The alarm on the oven went off - saved by the bell..... no rather a passionate moment ruined by a noise.

'The pizza is ready.' Could I have made a more passion killing statement?

'Fuck the pizza!' Jason was not ready to let go the moment.

'I have something better to fuck.....' I said and nibbled his earlobe. I could feel how the goose-pimples spread all over his hard muscled body.

Jason turned his head to look at me..... and I kiss his hot lips - the first guy I ever kissed in my life. Jason turned around, took my head with both his hands and gave me the most passionate kiss imaginable. At the same time we engaged in a cock fight.

Eventually we had to breathe. I pulled away from his mouth and said: 'Come stud, we have the whole weekend to make up lost time.'

I put my arm around him, with my hand on his washboard abs and guided him to the kitchen. On our way to the kitchen Jason put his hand on my tight ass and massaged it gently as we walk.

'You still want to fuck the pizza?' I chuckled.

'Ahhhhhh....... Nha! This will be better.' He laughed...... 'You want to fuck a pizza?'

'Ahhhhhhh........ Nha!..... This will be much better.' I laughed as I gave him a slap on his ass.

In the kitchen I took the pizzas from the oven while Jason got us some mineral water from the fridge. 'Hope you don't mind that I take liberties in your place.' Jason said when he realized I was watching him.

'No stud.... I'm so glad that you are at home.... and that you don't have any hang-ups about nudity. I can't stand guys with issues - they piss me off.'

I took the pizzas and Jason the water to the lounge. I took place on the couch and without inviting him, Jason took place next to me. I put my hand on his inner thigh.... so that his hot nuts were pressing against my hand. Jason took a slice of pizza, let me have a bite and then he took a bite from the same slice. With the next slice I did the same.

After we had our pizzas Jason took the pizza boxes to the kitchen. I watched him as he came back from the kitchen. This muscle boy is HOT STUFF!! Only two things we have to work on, I decided.

Jason stop in front of me, put his hands on my thighs and said: 'Open up...' then push my thighs apart.

Jason took place on the floor, between my legs and with his back against the couch. With his head tilted back, he looked into my eyes. 'I want to ask you something..... personal, but you must not be offended.'

'Ok, on one condition..... same applies to you.'

'That's fair.'

'Ok, shoot..... what you want to know.'

'You..... had other guys, ....... doing this..... what we are doing?'

'No....... you the first guy.... doing stuff with me..... and you?'

'My first time also.'

There was a minute or so that we just stare in each other's eyes. I wondered if Jason had doubts.... Maybe that he thought I was conning him in something he did not wanted to do...

'You comfortable with it.....' I asked at last.

'I'm not used to it..... it's ..... I don't know how I will feel about it ..... tomorrow ..... and the days there after.... And you?'

'I'm comfortable with you.... I's the stuff we doing..... it's gay..... and.....' I wanted to say to Jason that I'm not gay but he interrupted me.

'I'm also comfortable with you. It just scares me...... that other guys may find out..... they will not understand..... I mean two straight muscle boys doing gay stuff...'

'So you are straight?' I need him to confirm it.

'Yea straight..... and a total virgin..... and you?'

'Total virgin and straight..... like you.' I confirmed.

'Cool, then we are two straight boys, having some fun and enjoy doing stuff with each other..... as long as....'

'.... It remains between us... other guys must never know.' I completed his sentence.

'You have my word.' Jason was now looking deep into my eyes, searching for any hidden agendas.

'And you have my word.' I bent over and kiss Jason once more.

'The competition.... You think I have a chance to win? Jason asked me.

'Just two things we have to work on.'

'What?' Jason asked with a concerned tone in his voice.

'Not major things.... I'll show you tomorrow.' I chuckled.

Jason jumped up from where he was sitting between my legs, pushed my legs together and straddled me. Jason bent forward, embraced me and nibbled my ear with his hot lips.

'Tell me pleeeaaaassseeee....' He whispered in my ear.

'You gonna make me cum..... fuck.....' Goose pimples broke out all over my body.

'You're so strong... and sexy, a real hot muscle boy..... come on.... Tell me Handsome....' Jason started to tongue fuck my ear.

If someone told me the day before what I would be doing, I would have called him certifiable mentally disturbed..... and there I was doing gay stuff with a nineteen year old muscle boy.

'Come, let me show you how hot we will look all oiled up.' I had to get out of that position or blow my nuts..... and I wanted to last the whole evening.

