I had taken my two weeks vacation and headed west. I left on a Friday afternoon and drove until almost nine that night, stopping at a small motel next to a older truck stop. There was a small cafe at the truck stop so after checking into the motel, I walked over to get a bite to eat.

I ordered my burger and fries and a beer and while I waited I went to the restroom. It was empty and contained two urinals and two stalls. Being gay and curious, I checked out the stalls hoping to find a gory hole. BINGO! There it was. A nice hole about three inches in diameter.

I tool my piss and decided to check it out after I ate.

After eating and paying my bill I returned to the restroom and took a seat. About ten minutes later I heard the door open. Looking through the crack around the stall door, I could see the mirrors over the sinks.

A young driver in his late twenties walked up to the urinal for a second then turned, and with his cock hanging out of his jeans, he walked around to the stall next to me. After dropping his jeans, he sat down, spread his legs, leaned back, and unbuttoned hos shirt, revealing a muscular medium hairy chest. Without hesitation, he began stroking his nice long slim cock. Soon, it was rock hard and he knew I was watching.

After a moment, he put it through the hole and I immediately swallowed it and began sucking. After a couple of minutes, he pulled back and motioned for me to put mine through which I did. He stopped and when I pulled back he leaned toward the hole and said, "Follow me to my rig."

"Better yet, come to room 112 next door," I said.

I pulled up my pants and walked out, returning to my room. I went in and stripped and peeked out the curtains. There he was, walking across the lot straight for my door. When he knocked, I quickly opened the door and let him in.

Immediately, he began kissing me, caressing my nude body. He stripped and joined me in bed. After A hot make out session followed by an even hotter sixty-nine, we kissed and cuddled and talked. He was from Wyoming, twenty eight years old and married. He said his father-in-law owned the trucking company and he only stayed married to his wife because her dad gave him the better paying runs.

Later we fucked each other savagely, then drifted off to sleep. the next morning, after showering together, we had another hot sixty-nine. He thanked me for a great night and left me totally satisfied. I knew that if the rest of the trip went like the first night it was going to be an awesome vacation.

I was soon on the road again. The weather was clear and warm but not hot. I put the convertable top down and sailed down the highway.

Mid afternoon, as I passed a big rig with a hot driver, I casually rubbed my crotch. He smiled down at me and gave me the old thumbs up sign. I smiled back. He sped up some and stayed a short distance behind me.

It was nearing dusk when we passed a sign telling us that there was a rest area a mile ahead, he sounded his air horn and turned on his right signal. I soon turned mine on and pulled into the rest area ahead of him. Parking, I went to the restroom and up to one of the urinals. There were no privacy partitions between them and seconds later this driver was standing next to me, his cock out and hard. When mine got hard he reached over and stroked it and said, "Come out to the rig. The passenger door will be unlocked."

I nodded.

He left and after a minute or so, I walked out to his rig and opened the passenger door as if it was my rig. I climbed in and stepped through the privacy curtains into the sleeper. There he was, totally naked, laying on his bunk.

"Join me," he said.

I stripped and as I lay down next to him he said, "I'll kiss and make out, stroke you, suck your nipples,or fuck your ass. I just haven't been able to suck a cock yet."

"No problem," I replied.

We kissed and made out, sucking each other nipples. I got into a sixty-nine position and began licking his balls as he began slowly stroking me. Soon I was swallowing his nice thick cock. I sucked him to a climax and as he filled my mouth, my own cock exploded out onto his chest. After swallowing his delicious load, I sat up and apologized for cumming on him.

"Hey man, no problem. I kind of like feeling the other guys hot load shoot onto me."

As he wiped up, I dressed and waited until he was dressed. He kissed me goodbye and thanked me for 'my services' as he put it.

"It was my pleasure," I told him before climbing down. I returned to the road and soon found another motel on the edge of town. However that night was uneventful.

Sunday, I hit the road early and was on the outskirts of a mid size town when my car suddenly quit running. Pulling to the side of the road, I tried unsuccessfully to start it. I was about to lock it up and start waking into town when a state trooper pulled up.

