I awoke near day break and couldn't believe that I had actually slept with Brad. What really surprised me was that I had managed top refrain from making any advances and feeling his cock.

I lay there with my normal raging morning pee hard and decided to try to get to the bathroom before he woke up. I slipped out of bed and as I headed for the bathroom I heard, "I see you're in the same shape as I am."

Startled, I realized that he had seen my boner and simply replied with "Happens every damn morning."

"Yea, same here," he replied.

I stepped into the bathroom and since he had already seen me I made no attempt to close the door. Suddenly he was standing next to me saying, "Move your ass over. There is room for two and I need to piss bad."

I stepped sideways and immediately he was standing next to me aiming his stream into the toilet with mine.

As we finished, I walked to the main room to start coffee in the coffee maker provided, wondering if Brad would join me nude or in his briefs.

My curiosity was soon satisfied when Brad stepped into the room also still nude. Looking at me he said, "Do you mind me being nude?"

"Hell no," I replied, "I'm nude at home ninety-five percent of the time."

"So am I, he answered adding, "Shall we agree to stay this way in the cabin if we want to?"

"Sounds perfect to me," I replied, thrilled at the idea.

The end panels on our balcony extended out far enough to prevent the occupants of the cabins next to us from peeking around them and seeing us, allowing us to go out on the balcony nude, which we did as soon as our coffee was ready.

We had two days at sea before reaching our first port so we later slipped on swim wear and headed for the pool.

After lunch by the pool, we swam some more before going back to the cabin where we immediately stripped. We ordered a few beers, and after they arrived. we each grabbed one and headed for the balcony.

Brad began talking about what he called a hot blond at the pool wearing barely enough to cover her private area. As he talked, I noticed his cock steadily rising to attention.

Seeing his steadily stiffen mine began doing the same. He realized we were both getting boned and said, "Hole shit! What do we do now?"

"Well, the way I see it is that we're both red blooded males and being such, we probably both jerk regularly. I know I do."

"Yea, so do I."

"Well, then, if you feel like it go for it. I plan too." I reached down and slowly began stroking my cock. Brad reached for his and as he slowly began stroking, he laughed and said, "I haven't done this with another male since my early teens."

"Same here," I lied, "and personally I see nothing wrong with it." He looked over at me and smiled.

It wasn't long before we were both jerking at a faster pace and soon were firing our loads out onto our nude bodies.

"Fuck, that felt good," I said, relaxing.

"You know I, man," he replied.

After that we showered alone and dressed for dinner. After eating we hit the casino and a couple of the bars.

After returning to the cabin, we undressed and as we lay in bed, I began stroking and Brad quickly joined me.

I decided to take it to another step and moved over closer to him. After a moment or two, I reached over and took his cock out of his hand and began stroking it for him. He moaned slightly before reaching over and beginning to stroke mine.

Before long we climaxed seconds apart, again covering out stomach and chest with our loads. I got up to go retrieve two washcloths from the bath and as I did, I casually licked some of his cum off my hand, hoping he would see me.

As I entered the bath, I glanced at him and saw him watching me in shocked awe. I was expecting him to say something when I returned but he didn't.

For the next couple of days when we'd jerk, we'd jerk each other.

The days were passing all too quickly and I wondered if it was time to take it to the next level.

After spending a wonderful day in Jamaica together, we returned to the ship and after showering went to dinner. Afterward, we went to one of the shows in the theater before going to our cabin.

As normal, we casually undressed and when nude grabbed a beer which we had on ice and went to the balcony. We talked casually for a while before he casually began stroking his cock. I began stroking mine and once hard, I said, "Why don't we do it in bed where it's more comfortable?"

"Sounds good to me," he said.

We finished our beers and headed to the bedroom. Once in bed without hesitation, we started stroking each other. Once he was rock hard, before he could react, I quickly sat up and leaned over him and swallowed his cock and began sucking him.

He jerked slightly from shock before moaning several times. After the moans, he said, "Mark, man, you're the first guy to ever do that and it feels awesome, but I had no idea you liked it."

Pausing for a moment, I said, "Man, I've been wanting to do this since the day you moved in." I immediately returned to slowly sucking his cock.

"Fuck man, it's awesome. I love it."

I continued sucking his cock and before long his breathing grew heavier and I knew he was getting close to his climax.

Seconds later his cock exploded and filled my mouth with one of the biggest loads I had ever taken. Hungrily, I swallowed every drop.

Sitting up, I looked at him and said, "Brad, if I was out of place, I apologize but I just couldn't restrain myself. I promise it won't happen again."

Mark, no apology is necessary. I have to be honest and say that I totally enjoyed it."

He reached over and began stroking me and soon brought me to a climax.

The next day after lunch as we headed for our next port, we were in our cabin. I had wondered if he would continue to go nude and he did. As we relaxed on the balcony, he looked over t me and said, "Care to join me in bed?"

"Sure," I replied.

We pulled the covers back and slipped into bed. As we slid closer together, he reached over and began fondling my cock which was already stiffening as was his.

I reached for his cock and as I did, he said softly, "Use your mouth on it again."

Excitedly, I quickly went down on his cock and began hungrily sucking it.

"Fuck man you're awesome. Never have I had a woman suck it like you do and none ever went all the way."

I soon brought him to his climax and again swallowed his thick delicious huge load.

"You just might have to visit me regularly when we get home," he said with a chuckle.

"Gladly," I replied. "Anytime."

The next night after being ashore, showering, then having dinner, Brad surprised me by saying, "Why don't we go back to the cabin?"

"That's fine with me," I replied, wondering what he had in mind.

Once in bed, he again asked me to suck his cock. I gladly agreed and said since it was early, maybe I could get two or three loads before we went to sleep.

Laughing, he said, "We'll see."

I slowly and hungrily sucked his beautiful hard cock, deep throating it often. secretly edging him with my mouth.

After receiving his huge built up load, I swallowed and lay back, Brad began slowly stroking my hard cock, eyeing it intently. Slowly he began to lean over for a closer look.

TO BE CONTINUED..................SOON



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