Ben walked past Scott's bedroom door on his way to the shower, the bedroom door was open just enough for Scott to get the slightest glimpse of his younger brother slip past his bedroom door , Scott who was lying on his bed in his tight white Calvin Kline cock hugging briefs was already semi hard the sight of his brother's smooth hairless chest got him harder he began rubbing the form of his cock through his briefs, as his imagination kicked in, Scott could hear the shower running and his mind began to wander, he could imagine his younger brother standing under the running warm water as he soaped his smooth virgin body all over, Scott lay there his eyes closed imagining his cute younger brother soaping up his balls and cock spending more time and more soap than was necessary to clean his firm uncut member, he could see the image clearly as his brother stroked his soapy cock working up not only lather but a good going wank, the image in his head combined by the sound of running water and the smell of the shower gel wafting into his room from the bathroom next door turned Scott on so much he needed relief.

Scott slipped his briefs down just enough to expose his own hard cock and slowly he began to wank in tandem with the vision of his little bro in his head, he imagined Ben shoving a soapy finger in to his ass as he wanked enjoying the pleasures of his teenage lust, Just then the sound of the running shower stopped and Scott stroked faster and faster as the image in his head dried off his smooth wet body, how he wished he could be in there doing it for him, it was all too much for Scott as he let his first glob of cum splatter on to his tight smooth stomach, followed by two more sharp shots creating a creamy spunky mess that brought relief and pleasure just as the bathroom door opened and once again Ben passed his door on the way to his own bedroom.

Scott wanted Ben so bad, he had watched him grow into a sexy young man, Scott knew the feelings he had for his brother were not normal, Scott had been having these feelings towards his brother for over a year now, he and Ben were close but brotherly love had turned into brotherly lust, when Scott had noticed the form of his younger brothers hard cock showing through his shorts while they pretend fought one afternoon the summer before, that lust was getting stronger everyday he had to find a way to get his cute younger brother alone, he needed a plan that would not only get his sexy young brother in to his room but also into his bed.

Ben had always looked up to his big brother Scott, the two of them although two years apart in age had always been very close, the two musketeers, Scott loved nothing better than cozening up next to his young brother as they lay on top of the bed or on the sofa watching a movie, they were more than just brothers the were best friends, Scott had known for a long while that he was probably gay, he had been excited by the thought of other boys since he was about 13 years old, at first his thoughts and fantasies had been directed towards his school friends and those in his swim team.

Scott first began to notice the changes in Ben that all boys go through one day in the swimming baths changing room, a couple of years before, he noticed that his young brother was becoming a little man, he had began to sprout blondish red pubic hair and his dick had at least doubled in size and thickness since the last time he had paid any attention to it, and for the first time Scott realised that Ben was a very good looking young man, his smooth body was well proportioned to his height, his longish dirty fair hair hung over his sparkling blue eyes, and his smile always brought comments from woman young and old when he came into contact with them.

Most nights Scott lay in bed with his hand firmly around his hard boy cock, slowly teasing his foreskin back and forth over his pre cum lubed cock head, for the past year Instead of thinking of his best mate or that new guy who had just moved in a few doors down he found he was thinking of Ben, Ben his loving little brother, Ben who now had pubes and a decent size dick growing down there, Ben who was no longer a child but a blossoming young man who was no doubt like him was lying in his bed stroking his young hard cock, dreaming away in fantasy land about sexual adventures that he would love to experiance, as he worked towards that goal of the shiver and the tickle of relief as his warm milky boy juice spilled from his hard throbbing cock on to his belly only to be wiped away on yesterdays socks, how Scott wished he could clean up his squeeby for him.

Scott found himself stroking faster and faster until he reached his own climax and it was the thought of his brother that had brought him there, the thought of his Ben, his beautiful and sexy little brother could always bring him the relief he needed to get him off to sleep at night.