After explaining my problem to him, he offered to send a wrecker for me when he got to town. "Jake should be here in less than half an hour."

"Thanks. I really appreciate it."

"Hey, no problem. Jake's boss is one hell of a mechanic and fair. He won't overcharge you like a lot of mechanics do, especially when it people just passing through."

He left and a short while later a wrecker pulled up and out came one of the hottest guys I'd seen in a long time, even hotter that the trucker I had been with at the motel.

Jake was in his early thirties, extremely good looking with a beautiful snow white smile showing perfect teeth, had the body of a weight lifter but not overly muscled and his sleeveless partially unbuttoned shirt revealed muscular arms with several tattoos and a lightly hairy chest.

"I understand your car crapped out on you," he said casually.

"Yea, it did," I replied. "I had it checked out before I left on vacation."

"Where you headed?" he asked as he began getting the car ready to pull up onto the flat bed of his wrecker.

"No place in particular. I just headed west and figured I'd just take it day by day."

"Man, that sounds fucking nice. No rushed plans with having to be somewhere at a certain time."

"That's how I planned it," I said as i constantly scanned his hot face and body.

He got the car loaded and as we headed into town, he said, "With this being Sunday, we won't be able to check it out until tomorrow."

"I was afraid of that. Is there a motel close by?"

"Yea, but not one that I'd stay in. All the decent ones are all the way on the other side of town."

"Well, I guess that will have to do."

"I'm Jake Thomas," he said.

"Brad Davis," I replied. "Nice meeting you and thanks for coming out on a Sunday."

"Hey, I work twenty-four seven, or at least I'm on call. I don't actually work that long."

We talked as he drove slowly back into town, and after unloading my car behind the locked gate of the garage, he said, "Brad, I hope you don't think I'm being forward, but I like you. You seem like a nice guy and I live just about two blocks from here. I have plenty of room and if you'd like to you're welcome to stay with me."

"Jake, I appreciate the offer but i don't want to impose on you."

"You won't be. I'd enjoy the company."

"Well, okay then."

He took me to his place and insisted on cooking dinner for us. He removed his shirt and I saw a big USMC tattoo and emblem on his left pec.

"I love the tattoos," I said, "but never wanted to get one. I'm not into needles."

Laughing, he said, I got most of them when i was totally drunk. I'd like to get rid of most of them except this one here," he said, pointing to the Marine tattoo.

"You have any others?" I asked, after looking at all that were visible.

Smiling, he said, "Just one."

"Where is it?" I casually asked, not expecting what he told me.

"I won't lie to you. It's on the head of my cock."

Holy shit, man. I bet that hurt like hell."

"I don't know. I was stoned out of my head when I got it. But I knew I couldn't jerk off or fuck until it was healed."

"If you don't mind me asking, what is it of?"

"It's just two words. It was the day after I got out of the Marines. A few of us got out the same day and went into town. The next day we met a guy and bought some crack from him and all got stoned. That was the only time I ever did any drugs."

He paused and said, "Brad, just a very few know about that tattoo and how I got it, so please don't say anything about it while you're here."

"No way, man. Hey, you're putting me up and all,so I wouldn't think of saying anything, but you do have my curiosity aroused."

"Well, these buddies and I had been out together many weekends on passes and they knew how much I loved getting my cock sucked by either sex. they dared me to have the words 'EAT ME' tattooed on the head of my cock. I was so stoned, I said okay. That's the story."

"Fucking unreal," I said, then asked, "May I see it?"

"Sure, if you want to," he replied, and started unbuckling his belt. Seconds later, he not only dropped his jeans, he completely removed them. There he stood, totally naked.

"Have a look," he said.

I leaned in close and could see the ink but wasn't really able to read it and said so.

"You can when it gets hard," he said.

Not knowing what his reaction would be, I casually grasped his cock and began stroking it. As I did, he said, "Keep that up and you'll be able to read it real soon."

I continued stroking and seconds later he was hard as steel. Is cock was right at eight inches and slightly thicker than average. There very visible on the mushroom head was the words, EAT ME.

