"Damn, I need to fuck someone bad," I thought to myself. I hadn't had any action for at least a month, unless you count my own hands. Although I had a fuck-buddy I could call up anytime, I wanted to find someone new. It wasn't that that I lacked attractiveness, that I was sure of. I had wide shoulders, a buff and muscle filled torso with a little hair, a square jaw with symmetric and even proportioned qualities, blonde hair, and a killer 9-inch, thick dick. It was just that I didn't find anyone I liked, and even my fuck-buddy lacked.

I worked for a private protection company in California. We mostly catered to events that involved political figures, everyone very old and un-attractive. We even had to wear suits and ties, and I usually were sunglasses as it was sunny practically 24/7. One new job peaked my interest, however. A very renowned and respected private school had received threats and wanted full time protection for at least 2 months, if not more. I happily volunteered to be on the job.

As I walked up to the school, one of my buddies told me I was in charge of the courtyard where some of the 18-year old students were hanging out. I felt my dick twitch when I realized some students here were legal. I was only 22, but I always felt like an old man around high-school students. I walked through an archway into the courtyard where a group of girls, and one guy, sat eating food and laughing.

The guy was what really made my mouth water. He was sort of tall, probably two or three inches shorter than me, lean body, good width of shoulders, and a handsome face with dark brown hair that still held some boyish charm. Luckily, he couldn't see me goggling at him, as I had my sunglasses on. My cock was already semi-hard, creating an almost completely noticeable bulge in my pants. Just then, the hot 18-year old guy unwrapped a banana and placed the tip of it in his cute-ass mouth.

That sent me over the edge, and my groin was now sporting a huge bulge from my completely hard dick. I decided to go "relieve" myself in the bathroom before any of the barely-legal students saw what was happening underneath my belt. I opened the door of the bathroom, went inside, and got into a stall. My zipper made a loud sound as I opened my fly and pulled out my now throbbing dick. I began running my hand up and the length of my cock, watching the veins pulse with delight. The movements began to go very fast until I couldn't hold it any more.

My balls were making a very loud slapping noise, which almost covered the creek of the bathroom door opening. I could hear some giggling as two people walked in. I tried to stop, but I had gone too far and my white-gold squirt right into the toilet bowl, making me groan loudly. The giggling stopped, then began again a little louder as the two people walked back out of the bathroom quickly. I stuck my dick back into my pants, zipped up, flushed, and washed my hands.

As I opened the door to go outside, I could begin to hear the laughing more clearly. To the right of the door was the hot guy and all his friends, leaning against the brick wall and cracking up. I blushed a little, when they all glanced at me. Luckily, my shift was over and I quickly walked away from the group to the archway. I heard behind me some soft whispering, then footsteps going the opposite direction I was. However, I then heard footsteps coming up behind me.

Before I knew it, a young hand grabbed my shoulder and flipped me around to face him. It was the boy of my dreams, staring right into my eyes with his bright green ones.

"Who were you thinking about in there?" he said, grinning the whole time.

"Um," I didn't know how to respond seeing as I had been fantasizing about him with my dick up his tight ass. He placed both arms around my neck and pulled himself in closer to me, our groins rubbing up against each other. Mine becoming increasingly hard once more.

"Cause you know, I would've helped you if you had asked," he said. He was so close to my face that I could taste his breath. A sweet mix of banana and mint from the gum he had been chewing. I could've inhaled it all day.

"That's okay. I can handle myself on my own just find," I replied, smiling a bit. He pulled his arms down and pushed out his bottom lip.

"Fine," he said, faking disappointment. I'm sure he got enough action as it was. I watched his hand as it went down into his pants pocket and pulled out a card.

"Well, if you ever want me to fix that problem in your pants, call me," he said while putting the card in between his lips. He hopped onto his tippy toes to get as close to face-to-face with me as possible, and I parted my lips slightly. He pushed the card into the space between them, went back down, and began walking away.

Back at my apartment, I winced from the pain of my dick trying to break the zipper of my pants. The card he had given had a phone number and his name on it. Bradley Douveir,, French. No wonder he was so slutty. I placed the card in my dresser for safe-keeping, and called my fuck-buddy. When he arrived I was disappointed that he hadn't somehow turned into my brown-haired beauty. He was really scrawny, dirty-blonde hair, and an over-used as that with held no more elasticity to keep it tight. He was far from ugly, but still not amazingly hot.

All I wanted was a quickie, so I unzipped my pants and pulled my now semi-hard cock out. I then grabbed the back of his head, and shoved his face down into my crotch. My dick head parted his lips and he began sucking furiously, making a big sloppy mess and a lot of noise. Sadly, even with all the practice he got he could barely get half of my completely hard dick into his mouth.

I pulled him up, unbuttoned his shirt, threw him on the bed, and pulled down his pants to reveal his flat ass. I grabbed a condom and put it on, and quickly slobbered some lube on it. Aiming by dick right between his cheeks, I lunged forward, impaling him with my rod. I fucked him furiously, not even waiting for him to get used to my huge dick in his ass. The ridges of his butt moved along my dick smoothly, and I felt and explosion coming. He moaned quietly, but I couldn't hear it as my thoughts of Bradley drowned everything else out. With one final big slap into his ass, I exploded into the condom.

"Fuck!" I screamed, as my seed filled the condom to near eruption. I pulled out, threw the condom away, and zipped up. I said thanks to my fuck-buddy, he said thanks back adding my name, James Dall, in, and he left. I collapsed onto my now sweat soaked bed and recited Bradley's number in my head over and over again.

"What am I going to do," I mumbled to myself before I passed out.




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