I'd just returned home from a good day at College because I'd discovered an outstanding men's room near the Library. It had two large glory holes drilled through one inch of solid marble. It looked like they had been there for a long time, and no one had attempted to cover them up. I didn't have much time to visit today, but during my thirty minutes at one of the holes, I sucked off three hot young college students. I realized right away this was definitely gonna be on my list of places to visit. The library was about to be closing for today and, I reluctantly had to leave my new found communion holes, and headed on home.

When I arrived home, I quickly showered, ate a small snack for dinner, and was going to settle down to read a new book that arrived in the mail today. I slipped into some clean boxer shorts, set in my favorite chair, and was ready to read when I heard a soft knock at the door.

"Who the heck is coming by at this time of the evening?" I said to myself. I knew my soccer friend, John, was out of town and Big Bart was still at work, so who could it be?

I slowly opened the door to find Ralph, my 'butch trade' mechanic friend leaning against the hall-way wall. He looked as though he'd had a couple of drinks too many.

What's with my friends coming to my place inebriated? First it was John, now Ralph. I gestured for him to come in. He swaggered in, bumping against the door sash as he entered, then he headed to the nearest position and flopped down on the couch.

"Hi you doing Dick? Want some dick, Dick?" Then he groped his crotch and laughed.

"Sorry 'bout this. I was out drinking with my brother-in-law, and thought I'd come by to see my favorite cock-sucking friend. I need some 'head', as you might guess. My ole lady went out of town, and I'm one horny son-of-a-bitch, and fuckin ready to dump a big cum load in your cock sucking mouth. What do you say cock sucker, can you give me some relief?"

Ralph had stopped by my place a few times after work at the garage with out calling, or even before he went home to his wife. He said I was the best cock-sucking pig he'd ever met. He was always hot to go and always shot a huge load or cum. I enjoyed the way he used my mouth to dump his load. I was thinking about letting him fuck my ass, but he was so rough I was afraid he'd injure my asshole. I'm just happy to suck his dick and have him as my 'Butch Trade' for now.

"I think you need some Coffee first. I'm surprised at you Ralph. I've never thought you'd drop by like this...and what's happened to your brother-in-law? Did you leave him at the bar?" I questioned Ralph. "Wait here and I'll get you some coffee."

While I was going to the kitchen Ralph kicked off his boots, then stood to pull off his pants and unbutton his shirt. I wasn't sure if he's sober enough to even cum. He's still a hot attraction; with that sizable cock and sweaty suckable balls.

I liked being used by him even though I considered him as 'trailer trash' material. Secretly I like the vulgar manner he verbalizes me as his cock-sucking fagot. No matter how earthy I thought Ralph was, he was still a hot man.

I set the coffee on the table for Ralph, but he was more caught up in rubbing his balls and manipulating his semi-soft cock. I was admiring his rippling abs and his well developed chest and arms. I hadn't noticed a small tattoo on his chest before because he'd always kept his work shirt on while I blew him. I pulled back his shirt to read the tattoo which said 'Navy Seal, USA'. He looked up and grinned. "Ya want to lick it, baby?" Then he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his body tattoo.

I fell on the couch and found my lips pressed on his tattoo. I adjusted myself on the end of the couch to lap on his tattoo. I was conscious of his manly arm pit aroma near by. He orientated my face to his arm pit and forced me to groom his pit. He smelled good. Very often he'd arrive un-showered from working at the garage all day. He still had that 'motor oil scent' from working at the Garage. I idolized it.

I noticed his cock was getting hard. I liked going down on him before he got too hard. I left his savoring arm pit, went down his firm rippling stomach, and guided his cock into my warm mouth. His cock taste was a combination of beer, piss and dried cum, but it was decent. Once again, all man.

As I lay on the couch, he set his left arm over my rearmost side, reached under my boxer shorts, and ran his big callused finger down my ass crack to my sensitive anus. He slid one finger deep in my hole. Thank goodness I always put some lube in my hole right after I shower. I always come prepared for a good penetration from my visitors. I learned that from my Boy Scout days. 'Always be prepared'. That also brought back good memories of my Boy Scout Boot camp nights, when my Scout Master position his finger in my virgin hole. But that's another story for later.

I liked Ralph exploring my ass, but I needed to get him harder than he was right now before he could try to fuck me. I moved to the floor and in between his firm legs. This was my favorite position for sucking a man. This way I had more control of his cock, balls and ass.

I caressed his big hairy balls with one hand while I gripped his hardening cock with the other. He was definitely getting harder. I went all the way down on his full manhood; right to the pubic hairs. He sighed with pleasure.

