The state of Nevada lawfully permits sexual consent of those of the age of, or older than, 16 years of age.  However, this law is only applicable to those who are of the age of, or younger than 21 years of age between 16. Therefore, this story is of legal sexual conduct and as such should be recognized as being of the law. If you have any issues with stories involving the sexual actions of individuals who are of the age of 17, do not read any further.

CAUTION: This story contains explicit sexual material and should only be read by those who are of legal sexual consent. If you are underage (16 to 18 depending on your location), do not read any further.


It is a dark and stormy night.  The clouds hang on firmly in the sky, resisting all attempts to give way to any sun shine.  They refused to let up, pouring down without mercy upon the town; the drops not too big, and not too small.  The clouds are like a faucet-only to be tamed by divine intervention.  The rain only emphasizes the chilly state of the outside air; drowning leaves being swept away by a relentless stream of water, only to be herded together by the drains where the street and sidewalk meet; huddling together, having no place to go; clogging up each street drain; the rain in the streets being high enough to almost overflow on the sidewalks.  Darkness swarms over the neighborhood.  A downed power line has been severed,  The clouds are working in unison with the wind, as an old, wooden pole is knocked down, severing the direct line of accumulated electrons sent from the distant power station along conductive, aluminum wiring.  The darkness, the wind, the rain; together they create a cold so cold, it is almost blinding.

In the distance, movement in seen.  The source of the movement is closing the distance from a particular house.  As the kid continues down the sidewalk, in nothing but a pair of skinny jeans, which on him are a perfect size, looking a little baggy, and a long-sleeved shirt.  With no coat or umbrella, he is doomed to be soaked.  As he nears his home, he pulls out his keys, fumbling with them as he finds the right one to unlock the front door.  Just like that, his nimble and shaking fingers loose their grip on the keys, which fall to their fate in a flow of water, only to be sucked down into the one water drain which is not plugged up by leaves.  The kid panics, and like anybody in his position, he quickly falls to his knees to reach for his keys.  As expected, the keys are lost.  The kid no longer has access to the house.  Horrified, he stands up and looks straight ahead.  He is unsure of what to do.  He turns around, and locks his eyes on his best friend’s house.  Like every other house in the neighborhood, it is unlit, darkened.  He proceeds to walk towards his friend’s home.  He knocks on the door and the door opens up.  Standing there with the door to his home open, the father of his friend greets him.

“Shit, kid!” he exclaims.  “Get in here.  You shouldn’t be out here is this weather.”

With that, the tall man stands aside, letting the kid in.

The kid, Andrew, is a Junior in High School, and is 17 years old.  His hair is brown, and so are his eyes.  His cock is cut, standing at slightly over 6 inches when erect, and has a standard thickness.  He does not play any sports because he simply does not want to; sports just do not peak his interest at all... despite the view of the hot guys he could see in the locker room if he were to play a sport.  He stands at exactly 5 1/2 feet tall, and bears a slim, fat-free body of approximately 105lbs.  He has well defined abs, and his pecs are somewhat undeveloped.  Even though he is somewhat of a late bloomer in terms of overall muscle growth, his face has been filling out since the age of 13, adding a mature, but unmistakable innocence to his face that made most every guy, gay or straight, to pick up from him, this vibe of being incredibly fragile.  Even though he is gay, he does not act like a girl, or wish to be one, because he likes being a man; the way God made him, pleases him.  He would not change anything about himself, especially not his gender.  On occasion, when around his “girl” friends, he would become somewhat flamboyant, but not too much to lead someone to believe he is gay.  Typically, he would act like a straight guy, because other than his sexual preferences being the difference between him and a straight guy, he is still a man.  Most people who pick up his vibe, assume he is gay from his fragile nature, and the fact that he never had a girlfriend.

His friend’s dad, Mark, is a different story.  At 36 years old, standing at a height of 6 1/2 feet, and a weight of 214lbs, all of which is solid muscle, thanks to his daily workout routine and his years of playing football in high school, he easily towers over Andrew like a giant.  His hair, too, is brown, and his eyes are deep, sparkling pools of emerald-green.  His cock is cut, and when erected, stands at a length of 11 1/2 inches, and is about 3 1/2  inches thick from left to right.  His balls are large, each about the size of a chicken egg.  His pecs are large and solid, and his abs are practically chiseled.  His shoulders broad, they connect to large, muscular arms, which bulge with solid muscle with even the most insignificant flexing motion.  His legs are like logs in their thickness-hard as a rock.  His calf muscles are perfect in that they always appear to be flexing.  Despite his incredibly muscular body, his muscles do not look unnatural, instead looking perfect, natural and absolutely beautiful, able to rival even the muscles of any greek god.  He is bisexual, but prefers women.  Typically, anytime he has sex with another guy, he prefers them to be about the same size as he is.

