There was a new Fitness Centre that just open in the area were I lived. I decided to get a personal trainer to help lose some extra pounds that I put on over the winter. I just shower off when Gerry the bus driver came walking in over to the locker area. He then spotted me right away and began to approach me.  He then started to chat with me and was trying to give me some kind of apology on how he ended our friendship. 

We then got together for some lunch over at the Italian Deli next day around noon time. The lunch was great when he told me all about his personal life and how his second marriage had filled. He also told that he accepted being Bi-sexual and well never married again. The time was shortly after 2 now as we are all finished with our lunch when Gerry invited me over for dinner Saturday night around 6 pm. I thought it would be nice to give Gerry one more chance in maintaining  our friendship again.

The weekend came by very fast as was getting dress before I head over to Gerry place for dinner now. I then press his buzzer code and make my way up to his apartment  on the 10 floor. He began to pour us a nice glass of wine that was made in Italy. The Prime Roast he also cook tasty very good and was much better then any I had in the pass at a very high price Prime Steakhouse. We were now resting on the couch resting as he put on the hockey game for us to watch. 

The night went very slow as I became a little horny from the glasses of wine along with the Scotch that Gerry pour me. I look at my watch as the time was showing  around 9 o'clock as Gerry made the first move on me, We then walk into his bedroom as we both undress each other. I was so horny by now seeing Gerry in his old rugged pair of these type of 70's style Brown bikini briefs that he was wearing standing over by the window. Gerry was laying their in his bed as I began to suck and lick his crotch all over. Gerry then pull off his underwear as his nice huge cock was all erected for me to suck him real good.I love watching his hard cock spurting off all his pre cum that was floating down my throat. Gerry was moaning very loudly with great sexual tension after I deep throat him all the way down his huge shaft right to his balls. Gerry then shot off a huge load of his hot sweaty wine tasting  cum all down my throat. I then got up and walk out to the kitchen to grab some Cola to wash down the taste of Gerry load.

Now it was my turn for Gerry to blow me now. I felt his hot lips tightly fit around my cock as Gerry was sucking me good and hard. I can see the look in Gerry eyes that he was really enjoying giving myself a blowjob. My cock was so fuck'n hard as he deep throat me all the way down his throat. I moan really loud before I dump a huge load all over Gerry lightly hairy chest. I then roll onto my stomach as Gerry began to eat out and tongue  my hairy whole as I was now screaming of great sexual pleasure before he fuck me. 

Gerry is now fucking me doggy style as his huge cock was now sliding in and out of my tight hole. I felt every one of his hard stroke as his balls were slapping against my balls. He then began to pull out of me as we change to the missionary persission. I felt Gerry cock go slow as he started to penetrated  my ass once again. I gasp and moan very loud as he push in it further into my tight hole. I was looking into his Green Irish eyes as he was now giving it to me good,hard and fast. I felt his cock hit my man G-spot as he was totally inside of me fucking me in full throttle. " Fuck Tom your Great " He yelled out several times as he was in sexual climax before he was cumin inside me. His hole body  shook as his head jilted backward and forwards as his cock was now shooting into me, " MY God he scream after the orgasm was all over before he slowly pull his nice 8 semi cut cock out of me. 

I then follow him into the shower room as the both of us got clean up before we went down to the gay Biker bar over in the village. The night was great as myself and Gerry had a great time with all these Bears,cops and firemen who comes to this bar. I woke up in my bed around 11 am next morning to find a messaged on my phone from Gerry telling me how much fun he had last night.

Part 3 to Follow.




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