Meanwhile as I caressed his balls, and eased my middle finger to his moist asshole. I knew I had him in my control. Now I would make love to his manly cock and prepare to drain his 'baby makers'.

I would take my time with him tonight. He needed to be satisfied sexually. He was one of my favorite 'Butch Trade', and I enjoyed sucking the cum from his cock as much as he enjoyed using me as his cum dump.

"Oh yeah, fuckin cock-sucking pig. You know what I like. Take your time and worship your mans cock. Lick my balls and eat my ass like you've done before. Dick. You are my main man, and cock drainer. Let me lay here and enjoy the pleasure you give me. Oh, man. There's nothing better than having a 'cock worshiper' tripping on your cock. Fuck. That's the way. Make me feel good. Shit. I love this man."

Ralph kept talking to me as I continued to please him. I had him almost climbing the walls a few times when I was about make him come, then I'd move to his balls or his ass just before a climax. He ultimately held me down on his cock so I couldn't move away from his climax. He appeared to enjoy my cock sucking more that any other time, and when he did cum, he groaned and shook like he was having a seizure.

I drained every last drop of his beer tasting organism. He finally relaxed and fell asleep just like he does every time he'd cum. It was his way of enjoying and relaxing his body. I cleaned his cock, balls and ass crack of all moister and let him rest. I lifted his legs and placed them on the couch and placed a pillow under his head. I took another lingering gaze at this hot body resting before me. I was tempted to jack off and cum on his lustful body, but I decided to let my 'Butch Trade' rest before I attacked him again.

I rested in a nearby chair and almost fell asleep, but was distracted by Ralph's deep breathing. I still had the desire to suck on that fantastic cock as it rested softly across his thigh. Even though I had cleaned his penis carefully, I could see a large amount of precum juices seeping from the opening of his foreskin. I knelt on the floor beside my sleeping hunk, took his soft wet cock in my mouth and licked off the juices. Ralph didn't stir as I stuck my tongue in the opening and sucked out more clear white precum.

I noticed he was starting to firm up. I was hoping he would get hard so I could straddle his body and slip his hard cock up my ass. Ralph had never fucked me before and this might be the opportunity to give it a try. I'd taken bigger cocks before, but Ralph's cock was still gonna be a challenge.

I guided his cock to my ass crack and to the opening of my anus. He didn't stir as I pushed down on his hard member. I could feel it slowly easing in the opening, then deeper until it suddenly slipped all the way in. I flinched with some pain, but Ralph didn't budge. I relaxed for a few moments before I lifted up and set back down. I was ready for a good fuck. Ralph was awake now and placed his strong rough hands on my hips as I eased up again, then back down.

"Oh fuck, babe, your pussy is so tight. You are full of surprises. Uh huh. Nice warm pussy. Let's fuck."

It didn't take long for us to get into a good rhythm. I was really getting into it. I looked down at Ralph to watch the pleasurable expression on his face. Now and then he'd open his eyes and look up at me and grin. I could feel his big cock rubbing against my 'spot' and I detected any minute I was going to cum. Ralph must have sensed it also because he started fucking me harder and faster. I groan out and shot my load all over his rippling abs just as he started to shoot his gushing sperm in my male pussy. I came so much that some of my cum landed on his face. It was an awesome climax for both of us. I leaned forward to lay on his chest and lick the cum off his face, but he pulled me towards his lips and kissed me.

"Thanks babe. That was more than awesome, just damn good sex." As I rested my body on Ralph, a soft knock, then a man's voice was heard at my door.

"Damn! I forgot about my brother-in-law setting outside in my truck. Can I let him in? He's a cool dude. I know you'll like him. He younger than me and has a bigger cock. You interested? I know he'd like to get one of your blow jobs."

I grabbed my bath robe near by while Ralph slipped on his boxers. The knock continued again, then a man's voice.

Paul, the Brother-in-law

"Ralph? It's me Paul. Please come to the door. I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, Yeah. I'm coming. Hold on." Ralph continued to the door and opened it. "Come on in you fucker. I want you to meet my Bud, Dick, and Dick this is my asshole brother-in-law, Paul. Come in, come in. What you in such a huff about?"

"You let me fall asleep in your truck, and when I got up I found your note about coming up to Dick's apartment. I was going to your apartment, but you took the keys to the truck and the apartment. So here I am. Give me the keys and I'll go to the apartment."

Meanwhile I went to the kitchen area to make some fresh coffee. I could hear the conversation between the two men until Paul lowered his voice while talking to his brother-in-law.

