After swallowing a load of cum from each of the college jocks, it made a total of 5 loads for the evening so far. As the guys pulled their cocks away from my mouth we heard, "Look what we have here, a group of fags." I glanced toward the door to the rest stop john door and saw three guys who looked like they were on the way home from a job in a factory. There work shirts and pants were covered in grease. The type of labor they did had built bodies that other people paid gyms and trainers to achieve. The two college jocks ran out of the john, so it was just me and the three laborers.

It was obvious that the guy who spoke was the alpha of the group because he stepped forward and spoke again, "I guess your faggot friends aren't interested in getting some real man cock." He pawed the bulge in his work pants as did his friends. Like their bodies and their calloused hands, their cocks looked large. Each of the guys were over 6' and each had to weigh around 200 pounds. Compared to by 5'10" well-built body of about 165 pounds they looked like giants.

"Show me how much you want my man meat you faggot." Since I was already on my knees I skidded over to the alpha just inches from the front of his work pants. "Open my pants." I undid his belt, unsnapped them and then pulled his zipper down. His boxers were tented by his hardening cock.

"Carl, watch the door and let me know if anyone is coming." One of the guys had a disappointed look on his face but did what he was told and moved over to the door and looked through the small opening he created by opening the door just an inch or two. The third man kept rubbing the front of his pants.

"Take it out, cocksucker, I know you want it." I pulled out a large, thick cock. "Suck it." I took the head into my mouth and tasted his sweat from a hard day of labor. "More", he ordered. I took about half of his cock into my mouth and rubbed my tongue against the bottom of his mushroom shaped head. "That's it boy. You do know how to take care of a real man's cock." I swallowed more of his cock. The alpha put his hands on my head holding me still and pushed the rest of his cock into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat causing him to moan.

"Clark, someone's coming."

"Shit." Clark, the alpha, pulled his cock out and yanked me to my feet. "Go outside and wait for us, I know you want to finish the job." I arranged myself and walked out of the john and saw a handsome man approaching. He was about my size and weight with amazing combination of blue eyes and black hair. He was checking out my body as he moved in my direction. As I passed the water fountain, I again leaned down to get a drink making sure he saw the rip in the ass of my jeans. The handsome man slowed as he walked by but then continued on to the john.

The tree guys from the john exited separately and moved toward me. Clark said, "Follow me." He went behind the john. There was a single light attached to the building that showed the outline of a couple of picnic tables and a barbeque grill. Clark walked up to the back of the building and leaned against the wall. He pulled out his cock "finish me off faggot." I came over to him and lowered myself to my knees and took his whole cock back into the mouth. His friends continued to rub their crotches as they watching. I could see a wet stain on the third guy's pants.

"You know, I think I want to give you may load in your pussy instead of your mouth faggot." Clark pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Why don't you take care of my friends here before I let you feel a real man's cock up your ass."

Both other guys pulled their cocks out at the same time and began to argue about who got my mouth first. Clark made the decision and told Carl he could feed me first. He took Clark's place against the wall and stroked his cock inches from my face. Carl had a pretty good sized cock as well, not as big as Clark's but thicker. I really had to open my mouth wide to get the head beyond my lips. I made sure to cover my teeth with my lips. His cock was so thick I was afraid I was going to scrape his cock. Carl's cock also had the funk of long, sweaty day of work.

Both Clark and the third guy were stroking their cocks as Carl tried to push more of his cock into my mouth. Clark moved toward me and put his hand on the back of my head and pushed forward. I could barely breathe since Carl's dick was so thick but Clark kept pushing so more and more of the cock was in my mouth. I tilted my head in such a way that I was able to breathe through my nose. Clark started moving my head so that Carl's cock was sliding in and out of my mouth. Clark would stop when the head of Carl's cock was getting ready to leave my lips.

"That's right fucker, suck my friend's cock, he's never been sucked by a faggot before and we both know that faggots suck better than any woman out there."

Soon I didn't need Clark's hand pushing and pulling me on Carl's cock. I had my hands on each side of him like I was doing pushups on his cock. Carl yelled out "fuck man, this feels so fucking good."

"Shut up asshole, do you want someone to come back here and find us with this cocksucker?"

Clark stopped stroking his cock and told the third guy to stop as well. "We don't want to waste our loads when the pussy boy obviously wants them."

On one of my moves backward on Carl's cock he began shooting a thick load of man seed. It was a huge amount and it was difficult for me to swallow all of it but I did. Carl said "thanks man, that felt unbelievable."

"You don't thank a cocksucker for taking care of you asshole, that's what they are here for, to take care of us. Now I want to find out how good your boy pussy is faggot. Lean up against the picnic table." He pointed to the closest table. As I leaned forward against it, he stuck his finger into the rip in the back of my jeans. "Shit, your ass feels as soft as a baby's butt." He let his fingers wander there for a minute. "Take your jeans off faggot." I undid the buttons of my jeans and pushed them down my legs stopping at my ankles. "Take them all the way off." I did and then Clark pushed me back down on the table while kicking my legs farther apart. He started to rub his still saliva covered cock along my ass cheek. "Guys, I'm going to show you guys how to fuck a faggot. Unlike a woman you don't need to be gentle and sweet, you can just pound away at a faggot, they love it."