I stood up from the couch with Jason in my arms and led him to the mirror where I gave him a posing show. Needless to say we were both rock hard.

'Where's the oil?' Jason asked me after a wile.

'On the shelf, next to my trophies.' I nod my head in the direction of my trophy display.

Jason got the oil and poured some over my shoulder blades. I could feel how the excess oil ran down the centre of my back and into my ass crack.

'Here, hold the bottle.' Jason handed me the bottle and massaged the oil into my back.

I could feel Jason's strong hands working their way down my back..... my excitement increased as his hands neared my ass. I wanted him to play with my ass.... To finger fuck me..... but he moved his hands over my gluteus.... much too fast..... and messaged my legs.

I wanted to tell Jason to fucken stop teasing me, to get me off, but just then, he moved his hands to my inner thighs and took my excitement one step higher. Fuck, that boy knew how to play me!!

Jason moved to my front and repeated his teasing of my already horned up body. He poured oil on my delts and pecs and slowly massage it in, working his way down to my abs while he took a kneeling position in front of me. He stopped just above my crotch, looked up, smiled at me and stood up.

'Put your hands behind your head.' Jason took my tits between his thumbs and index fingers and as soon as my hands were behind my head, he began to torture my hot nips.

'AAAHHHHH FUCK!!!.... Oh my fuck..... AHHHH!!!'

My tits and dick are someway linked.... Every time he pinched my tits, a 'lightning bolt' shot from my tits to my dickhead.

'The muscle boy like his tits worked over?..... Well, no problem..... I can do that a lot.'

Jason moved his hands to my delts, gave them some attention and then he concentrated on my biceps till he had them well massaged.

I was dripping precum like a faucet. All I could think off was Jason's hot mouth on my dick. To my delight he poured some extra oil on my crotch and leave it to ran down my balls and legs...... now he has to work my dick...... I know it.....

The young muscle god kneeled before me and put his hands on my thighs. Slowly he worked the oil into my ripped thighs..... working his hands in between my legs - all over my inner thighs.

'Spread your legs, stud, unless you don't want me near your balls.' Jason teased me.

I spread my legs, giving him all the room he needed.... Jason ignored my rock hard dick and balls......the little cockteaser enjoyed it to let me suffer!

Then at last... he took my balls in his hand... and gently massage them...

'O Yea man.... AAuuu.... That's hot fuck..... fuck man... work those nuts Yeaaaa man..... AAUUUUU..... fuck....'

'You like it muscle boy?... You like a straight boy playing with your nuts?' Jason chuckled.

'Fuck Jason.... go for it man..... AAUUUU fuck!!'

'You want me to do some more hot stuff, straight boy....?'

'Yea fuck man.... Show me man.... Auuu fuck!'

The next moment Jason had my dick in his hand..... slowly wanking me till my dick was all lubed up..... then he stopped.

'If you want more, you have to work for it straight boy.' Jason laughed at me.

I need it so bad that I fucked his fist. I took his hand to make him wank me faster while I fucked his fist.

Jason pulled his hand away from my throbbing dick and said: 'Put your hands behind your head or I'm not touching you.'

'OK.... Please, just don't stop!' I nearly pleaded with him to wank me off.

Jason plaid with my dick for a few minutes and brought me just short of the point of no return then said: 'Your turn to oil me up, muscle boy.'

I did the same to Jason, but made sure that I lubed his ass good. A couple of times I considered to finger fuck him, but then decided against it..... there was plenty of time to pick his cherry during the weekend. After I've oiled Jason, we made out for some time.

At some point Jason said to me: 'Time to apply some oil on places I have missed.'

He put some oil on his hand. Reached behind me and to my delight lubed my ass..... and my hot virgin cherry.

'Stud, I want you to sit on the ottoman while I work you over. Put it in front of the mirror, I'll put the oil away.'

I did as Jason ordered me and sat down on the ottoman, facing the mirror. I checked him in the mirror while waiting on him to come and work me over.

Jason placed the oil on the shelf and look at my trophies. 'Which one is your under twenty one medal?'

'The gold one on the silver chain.' I said.

Jason took it from the shelf and as he turned around he stopped and looked back and pointed at the trophies. 'What's that?'

'My under twenty one trophy.'

'No, inside......this.' Jason took a pair of leather wrist cuffs from the trophy and held it up so I could see it.

