It was a hot and humid night. I had decided to visit one of my favorite rest stops looking to feed on some nice cocks. Before I headed out I put one of my favorite outfits on to make sure I got what I wanted. Along with a pair of low rise jeans that had a rip under the left back pocket I had put on a sleeveless t-shirt that was cut off showing off my abs. Before I left my apartment I checked myself in the mirror. I looked good, 5'10", 165 pounds with dishwater blonde hair and blue/green eyes.

As I drove to the rest stop, which was about 30 minutes from my apartment, I couldn't help but to start getting horny. I don't know how many loads of cum I'd gotten at this rest stop. I had found it about a year ago and made sure to visit it every couple of weeks. Although I had several guys in town that I hooked up with on a regular basis, there was just something about getting some anonymous cock that gave me a certain thrill.

I pulled into the parking lot and noticed several cars and a few trucks. All of the vehicles looked like they were occupied by a man. I got out of my car and locked the door and then started walking toward the water fountain that was in front of the doors to the bathrooms. I bent over to get a drink making sure that the rip in the ass of my jeans was visible to all the cars and trucks. There was one guy in a 4x4 that already had my attention. He had a swarthy look with dark hair and skin. His shoulders were broad. I hoped the parts of his body that I couldn't see where just as nice.

I looked back over my shoulder, specifically at him, and then entered the john. I had been in the bathroom so many times I knew most of the pictures that were drawn on the walls and in the stalls. Usually there was one or two new ones each time I visited so there was always something, besides cock, to look forward to. I loved the creativity some of the authors and artists used.

The john had three of everything, three stalls, three sinks and three urinals. There were no partitions between the urinals and there were just short doors on the stalls. I took the middle urinal, opened the button on my jeans so that they slide a little farther down my ass, and pulled my dick out. I started stroking my dick as I read a message that said "looking for a hot mouth and ass to take care of my 12" cock". I thought about what I could do with a 12" cock.

I heard a door open and close out in the parking lot. Before too long a kid walked into the bathroom. He couldn't have been more than 18 or 19. I felt like an old man at 24 standing next to this kid who had joined me at the urinal. He kept looking straight ahead as he pulled out a decent piece of meat. I didn't hide my intentions, I kept looking at his cock while I stroked my cock. I knew he was interested when he stepped back a bit making sure I got a better look at his cock. I licked my lips. I glanced around and then put one of my hands around his cock. He moaned. I started slowly stroking his cock and watched it grow in both length and girth. The kid had a very respectable cock. He let his hands hang at his sides as he rolled his head back and moaned.

I let go of the kid's dick and walked to the farthest stall and looked back over my shoulder at him. I stepped in the stall but left the door open. He got the message, he followed me in and then closed and latched the stall door. I sat down on the toilet and pulled his cock toward my mouth. The head of his cock was large and very red. I teased him by just touching the end of my tongue on his piss slit. When I did his cock twitched, I knew I had him then. I took the head into my mouth and lightly sucked on it using my tongue and lips. I am a very skilled cocksucker.

The kid put his hand on the back of my head and tried to pull me onto his cock but I resisted. I could tell that I was driving him crazy. Little by little I took more of his cock into my mouth as my fingers tickled his balls. The dude was purring like a kitten.

I hadn't heard a sound but someone must have come into the john because I heard a knock on our stall door. I reached around the kid to unlock the door and the kid tried to stop me but I sucked a little harder on his cock and that was all it took to take his mind off of stopping me. I undid the lock and the stall door opened revealing a well-built guy in his mid to late forties. He obviously kept in shape and was nice daddy material. He watched as I sucked the kid. I smiled with my eyes as he started rubbing the bulge in his business suit pants.

He put his hand on the kid's head and turned it toward his face while also pushing the kid forward causing more of his cock to enter my mouth and hit the back of my throat. The daddy started kissing the kid. The kid tried to pull back but the daddy was insistent and the kid finally gave in. The daddy started pawing the kid's chest under his shirt finding his nipples and tweaking them. The daddy pushed the kid forward a little more until my lips were at the base of his cock. I could tell that the daddy was rubbing his bulge against the kid's ass by the way the kid was moving.

The kid let loose with string after string of hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some still seeped out of the corners of my mouth. The daddy caught some on his fingers and stuck them in my mouth.

The kid's body relaxed and his cock slid from my mouth. The daddy grabbed the kid's cock and squeezed out a couple more drops of cum which I licked from the end of his cock. All of a sudden the kid must have come out of his haze and realized what was going on and pulled up his pants and fought his way by the daddy and ran from the john.

While the daddy watched him leave I was focused on the bulge in his slacks. I raised my hand and ran a finger along the outline of his impressive cock. He must have been wearing boxers or going commando because there didn't feel like anything was holding his cock in place. With the stall door still open, the man took a step back moving his bulge away from my hand. I moved my hand forward and he pushed it back.