I leaned closer to get a better look and suddenly couldn't control myself. I leaned in and quickly swallowed his cock.

"Oh, fuck Brad, I wasn't expecting that but please don't stop. It feels wonderful."

I continued to suck him and after a few minutes brought him to a raging climax. His huge load filled my mouth and after collecting it, I swallowed.

After pulling off he looked at me and asked, "What brought that on?"

"Well, two things. You said you said you loved getting sucked by either sex so I knew you had let guys suck you before. Secondly, as I looked at it I just did what it told me to do."

Laughing, he said, "And am I ever glad you know how to follow instructions."

"Always," I said.

Looking at me he said, "I live nude here at home. Please feel free to join me if you want to."

"Sounds good." I immediately stripped and joined him in the kitchen. My own cock was still half boned from sucking him and still leaking precum. When he saw it he said, "Looks like you need some attention also."


With that, he dropped to his knees and in the blink of an eye, he had my cock buried down his throat. It wasn't long before he brought me to a climax, eagerly accepting and swallowing my hot load.

After standing, he leaned in and kissed me passionately as our tongues explored each other's mouths.

Smiling at me after the kiss, he said, "It looks like my plan worked out the way I wanted it to."

"What do you mean by that remark?" I asked.

"Well, when I picked you up, I noticed the way you looked me over totally and thought you might play. That's why I invited you to stay here with me. Then after discussing the tattoos and me telling you where it was and you wanting to see it I was fairly sure. If you hadn't gone down on me, i wuld have thought of another way to try and get you. I wanted sex with you as soon as I pulled up to your car."

"Same here," I said.

We had dinner and afterward, we had a sixty-nine and rimmed each other, then before bed we rimmed each other some more then fucked each other.

On Monday I was told that it was the timing belt on my car and it wouldn't be ready until late Wednesday. Since I was staying with Jake and enjoying unbelievable sex, I told them no problem. Jake was glad also.

I'd ride with Jake when he had calls and at night we'd go out and wait along the highway for calls and while waiting kiss and make out.

All too soon, my car was ready.

Jake looked at me and said, "I wish you didn't have to leave. Sex with you is fantastic, but it's not just sex. You genuinely care about the other person."

"It doesn't have to end. Give me your cell number."

He did and looked at me questioningly.

"Like I said. I have no plans for this vacation. which hotel across town is the best?"

Smiling, he told me.

"When I get checked in I'll call you and give you my room number. It doesn't have to end now."

We had daily sex and several times when he wanted to cook dinner at his place, he'd pick me up in the wrecker to prevent people from seeing my car at his place and possibly asking questions. He had said that the town wasn't very gay friendly.

My vacation drew to a close all too soon.

He had said, that he had always wanted to open his own company. I filed that information away for future use. Jake visited me as often as he could and I knew I was falling in love with him. When he did visit and we went out to the gay bars, I was the envy of the crowd. Everyone wanted him, but he would always comment with a smile and a thank you and say, "I'm with someone."

Finally, one visit, I asked, "You still wanting to open your own business?"

"Hell yea."

"Well, I've done some talking and have found five drivers wanting to change bosses. I know of a place you can use for offices and storage lot. I't all set up if you want to do it."

"Brad, are you fucking kidding me?"

"Not at all. This time you will live with me." I said, then added, "hopefully as my lover."

"What? Oh, fuck yes. I'd love that. I love you so much. This is a fucking dream come true. My own business with the man I truly love by my side."

Jake leased the building and lot and got his local licenses and permits. Immediately the five drivers I had talked to came over to work for him.

As an accountant, I did his books and paid out the commissions to the drivers and paid the taxes ad other bills, while still working my other job. We made no secret that we were lovers ad the other drivers didn't seem to mind. Jake was fair with them in their commissions and that's all they really cared about. on months we did exceptionally well, he'd pay out a bonus. One of the drivers even came out to us that he was gay also.

That was six years ago and between our salaries we are doing exceptionally well. Jake now has ten drivers and works almost completely in the office. I'm so glad my car broke down on that vacation.

THE END..................



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