"Ralph. Is this the cock-sucking fag you were telling me about? What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm getting my cock sucked, you asshole, by one of the best cock suckers in town. Even better than you sister, and I might add, the tightest and best damn male pussy I ever fucked."

"What? Your fucking this punk as well? Well I'll be g** damned. You Fucking a fag? Doesn't that make you a fag too?"

"No you stupid shit. I'm just using this punk to get my rocks off now and then. He worships my cock even better than Sally. I can't even get her to jack me off anymore. He knows and appreciates a good cock when he sees one. Why don't you give him a try and let him blow you. He even swallows your cum, your Fucken cum."

"No shit?"

The men hushed as I walked into the room with the coffee.

"Hey Dick. Tell this ass hole how much you love my dick, in fact let's show him." He pulled his white boxers down and grabbed his dick. "Come here punk and show Paul how much you like sucking my dick"

I was a little taken back at Ralph's suggestion, but I liked being his personal cock-sucking fag. Ralph stood at the end of the couch and motioned for me to suck him. I got on the floor and offered my mouth for him to use as his cum dump again. I could see his brother-in-law, Paul stare in disbelief.

"See Paul. He loves sucking my cock. Why don't you strip down and show him your big prick. He'll go 'Ga, Ga' over that eleven inch cock of yours. Go a head Paul, strip. It won't turn you 'Gay'." Ha. Ha.

"I might shoot another load down his fuckin throat and then 'fuck the hell' out of his sweet ass while he sucks your salami. Oh yeah. This cock-sucking fag can really make a man feel good. Keep sucking Dick while Paul takes his clothes off."

I saw Paul nimbly taking off his clothes and tossing them on the other chair. He was partially hard before he removed his whites. I knew he was turned on by watching me suck Ralph's cock. I motioned for Paul to come closer so I could feel his growing prick. He slowly moved towards us until I could reach him. I placed my hands under his soft low hanging balls and pulled him closer.

"That's it Paul. Get that 'hunk of meat' over here so he can get a sample of that king size prick. I need to go to the 'head' and take a piss. Meanwhile Dick will give you a sample of his expert cock-sucking talent. Go for it Dick, Work it, babe, work it."

I pulled Paul closer and placed my tongue to the head of his uncut cock. He was seeping sweet pre-cum juices from his piss slit. His cock started to grow harder and bigger. He had a beautiful cock, and I was going to show him how a cock sucker, cock worshiping fag can make a man feel good.

I was going to take my time on this hunk. Not only was he a good looking and well built stud, but he had a prick on him that any man would envy, and a gay would die to suck on. I wondered if his wife was even aware of his proud awesome, sizable dick and appreciated his manliness.

I directed Paul to set on the couch to be more comfortable and I could position myself between his strong muscular legs so I could caress and make love to his large testicles and big prick. I ran my hand up his tight muscular abs to one of his nipples. He put his hands behind his head, leaned back and relaxed. I could hear him softly moan as he enjoyed my cock worship.

I heard Ralph flush the stool in the bathroom and quietly enter the living area again. Paul didn't take notice of Ralph because he was already in a state of Nirvana. Paul keeled on the floor behind me, patted my buttocks and kissed one cheek. One of his hands was exploring my moist butt hole while the other hand was manipulating his dick. I realized he was serious when he said he was gonna 'fuck the hell' out of me while I sucked on Paul's dick.

Ralph parted my butt cheeks and guided his hard dick to my anus. He slowly entered until he was part way in, then shove it to the hilt. I moaned and slightly lurched forward causing Paul to open his eyes to see Ralph using my ass.

"Fuck man! You are 'punkin' this dude, aren't you? If his ass is as good as his cock-sucking mouth, I may try some of that male pussy myself. Save some of that pussy for me. Punk him, brother, punk him and lube him with your cum so my big prick will slide in nice and easy. Oh yeah. That looks good, almost a good as his cock-sucking mouth. Now let's get into a feeling good mood."

I was getting fucked by one big prick, while sucking on another even bigger eleven inch prick. I don't know who was enjoying this better, my two 'butch trade' studs or me. I know if Ralph continued fucking me this way for very much longer, I was go to cum.

As I sucked on Paul's prick I would go from his dick to his balls and then back again. I had lots of sensuous territory to cover, and I hadn't even explored his hairy ass crack yet. I wet my finger and teased the entrance to his anus a couple time, but not so much, that he might cum too soon.

