'Holy shit' I thought to myself, these guys are built. I was at bodybuilding convention; something I had got interested in this summer before I left for college but my body was nowhere near as defined as the guys putting themselves on show here.

Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty good body for an eighteen year old which was mostly down to my wrestling in high school, I was 182lbs of solid muscle but I lacked the definition I wanted. I started bodybuilding to keep my body in good shape now I was no longer training for wrestling and found I loved it, I wanted a body like these guys, plus my girlfriend loved it too.

I walked around, getting a good look at many of the competitors, speaking to anyone I could to get tips about how to get bigger. I tried to stay away from steroids so I knew it was going to be hard work, but I was proud that my physique was down to my hard work and not a drug.

'I'll give you 250' I heard a voice say behind me and they put their hand on my lower back.

'What the hell?' I turned around to see an older man, maybe about 50 but he still was built pretty well.

'I'll give you $250 to suck my dick, it's a generous offer' He replied and smiled at me.

'Fuck no man, i'm not into that, sorry' I replied, but he was right that was a lot of money, well for someone like me it was.

'Damn, a virgin well that demands a higher fee' He smirked at me.

'How much?' I quickly replied, I couldn't believe that it came out of my mouth but I was about to go to college and any money I could get would be needed and for some reason the thought of doing something with this guy didn't freak me out.

'Why don't you come to my hotel room and we can discuss it?' He said, still smiling at me.

'I erm I don't know' was all I could say.

'Come on, it's just along the hallway'

'I guess so'

He turned around and motioned me to follow him, part of me was telling me it was fucking stupid to follow this guy, he could do anything to me once we were alone. However I felt I could trust him and he was hopefully going to offer me a lot of money. We entered his room and he told me to get comfortable and I sat down in a chair, I declined the offer of a drink in case he tried to put something in it.

'Sorry about shocking you with that proposition' He said as he sat down next to me.

'It's ok, but why did you think I was up for something?' I asked.

'It's just most hot guys that aren't competitors are usually cruising, and damn you are hot' He replied.

'Thanks, I guess'

'So you followed me back, you must be up for something and i'm very generous for first timers. It is your first time right?' He asked.

'Oh yeah, i've never done anything with a guy but you know, I could do with some more money'

'I can offer you 1000 bucks to suck my dick' He told me straight out.

I sat in silence for a moment, fuck I had never had that much money at once and the thought of sucking dick didn't freak me out. The dude was kind of hot for an older man, you could tell he still worked out and I felt comfortable around him.

'Ok, i'll do it' I told him, before I had the chance to change my mind.

He didn't waste any time in pulling out his dick, it was already beginning to get hard and I could tell it was pretty big. He began to jerk it as I sat there nervously until he picked up my hand and placed it on his growing cock. Instinctively, I began to jack his cock, I was surprised how nice it felt I wasn't grossed out yet, he gently placed his hand on my back, encouraging me to drop to my knees. His raging cock stood out in front me, pre-cum leaking from the piss slit and I continued to slide my hand up and down the shaft.

'Go on' He said quietly and pushed me forwards towards his stiff dick.

I opened my mouth in anticipation and my lips wrapped around his cock, the taste was strange but not offputting and sort of erotic. I moved my mouth back and forwards, almost able to take him all the way as he moaned gently. I soon learned how to get in a rhythm and was easily bobbing up and down his dick as my own erection began to grow.

'Aww yeah, lick my balls' he moaned.

I surprised myself by not hesitating and eagerly lapped at his balls as his dick slapped my face, my own cock was now rock hard and I was sort of enjoying it, I guess I was just excited about the money. I went back to his dick and my new skills meant I could easily take him all the way down my throat, his balls hitting my chin.

I suddenly felt something hit the back of my throat, and then another, I realised he was cumming; I tried to pull back but he put his hand on the back of my head to keep me on his dick. He shouted loudly as he filled my mouth with his cum, which had a fucking weird taste but it could have been worse. He kept cumming and my mouth was so full I was struggling to breathe, I gulped and began to swallow his load until my mouth was empty.

'Fuck dude, you're fucking awesome for a first timer and you swallowed my load, definitely worth 1000 bucks' He sighed.

'Thanks' I replied nervously, sort of embarrassed I was a good cock sucker.