As Clark slide his cock along the ass crack again he found my hole and stopped. Just as he said he rammed his cock into my waiting hole. I moaned loving the feeling of being full and used in such a way. "Didn't I tell you guys, he loves it."

It had to be at least five minutes that Clark kept pounding my ass. I could feel the sweat slide from his chest on to my ass. With each stroke his cock hit my prostate and each time I wanted to cum but I held back knowing that I wanted to cum when he did. All of a sudden I felt empty, Clark had pulled his cock from my ass and pulled me away from the table. He told the third buy "come here." Clark leaned back on the table with is back on the table as far forward as he could get without his ass falling off the table. "Climb up and ride my cock with your pussy."

I straddled over Clark's midsection and moved so that the tip of his hot, rigid cock was against my hole. I felt the head pop through my ass lips. I slowly lowered myself until I had his cock all the way in my ass. Again, I felt so full I moved again. Clark kept moving so his we were closer and closer to the edge of the table. Even though I was focused on his cock, it did seem like we close to the edge. Clark told the third guy to grab his legs and hold them up. "Ok, now, put the head of your cock against his hole and my cock."

"No fucking way man, I don't want to be rubbing against your cock."

"Come on man, haven't you ever wanted to double fuck someone? Really show them who's in charge. Now's your chance. Put your cock against his hole."

I had never been double fucked before. At least it wasn't the guy with the really thick cock that was going to be a part of a team. I tried to stop and climb off of Clark before it began but the feeling of his cock all the way up my ass felt too good to really stop. I could feel the tip of the third guy's cock touch the edge of my hole. I felt its pressure along with the pressure of base of Clark's cock.

"Come on dude, push some in." I felt more pressure, it felt like my ass was going to rip open. I slide up on Clark's cock and felt more of the third guy's cock against my hole. As I started to slide down the pain of the head of his cock trying to enter me was extreme but now I wanted to find out what it felt like to have two cocks in my ass at the same time. I slide up again and when I started to slide down the third guy pushed a bit harder and a bit more of the head of his cock pushed through. I rose up again and this time when I came down the third guy's cock head entered my ass. I wanted to scream in pain and pleasure but didn't want to have anyone come to see if someone was hurt. I stopped moving and took a couple of deep breathes to calm myself. Based on our positions, the size of their cocks and the tautness of my ass, I couldn't get more than the head of the third man's cock into me, but I was able to start to move in such a way that Clark's cock would rub against the third man's head as I rode Clark. Clark had his hands on my hips pulling me down. Clark's eyes were closed and I imagined the other guy's were too. The pleasure was just too much for each of us. As Clark hit my prostate again, I shot a load of cum over the top of his head without even touching myself. As I came my ass tightened up around both cocks in my ass causing them to fill me with two loads of sperm. Carl, who had been stroking the whole time that this double fuck had been going on groaned as he dropped his second load of the night.

"Jesus fucking Christ, I never seen anything like that before. His ass was eating both of your cocks."

The third guy stepped back and his cock left my ass with a pop. Clark's cock stayed hard so I continued to tighten my ass around it. Holding me tight, Clark sat up while keeping me on his cock. To keep from falling I wrapped my arms around the man's neck. The guy was as strong as a horse because he stood up, holding me on his cock. He turned around so he was facing the table and laid me back down and started fucking my ass like it was the last one he was going to have. I was slick with the two loads of cum I had just received so his cock glided in and out of my ass with ease.

"Yeah, I was right when I thought you'd be a good fucker. I'm glad those two other guys ran out on you. Wouldn't have been as much fun if we all had to fight for your ass."

With each thrust against my prostate my dick got harder and harder until I shot another load on to Clark's chest as he gave my ass another of his loads of hot, creamy sperm. He pulled out of my ass, bent down and picked up my jeans and wiped his cock and his chest of both his sperm and mine.

Clark turned to his friends, "time to go boys, I think we deserve a couple of beers before we go home." Turning to me, "you did all right cocksucker, I hope we see you out here again." They walked around the building and were gone while I just leaned against the picnic table breathing hard.

I put my jeans back on and headed toward the front of the building. The guy with the blue eyes and black hair was standing in the shadows. He must have been watching us the whole time because he was stroking a nice size cock. I looked around, got on my knees just in time to get his load. I wanted him to stay around but he went back to his car.

The man I had seen earlier sitting in his car when I arrived was still there. I stopped for a drink of water again, showing off my ass, and then turned back and locked eyes with the guy. He got out of his car and walked toward the john. As he passed me he smiled and kept on walking until he entered the john. I turned and followed, I was up for a few more loads of cum.

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