The way Jason played with me is a wet dream that became reality .... Jason's words 'Yea, just as I thought, the straight muscle boy likes young bodybuilders to play gay games with him' ..... my arms cuffed behind my back .... how Jason fucked my washboard abs while teasing me..... the whole thing are forever burned into my memory.

"Fuck Jacques, you are really into this kinky stuff!"

"What makes you think that?"

"Just look at your king-size bed..... and those steel rings on the headboard.... And the leather cuffs.... Where do you hide the rest of your stuff?" Jason chuckled.

"I'll tell you some other time about the cuffs, and the bed...... well I saw it in a pawn shop and I just liked it..... thought it will fit in with the image of my place ... so I bought it."

"I think we should try the rings out.... See if it can withstand your strong arms when you try to break free...." Jason put his hands on my biceps and stroked them.

"Only if you can overpower me and cuff my hands to those rings." I laughed and took Jason in my arms.

We made out for a while before Jason pushed me backwards onto the bed where we kissed..... no rather tongue fucked each other. Our hands were all over each other, exploring each others hot muscles. Eventually I moved into a 69 position with Jason. His hot muscle boy smell drove me over the edge and without warning him, I took the tip of his rock hard dick into my eager mouth and tongue-tease his sensitive dick head.

"O FUCK"!!!! Jason screamed and pushed his dick all the way down my throat.

It was unexpected and my first reaction was to get Jason out of my throat, but I realised that it will only convey the wrong message as we were both still unsure about this new experience. I knew I had to hold my pose, ... no, rather I want to do it for him, giving him as much pleasure as he could handle.

After a couple of powerful thrusts Jason pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"Don't you like it?" I asked when Jason's dick was out of my mouth.

"Fuck man!! That's awesome. Where did you learn to do that?"

"It's you that made me do it." I took Jason's dick back in my mouth and to my own surprise, I managed to swallow him to the hilt within a few seconds.

Jason followed my example and soon we were in the perfect 69, feasting on each other's hot muscle boy cocks. We both knew sucking each other could not last long before we nut. Luckily Jason had some self-control left and moved away from me before it was too late.

Jason repositioned himself on the bed so that he was lying with his head towards the headboard and his one arm stretched out. I followed him and laid my head on his arm, facing him, with my one hand on his firm pecs.

"WOW!!! It's so..... unreal.... I never imagine it would be so mind blowing." Jason gave me his killer smile.

"I.... feel so comfortable doing all this stuff with you, Jason. Earlier I thought it's just.... well..... horny lust or something.... but now..." Jason kissed me before I could share all my feelings with him.

And then...... it started ...... the change of both our lives ......

Jason rolled onto me, straddled my abdomen and looked long and intense into my eyes - as if he was looking for the slightest hint of uncertainty in my eyes.

"I want it....." I said in response to the question in his eyes.

Without further hesitation Jason took my nips between his fingers and gave them a workout like I never had before.

"Ohhhh fuck!!!!"

"Aha.....Big boy's Achilles hill ..... I've discovered your trigger point, muscle boy, ....... your tits and dick are linked .... every time I pinch your tits, it drives your dick raging mad." Jason laughed.

Jason was right – he discovered my secret and was using it to torture me.

"Fuck me man!! Make me your bitch! Fuck that muscle boy ass as hard and fast as you can." I screamed at Jason.

"You want to be my bitch?......, now I'm in control here, so just lay back and fuckin enjoy it....., handle what I dish out to you, you fuckin dick lover! "

I couldn't believe how Jason changed in a matter of seconds. A few moments ago he was this cute nineteen year old stud and all of a sudden he became this dominating top.

I grab Jason's waist with both my hands and rolled over. As soon as he was flat on his back, I straddled his chest, my muscled ass resting on his pecs and my cock just inches away from his hot lips. I took his wrists and pinned his arms above his head.

"Who is in now control, you little fuck? Open your mouth and take this muscle boy dick! Come on, take it like a man!" I laughed at him.

