Phil Doty was the bully who tormented me each day at school. He would voice words like faggot or you want to suck my big cock.Now thinking back, I hung out with a crowd of nerds who were treated during the seventies like they were weirdos or strange.Every time this bully said something I would ignore him thinking he was trying to feel me out to see whether I was gay or something.Many times he would grab his package and shake it at me saying Ï know you want this¨cock,admit it faggot.¨ Like I said I paid him no attention.Phil wasn´t the smartest person in school.I figured if I reacted then he would double the effort.

Phil was one of the many boys the school put up with and not being very bright he would graduate at twenty years old. You all know the type who didn´t have too much above their shoulders.This was occurring at a time, when I was discovering my inner desires about being attracted to guys. I had had sex with numerous girls but that scene wasn´t for me.Let me describe this guy who had the reputation of being one of the worst bullies in the school. Actually deep down in my groin I was attracted to him.Phil was member of the basketball team,he was tall and lanky,not eye candy, but he had his good looks.I remember distinctly he was hung like a horse with balls that hung four inches below his cock.When he would take a piss he would let everything hang out, including his low slung hairy bullocks which seemed the size of duck eggs.The first time I saw his meat it made my mouth water, and he would turn toward me holding his great shaft tempting me constantly. I always ignored him so as not to let on I was interested.

To earn extra money, I worked with the janitors at night cleaning the many classrooms and bathrooms.One night Phil had been playing basketball alone in the gym. One of my chores was to clean the gym´s bathroom and shower stalls. I remember after playing he came in and went to his locker and stripped off his uniform and went to the large shower area which was open in ythe locker room. I was cleaning the toilets next to this area and mopping the floor.I noticed he had left his clothes on a bench in front of his locker.I also noticed his jock strap was laid on top of the pile of clothes.For some reason, I had the urge and was drawn to his jock strap.I heard the shower still running so i figured I had time.When I picked it up it was moist from him sweating and I put my nose to where his cock and balls would have been resting inside.It was an aroma that to this day still remember and get off on. I heard the shower quit and pretended to be mopping the floor near his locker. Phil came from the shower stark naked with his meat hanging between his legs.It had to be at least ten inches soft and his big hairy balls swung back and forth hitting his hairy thighs.He spotted me near his locker and grabbed his cock and ¨Why don´t you suck me off we´re alone nobody will know. I told him that his cock was too little and I wouldn´t waste my time sucking such a small dick. Phil said you think this meat is small holding his fast expanding rod.He looked down at his jock strap and said what were you doing with my strap. If you get off with the smell of my balls why don´t you come here and smell time up close.I told him I wasn´t doing anything with his jock strap. At this point, his cock was totally erect probably measuring thirteen inches. He peeled back his foreskin exposing a dark purple mushroom head oozing precum.I just pretended to ignore what he was talking about and doing.I remember after that day I had many wetdreams thinking about sucking his big hairy dick.I always regretted not taking him up on his offer.

A few years later, I ran into Phil in a beer joint.I was drinking a few beers a few stools away from him.He was twenty -two and I was nineteen at the always goes through me so i have to piss alot.I went to the bar´s mens room and was just finishing taking a piss when Phil entered and stood next to me. He unzipped his fly and tugged out his and balls and started pissing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his enormous horse cock.Phil caught me glancing and said ¨Faggot remember this I´ll still let you suck it if you want.¨I zipped up my zipper and exited the bathroom thinking about his cock. Phil came out after me and after a bit I decided to leave.I got into my pick up and noticed Phil was in the pick up next to mine.He had his driver´s window down and I swear I could see him jacking off in his truck.I rolled my passenger window down and shocked myself by saying Phil do you need any help with that.He smiled and said Ï knew you wanted my cock.¨He said follow behind me in your truck.I followed behind through the country roads ending up in the state owned forest preserve. It was real off in the boonies. Phil found a parking area and I parked right next to him.The excitement of the moment was incredible finally getting to do what I had wanted to do in high school.He motioned to his truck and he unlocked the passenger´s door.He was sitting with his pants peeled down below his knees and I could see his enormous shaft standing at full attention between his legs. As I entered and sat next to him Phil said he had been waiting for this for some time, Phil had the radio playing and by its dial light I could see him peeling back his two inches of foreskin exposing the mushroom head I fondly remembered from school.He said I hope you´re real thirty because I haven´t busted a nut in a week.I leaned over closer and I could smell the aroma that I had smelled from his jockstrap. The smell was filling the cab of the pick up truck. Phil said what do you want to do first lick my hairy balls or do you want to tasye my cock first. I couldn´t decide.He brought his hand to my head and forced it between his legs.He brought my head to just above his bloated scrotum.I started licking his sweaty wrinkled sack and mouthed the first orb available.He moaned and said to take both balls inside my mouth,but when I tried it was impossible so I was content lathering each one.I had an incredible hunger for what they contained and I hoped he wasn´t lying when he said he hadn´t come in a week.

