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Bully Pt. 1

Ever since my first year of high school, Jake Hutchison would not let up. I took all the honors and AP classes while he would attend the remedial courses. Of course he was on the basketball team, so his ego wasn't bruised too much. I was on the baseball and wrestling teams, but that really didn't help my popularity. It only kept me fit for a good portion of the year. Jake, however, was a goliath. So anytime he pushed me against a locker, knocked my lunch tray out of my hands, or joked about my lack of a girlfriend, I kept quiet. What was I to do? Slug him? Nope. I'd have to grow some balls to do that. But knowing that tomorrow is the first day of my senior year, it's just another year of the same thing.

*Friday: Day One*

I made my way to Mr. Fields homeroom (barely late). I walked into his room and take a random seat.

"Mr. Hudson, we have assigned seats in this room. Had you been on time, you would have known that."

"Sorry. Where do I sit?"

"Mr. Hudson, this is a college level course. Do you expect me to spoon feed everything to you? The seating chart's on the podium."

I rolled my eyes then made my way to the podium. I searched all the rows for my name, but one stood out to me: Jake Hutchison. Right in front of him I saw the name Ryan Hudson. I grabbed my stuff and trudged over to my new seat. Just as I sat down, Jake put his feet on the back of the chair, leaned forward, and whispered in my ear, "This is going to be fun."

Mr. Fields walked to the front of the room and proceeded to give his beginning of the year "Here Are the Rules of My Class" speech that every teacher gives on the first day. At the end, he told us we had a 70 point project due next week. We all unanimously moaned and groaned in disapproval.

"This is a partnered project, but I will be picking your partners for you." He started numbering us off. As to no one's surprise, my partner was Jake. We both knew nothing about the other and the project required us to be around each other for a full week. This. Was. Major. Bullshit.

After class we exchanged numbers and I told him to come to my house later that day. He said he'd make it there.

*Same day--5:00pm*

I heard a doorbell, so I assumed it was Jake. I drug myself to the door, opened it and found him with a smug smile. "Hey mothafucka! You ready to get this project done?"

"Yeah...sure, come on in." I walked him to our living room.

"Damn kid, you got a nice place."


Mom walked in reminding me of her business trip. "I'm sorry I don't think we've met." Jake stood up, shook her hand, and introduced himself. That was the nicest if ever seen him. It was like he had totally changed into a charming young man. My mom left and that 'new guy' stayed.

We sat on the ground and started on our project. He kept giving really good ideas. Now he was smart and charming. We started to get hungry so I ordered a pizza.

"Here. My share's $13 right?"

"Don't worry about it. I paid with my card."

"Why are you being nice to me? I've been a total douche to you for the past 3 years, but you've opened your house to me, bought me dinner...I mean, what the fuck?"

"I honestly don't know. I hated you for years, but I guess we have work to do. So I put that aside for my grade."

"That's understandable." He acted like there was something else I was supposed say, and he was let down because I didn't say it. Should I have lied and said that I completely forgave him for the years of torment? Did the last 3 years of bullying just disappear? Was it all just a figment of my imagination? Yet his sigh of disappointment permeated through the air.

"I think we got most of our assignment done. We might actually be finished before Tuesday."

"Okay. I'll head on out."

"You don't have to leave. We can just relax for a while if you want. I'm not kicking you out." Just then, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, paid for the pizza, and brought it to the living room, where I found Jake watching T.V. I opened up the box and had at it. Getting up to get a drink, I asked him what he was thirsty for.

"Got any beer?" He was obviously joking, but my mom doesn't pay attention to the alcohol in the house, and I didn't see why not. When I came back, beer in hand, he looked surprised. "The fuck? Are you serious," he asked, grinning in disbelief. He grabbed one of the beers and started chugging. We started watching ESPN and found a basketball game on. We were both getting tired, and I was getting a tad drunk. His arm rested behind me as I leaned over into his side. I fell asleep with his hand rubbing my head.

I woke up in his arms, being carried down a hallway leading to my room. He entered my room and laid me on my bed. He took off my pants and shirt, tucked me in, kissed me on the head, and left.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I went to the kitchen, expecting my mom, but finding Jake in shorts and no shirt. "Your mom called last night while you were asleep. She said her trip was going to be longer than she thought. She would be gone for the weekend. She also said it would be okay if I stayed for a while, if that's okay with you."

"Yeah sure..."

"Well someone has something to take care of." Jake glanced down and back up at me. I looked down, and to my horror, a full on woody stood at full attention. My boxers were doing nothing to help.

"Oh. Sorry."

"No worries. We all have that problem."

"So, what all did you cook?"

"Bacon, eggs, sausage, ham, pancakes, toast-"

"Woah. My mom doesn't even cook that much."

"Yeah, I kinda had to learn to cook for myself." I wanted to press him on that, but it seemed like a sore subject. We got some plates and ate in the living room. Afterward, I told him I was going shopping for some clothes later, and he was welcome to come."Sure bro. I still haven't washed up. Mind if I use your shower?"

"Go ahead." He was in there for a while, but he realized there wasn't a towel with which to dry off, so he yelled out the bathroom for one. I got one, opened the bathroom door, and found Adonis. Never have I looked at I guy like I did Jake. I could see his pecs protruding, his ass firm, his jaw chiseled, his eyes bluer than ever. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He coughed to get my attention, and I immediately snapped back into reality. We got ready and headed out.

*7:00pm--Back home from the store*

I got a slew of clothes and got Jake a couple items since he didn't have any cash on him. After dinner, which he masterfully cooked, we continued talking at the dinner table. I made a pitiful attempt at small talk.

"So, how's your girlfriend...?"

"Tanna? She and I broke up a couple weeks ago. I said something stupid and she said she couldn't be with someone like me."