Scott had known for some time now that he was different from the other boys in his gang and closest friends, as they eyed up the tits and asses on the passing girls in the gym or on the High Street, Scott was eying up the packages and swinging dicks inside the jeans and tracksuit bottoms of his mates, he knew he wanted cock not cunt.

in the showers after a workout Scott often eyed up the different shaped and sized cocks of his friends and other gym users, he knew who had a long thin one; he knew who had a short but thick one, he knew who was cut and who was uncut. this was the food for his nightly fantasies the time when he could be alone in his own little world with those boys, where he could touch them kiss and wank them he could even get to suck them, for those five minutes or so that it took him to reach his ultimate goal, sending that shooting boy cum all over his chest and hand, in those minutes Scott could feel their heat he could smell their musky boy smell he could feel their smooth skin next to his.

but now those thoughts had changed it was no longer the boy next door or his best mate he wanted to be lying naked beside, it was Ben, his Ben his handsome younger brother, he just knew he had to find a way to make this happen, his desire for Ben was all he could think off night and day, so much so that he would spend half his day dripping pre cum into to his briefs, the stains of desire, the stains of love, the same stains that Scott would see and smell when he stole his little brothers briefs from the washing basket as he sneaked off to his room for a quick wank while his young brother was at school.

Scott came up with a plan he needed to find out if his brother was in any way interested in some boy on boy fun, his desire for Ben was driving him crazy.

he decided that he at least had to try and touch his brothers cock, so the plan he decided on, was to wait until his brother had gone to bed for the night, give him enough time to get to sleep, then he intended to sneak into his room slide his hand under the duvet and feel for his brothers cock, just the slightest touch of it would be amazing, and if he could get his brother hard then that would satisfy his lust for a little while longer, that night when bedtime came, Scott went to his room and Ben went to his own, only a few feet apart, Scott was so excited, the butterflies in his stomach had him feeling sick, a mixture of nervous excitement and fear, the fear that it could all go wrong, but he knew he had to keep his bottle, he knew that this lusting had gone on for far too long and it was now or never.

For the past year he had been wanking and lusting over Ben, nothing or noone in the world meant as much to Scott as Ben did, and if his brother had even the slightest interest in him in a sexual way then Scott wanted to know, he needed to know, and tonight was the night he would find out before it drove him crazy.

Scott lay there in his bed, his youthful 6 inch cock hard and dripping pre cum, he stroked his cock at a gentle pace thinking about what he was going to do, then he stopped himself just short of ejaculation, he felt the build up but he did not want to cum he wanted to keep that for later, until then he would take his masturbating to the edge then stop until the pressure subsided, then he would build up the strokes again something he had done a lot when he wanted that special cum it was hard to hold back but when he managed it, it made that climax so much more intense and fruitful.

Scott had experimented with a couple of his friends over the years, mutual masturbating sessions had led to some boy on boy feeling and sucking, he had explored inside a couple of his friends boxers as they slept while on sleepovers at his house, these were always rushed lustful and frightening adventures that often worried him after the event. Scott had fantasised about doing the same things with Ben so many times over the past couple of months and now tonight was the night that could bring all those fantasies together, he hoped and prayed that all would go the way he had dreamed of for such a long time.

Of course Scott had a plan B in place, if Ben woke up and caught him touching him and kicked off or got upset that his big brother was touching him up, Scott would claim he must have been sleep walking and did not know what he was doing, and hopefully his brother would accept that and not go running to his parents claiming his brother had molested him. Scott lay there for what felt like forever, waiting for the clock to slowly tick past the hour, that he had decided to wait until his brother would be asleep, when the time came he got out of his bed in only his briefs and tip toed down the hall, he stopped outside his brothers bedroom door and as gently as he could opened the door just enough for him to see his brothers figure lying snugly in the bed, just enough light was coming into the room from the street lighting for him to see that Ben was on his back and appeared to be fast asleep.

Scott's cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum just at the sight of his sleeping brother, and the thought that in a few minutes he may be at last feeling under that duvet for his brother's dick, was so exciting that is whole body was shaking, he was so nervous that he needed to pee, he made his way to the bathroom at the end of the hall as quietly as he could and forced a piss from his solid hard teen cock, it came out in bursts and squirts, but he got the relief he needed, the time had come he knew it was now or never, he had to go for it, he shook off the last of the drips put his still hard cock back into his briefs and as quietly as he could he made his way back towards Ben's bedroom, as he slid through the gap in the slightly open bedroom door, Ben was still lying on his back and Scott could tell from the sound of his breathing that he was fast asleep. Just standing beside his bed in only his briefs his young teenage cock hard and twitching, just looking at his young brothers peaceful beautiful face, sent shock waves all through his body, he reached out and began to gently stroke Ben's dirty fair hair, just touching his hair felt amazing his hair so soft and so fine there was no turning back he had to go for it.

