Following my long dream of some six months lusting after hot young Rob when I shopped for produce where he worked at the supermarket, I had partially satisfied my libido when we had a wild 69 and we shot our load into each other's throat. The taste was awesome but I still craved plunging my big hard 7-inch cock deep into that sexy young virgin bubble ass. I'd masturbated an untold number of times dreaming of that rock hard sexy ass devouring my big cock.

After we had drained our balls of all that cum in each other's mouth, we went out for a nice dinner totally lusting for each other when we would return to my condo. During dinner, I was constantly semi-hard and thinking of nothing but the gorgeous man across the table from me. The man I had craved for six months and finally had conquered. Our eyes locked on each other that made the desire even more intense. I noticed the waiter eyeing us from a distance. It was obvious the hot waiter had caught onto the lust both Rob and I were telegraphing with no chance to conceal our lustful mood.

About half way through dinner, the handsome tanned 20 something waiter with black hair, blue eyes and about 6-feet dressed in tight black pants showing a big bulge approached out table and with a wicked grin said: "Gentleman, I could not help but noticed that you two dudes have the hots for each other. Man you both are really hot and as a gay man myself I'm having great trouble keeping my cock under control as I serve my customers. You are so lucky to have such lust for each other. Man, I'd love to get fuck by both of you. I'm leaking pre-cum in my shorts right now."

I replied: "Hell, are we that obvious? I've got to have my new buddy all to myself tonight. I'm going to have raunchy sex drilling his hot hard bubble ass. No sharing tonight. But maybe on another night we might hook up with you. Man, that is some bulge in those pants. How big are you? Give us your number. By the way, I'm Bret and this is hot Rob."

"Hi, my name is Sean and yea, I have a horse sized 11-inch cock. I bet you two would scream like a wild wolf taking my dong. Here is my number."

Rob looked shocked and then said: I've just experienced my first sec with Bret when we gave each other blowjobs. We both have been lusting after each other for months. I'm going to be his bitch tonight and get my first cock up my pussy. I'm sure I could never survive your cock. But maybe some other time we three could hook up. I'm all Bret's tonight and I think I'll never crave any guy like I do for Bret's loving sex."

We rushed through dinner and left a big tip for Sean. As we left the restaurant, Sean followed us to the exit, walked with us to our car and shit he unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest rock hard cock I'd ever seen. His cock head was shinny with a dripping supply of pre-cum. Man it was hard not to invite him back to the condo. He really had tried to seduce us and come along but tonight was my time to fulfill my fantasy of fucking Rob for hours. Nothing was going to prevent me from this night of taking that hot pussy.

When we got back to the condo, we went directly to my bedroom and I pulled Rob's hot body tightly against my body, put his hot lips up to mine mouth and soon our lips were locked in steamy hot kisses. I used my tongue to part his young red sexy lips and drove my tongue inside his hot soft mouth. Soon our tongues were battling for position like two swords battling for superiority. The wild French kissing produced gobs of spit and sweat began to form on our foreheads. As we shoved our crotches close together, I felt our cocks swell until they were hard as steel and the big dicks began to rub hard against each other. If we were not careful, we were going to shoot our loads in our briefs without my chance for me to fuck that hard ass that I had now in my hands. I'd never smelt a guy that was as hot as Rob---he had the smell of roses or the best cologne I'd ever used. I was crazy with lust from his smell and beauty.

I pulled away from Rob, pushed him down on the bed on his back and began to lustfully undress him. I pulled off his shoes, socks, pulled his sweater over his head and off, slowly unzipped his pants and took them off, left on his briefs, got down and began to use my lips and tongue to suck his cock through the briefs until the front of the briefs were soaked from such hot smelling pre-cum. Then I put my thumbs under the top of the briefs and slowly took them off as his incredible awesome cock stood straight out. I grabbed the base of that hot cock with his huge balls hanging low and turning very red. Wow, what a cock he had. The cock head was extremely large, was very dark brown with a brown ring just at the bottom of the cock head, the rest of the cock was very white and smooth that caused his cock head to stand out, a very blue looking big vein ran down the underside of that gorgeous cock, the vein was pulsating as blood had rushed to fill that huge cock, and the cock head was so shinny as pre-cum seeped out and smelt great as I began to use my lips and tongue to circle that awesome cock head. I swirled my lips around that dark head until Rob was crazed with lust. He began to breath rapidly and thrust his hips up to push his cock further into my face. I slowly swallowed inch by inch his big cock until my mouth was at the base of his cock. I rotated from slow to fast sucking of that hot cock. I could feel his cock oozing more and more pre-cum into my mouth that smelt and tasted both salty and sweet.

After sucking his cock for a long time, I went down on his red hot balls, swirled my tongue around the very sweaty balls and then I took each ball in my mouth as Rob cried out in pure pleasure. Finally, Rob pushed my head off his balls and said: "OH BABY, I don't want to come yet. Please fuck my ass and then let me come while you fuck the hell out of my ass. Let me be your bitch. Take my virgin ass and make me your slut. Oh how I want that hot cock of yours inside my over heating pussy. Give it to me now."

With Rob begging me for my cock, I felt my cock stiffen even more, chills began to run up and down my body and I got ready to fuck that tight bubble ass. I lubed his pink asshole and poured gobs of lube on my throbbing cock and got ready to fuck my dream boat in several positions. I got down on my back on the bed with my cock standing straight up and bobbing as I invited Rob to mount me as he faced me. I wanted to see his facial expressions as he took his first cock up that incredible ass. As he lowered his ass on to my steel hard cock, I used my hands to grab his butt cheeks and help him come down on my tool. Soon my cock was all the way up his wet soft ass. At first I used my hips to slowly thrust my cock in and partially out.

