I woke up to feel a weight on my back, pressing me into the mattress. I tried to shift, but could feel Brian at my side, he had his arm draped over me. This is exactly how I liked to wake up, trapped under the solid body of my man. I buried my face into his armpit, taking in his musk. He smelled of man and sweat, probably from our sex last night. In order to wake him up, I started to lick his pit... this drives him crazy. I felt him stir and Brian let out a low, bear-like moan. He was awake... "Mmmm.... you know just how to rouse me, boy..." Brian rolled us over and lay on top of me, chest to chest.

Brian was a big guy. 6'2" and about 230 lbs to my 5'9" and 190 lbs. He had dark hair, which he liked to keep in a crew cut on his head and which he had in light smatterings over his body. He had a bit of a belly, which totally drove me wild- there's not much I love more than to feel his weight lying ontop of me making me feel small and submissive. He was also a good bit older than me, I'm 25 and he is 39.

As Brian was lying on me, I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine (we like to sleep naked). Noticing this, Brian started to rub our cocks back and forth against each other. "Are you still horny from last night, boy?..." "Yes, sir..." When it comes to sex we both loved to role-play. I was always the sub and he was the dom- whether we were playing master/slave, daddy/son or prisoner/torturer- Brian got off on dominating me and I loved being treated like his bitch. I started to squirm and moan as Brian continued to rub his meat against mine. He grabbed my wrists in his big, strong hands and pinned them up above my head. "Well, lucky for you, daddy is still real horny too, son..."

With that, Brian snapped my wrists into the cuffs that were still attached to the headboard from last night. He got up and straddled my chest, big boner sticking in my face, as I lay tied spread-eagle to the bed. He started to slap my face by swinging his cock back and forth as he taunted me. "This is just how I like to see my boy... Tied up and helpless, ready to be dominated by his daddy." I squirmed and bucked as my cock hardened into steel. Brian noticed this and reached back, wrapping his fist around my dick- causing my whole body to spasm. "What's this, here?" Brian asked. "Does boy think he is going to be allowed to cum?" "Please, daddy..." I was already teetering on the edge, trying to hold it back as Brian's hand rubbed me up and down. "If you're good, boy. You know that. Only if you're good will daddy let you cum." Brian let go and slapped my dick, hard. It took all my concentration to not cum right then and there.

"Open your mouth, boy." As I obeyed, Brian leaned forward and fed his cock into my hungry mouth. I closed my lips and started to suck as he began to move his hips back and forth. "Yeah, boy... such a hot mouth. Make your daddy cum..." He grabbed the headboard to give himself extra leverage. Now, his cock was pistoning in and out of my mouth, jabbing me in the back of the throat as I swirled my tongue in furious circles. "Fuck.... I'm gonna shoot my load down your bitch-boy throat." I started to move my head back and forth in time with Brian's movements. I could hear his breathing getting faster and faster until he jammed his cock as far back in my throat as he could and unloaded rope after rope of hot man cum into me. "FUUUUUUCK!!!!! Take my cum, you slut!!"

As Brian came down from his high, he rolled off of me and walked to the other end of the bed. He took my legs and attached them to the cuffs down there. All the while, he never took his eyes off my straining cock. "What a beautiful sight. My sexy boy tied to the bed, cock reaching for the sky... ready to be tortured." He went to the nightstand and took out our bottle of lube. After pouring a healthy amount on my poor dick, he began to run his fist up and down. "Daddy... please may I cum?" He continued to stroke. "No, boy. You may not." He never slowed down his stroking. I was using all my willpower to keep from cumming. "But, daddy... I'm so close, I'm afraid you're going to make me cum... please slow down!" Brian never slowed down. "No. I'm going to keep edging you and you have to control yourself boy. Concentrate. This is what I have been training you for."

Sweat was pouring over my body as I tried with all my might not to cum. Brian had been training me to only cum when given permission. He would not slow down or give me a break, rather he wanted to have total verbal control of my orgasms. I had been slowly getting better at obeying him, but the first few times of my training I came almost instantly. Brian would then punish me, usually by caning or whipping me. He said the pain would eventually be intertwined with cumming without permission and my brain would slowly learn to hold back my orgasms... It slowly seemed to be working.

Brian had been edging me for what felt like an eternity. My head was swimming and I was totally in my sub-space. Brian could have continued to jerk me and I would not have cum until he said so. He noticed this and smiled like a proud parent. I felt Brian shift on the bed and enclosed his lips over my mouth. He devoured my face with a deep kiss and plunged his tongue deep down my throat. Involuntarily I began to moan with lust. Brian broke the kiss for only a moment, saying "Cum for me, boy."

I felt a churning deep inside my groin. I could feel it building in intensity as Brian's large hand continued to fondle my aching cock. The pressure built for what felt like hours to me and I was almost afraid of the intensity that was to come... Finally the pressure released and it felt like a rocket came shooting fro my cock. My body trembled as I shrieked in absolute pleasure! I heard Brian let out a guttural moan and felt his cum hitting my stomach as well as mine.

After I came back down to Earth, Brian rolled onto of me and gave me a deep kiss. "Such a good boy... I love you..."

This is my favorite way to get up in the morning...



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