It had been two days since Mike had been the first man to ever fuck me, and every time I thought about it I still got hard. Me and Liam could hardly keep our hands off each other, we were fucking and sucking each other any chance we got and had to be careful not to get caught by our mom. I still hadn't got the chance to meet up with Mike again, and I was getting hungry for more cock, and experiencing other guys.

Liam had promised to take me to the sex park sometime but he still kept saying I wasn't ready, I sort of thought he was teasing me so he could have me to himself a bit longer. However, he couldn't take me to today anyway as I was hitting the gym with some of my buds from the football team; Kaden (Mike's son), Joel and Tony. We usually have a hard session at the gym and hang out together afterwards, it was kinda cool to be doing it again as most of us are going to be leaving soon for college.

'Hey buddy what you up to today' Liam asked as he slapped my ass.

'Hitting the gym with my buds'

'Aw damn, I was hoping I was gonna get you all day'

'Well too bad' I smirked at him.

'I'm just gonna have to find someone else who wants this' he said, pulling out his hard monster cock.

'Well I guess I got time for a quick one'

I dropped to my knees and took his tool straight down my throat, playing with his balls at the same time. Precum ran out as his dick as I hungrily lapped it all up, playing with his piss slit, teasing the head and making him moan. As I didn't have much time I went back to deepthroating him, knowing it wouldn't take him long to cum; and I was right. He grabbed my head, so my nose was in his bush as he shouted and cum splatted down my throat. I was then pulled up by my shoulder and he smacked his lips into mine, kissing me harshly and sharing his load.

'Oh damn, I needed that, you're the fucking best, now let me at yours'

'Sorry bud, gotta go' I decided to tease him a little like he had been teasing me and he looked annoyed as I walked out and got into my car. I sort of wished I had let him suck me as now I was real horny but it was satisfying to tease him like he had me. I drove to the gym and met my buds and I was pretty exited to see them all, especially now I had discovered my love for men and it would be hot to see them change.

I wasn't wrong, I could hardly keep my eyes off them in the locker room as we changed into our workout clothes. They all had great bods, real football players; strong legs, round asses, tight waists, big pecs and shoulders and from what I could see, hot cocks as well. It was even more exciting to see Kaden as his dad had been the first one to fuck me only a few days ago, making me even hornier.

'So Adam, you got much pussy this summer' Kaden asked me.

'Not really' I replied, trying to look disappointed.

'Dam, well I heard you've been fucking Sara' Joel said.

'Well maybe a little' I laughed. I had fucked her a few times when we were still at school but I guess she liked to say she was dating a football player but I decided to go along with it, to not make them suspicious.

'What about you guys then? Getting much action?' I asked.

'I'm still with Alicia' Tony replied.

'Me too, still got my girl' Continued Kaden.

'And i've been playing the field' Joked Joel and he flexed his muscles, making him look like a total alpha male as we laughed and headed to workout.

We had a great work out, mainly in the weights room, lifting with each other and spotting each other, and I couldn't help licking my lips when a sweaty crotch was over my face. It was difficult not to get boned right there and then, but I held it together.

We hit the showers, and we started goofing around in there, and dicks were flapping around everywhere. My hornyness had built up so much from the morning I couldn't contain myself any more and my cock began to grow to full attention. I tried to hide it a little bit but, the downside of having a big dick is that it was pretty obvious.

'Oh shit, Adam's got a boner' laughed Tony.

'Adam's got a boner' they all chanted. I laughed along with them, hoping they would just laugh it off.

'You liking what you see?' Joel asked, thrusting his hips so his dick flapped up and down.

'Well maybe I am' I don't know why I decided to say it but if I ever had a chance with any of them it was now. They all stopped laughing at this and looked shocked at me outing myself.

'Holy shit' muttered Kaden

I could see that their cocks were stirring and I went for it and dropped to my knees; grabbing 2 cocks and pumping them and then taking Tony's cock down my throat. I was expecting to be kicked in the face or something but instead I heard moans of pleasure and surprise.

'Fuck, he's sucking cock' Joel moaned as I switched my mouth and hands betweens the three beautiful, and now, rock hard dicks in front of me. I would suck one for a little bit and move around, jerking the ones I wasn't sucking. I motioned for them to stand a little closer to each other and took two cocks at a time, causing shouts of pleasure as I tongued their dicks.

I then moved onto their balls, sucking everybody's, making sure they all got the pleasure. I knew they were all loving it as I hungrily sucked up all the precum leaking from everyone's dick, quickly switching between each one so not to waste any.

'Damn, this is so hot, I gotta try some' Joel moaned and to my shock he dropped to his knees too and hesitantly grabbed hold of Kaden's cock.

'Shit, i've never done this before, but here goes' He said before opening his mouth wide and taking the big cock down his throat. I saw him gagging a little but soon was getting into it and started to take it a little deeper down and he was soon eagerly working on Kaden's huge tool while I worked on Tony's.