"Sorry for asking, but what did you say?"

"You can't tell anyone. Understood?"


"I'm bisexual." The words lingered there for a few seconds. "I've known for a while. I've never beer with anyone but Tanna, but I know I'd like to try it with a guy."

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. I've ruined it with you too."

"No. I'm just shocked. After all the years of you making fun of me and calling me gay, you're the one who's looking for a night out with a guy!"

We both cracked up laughing.

"Yeah, you're right. Bro, you know I'm legitimately sorry for that, right?"

"Yeah. I've forgiven you after breakfast this morning."

"When you were staring at my dick?"

"No! When you cooked some good food!"

"But you were totally staring at my dick. Which brings me to my next point. I need your help.


"And it's totally fine if you say no."

"Okay get on with it."

"I want you to be my first. I know you aren't into guys, but I feel like I can trust you. You've been really nice to me despite how mean I've been to you. Again it's perfectly okay if you say no." I just looked at him. Yeah, I was straight. I never wanted to be with a guy. I did, however, have thoughts about being with guys. And Jake looked like he was in serious need. I put my hand on top of his. I looked into his eyes.

I kissed him.

As we locked lips, I kept rubbing his hand. I smelled his cologne from earlier today. He opened his mouth, inviting my tongue into him. I did the same. He explored my tongue. I did the same.

"So I guess that's a yes?"

We both laughed, put away our dishes and went to my bedroom.

We turned off the lights and began kissing again. His hands roamed to my backside while my arms stayed wrapped around his shoulders. I he continually groped my ass until I broke the kiss, dropped to my knees, and undid his pants. I dropped his jeans and underwear to find a python of a dick at eye level. I grabbed it and licked it from base to head. I kept licking: base to head. Finally, I put the head in my mouth and began sucking. His hand went straight to my hair as he ran them across my head. I got farther and farther down until I was deep-throating his entire dick.

"Oh baby, that feels so good. You like my dick in your mouth?"


"Baby, I'm gonna need you to stop. Let's get in the bed." As we laid down, he switched positions so we were able to 69. His mouth immediately clamped onto my dick.

"You sure you haven't done this before, Jake?"


I, having serviced his cock almost to completion, focused on his balls. I sucked one ball in and ran my tongue over it; I sucked the remaining ball into my mouth and went to town.

He was making love to my cock, but after a while, he stopped and moved his body to face me.

"What do we do now? We're both still hard," I reasoned.

"Well we could do one of two things. We could stop."


"Or we could go further."

"What do you mean by further?"

"Trust me. Lay on your back." I did as he suggested. He lifted my legs and began rimming my asshole. He took breaks biting my asscheeks. His tongue glazed over my rosebud repeatedly. I could feel him stiffening his tongue; he began entering me. My legs wrapped around his body as I tried to pulling deeper into me. I started moaning and rocking my hips.

"Oh fuck! Push it into me. Deeper. Oh yes! Deeper."

He retreated his tongue and asked me to get on all fours. "I won't hurt you. I'll never hurt you."

I got in position. He began rimming me again, but this time he began entering me with his fingers.

One finger.

"Oh g** yes."

Two fingers.

"Mother fucker. Yes!"

Then the fingers left. He leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "Just relax. Trust me."

"I do."

He started entering me with his phallus.

"G** it's too big!" He was tearing me open! "Stop!" He stopped for a second to let me get well acclimated with his dick. "How far have you gone?"

"Just beyond the tip." He started chucking.

"Go ahead." He slowly entered little by little. Pure agony! After what seemed like decades, I finally felt his thighs against mine. His balls against mine.

"Is it okay to-"

"Fuck me." I expected a rough, fast, and hard fucking, but I got a slow, sensual thrusts. He pulled out, and entered again. He pulled out and entered again, all the while my moans filled the room.

"You like that baby?"

"Oh yeah. Keep doing it just like that."

"What about this?" He changed his direction.

"You're hitting something in me. Oh my g**!"

"It's called your g-spot for a reason."

"I thought that was the prostate."

"G-spot is sexier."

"I don't care what it's called. Just keep fucking me like that." It felt like I wanted to come but I just couldn't. He pulled out and layer down on the bed. I crawled on too of him and began fucking myself with his dick.

"Aw yeah. Just like that." I clamped my ass muscles around his cock and that made him go wild. "You sure you haven't been fucked before, because you seem like a pro."

"Baby, I'm coming."

"Me too."

He grabbed my hips and began thrusting into me unabashedly, fucking with reckless abandon. Cum shot out of my cock onto his face. He began cumming in my ass, dowsing my hot ass with his seed. He quickly exited me and crawled near my ass. He rimmed my freshly fucked ass and sucked the cum out. He crawled back to me and kissed me, snowballing the cum back and forth until I swallowed it. Without saying anything, we turned off the remaining light, got comfortable, and went to sleep, me in his arms.

The next morning, I woke up next to him and smiled. He woke up soon after, kissed me and asked what time it was.


"Oh my gosh, I have to go. I have to go to my house. Mom's going to kill me!" He rushed out of the house after kissing me goodbye. Two things were for sure. First, I didn't know what we were. Were we lovers, boyfriends, fuckbuddies, what? Second, I felt emptier after he left.

*Monday 7:30am*

On my way to school, I got Starbucks for both Jake and me on my way to school. When I got to school, I went to my locker and found the word 'faggot' written in black marker inscribed on the metal. I heard a group of jocks laughing; I turned around to familiar faces. The one laughing the loudest: Jake Hutchison. He walked up to me.

"Make sure you get the project done tonight, little bitch," he said knocking the coffees out of my hands and onto the floor.

~Stay Tuned for Part 2~




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