As he leads Andrew inside, he shuts the door behind him and proceeds to get a towel for Andrew to dry off with.  Andrew is shivering heavily because he is so cold.  As Mark returned, he carries a towel in one hand, and a lit, portable gas-lamp in the other.  Handing the towel to Andrew, Mark turns around to let him strip out of his wet clothes and dry off.  Since the power is out, Mark’s idea of installing a gas-powered generator for keeping his electricity going, the heater included, the house is much warmer than the bombing 44 degrees of outside.  As he begins to strip, Andrew is curious as to the whereabouts of his friend.

“S-s-s-so uh,” he began, shivering intensely.  “I th-thought D-D-Dylan would b-be back by now.”

“Naw,” Mark began.  “He won’t be back til next week.  His stay was extended.”

Andrew tries to respond, but he is shivering too much.  He simply mumbles a bit.  As he finishes stripping, he starts to dry himself off.  Mark hears Andrew’s teeth rattling from his shivering, and wonders what he can do to help the little guy out.  He feels a tingle in his crotch, and he instantly tries to control it, with success.  He decides to help the kid out, not out of sexual desire with an intent to make a move, but as a father figure.  He considers Andrew his second son, since Andrew’s father died in a car crash when he was only 11 years old.  Andrew considers Mark to be his father as well, and has considered him so years before his father died.  Since Andrew’s father was, as Andrew put it, a drunk asshole, he never looked up to him, nor was he saddened by his father’s death.  Along with this father-son relationship, Dylan and Andrew consider themselves brothers.  Underneath such a strong father-son relationship, is a burning desire for a physical relationship between Mark and Andrew.

As Andrew dries off the final portions of his skin, he wraps the towel around himself, shivering intensely.

“Okay,” Andrew struggles to say through his shivering.  “I’m d-dry now.”

“Can I turn around now?” Mark asks, not wanting to violate Andrew’s privacy.

“Y-yeah,” he replies.

As Mark turns around, Andrew is standing, slightly hunched over, shivering.  Andrew and Mark lock eyes, just looking into one another’s soul.  Andrew breaks the eye contact first, blushing, followed by Mark, who also blushes.

“I’ll get you Dylan’s bathrobe,” Mark says as he turn away, walking down the hallway.

Opening the door to his son’s bedroom, Mark grabs the clean bathrobe off the hanger on the door.  With this, he returns to give it to Andrew.  Andrew takes the bathrobe with cold, nimble fingers.  Mark again turns around to give Andrew some privacy.  Andrew drops the towel on the floor, slipping the bathrobe on.

“Okay,” Andrew says.  “I’m all covered up.”

Mark is hesitant to turn around again, due to the uncomfortable eye contact the two had made, so instead of risking another uncomfortable situation, he proceeds into the kitchen to make Andrew something hot to drink.  Minutes later, he enters the living room to give Andrew a cup of hot Good Earth tea-the sweet and spicy kind.  Andrew looks up into Mark’s eyes, and takes the cup from Mark as he hands it over to him.

“Thanks,” Andrew says, gratefully, in a small, weak voice, proceeding to sit down on the couch.  “So why are the lights off?  If the heat is working, why would you be using that gaslamp?”

Taking a seat on the same couch as Andrew, Mark leaves an additional cushion between the two.  A prudent precaution, considering how close the two are to initiating something that can alter their relationship forever.  Getting situated, Mark answers the kid’s question.

“I’m not sure how long it’ll be before they get the power up,” Mark explains to Andrew as he drinks his tea and pays attention to Mark’s explanation.  “My back-up generator only gas so much gas, and once it’s gone, just try getting a car through that shit weather out there.  I won’t be able to get more gas.  Better dark than cold, right?”

As always, Andrew is amused by Mark’s explanation; his explanations almost always satisfies Andrew’s curiosity, and Mark always gives at least a decent explanation.

“So why were you out there without a coat or thing?” Mark asks.

Taking another sip of the hot tea prepared for him by Mark, just the way he likes it, Andrew answers the question.

“It’s a long story,” Andrew begins.  “Luckily we have plenty of time, so I’ll tell you!”

Both Mark and Andrew chuckle.  Mark is happy that Andrew’s sense of humor has returned.