We heard someone coming and quickly stood up, though it was pretty obvious something had been happening as we all had rock hard dicks standing to attention. We tried to act casual as the man showered with us until Tony whispered:

'Lets go to the sauna, no one goes in there'

We grabbed our towels and headed to the sauna, trying to hide the tents in our towels, and we hard hardly got through the door before we all had our towels off and me and I was back on my knees sucking Tony. I felt someone kneel next to me and thought it was Joel but I turned to see Kaden and him had switched place,s he started jerking Joel's cock before looking at me.

'I suppose I better try it' He smiled as he reached his tongue out, tentatively licking the tip before parting his lips and taking it all into his mouth. I nearly bust my nut there and then as I saw my hot buds getting into man sex and pumped my own dick hard as I played with Tony's fat cock. I could here everyone moaning loudly around me and I knew we would all be cumming soon, and I wanted it to go on for way longer.

'You guys like to fuck right?' I asked, pulling off Tony's dick.

'Hell yeah' said Kaden, as Joel withdrew from his mouth.

'Wanna fuck my ass?'

'Holy shit, you take it in your ass?'

'Fuck yeah, you want it?'

'Damn, I think I gotta try it'

'Ok Kaden, you get to go first, sit on that bench' I wasn't going to tell him why I wanted him to fuck me first but it was so hot to think I had been fucked by a dad and son.

He sat on the bench around the edge of the sauna and his 8 inch dick stood straight up, I spat on my fingers and worked it into my hole a little, preparing myself for the entry; which I knew was gonna hurt. I backed up towards him and grabbed his dick, aiming towards my ass before squatting down and pushing my hole over the head.

'Holy fuck' Kaden moaned as I sank down on his cock, until I was sat on his lap, the whole shaft inside me.

'Shit, I can't believe he took that' Tony said as I began bouncing up and down on the dick, fucking myself. My own dick was slapping my abs as I fucked myself and I saw Tony come forward and he grabbed it and pumped it a little

'I guess it's mine turn to try it now' He smiled before cautiously opening his mouth and taking the head in. I moaned loudly at the double stimulation as Tony started taking me even further down his throat, damn he was pretty good for a first-timer, and I wondered if all guys are just better at giving head then girls as licked up and down the shaft.

I saw Joel had stood up on the bench next to where Kaden was sat and was feeding him his huge tool. That's when I realised what a hot fucking site we must be, four, hot football playing studs having sex together, it was like a fantasy. Kaden's dick felt great in my ass but I decided it was time to try someone else.

'Ok, who's next?' I asked, pulling myself off Kaden.

'I think it's my turn to have a go at that ass' Replied Tony.

This time I got stood up and bent over, pushing my ass up towards his cock, he lined it up and pushed in really hard; slamming all the way into me. I shouted as he entered me, damn, Tony liked to fuck rough but I could take it, I loved the way he plunged deep into me. Kaden walked up to me, offering me his cock but I wanted to try something else.

'Turn around' I told him.


'Just turn around, you'll like it. He slowly turned so that his hot, round bubble butt was in my face and I grabbed his hips and pulled his crack straight towards my tongue.

'Ohhh shit' he whined as I flicked my tongue across his hole. I buried my face between his cheeks, tonguing and probing his tight ass with my tongue. Joel was now in front of him and sucking his cock and he moaned loudly as my face drove into his ass every time Tony thrust into me.

'Fuuuuck, i'm coming!' shouted Tony as he slammed deep into me and planted his load deep in my ass.

'My turn now' Joel said as he quickly withdrew Kaden's cock from his mouth and came behind me. He wasted no time in entering me and plunged in straight away, I was pretty stretched out now and it felt good right away as he banged my ass.

'Fuck that looks good, let me try that' Tony said as Kaden stood aside to let me try Tony's hot ass. Damn, his man ass tasted so good and the cock in my ass was giving me so much pleasure I knew I was gonna blow.

'Awww' I moaned as my load shot out all over the floor and then I realised my orgasm had caused Joey to shoot in my butt and I could hear him shout as he unloaded. Kaden was viciously pumping his own dick and he moved Tony out the way to feed me his load. Just as I took it in my mouth I felt a whole load of cum hit the back of my throat, which I eagerly swallowed as he gave me rope after rope of his sweet load.

When they both finally stopped cumming they withdrew from both ends, leavving behind their cummy mess I sat down on the bench, exhausted and satisfied. They all joined me and we sat in silence for a few minutes before Tony finally broke the silence.

'Well Adam, that's one way to come out the closet'

For some reason we all laughed, I guess we were all so surprised at what had happened, I would of never of guessed my hot buds would ever even let a guy suck their dick, never mind actually suck dick and fuck a guy in the ass. The coming out the closet statement also intrigued me, were any of my buds gay as well? It sure as well was gonna be fun finding out.


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