Fuck, I forgot that I have put it in my under twenty one champ trophy when I came home the night after that fucked up date. I don't know why I put it in the cup..... maybe in my subconscious mind I always had this connotation between a bodybuilder champ and domination..... maybe me as the under twenty one champ dominated by a muscle boy younger than me..... 'YOU ARE TOTALLY FUCKED IN YOUR MIND JACQUES!!!'

'Aahhh..... its leather wrist cuffs....' I said.

Jason flipped the cuffs in the air and caught it..... like someone playing with a ball.

I checked Jason's hot body and hard dick out in the mirror as he approached me with the medal and the leather wrist cuffs. 'This is going to be HOT straight boy!!' Jason said as he walked towards me.

Jason took position behind me. He put my under 21 champ medal around my neck. The chain was shorter than the standard length ribbons one usually gets with medals, so that the gold champ medal was hanging level with my hard pecs.

'Now you are the bodybuilder champ. This is going to be fucking hot straight boy!!..... Flex your big arms while I fit these cuffs around your wrists..... come on muscle boy, give me a show.' Jason fixed the cuffs around my wrists while smiling all the time.

'You want to see the best posing of your life?'

'Yea, show me.' I said.

'Then put your hands behind your back.'

My cock was throbbing.... I wanted that hot boy to dominate me.... I put my hands behind my back..... that was what I wanted all the time.... At last I was going to experience my secret fantasy....

Jason cuffed my strong arms behind my back, looking into my eyes in the mirror, smiling all the time at me. 'Yea big boy.... That's how a champ is supposed to be.... under control of a young muscle boy.'

Jason half squat till his dick was level with my cuffed hands. Slowly he began to fuck my hands. I was so hot for this muscle boy that I grab hold of his dick and wanked him. Jason pressed his body against my back, put his arms around me and took my nips between his fingers. At the same time he began to nibble my ear with his lips.

'Come on big boy, tell me what you want to change on me.' Jason teased me.

'AAHHH..... fuck...... please make me cum.... Please Jason....'

Jason pulled away and moved to my front. 'Would you like to play with this hot muscle boy cock..... just look at it....' Jason slowly wanked himself while I looked on.

'Fuck you Jason.....'

Jason just laughed as he straddled my lap. 'Yea, just as I thought, the straight muscle boy likes young bodybuilders to play gay games with him..... that while his strong arms are restrained.... Kinky, very kinky for a straight muscle boy.' Jason began to fuck my washboard abs while teasing me.

I was so horned up that I started to fuck the air between us. 'Please, man! I need to cum... please Jason..... make me cum..... I promise I will tell you.... Please man!'

'Ahhh, the big muscle boy begging..... you really want to cum.... Do I make you so horny?' Jason was now laughing. He really enjoyed the game.

Jason played some more with my restrained body, feeling me up, kissing me and fucking my abs. He was driving me nuts! The whole time I was begging him for release.

'I'm gonna un-cuff you, but if you touch your dick..... it's game over....'

'I promise..... I want you to bring me off, on my word, one brother to another!'

'I'm not a brother....'

'Well then a brother to a pledge.... That is just as solemn an oath.'

'Ok' Jason reached behind me and un-cuff my restrained arms.

As soon as I was free, I took Jason in a bear hug and rolled onto the floor. We grappled for some time till I got the upper hand. My one hand was firmly on Jason's ass.... With my middle finger pressing on his virgin cherry.....

'Now there are three things we have to work on.' I whispered to Jason.

'Start from number one.'

'As a body builder you need an all over tan.... No tan lines.'

'That's going to be difficult at the frat house.'

'You can come and tan here with me, whenever you like.... On one condition... tomorrow you will have to proof to me that you are man enough.'

'Ok.... And the second?'

'Total body shave..... like I have.... I don't want hair in my mouth.'

'So you are going to blow me?'

'What do you think straight boy?' I laughed.

'Cool.... I was just afraid that you.... You know.... Don't want to go that far.'

'And thirdly...... open up this on both of us.' I said as I press my finger harder on Jason's virgin cherry.

Jason relaxed in my arms and said: 'Thanx Jacques..... I want you to be that guy.'

We kissed and made out for a while there on the floor..... just enjoying each other.

'You ready for it, Stud?'

'Yea big boy. Let's do it!'

I took Jason by the hand and lead him upstairs to my bedroom.....

Jason just laughed as he straddled my lap. 'Yea, just as I thought, the straight muscle boy likes young bodybuilders to play gay games with him..... that while his strong arms are restrained.... Kinky, very kinky for a straight muscle boy.' Jason began to fuck my washboard abs while teasing me.



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