“I kinda feel like a girl from some chick flick for this, but here goes,” Andrew begins.  “During fourth period in my History class, this football jock I’ve had a crush on since last year came up to me.  Last year I told him that I have a crush on him, and he told me that he really appreciates my honesty, but that he wasn’t into guys.  I was well prepared for a response like that, and so that’s not the point.  The point is, today he came up to me, and said that he and I should get together this weekend, for a date.  As you can imagine, I was super happy; my heart fluttered, my stomach got a really warm feeling, and I bet my face turned three more shades of red when I blushed.  I was all happy and excited, and then he leaned in to kiss me, or so I thought... he decided to have some fun with me.  When I closed my eyes when I thought he was gonna kiss me, he shoved one of the pizzas our school serves for lunch in my face... those nasty, greesy pizzas with almost no taste.  It got all over my hair and my face.  He and his dumbass friends just started laughing at me.  Then he told me that I’m a total faggot and that I’m so stupid for actually thinking that anyone could ever think that I’m attractive at all.  I was devastated... I still am.  It was already the end of the school day, and the bell had just rang, so I decided to just run outside through the back doors of the school and I just ran to God knows where.  I got lost for about an hour, and then it started raining.  At least I left my backpack at school in my locker.  I got soaked, my phone had no power left so I couldn’t get a ride from somebody.  I spent that last hour trying to find my way back home.  I started crying like crazy, but got over myself after like, ten minutes.  Then when I got home, I dropped my fucking keys!  So I decided to come over here, since I figured you wouldn’t mind...”

Mark sits there, his mouth gaping open.  Feeling like he is in shock, Mark feels like his heart has dropped to his feet.  He is so enraged by Andrew’s story.  He feels a need to find this dick who hurt this boy so bad and rip him apart from limb to limb.  He finally calms himself down enough to speak.

“I’ll kill him...” Mark says quietly.

Andrew does not want for anyone to get hurt, bless his gentle soul; not even those who hurt him.

“Mark,” Andrew starts.  “You can’t hurn or you’ll go to jail.  The guy is seventeen, and you’re past eighteen years old.  He’s still a minor.”

Standing up, Mark, still pissed, starts pacing back and forth, thinking.”

“Well I can’t just do nothing!” Mark yells in frustration.  “I can’t believe you’re defending him like this!  He hurt you, humiliated you, all for what?  A joke?  What right does he have?  What could you have possibly done to him?  Nothing.  You’d never do anything to warrant that kind of treatment.  Nobody deserves anything like that, no matter what they did.”

“If nobody deserves anything like that, no matter what they do, then why are you wanting to hurt this guy?”

Andrew’s response catched Mark off guard.  Andrew has cornered Mark using Mark’s own logic.  Mark is forced to think about how correct Andrew is.  Mark was using illogical reasoning with logic, which is used to Andrew’s advantage.  Settling down, Mark stops pacing, sitting back down on the couch, right next to Andrew.

“Sorry about that,” Mark apologizes.  “Just because I get mad and pop off like that, don’t mean you should do it.  I can’t expect you to understand how I feel, because you don’t have a kid.  When you have children, Andrew, you’ll understand how it feels when you find out some jackass hurt one of your kids.  You’re like my son, Andrew, and I love you.  I don’t like it when you get hurt.”

With this, Mark leans over and hugs Andrew, who hugs right back.  Enjoying the feeling of the small kid in his arms, Mark does not let go immediately.  Andrew, enjoying the feeling of having this muscle stud’s muscular arm wrapped around him, also does not want the hug to end.  Both Andrew and Mark begin to get an erection, which signal them to cease the hugging.  Feeling awkward about the closeness the two men just experienced, the two both begin to blush heavily.  Suddenly, Mark realizes that his hand is rested on Andrew’s hardening shaft.  He quickly removes it, and Andrew secretly wishes that Mark would have left his hand on his erecting cock.  Despite this intense feeling of awkwardness between them, Mark and Andrew do not move away from one another.  Taking a chance, Mark feels urged to plant a kiss on the boy’s soft, full lips.  Andrew also feels an urge to kiss the large muscle god next to him.  It does not take long for both to succumb to their respective desires, no matter how hard each tries.  Just like that, Mark lifts an arm up, gently gripping Andrew’s jaw as he closes the distance between them.  Gingerly, Mark’s lips press so very lightly on Andrew’s lips.  In one move, Mark crushes his lips against Andrew’s, pushing his tongue into the kid’s mouth.  In seconds, Mark and Andrew are locked in an incredibly passionate kiss.  As the two kiss, Mark unties the bathrobe Andrew is wearing, sliding the robe off his shoulders.  Andrew interrupts the kiss momentarily to pull Mark’s shirt over his shoulders and off his body, revealing Mark’s incredibly defined abs and pecs.  During this, Andrew also takes the time to undo Mark’s belt, pulling down his jeans and briefs, unleashing the proverbial monster from its cage.  Mark then wraps both of his muscular arms around Andrew’s small body, his hands eventually moving down to Andrew’s soft, full ass cheeks.  Moving his hands even further down, he lifts the small boy up in his arms, holding him by his upper thighs.  Andrew immediately wraps his arms around Mark’s neck, continuing to kiss and be kissed.

