Bill, my brother-in-law and my sister were in the process of getting a divorce.They lived next door to where I lived with my mother and father.I was always over there for some reason or the other.One night Bill had asked me to look after the kids so he could go out.I had watched the kids many times and I didn´t think nothing about it. I arrived at the house early and he was doing some mechanic work to his car.I remember walking up and he was under the car with only his lower torso visible.I said I and he said would I mind handing him some tools while he continued working. I knelt down next to him waiting for him to ask for a tool from the tool box.Bill was wearing work pants, the kind you would purchase at any Army Navy Store locally.As he was working he was telling me it was great having someone to watch the kids at such short notice.He admitted to me that he and my sister were having marital problems.And that he was having a hard time accepting it. I told him that I didn´t want to get into the middle,that I wanted to remain neutral.Bill said he appreciated that fact,and that the situation was getting complicated.

As I was talking with him, I noticed his package seemed more pronounced as time went by.I felt a stir in my groin just looking at the mound of flesh just inches from my face.I could see the trail of hair from his belly button traveling down into his work uniform.And at various times while he was under the car he would change position and I could actually see the outline of his balls straining the fabric.I don´t know why but balls really turn me on, I guess the reason could be that they contained the cream that i had recently gotten a liking to with having sex with the hired men working on my family´s milk farm. I had never paid any attention before to my broth-in-law and what he was packing.,but this day was different.I could sense a urgency in him and couldn´t put my finger on it.Bill finished working under the car and shimmied from underneath. I could smell the sweat and masculine odor of his sweat,his upper torso glistening and wet.Bill said that he wanted to take a bath before he went out.We went inside the house and he offered me a beer which I gladly accepted.Bill went upstairs to change and when he came down he only had a towel around his waist.I was sitting near the bathroom as he entered,and I thought it was strange that he hadn´t closed the door for privacy.I could see him looking into the mirror getting ready to shave.We kept up our coversation and I could hear him filling the bath tub with water.When he finished shaving,he let the towel around his waist fall to the floor.I caught a glimpse of his uncut still shrouded in its large foreskin.I was more interested in what was below,his big balls swung against his hairy thighs.I knew for some reason that he had wanted me to see him because when he went to step into the tub,I could see the head of his cock start to emerge. As he was soaking thoughts were racing through my head about exactly what was happening, suddenly he asked me to get a bar of soap from the linen closet parallel to where he was. I entered the bathroom and went to the linen closet,got a bar out and unwrapped turning toward him in the bath tub.I noticed his cock right away had grown in length,it was good eight inches and was lying on top of his hairy scrotum.As I gave him the soap he first looked down at his cock and then to me to get my reaction.He had caught me red-handed staring at his dick and he smiled.He said his cock hadn´t gotten much attention these days and hopefully tonight he would get some broad to give him some head.I just passed it off as being innocent talk between two guys and said you´re probably going to drown her with his bull balls.He said he hadn´t come in a week and they were full to the brim.I felt my cock stir with this conversation and left the bathroom.I remember he got out of the tub, and stood naked in front of the toilet taking a piss in my plain sight.I liked the sound of his stream thinking it would be the same when he shot his load.

I asked him where the kids were and he said there had been a change in plans and they were with their cousins for the night.Bill asked me whether I wanted to watch the baseball game with him.By this time, he had put a pair of white jockey shorts on. I was glad since his nude body was making me real hot.Bill got two more cans of beer and we sat watching the game Bill still in his jockey´s sitting opposite from me.At times,I would glance at his crotch and could see his black pubic hair protruding from each side.I knew I wanted my brother-in-law´s cock but I didn´t want to make the first move.Bill was on his fifth can of beer and I still had my second wanting to remain sober just in case I had the opportunity to suck his dick.The baseball game had finished and I decided to stretch out on the couch.Bill had evidently fallen asleep and was snoring in the chair with his legs spread.I fell asleep with a woody and remember he shook me and said go upstairs and use his bed which was more comfortable.I went upstairs since it was late thinking he was getting ready to go out.I was sleeping and I felt someone enter the bed. It turned out to be my brother-in-law and he told me he had decided to stay in. In no time, he was snoring having drank the rest of the beer. I could smell the odor of the alcohol which was perfuming the bedroom.I decided to make the first move to see whether he was open to get his cock sucked.I shimmied underneath the covers and he was lying flat. All of a sudden he turned toward me and my face was only inches from his crotch.The jockeys on him were kind of baggy and I could see his cock and balls were resting near the leg opening.I lifted the leg opening all both his cock and balls fell onto his thigh.I got closer with my face and inhaled the aroma of his crotch mixed with the smell of soap.I neede to taste his hairy scrotum containing what I really wanted.I flicked my tongue just underneath his shaft in the middle of his balls. I knew from experience what the effect would be.I saw the reaction immediately, his cock was gaining in length still enclosed in the foreskin. I got brave enough to lather each ball tasting their saltiness all the while watching his cock enlarge.When I could see the mushroom head of his cock,starting to leak its precum from its slit I knew I was home free.I had to taste this liquid and I dove the tip of my tongue downward in to the slit.

When I did, Bill had been ready and thrust his eight incher into my greedy mouth.I was going to give my brother-in-law the best blowjob he had ever gotten.He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth until I was use to his size and could swallow him to his bush.I had taken my cock out and was jacking off while he was using my mouth.Bill was telling me that all night he was trying to give me signs that he wanted me to suck his dick,but he was afraid to make the first move.I continued to nurse his great shaft and when I came up for air I asked him whether he hadn´t shot his wad in a week. Bill laughed and said I would soon find out.

He abruptly changed position to what I would call 69. He started to jack me off while I was engulfing his rod.I could feel his legs start to quiver and shake and knew soon I would have my reward.I remember his last thrustof his cock down my throat and will a loud shout,starting unloading his balls.I could feel the pulsations along his cock especially with his balls resting on my lips.All at once he stopped jacking me off and took me into his mouth .I told him I was going to come but he continued until I was filling his mouth.I contined to suck his erupting cock til it was dry and softening in my mouth,his cock still dripping cum.He still had my cum in his mouth never thinking to swallow and got up and ran to the bathroom.I didn´t mind sice most straight guys don´t swallow.When he came back he wanted to fuck me up the ass bare back.I looked at his cock and it had hardened once more. Bill fucked my brains out that night.a night I soon wouldn´t forget.I only hoped there was more to come in the future.




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