'So I see you enjoyed that, I can make it better' He said as saw my erection straining in my pants.

'Oh really?' I replied flirtatiously, hoping he would offer to suck my dick.

'Oh yeah, I can get you off without even touching your dick' He replied.

'Haha, what the fuck?'

'If you don't cum, I will give you another 1000, now take your clothes off and lay on your stomach' He told me.

I didn't hesitate; another 1000 bucks would be awesome but I was also curious about what he was going to do me and I really needed to cum. I stripped quickly, revealing my hard 8 inches and laid on the bed with my ass exposed and a sudden panic came into my mind, he's not gonna fuck my ass. If he tried I could easily take him, I was a 180lb wrestler and i'd rather leave with no money than get fucked in the butt.

I felt something wet on my ass and jumped in shock as I realised he was licking my asshole, it was sort of gross but it felt pretty good and I moaned loudly. He worked his tongue through the tight muscle and ate my hole deep and fuck it felt fucking awesome and my dick leaked precum all over the bed. A finger pushed through and began to probe inside of me; it hit a spot that made me shout in pleasure and made my dick get even stiffer.

The guy just laughed and continued to finger my hole and eat my ass, making me moan loudly as I felt a second finger enter. Shit, he was right, he could make a guy cum without touching their dick; I was getting real close as he continued to probe me and eat me. He knew I was getting close and he began to slow down and tease me, withdrawing his fingers from my ass leaving me with a dick so hard it hurt.

'Shit man, don't stop I need to cum' I whined.

'Don't you want the extra 1000?' He asked, laughing.

'Fuck I don't care, finish me off' I replied.

'I can make it even better'

He went straight back to fingering my ass, he got two fingers in easily and worked a third in; all I could do was moan in pleasure, I couldn't believe my ass could make me feel this good. He pulled them out again and I was expecting him to tongue my hole again but I felt something blunter pushing the ring. Shit. He was going to fuck me, I didn't move; I wanted him to fuck me. I didn't dare say anything; I didn't want him to know I wanted it so I just lay still, preparing myself for the fucking.

'Fuuuck!' I shouted in pain as he penetrated me.

The pain was terrible but the guy just kept pushing in as I shouted loudly until I felt his balls slap against my ass. We lay still for a moment, the pain began to subside and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, making my dick get rock hard again. He seemed to sense I was feeling good and he began to fuck me, fuck, he was hitting all the right places and I was moaning like a bitch as he pounded my ass.

Precum was pouring out my dick as his big cock probed inside me, giving me pleasure sex with a girl had never done. He started to long dick me; pulling almost all the way out and then slamming all the way in real quick. I couldn't take it any longer and my asshole clamped down and I shot one of the biggest loads ever into the sheets, this triggered the cock inside of me to shoot rope after rope of cum deep in my guts, I could tell it was an intense orgasm.

He slowly withdrew from me and we both lay silent on the bed for a moment, catching our breath as my asshole began to close up. He was the one to break the silence first as he stood up.

'Fuck dude, that was awesome, go take a shower and I'll count out the money' He said.

I stood up and headed to the bathroom, my mind was all over the place; I came to the convention to admire masculinity but had ended up getting fucked in the ass. As the water poured over me I kept saying it was for the money but I couldn't deny I had enjoyed it. I put my clothes back on and went back to the room to see the guy and a pile of money on the table.

'It's all yours buddy, I gave you a little extra for giving up that tight muscle butt' He smiled as I walked over and picked up the bills.

'Thanks man' I said awkwardly and left.

I counted out the money after I left and he had given me $2500 bucks. Shit I had never had that much money at once, I could do so much with that, especially since I was about to start college. As I walked back through the convention I noticed loads of guys checking me out, that's when I realised I could make a lot of money out of this; plus I would be enjoying myself.

I went back the next day, I knew I would not make as much as the first time but I still made $1000, after hooking up with three guys; including one of the competitors. I didn't stop there, over the summer I travelled around, selling my goods (mostly my ass) and made a lot of money but also had some of the best sex ever. I broke up with my girlfriend and stopped having sex with girls altogether, I didn't know if I was gay and I didn't give a shit, I was just doing what I enjoyed and I couldn't fucking wait to start college.


Chris Miller

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