Ralph was pounding me harder and faster: a sign he was about to fill my ass with another big load of his cum. Paul was getting close to cumming as well, and I knew any minute I was going to cum because the way Ralph was banging my love chute.

I was the first to moan and shoot my load on the floor without even jacking on it. As my ass muscles tightened it gave Ralph an even better sensation, and he started to cum.

Paul got caught up in our orgasms that were taking place and he was about to cum. He place his hands to the back of my head powering me over his cumming prick. He was gonna make sure I would drink down his huge gushers of organic liquid.

He came so much I couldn't hold it all in my mouth and some of it ran down his big prick and onto his ball. As Ralph was starting to cum he moaned and called me some of his favorite degrading fag names. I think it was the best sex I'd had since I got gang banged by my basketball coach and team mates when I was in high school.

Slowly the sexual sensation subsided. Paul relaxed as I licked and cleaned up all the overflowing sperm that I could not swallow during the orgasm. I wanted it all. Ralph laid across my back side and rubbed my back and neck. I could feel his overflowing juices slowly easing out of my love canal. I knew I had enough lube deposited in me now to take Paul's big monster in my love canal. I don't think any of us were ready for another round this minute, but I was still fantasizing about getting fucked my Paul later before they left.

Ralph was the first to pull out of our three some. He reached for the towel near by and made one swipe at my wet butt crack, then wipe his cum coated prick. He stood and headed back to the bathroom to clean up. I could hear the shower running as I continued to clean and worship Paul's god given penis. I felt him looking down at me as I kissed his prick again and again.

"You really are a cock worshiper, aren't you? Not that I'm complaining because I love it. You are the first person, woman or man, that seems to appreciate my big prick. Most woman, especially my wife, thinks a dick is ugly and nasty to to suck on. Dick I'm telling you now, that was the first and most satisfied and perfect blow job I've ever received. I'd like to make you my 'official cock-sucking dude'. Now let me take a quick shower and we'll try out that outstanding ass of yours that Ralph recommends even over his wife's pussy."

Ralph came back into the living area with a towel over his shoulder. His naked body still wet from the shower, enhanced his solid muscular body and his eight inch dick. I had a couple beers to offered them while I took my shower and douched out some of the overflowing cum Ralph had deposited, but saved enough cum for lubrication so Paul could fuck me later.

When I returned from my shower and cleansing, the guys were setting on the couch naked, watching Porno sex movies. Even after our hot three way sex happening, they both had a full hard on. I had to have another taste of their dicks so I dropped to the floor and took turns sucking on both there cocks. I went from one cock to the other enjoying their manhood as they enjoy my cock-sucking and cock worship.

"Hey Dick. As much as I enjoy you awesome cock-sucking action, I've been looking forward to plowing that male pussy you promised me. How about it? I think you need to be punked by my eleven inch ass fucker. What do you say we go into your room and give it a try? I want to bury my dick in that warm cunt. I want to breed you and let my sperm swim around in that male pussy. Then let Ralph eat your pussy and suck my cum from your cunt. How's that sound to you Ralph? I know how much you like to eat pussy. You think you would like to eat some sweet male pussy and taste my cum?"

"You know... that sounds kind of kinky, but I love kinky stuff. Sure why not? I want to watch you plow that prick up this fags ass first, so let's get this show on the road.

We talked for a few minutes more then I invited them into my bedroom so they could use my body again to deposit more cum in my ass. They were more than willing. I didn't realize Ralph was such a horny potent stud. He'd already cum three times this evening and now he said he'd join us again for sloppy seconds.

I was willing, so I stripped the bed down to the sheets and laid face down on the bed with a pillow under my groin section to raise my hips for better penetration of my anus. I had a DVR in the bedroom so I turned on the TV to let the men watch more movies. If it helped stimulate their testosterone and increase their sex drive watching big tits and female pussy while they fucked me, I didn't care. All I wanted to do is please them and get my male pussy fucked again.

As soon as I was ready Paul came into the bedroom and crawled in between my legs, felt me up and ran his hand over my hard buttocks and fingered my hole.

"I've never fucked a male's hard muscular ass before, but I assume it's much better than a flabby female ass. I've only fucked one other ass and that was my sister, now Ralph's wife. We were only teenagers, and only did it once. I guess I almost tore her up, so she never let me fuck her again. I don't want to tare you up so, I'll start slow and if you can't handle it, you can blow me again. That was awesome. Okay. Let me give it a try so hold on buddy, I'm gonna guide my cock to your ass and we'll see what happens."