As gently as he could Scott began to slide his hand under the duvet his whole body shaking, he began to sweat as he felt the warmth of his brothers belly, then slowly he moved his hand further down, his fingers found the waistband of his brothers boxers, Scott's heart was pounding, he decided to just go for it incase Ben woke up, he wanted to at least get to feel what his brother had at least once, he could feel the warmth of Ben's body as his fingers slipped under the waist band into his brothers boxers, he got his first touch of Ben's cock, and to his delight Ben was every bit as hard as he himself was, Scott could not believe his luck not only was he at last getting to feel his brothers cock, but Ben was hard very hard, Scott wrapped his hand around the girth of his brother's dick, feeling the hardness and heat almost brought him to a climax inside his own briefs.

When he next looked as his brothers beautiful face he got the fright of his life, to his surprise Ben's eyes were open and he had a slight grin on his face, an expression that told Scott that it was ok to carry on with what he was doing.

Scott stammered are "you ok"

Ben whispered back "yea"

Scott's heart was racing, his brother was giving him the Green light to carry on, he tugged Ben's boxers down just enough to free his throbbing hard boy cock and began to wank his little brother with as much love and tenderness as any lover would show their one true love, they just smiled at each other, Ben enjoying his brother's touch and Scott with pride that at long last it was no longer a fantasy, he had succeeded not only had he got to touch his brothers cock but Ben was awake and seamed to be enjoying the experience.

Scott so wanted to kiss Ben on the lips, but he was scared he would be going too far, he reckoned although his brother was not upset he would still be nervous about what was happening, they just smiled at each other as the older brother expertly worked his younger brothers dick in the way he had fantasized about for so long,

then after about 2 minutes Scott felt the shudder, as his brothers body jerked and then he felt the warmth of Ben's warm boy cum running down his hand, he had done it he had brought Ben to climax, he so wanted to bring himself to the same conclusion but that would keep for another few minutes.

"Are you ok with this" Scott asked Ben

"Yea bro it felt good , but you wont tell anyone will you "

"No way it is our secret" Scott replied.

Ben turned around as if to go back to sleep, Scott took that as his cue to leave his brother to his thoughts and headed back to his own room to get rid of the raging load built up deep inside his balls, and when he came some minutes latter it was one of the most explosive ejaculations he had ever experienced, Scott lay there thinking about what had just happened, he hoped Ben would be ok with it come the morning.

Gran arrived early the following morning, she had retired to Spain and this was the first the boys had seen her for nearly a full year. And as the boys never got to spend a lot of time with Nan when they did she spoilt them rotten, and today she had their full day planned out and Sunday was the same, it was nearly a full 60 hours later before the boys found them selves alone with each other, they had both thought about going to each others room after the family had gone to bed, Scott wanted to know how Ben felt about what had happened, and Ben wanted to let Scott know how much he had wanted it to happen, and how much he had enjoyed it and wanted it to happen again and again, but both boys just lay in their own beds in their own little world, as they beat out wank after wank thinking about each other.

It was Monday morning before the two boys were alone, Scott was delegated to drive Ben to his part time job in Mum's car, She had taken the day off work to spend some time with her mother, it would give them a chance to catch up with woman gossip, with Dad at work and the boys out of the house.

Scott broke the ice as they pulled out of the driveway, his heart was beating so fast the movement was visible under his tee shirt, but he had to know what Ben was thinking.

Scott- "sorry about what happened the other night bro I hope you don't hate me"

Ben - "Don't be stupid it is cool but why did you want to"

"I don't know I am not gay or anything, I just wanted to know what another guys cock felt like"

"What did it feel like"

It was amazing, a weird feeling so hard but at the same time soft, I have wanted to feel yours so much for a long time, I hope you liked it half as much as I did.

"yea it was good, so much better and intense than when I do it to myself, but you have to promise never to tell anyone what we did".

"Never Ben it will remain between us"

Scott wished they had more time together , just talking about was making him so hard and horny, he wanted to reach out and touch his brother, to feel him but he was drawing up outside the shop Ben worked in, he wanted to ask Ben if they could do it again sometime, but it was too late Ben was climbing out of the car, Ben called out to one of his work mates to wait on him, he turned to close the door of the car and the smile on his face brought butterflies to Scott's stomach, it was a sexy smile, not a scowl they both knew everything was going to be alright.