Rob began to almost cry and he said: "Oh Baby your cock is so big. It hurts so bad. I don't think I can take it. Pull out Baby."

I slowly pulled out and said: "Rob honey, at first it hurts but I promise it will turn to pleasure. As I go back in, you relax, breath slowly and push out as if you are about to shit. I promise it will get better."

When I began to shove my cock back in, Rob did as I had instructed and this time my cock went in much easier until soon I was banging his ass hard and he was moaning with pure lust and pleasure. His face formed the most sexy look and he said: "Yea, Baby that is so hot. It feels so good. Fuck me harder, give it to me. Yea, that is it. Oh it feels so good. What is your cock hitting that feels so good. Oh shit I love that cock. Give it to me. Don't stop."

I informed him that my cock head was massaging his prostate.

As I fucked his ass, I felt the most incredible feelings like no other ass my cock had invaded. His ass was moist with not only the lube but he had produced some really warm juices, the ass linings felt like soft velvet on my cock and he had begun to use his ass muscles to tightened down on my cock as if his muscles were hands massaging my cock. And Rob smelt so sweet and his legs were soft as they lay on my legs and thighs. This had to be the best fuck of my life.

After some five minutes, I pushed Rob's ass off my cock and got ready for another hot position to breed my new lover. I took him over to the wall, had him face the wall, spread his legs far apart, had him put his hands up on the wall, I spread my legs and feet apart and began to thrust my cock in that warm welcoming ass. I put my chest up against his back and began to use my entire body to thrust my cock deep into his pussy, Soon he began to push his ass back to cause my cock to go deeper into his ass channel. The feel of his warm velvet like soft ass had my cock harder than ever before in my life. All asses are not equal , some are better than others and this one was the blue ribbon winner. I'd fucked enough man pussy to be able to judge a great ass from a so so ass. This had to be the best ass on the planet. It looked incredible and felt even better. How long could I last with such a hot ass taking all my cock had to offer. It was beyond any fantasy I'd ever had. I knew I had to have this ass day after day. I'd never get enough of such a good feeling contact between his ass walls and my pulsating cock. Yea he was going to be my bitch and yea my slut. This was the ass that would milk me dry over and over.

After a great fuck on the wall, it was time to change positions again. I put Rob on his back on the bed, lifted his tanned legs and feet over his head, his ass was then up in the air verticle to the ceiling and making for a great entrance for my cock. I faced my body away from him standing with my feet on each side of his body, bent my legs as I lowered my cock into his ass as I stood above him. I slowly slid my cock deep into his ass as I held on to his ankles. I pounded his ass as if my cock was a jack hammer. He moaned and begged me to fuck him harder and harder. I felt my cock go deep into his ass past even his prostate. The feel of the downward thrusts was so incredible. This had to be the perfect position for getting a cock that deep inside that hot pussy. I fucked him until we both were about exhausted.

It was then time for the final position before we both busted our nuts. Rob laid down on the bed on his back with his head up against the head board, spread his legs far apart, I lifted his ass by putting a pillow under his ass that lifted his ass up for an easy entrance fro my red hot aching cock that was about ready to explode. I got down on my knees and put my leaking cock at the entrance to his pulsating pink wet lube covered ass, I took a finger and shoved it in his ass to spread his new virgin ass even more open, took my wet finger up to his mouth and he sucked my finger to taste the juices from his ass that made him even hornier and he said: Baby, don't make me wait. Fuck me now. I want you to come in my ass now. I want your seed to become part of my body. Show me no mercy. I've got to have more and more of that hot cock and your cum."

With that request, I shoved my cock deep in that hot ass with one thrust and began to fuck the hell out of that now worn pussy. I began to pound his ass with the entire force of my body as Rob thrust his butt up to meet my cock. The moans, grunts and screams from both of us could be heard all over the condo. One could hear my cock make sloppy noises as I went deep, pulled almost all the way out and back in. I fucked my buddy's ass for about five minutes while he used one of his hands to jack off his now iron hard cock ready to bust a nut.

The neat thing was that we both reached an oncoming climax at the same moment. As I saw his cock head stiffen and his piss slit open wider, I pulled my cock out of his ass and we both began to shoot blast after blast of cum. Holy shit, Rob's cum shot onto the head board and over the headboard blasting shots of thick cum on the wallpaper behind the bed. My cum went in ever direction, wetting the black silk sheets, on Rob's face and even one shot made it onto the wallpaper. It was now time to eat cum. I put my mouth and tongue onto Rob's chest and face and licked up the cum and swallowed. Rob then got down and sucked my cum off the silk sheets. Finally, we both got behind the bed and licked our cum off the wall paper as it ran down the wall. Although we had swallowed all the cum that we had gathered, we kissed and could smell and taste the after effects of all that cum. The taste of the two cums were some what different but really good.

It was now time to shower and yes we had left cum stains on the sheets and wallpaper. Maybe it would be time to purchase new wallpaper and sheets. But oh how hot and how much fun the night had been.

As we came back to bed, Rob asked: Can I move in with you? I want that cock ever night up my ass. And what about that waiter? He is hot but nothing like you. Shall we just ignore his moves on us?"

I grinned and planted a kiss on Rob's hot juicy lips and I replied: "Baby, you are the best fuck ever. I want your pussy ever night. Yea, be my bitch. I think we have decided that I'll be the top and you the bottom because no ass is as hot as yours. My cock loves your pussy. My cock is in love with your ass. I don't know about that waiter. He is not in your class. Before I met you, I might have jumped in bed with him in an instant as he is rather hot. Do you think we might asked the readers at Gay Demon what they think?

"Bret Baby, lets do that."


Naughty Eric


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