Jason opened his mouth, but before he could protest, I rammed my dick all the way down his throat and started to throat fuck him.

Jason tried to break my grip on his hands, but I was too strong for him. He was moaning all the time while I teased him. "Handle it man! Just handle it you fuckin cry baby!"

I wanted him to break free, so I hold both his hands with only my one hand, while with my other hand I worked his rock hard dick. That gave him the gap he was looking for. Jason broke free from my grip and pushed me backwards.

In one swift movement Jason was kneeling between my legs and working my dick while smiling at me.

"Yea man, work that cock, show me how you can handle a real man's dick." I encouraged him.

Jason kept wanking me, but that was not what I really wanted. I raised my legs and put them on his shoulders. "Fuck me! Take my cherry.... I want a real muscle man to mark me as his property."

"Where's the lube?"

"Fuck the lube... take me dry.... Your dick is wet enough with my spit."

Jason did not need further encouragement. He pressed his dickhead against my cherry and with one strong thrust of his hips his rock hard teenage cock took my virgin ass as his property for life.

The pain was so intense that I nearly screamed for him to stop.

Jason stopped with his cock halfway through my sphincter. "You ok stud?"

"Fuck Dude, I've never been fucked! I was a total virgin till seconds ago...... FUCK.... AAUUUUHHHHH!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK...... AAUUUHHHHH!!!!!"

"Yeah, man, take it like the Stud that you are...... I'm gonna fuck that bodybuilder ass..... I'm gonna rape that jock-ass into submission, bitch!" And with that Jason drove his bodybuilder dick to the root into my vulnerable muscle ass.

"AAAAUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MAN!!!!...... You ripping me apart!! Fuck..... O MY FUCK!!!.... UUUHHH!!" I cried out in pain, sharply inhaled and then gritting my teeth.

Jason must have realised that it was becoming too much for me and he stopped. We just stare in each other's eyes for some minutes before Jason began to fuck me slowly, pulling his dick all the way out and then pushing it back all the way in.

After a few strokes he found my pleasure nut and I involuntarily convulsed. "Yea Fuck!! Just keep it there, you're spot on. O FUCK YEA!!! O YEA!!"

"Handle it man! Just handle it you fuckin muscle slut!" Jason was enjoying fucking me.

My own dick became rock hard like never before. I was in fuck heaven! I grab my dick and start wanking myself like a maniac.

"Don't touch yourself big boy!" Jason moved my hands away from my dick. "I'm gonna fuck the cum out of you, Boy..... don't touch yourself!"

I had to do something with my hands and I took his nips between my fingers and start working them over.

"AHHHH FUUUCKKK..... YEA! .... Work those babies man, fuckin torture me! Jason put his hands behind his head and flexed his biceps, leaving his nips to my mercy while using only his hips to fuck my hot ass.

Jason fucking me was so hot and I became so desperate to nut that I began to fuck my muscled ass on his dick. Within a few strokes we were synchronised.

"Yea man..... that's the way to ride a big cock..... cum for me babe..... yea muscle boy..... shoot your spunk all over my abs." Jason flexed his hips, driving his rock hard cock deeper and deeper while he inspired me even more to ride him like the true slut that only my secret fantasies had always permitted me to do.

"Fuck me, Oh fuck me Babe. Fuck your dick up my fuckin ass. Please stud! Shoot your hot muscle boy load stud, fill my ass with your baby makers. Use me like your slut!!" I begged Jason.

All of a sudden my dick began to throb.... my muscles flexed and the first of several powerful squirts of my thick bodybuilder cum shot over Jason and my abs. It was too much for Jason to see how he fucked the cum out of me and he lost control. Shot after shot he blast his hot teenage cum into my hole. My asshole muscles wrapped tightly around his spurting dick as I tried to milk him dry.

My cumming was so intense that the contraction of my abs pulled me into a sit-up position. When I saw Jason's pretty boy face in front of me, I threw my arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug. That was the beginning of another of many tongue fucking and hot kissing that was to be between us.