"Just 'shut the fuck up' and plow my ass. Remember you're fucking a firm hard butt. A man's butt, so plow me hard and deep. I'm ready for you stud, and I need this. Ralph stretched my hole big enough so I can take your dick. I also left some of his cum in my hole for lubrication. Now fuck me butch, and let's have a good time doing it again."

I was a bit apprehensive but Paul's eleven inch dick was an introductory challenge. I needed to prepare myself with his big dick if I was going to let Bart, the cop neighbor, fuck me this coming week. Bart was not only long but very thick around, and he was a hot man.

Damn? I've become an even bigger male whore that I ever was. What the hell? Enjoy life now while you're in good health and can do these things. Both these men were really hot hunks, and I hoped this would become a weekly outcome.

Paul spread my legs apart, fingered my ass hole and was now placing the head of his cock to the opening of my hole. I tried not to shout out as he buried his eleven inches of manhood all the way to his pubes. I gradually took the whole thing, and it didn't hurt that bad. I could feel Ralph's moisture still inside me. Paul waited until I was accustomed to his rod, then he started to fuck me and fuck me hard as I requested.

As we became familiar with each others likes and dislikes, we got better, and the fucking pleasure increased. We tried several positions and once he pulled his wet cock out of me, turned me over on my back and fucked me like he'd fuck his women. I wrapped my legs around his firm body and held him tightly.

He almost came a couple of times, but paused just long enough to keep from cumming. Then we'd start all over again. I lost track of the time, but we must have fucked for a good hour or more.

I liked watching his handsome face and his muscular body as he fucked me. I could see the pleasure in his face. He looked into my eyes and blew a kiss to me. One time he leaned over and I thought for sure he was gonna kiss me. We were both sweating like two athletics running a hard race, only this was more pleasurable. I reached up and wiped the sweat from his brow. He nodded in appreciation.

Ralph had entered the room as we fucked. He got on the bed and closely watched his brother-in-law's big cock fuck me, his new pussy boy. It was nice of him to share me with Paul. Paul was a damn good fucker. I could feel Ralph's hands on Paul's balls and an occasional finger slipping into my hole next to Paul's dick.

I knew Paul was about to breed me and send his sperm deep in my male pussy. I was thrilled at the thought of his big cock enjoying me as much as I was enjoying him. I had already cum while being fucked earlier, but I felt I was gonna cum again. If you've never felt the pleasure of someone making you cum while they fuck you, you should try it. It's indescribable.

I started to cum! As my anus muscles tightened around his cock, Paul came along with me. I could actually feel spurts of his warm cum shoot against my insides. I thought at first he was pissing in me, but I knew it was his strong manly sperm. He must have shot ten times before he came down from his organism. He leaned his sweaty body on top of me, and rested his head against mine. When the heavy breathing subsided he whispered in my ear.

"My fine-looking young man. Never have I experienced anything so exhausting yet so pleasurable at the same time. I want to lay here and relax before I pull my breeder from you male pussy. I feel like I'm a part of you now. It's a hard feeling to explain, but I feel love for you. Does that make since to you?"

Before I could respond Ralph started licking Paul's dick as it slid out of my hole. Cum must have been flowing from me. Ralph had gotten so sexually turned on by our fucking that he was actually licking on Paul's dick to get all the cum. His tongue was lapping at my open hole and sucking Paul's cum from me. It was Kinky, all right, but exciting at the same time.

Paul rolled off me as Ralph lifted my legs and buried his face in my wet cum filled hole. You could hear him moaning and slurping away at my male pussy. He love it, and so did I.

Paul looked over at me with a big grin on his face. As Ralph continued to eat my ass hole, Paul took Ralph's cock in hand and started jacking him off. Ralph suddenly moved into my body and quickly shoved his dick deep in my cum hole. He groaned and came almost instantly. filling me again with his cum. He laughed and said. "That was a quick fuck."

We lingered on the bed for a few minutes before returning to the living area. I gave the men a cold beer and some small sandwiches and chips I'd made for myself earlier. They turned on the porno. They wanted more sexual action.

As they drank their beer and ate the sandwiches, I would go from cock to cock teasing, sucking and playing with their balls. They were like sex hungry teenagers and I was like a kid in a candy shop. I got both of them off again in the living room. Needless to say the men were still horny again that morning. I sucked them off again and got fucked four more times before lunch.

What a night that was. I still see my two 'Butch Trade' studs several times a month and get more dick than their wives. I heard them complaining about there wives and how they felt neglected sexually. Then they looked at me and said. "No more! We have us a sexual release cock-sucking, male puss boy."


Dick Clinton, aka, Richard Barber

[email protected]


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