They would have some alone time tonight when Dad and Mum took Gran to visit some other relatives, They where both working out a plan in their heads, the only thing being neither was aware of the others thoughts and desires or how to get them across to each other, Ben wanted and needed Scott every bit as much as his brother wanted him, but it was all too new to them, they both knew what they wanted from each other, they just had to find a way to make it happen. Just that smile from Ben once again sent the blood rushing to Scott's dick, and as he watched his younger brother walk towards the shop, he could not help but admire his tight bubble bum and as he entered the shop and his ass went out of sight, Scott drove towards the town centre with a hardon leaking pre cum on to his clean grey boxer briefs.

To give Mum and Gran some time to catch up, Scott had decided to go into town and buy some new jeans and tee shirts, and of course take the opportunity to eye up some talent, there are some handsome young guys work in the shops on Union Street, of course none as hot or sexy as his Ben, but a few where still worth a wank to at least, Scott had bought some new jeans,some tee shirts and a new hoodie, even as he tried on the jeans he was thinking of Ben, the pre cum from his earlier hardon was showing a damp patch on his grey briefs and once again he began to stiffen, as he looked at himself in the changing room mirror the shape of his semi hard cock clearly visible it just made him all the more horny, he decided to buy the jeans and get home as soon as possible, find the boxers Ben had been wearing the night before and batter one out as he sniffed his brothers spunk and piss stained underwear.

Mum and Gran were chatting in the kitchen, Scott showed off his new purchases then headed to his room stopping off at Ben's room on the way, to raid his washing basket for the worn boxers, they were sitting right at the top of the basket and he was in luck they had the obvious signs of dried in spunk spots, Scott he went straight to his room locked his door and stripped naked, He got the picture of Ben's face that he had photoshoped on to a naked body, Scott held Ben's dirty boxers to his nose, filling his nostrils with the sweet musky boy smell that drove him crazy, he whacked out one of the quickest wanks he had ever produced, then he used Ben's boxers to clean up his mess, Then hid them in his wardrobe until the had dried out and he could sneak them back into the washing basket.

Scott lay in his room watching TV for a while then his mother called him down for lunch, as he sat with his Mm and Gran eating Gran wanted to know if their was a special girl in his life yet, Scott just laughed it off by saying he already had enough special girls in his life with his Mm and Gran and there was no room for another, Gran just laughed and told him that the time would come when they would get pushed back on his special list, Scott blushed, his thoughts were not of special girls they were of a special boy and had either his Mum or Gran known it would break their heart.

It was just gone 6.30pm when Mum,Dad and Gran left to go visiting for the evening, Scott was sitting in the living room on the sofa watching TV, while Ben was in his bedroom no doubt surfing porn. Scott had decided he would give it an hour before he went up to his brother's room, just incase his parents had forgot something and came back unexpectedly, Twenty minutes later Ben walked into the living room with two mugs of coffee, he handed one to his brother and sat down on the sofa beside him, there was an awkward silence as they both pretended to be interested in what was happening in Emmerdale a TV soap opera, Ben cursed himself inside, his bottle had crashed once again, he had sat in his room coming up with a plan, he was going to go down stairs hand Scott a cup of coffee kiss him on the cheek and say

"thanks for the other night it was great"

but when it came to it his courage had gone, he sat there wishing he'd had the balls to go through with his plan.

Scott's plan was to go up to Ben's room sit on his bed beside him and ask Ben if he was still ok about what he had done to him, he had planned on saying

"I am sorry I never asked your permission to wank you, but I was scared you would freak"

then if he got a positive reply, he was going to ask if Ben would let him do it one more time.

after a period of silence Scott broke the ice,

"Ben are things ok between us. are you still ok with what happened"

" Yea it's cool, I enjoyed getting off without doing the hard work, and as long as no one finds out it cant do any harm"

"I am glad your ok about it, to be honest Ben I am so glad I got the courage to do it, I have thought about it a hundred times before but was always scared that it would freak you out and you would be scared of me"

"Don't be silly why would I be scared of you, I trust you more than anyone in the world, I am not a little boy anymore I have thought about doing stuff like that loads of times"

"What happened does not make us gay we are just a couple of guys exploring and having fun and messing around"

"I know that and it was fun"

"Would you let me do it again"

"Why not, I got to cum and you did all the hard work it's a win win for me"

As if by automatic reaction, and as if Scott's hand moved on to Bens leg just above the knee, he gently massaged Ben's thigh for a few seconds, watching closely for a reaction, Ben never reacted he just gave Scott that sexy cute smile, that told his big brother all was ok and that he was all his. Ben opened his legs wider, exposing an impressive bulge in his tight shorts, his hard cock clearly visible under the silky material, Scott could hold back no longer, his hand moved on the bulky package.