The two, as they are, begin to get full hardons, Mark’s thick, 11 1/2 incher rested against Andrew’s back leaking precum all over, rising about half way up the kid’s torso, and Andrew’s perfect looking 6 incher rubbing against Mark’s chest, smearing his own boy-juices over the older man’s sculpted chest.  As they continue to kiss, each feels a need to be even closer.  Andrew interrupts the kiss to speak.

“I need you inside me,” Andrew whispers.  “Please Mark, I want you to have my virginity.”

Staring into Andrew’s eyes, Mark is even more turned on that the small kid he holds in his arms is begging for him to take the kid’s virginity.  Even so, Mark is concerned that he may have opened a Pandora’s Box that would cause Andrew to want... to make something happen that he will regret.

“Shit, kid,” Mark begins.  “Are you sure this is what you really want?  I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret later.”

“I’m sure, Mark.  I’ve fantasized about giving you my virginity so many times before when I’m jacking off.  I’ve wanted to have you inside me since I was thirteen.”

“Kid, my dick is pretty damn big.  I don’t think you can handle a cock as big as mine inside you for your first time.”

Thinking for a moment, Andrew pleads again.

“Please, Mark?” he asks in his sweetest voice.  “I really want this.”

“It’ll hurt at first...” Mark begins.  “I mean, like really hurt.”

“I know,” Andrew responds.  “I’ve been using dildos for a few years in my ass when I jack off.  I’m ready.”

Mark knows the kid is sure of himself.  Mark does not want to hurt the kid, but hearing that Andrew uses dildos makes him rethink his restraint.  Mark realized that if the kid uses dildos, then the initial pain will not be as great compared to first penetration with someone who has never had any object playing with his or her own ass.  Lifting the boy up more to allow his cock to be positioned on the kid’s hole, Mark lowers him until he can feel Andrew’s hole pressed up against the precum soaked head of his monster cock.

“Ready kid?” Mark asks.

“Yeah, daddy,” Andrew answers.  “I’m ready.”

Andrew’s use of the word ‘daddy’ turns Mark on even more, his cock solidifying even more, if it is even possible.  He realized that if this boy, at the age of 13, came up to him and begged for him to fuck his tight, virgin hole, he would have likely done so.  He also realized that he too has wanted to make love to the boy in his arms for a long time as well.

Andrew leans in to kiss Mark again, as the two start to kiss passionately again.  Mark begins to lower the kid down, straining his cock slightly as the well-lubed head of his bare cock pressed up against the warm, tight hole of the tiny child in his arms.  Andrew feels the strain, and pushes out as hard as he can to make it easier for Mark’s thick cock head to penetrate him.  Andrew’s boring down with his ass muscles does just the trick, and with Mark lowering Andrew even more, the giant head of Mark’s monster cock pops through the opening of Andrew’s ass.  Just like that, Andrew begins to moan and groan, the pain excruciating.  Mark sees how Andrew is wincing in pain, and lifts Andrew up, removing the cock head, leaving it just resting against the freshly penetrated hole.  In around 15 seconds, Andrew’s wincing dies down as the pain diminishes.  Mark then lowers the kid again, the head of his cock once again inside the boy’s tight, warm, wet hole.  Again, Andrew winces, but the pain is not as bad.

“You ready for more?” Mark asks Andrew, wanting to get confirmation to proceed to ensure that he does not give the boy more than he can handle all at once.

“Yes,” Andrew responds.  “You can give me some more.”

Mark, very slowly, starts lowering Andrew, more and more of his enormous shaft disappearing into the depths of the boy’s tight, warm ass.  Andrew winces most of the way down until only about 4 inches remains outside of his ass, and then lowers Andrew the rest of the way down in one quick motion.  Mark leaves Andrew impaled on his massive cock, giving the kid time to become accustomed to the impalement.  As Andrew rests there, he removed his hands from around Mark’s neck, wrapping them around Mark’s large, muscular torso, holding himself tight against the man who has him impaled, resting his head against Mark’s large pec.  In a quiet voice, Andrew states his readiness for the serious love making.