Eventually I fall back and pull Jason with me, my strong legs still around Jason to keep him as long as possible in me. After we have recovered, Jason moved to lie on his side next to me, his one leg over mine, his head on my bicep facing me and his one hand on my firm pec, playing with my sensitive nip. It was so hot to smell Jason's sweet breath!

Then I sensed it. There was a slight vibration in Jason's body, like he was sobbing. My suspicion was confirmed when I felt the first tear on my shoulder. I moved my free hand to his cheek and with my thumb I wiped the tears off. I embraced him with the arm he was lying on.

"Shhhhh..... it's ok stud. I'm here for you.... Everything is fine...." I didn't know what else to say.

"I'm...... I'm sorry....." Jason used all his willpower to control his emotions.

"You can cry in my presence, its ok for a stud to cry in the presence of his buddy that he trusts."

"It's not that..... its..... I didn't mean to hurt you.... I lo...." I did not give him time to complete his sentence.

"Nah man, you did not hurt me... I can handle it..... I'm your tuff stud."


"Hey stud.... I.... I feel.... I love you too, but..... we only knew each other a few weeks. It will be devastating if we find out.... If in a couple of weeks we discover that we were wrong about our feelings. Let's give it time to develop and see where it goes. In the meantime we can be devoted..... loyal buddies..... real committed fuck buddies. What do you say?" I moved Jason's head and kiss him passionately on his tender lips.

"Yea, you are probably right." Jason agreed with me.

The next morning I woke up behind Jason's back. My one arm was hugging him with my hand on his rock hard dick. My one leg over his legs and my raging cock was pressing in his hot muscled ass. Jason's head was still on my arm.

I stayed like that for a couple of minutes before I slowly moved out of bed, taking great effort not to wake him. That's when I realised the dried cum all over my abs. The place smelt awesome! Muscle boy scent, young boy cum, sex..... the fragrance of hot horny jock boy fuck was all over the place.

"Mmmmm..... uh.....hhhhh..." Jason turned on his back, stretched and then relaxed again.

I was rewarded with the most beautiful sight. What will I give to wake up every morning with my pretty boy next to me and the smell of hot jock boy sex the previous night! Jason's face, his peaceful smile, his smooth skin, perfect muscles, dried cum on his perfect eight pack and..... yea.... his rock hard veined cut cock and low hangers. Fucken perfect!!! What more can a man asked for?

It was 6 am, an hour after my usual morning jogging... but what the fuck, one day cheating won't make me unfit. I went downstairs and in the kitchen I switched the percolator on before I went outside for my morning piss.

It was going to be a perfect day. Like every other morning I took a few deep breaths of fresh morning air and did a few double bicep poses.

"Hi gorgeous." Jason hugged me from behind.

"Hi handsome, sorry that I woke you up."

"Nah..... coming to join the piss parade." Jason chuckled.

"Then fall in marine!"

Jason took place next to me and took my hard cock in his hand. I did not wait for an invitation and grab the cock that owns my ass.

"Come boy, wee-wee for me..... hat's it...good boy." Jason chuckled. We burst out in laughter when we both start to piss.

Jason lifted my dick to make me piss in a high arch. "I win, I can piss further than you." He said when my piss landed about three feet further than his.

I press his dick down aim his piss in one spot till it forms foam on the ground. "I can piss foam like a real man." I laughed.

After our fun we stood and look at the waterfall and the mountain stream when Jason suddenly looked at his flaccid cock and said: "You ruined it.... just look at it!"

"Don't worry, ill fix it for you." I dropped to my knees, took Jason's cock in my hand squeezed it a bit before I put it in my mouth. After a minute his cock was rock hard.

"Wow stud, you can fix anything. I'll remember that." Jason laughed.

As we walked back into the house, Jason put his hand on my firm ass. I looked at him and smile.

"Sorry." Jason said and let go of my ass.

"It's yours, you own it. You conquer it last night, remember? So you can do with it what you want, where you want and whenever you want."

"You know what?" Jason said to me, "I think it's unfair that I own all the asses around here. Don't you think it's time we get even?"



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