After a few minutes he raised my head above his great shaft.I could see the glistening moist glans just below.Phil said to open up real wide which I did. When I felt his big mushroom head enter my mouth I almost shot my load thinking that a fantasy had just become reality. I was actually going to suck off Phil the Bully.As I was going down on him I could feel the heavily veined surface of his mast.And it was pulsating and almost had a life of its own. I could feel Phil thrust more of his cock banging the back of my throat.He said ÿou suck real good i hope you´ll be able to take it all. I managed to swallow his long cock all the way to his hairy balls resting my nose in his heavy black bush. I could smell the whiff of poppers he was inhaling and his cock immediately got harder wanting more of my hungry mouth.He was actually real rough with me and started to face fuck me.He pulled my mouth off from his steamy pole and said why do you come home with me and we both can do my wife at the same time.I told him maybe next time all I wanted to do was to finally suck him off like he had wanted many years ago.He said alright but I hope you like to eat cum because I have a wad you won´t believe.I had sucked off other guys before and they all say the same thing about how much cum they shoot when they unload.

I continued to nurse his great cock enjoying the flavor of his shaft and his endless supply of seminal fluid that seemed to coat my lips and inside of my mouth sliding down my gullet.Phil said he wanted to fuck me and I told him I was into that and asked whether he had a rubber.I told him I wanted him to fuck me but that I wanted to have him fill my stomach with his big load. Phil said no problem,he would give me the biggest load I had ever swallowed.While got ready slipping an extra large condom over his dick.I took off my jeans and straddled in front of the steering wheel facing him.Phil spit in hand and lubricated my rosebud with his saliva entering my hole with one finger then two.,getting me ready for his thirteen inches. I felt the mushroom head enter with a pop and told him to wait til I got used to him.After the pain subsided he inched his cock slowly into me. It seemed endless to me feeling it brush past my prostate until I bottomed out onto his pubic bone.He said I had an incredible tight ass and really was going to enjoy this fuck. I started going up and down riding his hard cock.At one point as I was rising up he bend forward and engulfed my cock and started sucking it while at the same time he began to thrust up into me.I told him he had better ease off my cock since I couldn´t control when I was going to come. He continued sucking my dick to no avail of my warnings. All at once I couldn´t hold back and began shooting my load into his mouth. Each time he would moan as I filled his mouth with each spurt of my semen.Phil The Bully was actually swallowing my hot wad and I could see he actually enjoyed it.After I was spent and my cock slipped from his lips,he searched out my mouth and we french kissed savoring the taste of my cream.He was fucking me with a frenzy by the time and said he was ready to shoot his load. I backed off his rod and he slipped the rubber off his pole and I got down under thew steering wheel and started to suck his balls which were rising up and separating. I could tell he was close and waited just above his cock head wanting to feel the first spurt coat my lips before his cock entered my mouth. I felt the first spurt coat the outside of my lips and opened up to receive the remaining pulses of cum. It was real thick almost like paste and his cock continued to unload and fill my mouth to overflowing .There was no way to take all his wad .It was the biggest wad I have ever seen a guy shoot. It seemed endless it had run down his shafts covering his bush and balls. I licked and licked the thick pudding until I was sure I had gotten every drop of his load. I went back to his cock and sucked the remaining cream from it ,enjoying it´s heavy man taste.I was astonished how he sounded when he came it was a scream like someone was hurting him.He was so loud i was afraid someone might here him but I knew we were way out in the country. All of a sudden I saw the flashlight reflecting off the driver´s side window.




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