-san down in the ville happy.


'A Jo-san is a young Korean girl who'll make you happy. Kinda like a Yo-Bo. Most Jo-sans have a Ma-san who is kinda like a madam or pimp.'

'I guess some things just don't change no matter where we are on the world,' I replied with a smile and a chuckle.


'Hey you wanta go with me?' I asked.


'I thought I'd take a walk down to Cougar Company to see of I can locate Danny, my buddy from jump school. Been here almost a week and haven't seen or heard from him. You want to go with me?'

'Sure, nothin else ta do.'

We pulled on our uniforms and made our way down the road to Cougar Company in search of Danny Dickman. I thought if we managed to find him the three of us might go visit the ville. Nelson and I had been okayed for a pass.


[This fictional story about Korea set in the mid 60s is dedicated to all the brave men and women in the Armed Forces who serve or have served, protecting our way of life, keeping us and others free from oppression and tyranny. Especially, those unsung post Korean Cold War soldiers that stood yesterday and stand today shoulder to shoulder with their Korean counterparts protecting South Korea and the world from aggression from the north.

These though well-trained fighting men endure and have endured much during their thirteen months unaccompanied tours in Korea. The second Korean War from 1966 to 1969 was overshadowed by the Vietnam War. For many years American and ROK soldiers were not recognized for their bravery and hardships endured guarding against aggression from the north. Since the armistice was signed soldiers guarding the DMZ and the free people of South Korea sit on a powder keg waiting for the short fuse to be ignited by unstable leadership in the north. Most people in America don't have any understanding of the fragile situation in Korea.

Although this story is fictional it may be based on certain real places, facts and settings; of course, names and dates have been changed. If by chance any readers recognize the places I refer to in the story feel free to comment or e-mail me. If I've erred feel free to comment. Memory is a bitch when old soldiers get older. In fact, feel free to make comments and/or critique my work. I enjoy hearing from my readers. A response is the novice writer's form of payment and appreciation from readers. Let me know if I should leave this a short story or continue to follow the characters during their tour of duty in Korea. I'll refrain from posting future chapters until I get some positive feedback on the story.

I won't apologize for the lack of sexual situations in the first few chapters. I believe in writing, developing a plot line and characters before letting them indulge in sex. Think about it there are only so many ways to have sex and most of them have been covered in the many thousands of stories told on Nifty. The sex act only lasts a short period of time in most people's lives. Many of us do more thinking and fantasizing about sex than the actual event itself. So, if you are one that wants instant sexual gratification from a story maybe another story posted on the Nifty site is for you. I'm and always have been a firm believer in as much foreplay as possible before indulging in the actual sex act. If I have whetted your sexual appetite with the first three chapters let me know you want more.]




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