Ben was really hard, he was excited and so fucking horny he thought he might explode out of his shorts at any moment showering his brother with his thick creamy cum, for a few seconds their eyes transfixed on each others, Scott massaged his brothers package, the desire to get inside his shorts and boxers was so strong his hand pushed up the leg of his shorts, the softness of his ball sack felt amazing then as he reached Ben's rock hard cock he was sure he was going to empty his balls all over his own boxers

Ben rested his head back and slid down the sofa a little to give his brother access to his throbbing hard confined cock, Scott pushed Ben's shorts down just enough just to expose his brothers hard cock tenting his white boxers, a damp patch of pre cum indicated where the head of his teen cock lay, Scott pulled down the waistband of the boxer shorts, and for the first time saw his brothers hard cock in it's full glory, he took hold of his beautiful boy cock and began to slowly wank him taking care not to be rough with this prize possession, Scott looked up at Ben's face, he was lying with his head back and his eyes closed, the expression on his face and the light moans from his throat told Scott he was doing it right, and his brother was enjoying what he was doing, Scott was in heaven he so wanted to release his own cock and take Ben's hand and put it on his brick hard member, but he was scared that it would be a step too far and spoil things.

What Scott did not know was in the mind behind those closed eyes Ben was imagining he was doing the same things to Scott, Ben was so close to cumming, it felt so good having his brother stroke, Scott slid to the floor getting between Ben's leg's, he caressed his brothers stomach with one hand, as he wanked him with all he had, his warm breath was hitting off Ben's smooth low hanging balls, Ben was praying that the warmth would engulf his cock and fulfil his biggest fantasy, getting his cock sucked by his handsome big brother.

Then that feeling came all the way from his toes, The force of the ejaculation sent his body jerking and shaking as his thick creamy boy cum spewed from his rock solid cock, spitting cum over his exposed belly, his pubic hair and boxers, the second burst spat all over his brothers hand and wrist and some even on to his tracksuit trousers, once again that light headed feeling rushed over Ben, his breathing was loud and heavy, he could feel the sticky cum running down to his balls, he got up to go to the bathroom to clean himself up, while Ben was gone from the room Scott licked up every drop of his brothers spunk from his hand savouring every last drop.

Scott could not hold back, he pushed his trackies and boxers down below his balls freeing his throbbing cock, he began wanking with his eyes closed, He heard the footsteps as Ben re-entered the room, He opened his eyes just as Ben got down on his knees in front of the sofa. Ben took control of his brothers cock, firstly he began wanking him, Scott had his eyes closed tight thanking God for his intervention, when he felt a totally new sensation, his eyes opened wide just in time to see the head of his cock disappear into his brothers mouth, he could not believe his luck, Ben began moving his mouth up and down the length of Scott's cock using his hand around the base of his cock to prevent him from taking too much, Scott tried as hard as he could to prevent it, but he had held off for as long as he could, he tried to push Ben away, but Ben was not for giving up, he had waited so long for this moment to come, and now that he finally had Scott's cock in his mouth he wanted it all.

Every nerve in his body went in to spasm as the first shot blasted the inside of Ben's mouth, Ben tried to swallow then the second blast hit the back of his throat causing him to choke and cough foring his mouthful of warm cum out the sides of his mouth the final blast shooting deep into his throat he swallowed as Scott withdrew, Scott's spunk ran from his lips down the length of his hard wet cock towards his balls, Ben tried to retrieve as much as he could, Then Scott grabbed Ben by the head pulling him on to the sofa on top of him their lips met and their tongues clashed as they shared the spunk in Bens mouth.

It only lasted a few minutes, but in those minutes a life time of lusting was satisfied for both boys, the phone ringing brought their passion to a quick end, it was Dad's name flashing on the caller display, Scott tried to control his heavy breathing as he answered the call,

"Hi Scott it is Dad, just to let you know we will not be home tonight, Aunt Jane is insisting that we stay over and have a drink, will you two boy's be ok on your own"

"Yea Dad don't worry about us, we will look after each other"

"Ok goodnight, if you need me call me on my mobile"

"Will do Dad enjoy"

When Scott hung up the phone he winked at Ben:

"Let's go for a shower" He reached out and took Ben's hand pulling him towards the bathroom.



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