So I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Colton, I am gay and grew up in the deep south with many conservative people around me. I have been out of the closet since I was 14 and haven't really received much ridicule for it.

Now here is the story:

I was walking into the front door of the Papa Johns after making a delivery to and old woman who screamed at me for not being there in five minutes. I looked on the order screen to see that my next stop was for a woman named Stephanie and the address was actually a house on my street. It was of a house that had been vacant for the past six months, so I was curious as to what was going on. I grabbed the pizza bag and ran out the door to my car. It was steaming hot outside this August so I turned the A/C all the way up and was on my way. I pulled up to the front of the house to see a moving truck backed up to the garage door.

I walked up the driveway toward the people unloading the truck. I asked for Stephanie.

I heard a teenage boy's voice from the inside of the truck yell "she went to the store, but she gave me the money to pay."

When my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness of the truck I saw the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His wispy dirty blonde hair bounced as he jumped from the top of a container. He was about 5'4" and fairly thin but I could see a small build. He was wearing a tank top with almost no sides so I was able to catch a glimpse of his beautiful side.

When I finally snapped to, he was standing just about a foot in front of me.

He broke the awkward silence and said "I am Stephanie's son, Brock."

I handed him the pizza and he gave me the $25.54 that he owed me.

I asked him " so are you moving in here?"

"yes, we just moved here from Kansas, my mom was transferred to manage a bank here."

I replied "well that's cool, so are you going to be going to Pass Christian High School?"

"yes, I actually start my Freshmen year this year."

"Great, maybe I could help you out on the first day, I actually live just a few doors away from here."

"that's awesome. I would love that. He proceeded to pull out his phone and asked from my number."

"it is 228-669-8602" I replied.

"thanks man, I will send you a text so you know who it is."

"alright, and if you need a ride to school I could definitely give you one" pointing to my brand new Tahoe with the Papa Johns light on top.

"thanks I'd really like that."

"no problem. Well, I need to get going. I will see you around though."

"oh, hey, if you want, you could come over to my house tonight; we are having pasta."said Brock.

"I'd like that. I will come over after I get off work."

"ok, see you then."

I got back in the car and drove off. When I got to the stop sign at the end of the road I decided that I had to let my excitement out. I turned my iPod to Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars and danced as much as I could in the driver's seat. I did this until an old man in a Buick came up on my ass and started honking. While on my way my phone buzzed with a text and it was Brock. Think of me as a wimp but I blushed from his text saying "HEYY :3" because we all know that two Y's on "hey" means he wants the dick. Thinking of this made me blush more. Once back at work I was scolded for being so late then went on my way. When my shift was over I decided to call Brock since it was already 5PM. He answered after the second ring which shocked me.

After coming out of my shock I heard him say "hello. Hello?"

"hey, sorry, its Colton. I was just calling to see if I could go ahead and come over"

"yea, that's fine. Can't wait to see you love."

What did he just say? I heard a slight gasp in the speaker.

He stammered. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to call you that, its just..."

Before he could finish I said "its just fine man, don't worry about it"

"thanks, well I will see you soon." And hung up the phone.

I put my phone down and headed to my car. All the while thinking "what was he going to say after 'its just'? why did I interrupt him?" I thought about this the whole way home.

I pulled into the driveway to see the moving truck sitting in the grass in front of the house. I got out of the car and walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell and heard footsteps and someone, I presume was Stephanie yell from the back of the house "Brock! Get the door!" I had to laugh a little at this. Brock greeted me with an adorable, innocent smile. He was wearing swim trunks and an even more revealing tank top than earlier. I couldn't help but admire his beauty. He asked if I wanted to go for a swim, but I declined.

"ok, well if you don't want to go swimming I need to change back into normal clothes."

He proceeded up the stairs and when he got to the top, he asked "are you coming or what?"

I was confused because I figured he would want some privacy, but who am I to deny a little bit of a view.



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