I watched as Brad's face grew closer to my cock, wondering if he was going to suck me. As one large drop of pre-cum emerged from my cock, Brad paused a moment then quickly licked it off.

Then, looking into my face, he smiled slightly and said, "I was just curious." He continued stroking my cock and soon brought me to a climax. I later got two more loads from his cock before we turned in for the night.

However this night was different. For the first time, I eased over to him and wrapped my arm around him and we cuddled before dropping off to sleep in each others arms.

The next day, after several hours ashore, we returned to the cabin and after showering, he led me to the bed.

"I guess I know what you want," I said with a smile on my face, eager to do it for him.

Seconds later, I was between his legs, sucking his cock lovingly. As always, he soon provided me with his huge, thick, delicious load. After swallowing, I went for broke and moved up to him and pressed my lips top his, quickly offering my tongue.

To my shocked surprise, he parted his lips and offered his tongue. We kissed passionately for several moments before stopping.

Looking into my eyes, he said, "I never thought I'd ever kiss a man, but I enjoyed it."

"So did I," I replied.

He pulled me back to him and we kissed again. After the kiss ended, he again slowly eased his head closer to my cock. However this time he quickly began swallowing it.

I gasped as I felt his hot wet mouth enclose my cock and his tongue swirl around my cock head. Slowly, he worked his head up and down, swallowing more each time. Before long, he had it all and was burying his nose in my thick pubic bush. As I moaned in pleasure, he did the same.

He continued slowly sucking my cock and I let him know how great it felt. At times, he'd pause and gently suck on my balls as I had done to him. He returned to my cock and I soon could tell that my climax was quickly approaching and I told him so.

He began sucking with more enthusiasm and soon took me over the edge. My cock exploded, sending rope after rope of thick white cream into his virgin mouth. He collected it all before releasing my slowly deflating cock. Looking me in the eye, he smiled slightly then swallowed.

"Mother fuck!" I exclaimed. "That was awesome, but what made you do it?"

"As you began sucking me again and again, I became curious. I could tell that you were enjoying it and I decided that I wanted to see what it was like."

"You know that you didn't have to do it, don't you?"

"Yes, but I wanted to, and to be honest, I found it exciting and not the least bit repulsive. For some reason it seemed normal."

I pulled him to me and we kissed passionately for a while, as our hands explored each others body.

After a while, I began working his body with my mouth, sucking and licking his nipples and arm pits, and eating his ass. He moaned often in pleasure and it turned me on. When I finished, he did the same to me. I was really surprised when he went down and worked my hole with his tongue. He later told me that if I could do it so could he.

We went to dinner, then the casino, before returning to our cabin. After stripping, we went out onto the balcony and as we sat there he looked at me and said, "If anyone had ever told me that I would make love in bed to another guy, I'd have called him a liar and punched him in the mouth. But I have to be honest and say that I totally enjoyed it."

"So did I," I replied , 'however tonight I want to do something else."

"And just what would that be?" he asked.

"Brad, I want you to fuck me."

"In the ass?" he asked.

"Oh yea. I want you in me all the way."

"Sure," he replied. "Just say when."

"Right now," I replied. "Come with me."

I led him to bed and retrieved my lube. When I turned back to him I saw that he was already hard and began laughing.

"Looks like the idea is turning you on," I told him.

"Hell yea!"

I lay on the bed on my back and pulled my legs up and began lubing my hole then his rock hard cock. Once lubed, I looked at him and said calmly, "You know what to do."

He moved closer and once in position began slowly inserting his cock into my ass. As he did, he continually looked into my eyes. As he slid into me, I smiled and said, "Fuck yea. It feels awesome."

Slowly, he continued sliding into me and I soon felt his huge balls against my ass cheeks and I knew he was in all the way.

"That feels fucking awesome, now fuck my brains out."

He laughed and began riding my ass like the cowboy he was. His balls slapped against my ass as his cock drilled deep into me. As he fucked my ass, he leaned forward and we kissed passionately. He soon began panting and I knew he was getting close.

"Do it, baby. Shoot that huge load deep in me. Let me feel you shoot."

A split second later he buried his cock and I felt him explode sending volley after volley of his thick load deep into my hole.

"Fuck yea baby. That's what I wanted. I've wanted that since we met."

He slowly collapsed onto me letting his slowly deflating cock gently slip out of my hole.

Slowly, he rolled to the side and as we lay there holding hands, he said, "Damn, that was awesome. Never have I ever fucked a pussy that satisfied me as much as that did."