He was tantalizing me by slowly pulling his zipper down and pushing his pants below his balls which looked full of pent up cream. He started to stroke his cock but every time I leaned in to catch it with my mouth he pulled back and just kept stroking. All I could do was lick my lips and plead with him using my eyes.

We heard footsteps approaching the john. The daddy reached back and closed and latched the stall door. He raised a finger to lips indicating he wanted me to stay quiet. Because he had closed the stall door he needed to move closer to me. Each time I tried to catch his cock with my mouth he would move it away. After a while I just stopped trying since that seemed to be what he wanted. When I stopped he rewarded me by rubbing his hot piece of meat on my checks and the tip across my lips.

I could hear the man who just entered step up to a urinal but didn't hear anything beyond a zipper being lowered. After a moment the man turned and entered the middle stall. Soon a cock came through the glory hole that I was well acquainted with. It was a large veiny cock that was almost an angry red color waiting for something to cool it off. The daddy turned my head and mouth toward the cock sticking through the hole. He kept moving me toward it until my lips wrapped around the head of the anonymous cock. The daddy spoke "yeah, that's it, take it all into your mouth, I want to see you deep throat that cock, I want to see if you have the talent to let me feed you." I was damn well going to show the daddy that I knew how to suck cock.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of the anonymous cock and started sliding my mouth up and down the dick. It tasted clean, like he had just taken a shower. Clean or musky, I like all cocks. I tilted my head so that I could get more of the cock into my mouth. The daddy just kept pushing my mouth further and further down the shaft of the anonymous cock. The dick hit the back of my throat and pushed farther in. It's been a long time since I gagged when a cock was in my mouth so I enjoyed taking in as much as I could. I wanted to show the daddy that I could do it. The daddy's cock looked about the same length but was much thicker than the cock sticking through the hole.

"Fuck that feels so good." The guy on the other side of the partition moaned. "Yeah man, eat my cock. Ah shit."

I guess that's what the daddy was waiting to hear. He pulled my head off of the anonymous cock and turned my mouth toward his thick dick. Without preamble he rammed his cock into my mouth and throat.

"What the fuck man, why did you stop?" I could see the anonymous cock was twitching. "Come on man, I'm so close, finish me off." I grabbed the cock with my hand to at least stroke it for the poor guy.

The daddy shifted his body so that it ended up with me close to the head of the anonymous cock. He pulled his cock from my mouth and moved it toward the other cock which I gobbled down. "Fuck yeah."

Then the daddy pulled me off that cock and brought me back to his. This back and forth went on for a while.

When the daddy was getting close and he thought the other guy was getting close too, he turned his body again so that the there was a cock tip at either side of my mouth. Knowing what was going to happen, I opened my mouth wide just in time to start getting two loads of seed from the two men. I did all I could to catch as much of each as I could but some dripped out of my mouth onto my jeans.

"Thanks kid", then the daddy zipped up and left the stall and the john.

"Dude, that was awesome, thanks", the anonymous cock pulled back, zipped up and started to leave his stall.

Someone else must have entered the john because I heard someone say "Is he any good?"

"Great mouth."

I decided to see what the anonymous piece of meat was attached to and who the new person was. I got up and left my stall to see the back of whom I believed was the anonymous cock leaving the john and two new guys standing in the middle of the john. They looked like a pair of jocks from the nearby college. Both guys were tall and very cut, they almost looked like brothers.

"You aren't leaving, are you?", one said with an almost sad note in his voice.

My eyes racking over their bodies. "Not if you want me to stay." They both started to rub the bulges in their basketball shorts. "Pull your shirts up behind your heads, I want to see more of your bodies." They both did, I liked having some power over these guys.

I dropped onto my knees in front of the guy that was slightly taller. I began to pull the front of his basketball shorts down. "What the fuck man, out here?"

"Sure, your friend can watch the door." I freed his cock from the jock strap that was under his basketball shorts and started to lick up and down his fuck stick.

"Fuck man, that feels so good."

Even though his friend was supposed to be watching the door he kept looking back at us as he pulled his cock out of his shorts. He started stroking a piece of meat bigger than his friends. I needed to work both of them so I gestured him over and put a hand on each cock and stroked them both. I got them close enough that their heads were rubbing together. At first it seemed to freak them out but after a while it must have felt pretty good because they let me keep doing it. I lapped my tongue over each of their heads.

"Come on man, take it in your mouth", said the taller one. I obliged by taking him all the way down to his base. I rubbed my tongue under his head and he moaned. The other guy was slapping his cock on my face as he continued to stroke. After a few minutes I switched cocks and kept doing that until both of them were shaking.

"Come on guys, I want both of your loads." I wrapped my lips around the heads of both cocks just in time to have my mouth filled with two large loads of salty, hot cum. Now it was my turn to moan.

As I pulled away from the two cocks I saw a group of three men standing in the john door. "Look what we have here, a group of fags."


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