“I’m ready,” Andrew says, panting, still feeling pain in his ass.

Hearing this, Mark begins to gently lift Andrew up, removing mere inches of cock from his ass, and slowly sliding him back down.  Andrew lets out a small gasp as Mark lowers him back down.  Mark repeats this several times.  Andrew still feels a little soar from the initial penetration, and his insides feel like they are on fire.  Never in his life has Andrew imagined that he'd have something as big as what Mark is giving him, inside of him.  As Andrew relaxes, he lays his head against Mark's pecs, causing Mark to hold the kid even closer to him.  In this position, Mark can only thrust his cock in and out about an inch.  Slowly, to allow Andrew to become accustomed to the ass fuck he is receiving, Mark only gives him slow, small thrusts.  We wants Andrew to enjoy this as much as possible.  Out of sheer love for the boy in his arm, Mark rests his chin upon the head of the small child and begins speaking.

"Baby," Mark says.  "I want you to enjoy this.  If you feel like stopping for any reason whatsoever, say so and I'll stop.

"Mark," Andrew begins, taken by surprise at Mark's use of the word 'baby' to address him.  "This feels so good.  You're so big, and I want you to have me."

"Okay," Mark replies.  "I'm gonna make love to you, baby."

With a feeling of warmth inside him, Andrew holds on tighter.  Mark lifts Andrew's small body with his hands, lifting him off the big meat and leaving just a few inches inside Andrew.  Then, gently, he lowers Andrew back down, impaling him once again on the big cock.  Andrew moans, and clenches his ass around Mark's rod.

"Oh fuck!" Mark exclaims.  "Kid, that felt so good.  Ready for some more?"

"Yeah," Andrew says.  "I want it so much!"

"Alright, kid."

With this, Mark lifts Andrew up off his cock a ways, leaving just the head of his cock inside, and forces Andrew down hard on the big meat, making him let out a loud moan of pleasure.  Again, Mark does the same thing, and again, eliciting the same response from the angel Mark carries in his arms.  Mark begins to pick up the pace, letting the kid have it.  They continue in this position until Mark decides he wants to fuck the kid in a different position.  Still thrusting, but gently now, Mark walks down into the hallway, entering his bedroom.  Andrew is unaware of the change in scenery as his eyes are still closed and he is entranced by the pleasurable thrust Mark is continuing to deliver into his tiny body.  Mark moves to his bed, then gently bends over to lay Andrew down on his back.  Noticing the soft feeling against his back, Andrew realizes that he is lying down, and notices that Mark has just pulled his cock totally out.  Disappointed, Andrew moans quietly, just as Mark grabs both of Andrew’s legs, lifting them up, Andrew’s feet over the muscle hunk’s shoulders.  Looking into each other’s eyes, Mark, positions his cock outside of Andrew’s hole, and in one quick motion, slams himself in as hard as he can muster, watching Andrew’s face as his eyes squint and he lets out a scream of pleasure, neither of them breaking eye contact for even a second.  Mark continues his rampage on the angel’s tight ass hole, making Andrew scream every step of the way, and Mark feeling absolutely amazing with his cock inside such a warm, tight hole.  Andrew notices Mark’s cock getting larger, and his cock is also solidifying even more.  Both Mark and Andrew are near cumming.  Suddenly, feeling the upcoming orgasm, Mark slows his speed slightly.  Andrew reaches for his cock to stroke it, but before he can touch it, Mark grabs on to his arm, holding it away.

“No, baby,” Mark says.  “I want to fuck the cum out of you.  Trust me.  I’m gonna take good care of you.”

This puts a smile on Andrew’s face as Mark leans down and crushes his lips against his, initiating another deep, sensual kiss as Mark roughly fucks the kid as hard as he can, causing Andrew to moan of total pleasure and bliss into Mark’s mouth.  This lasts for 5 more minutes until Andrew feels something very warm filling his hole as Mark unloads the biggest load of cum he ever shot, directly into Andrew, which in turn, makes Andrew’s cock swell and shoot cum all over Mark’s chest.  Exhausted from the biggest and most intense orgasm either Mark or Andrew have ever had, Mark tells Andrew to roll over.  Andrew does so, and Mark crawls on top of him, wrapping both arms around the boy’s torso.  Gently, he rolls the two over to lie on their sides, Andrew’s back against Mark’s chest, and Mark’s cock lying between Andrew’s ass cheeks, softening.  Both Mark and Andrew fall into a deep sleep, Andrew in the arms of big dicked, muscle hunk Mark, his best friend's dad.  A.K.A. his new-found lover.



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