"Well, it's yours whenever you want it," I told him.

"You might regret saying that," he replied.

"Never!" I exclaimed.

He then slid down and lovingly sucked me off. Afterward, we showered together before going to bed.

The next morning as we sipped coffee on the balcony, he asked, "Mark, doesn't it hurt taking a cock up the ass?"

"The first time it is the worst pain you ever experienced at first, but usually by the time then guy climax's, if he's gentle, it is enjoyable. After a while, there is only a slight discomfort for a few moments before the pleasure takes over."

He sat quiet for a moment then said, "Mark, fuck me."

"Are you sure you want it?"

"Yes, from you."

We headed for the bedroom where I loosened him up with my fingers first before I started sliding my cock into him. Once I thought he was ready, I began my insertion. He gasped sharply before saying, "Mother fuck! Were you ever right. Damn that hurts."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Hell no. Like you told me, 'fuck my brains out'."

I began riding him, kissing him as I did so. He soon began moaning with [pleasure and said, "I see what you mean. It feels great. Shoot up me please."

I fucked him for several minutes before saying, "It's been a long time since I took a guys cherry but I think yours is the best. I'm about to fill you up."

"Do it stud," he said. "Fill me up."

I did and after slowly pulling out I asked how he felt.

"A little sore," he replied, "but it was unbelievable. I can't believe I'm saying this but I enjoyed it."

Later that day, Brad and I fucked each other again then had a sixty-nine at bedtime.

On our sixth day we were ashore and saw two guys from out ship walking ahead of us holding hands.

"Aren't they from our ship?" Brad asked.

"Yea, but I never suspected they were gay."

Brad stopped and looked at me before saying, "It just really dawned on me. I never thought I'd say that I was gay but I am. I can't see myself having sex with a woman again."

"Are you upset with me for what I've done?"

"Hell no. I realize that it is who I am and all you did was made me realize it. I owe you a lot for that."

as we continued walking, He reached over and slipped his hand in mine. I looked at him and as I did he smiled.

moments later the two guys we had seen stopped at a store and when they did they happened to look our way. Upon seeing us holding hands they smiled.

As we approached, they smiled and introduced themselves as Jim and Greg. We became a foursome, having lunch together and shopping together.

When we returned to the ship, they invited us to their junior suite for a drink.

Once there, they asked how long we had been together.

"Oh we're not lovers," I said. I began explaining about Brad being my straight neighbor and me winning the trip and making advances.

"Yea, I had never dreamed of having sex with another guy but after he made the advances, I began seeing things in a different way. I decided that I didn't see anything wrong with it and began returning the advances. I now know I'm gay and plan to stay that way."

"Fucking unbelievable," Jim said.

Then Greg began telling us how he and Jim were room mates in college and it wasn't until their senior year that they found out that each other was gay. they were both lawyers and worked for the same firm and after a year or so became lovers.

We talked and drank before going to dinner. They insisted we join them again after dinner which we did.

One thing led to another and soon the four of us were totally naked and I watched as Greg put the make on Brad and began a sixty-nine. Jim and I did the same and Brad later said how much it turned him on to see me sucking another guy.

We had sex a couple more times with them during the cruise.

All too soon the cruise ended but as Brad reminded me, "We're just next door to each other."

We had sex almost daily and when I'd fuck Brad, at times I'd eat my own load out of his ass and kiss him and share it. He loved me doing that, and soon started doing it to me.

My lease was up just a month before his and I told him that I wasn't sure if I was going to renew my lease or find a house to buy.

He became very quiet for while and I knew that he was upset.

The next evening, he came over and I could tell that there was something on his mind.

After a few minutes he said, "Mark, there's something I need to say. I never thought I'd ever say it but I am."

"What is it, Brad?"

"It's been seven months since our cruise and I realized that I was gay. I had never dreamed of sex with another man at all, but after we started, it just seemed natural. After we got home, I've grown closer to you than I ever thought possible. I can't stand the thought of you moving away. I never imagined I'd ever say this to another guy but I love you, Brad," he said and as he dropped to one knee continued by saying, "and I wondered if you would do the honors of marrying me."

"I would love nothing more," I replied.

We began looking for a house together and found it in time for me to give my notice that I was moving. Brad moved out the same time as I did paying for his last month on an empty apartment. We settled into our home and soon applied for our marriage license. We had kept in touch with Jim and Greg and asked them to stand for us at the ceremony. Soon, we stood facing each other, holding hands and exchanging rings and both saying "I do!"




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