In part one of this story, we saw the American Derek, of Italian ancestry, was spending his senior year in high school at the Swedish boys' academy where his roommate was hot Swede Bjorn. They were on the school's rugby team.

Part 2: Story Shared by Bjorn

At the beginning of the six week of the school year at our boys' academy, our rugby coach informed us that a professional English League rugby team was visiting for a game in Stockholm and that we had been invited to attend the game. Following the game, the members of the pro team would divide us up into groups of two for a rugby clinic. Derek and I became so excited about the trip and clinic.

We attended the exciting game in which the English team won. The star of the game was a big rough hard hunk named Harry. Following the game, our team had lunch with the players from England. After we finished lunch, the English coach introduced his players and announced the assignments for the clinic. Oh shit, Derek and I were assigned to big hot Harry.

Harry stood about 6-feet and 2-inches; he had dirty strawberry curly hair; hazel eyes; ripped hard muscled body; a bulging chest that almost ripped off his tight jersey; huge legs riddled with again bulging muscles; the largest biceps I had ever seen; great tan; prominent jaw; seemed to weight around 200 pounds; and a very prominent bulge in his shorts.

As we walked with Harry to the practice field, I said to Derek: "Man, I would give every dollar in my banking account to have sex with this hunk. I am horny as hell."

"Yea, Bjorn, me too. He is the hottest stud I have ever seen. Man, would it be fun to have a three way with Harry. Is it possible that he is into guys? I think I am oozing pre-cum already."

We went through a variety of instructions and suggestions from Harry. He took us through some strategy moves for the game. After about 90 minutes, Harry said: "Well guys, how was that lesson?"

I responded: "Sir, this was the best instruction of the game we have ever had. Thanks so much." Derek noted his agreement.

"Well, it is a hot day. I can see that we all need to cool off and get a shower," Harry suggested.

We went to the cafeteria and got a cool drink. Then Harry said: "Bjorn and Derek, as the captain of the team, I have a private suite at the hotel. How about coming over and we can clean up. I will let your coach know and he can pick you up later at the hotel. How about that?"

We both jumped at the invitation and thanked him.

When we got to the suite, he suggested that we get out of our uniforms, give them to a bellhop to clean and take a shower. After the bellhop took our clothes, we were standing in the sitting room stark naked. Oh hell, Harry was even more gorgeous than when he was wearing his rugby shorts and jersey. Lust over took both Derek and me. Despite our struggle to keep our cocks under control, we failed. In a few seconds, both our cocks had swelled to their rock hard 10 and 8 inches. When Harry saw our state of lust, he smiled and grabbed his cock. He started jacking off until his horse sized cock was steel hard. His balls were huge and hung low in a big sac.

"Hey, guys, you are turned on. Do you like my big hard rugby body? I am as horny as you. Yea, I am a fucking wild horny gay dude. I love man pussy. You two are such hot young fresh meat. I was hoping that you were gay and that is why I brought you to my suite. Are you fuck buddies?"

Derek and I grabbed our stone hard cocks and began jacking off like wild animals. We were oozing pre-cum as was hot Harry. Derek spoke up first and said: "Man, the minute we saw you on the field, Bjorn and I became totally horny. We could not believe our luck when your coach selected us for the rugby lesson with you."

"Derek that was not luck. As the captain of our team, I told my coach to assign you to me. I was hot for your ass the minute I saw you two. By the way, I have pounded my coach's ass many times. He is a fucking bitch. He owes me a lot.

"Oh shit, Harry, what do you want to do to us? Derek and I are your bitches today," I said.

"Well, you little whores, follow me to the shower and I will show you what I am going to do to you. Now understand, I am going to make you my bitches today. You got it?"

His dirty talk was planned to turn us on and man it had succeeded. We had never been more aroused and lusting for man sex. This rugby player had developed the perfect athletic body. He was what one called a man's man.

We got in the shower and Harry took charge. He had Derek and I to face the wall as the warm water ran down our backs and ass. He knelt down and I felt his long thick hot tongue began to explore my tight pink asshole. He plunged his tongue deep into my ass cavity and at the same time he reached around and began to play with my cock. He rimmed me and jack off my cock for several minutes. In the meantime, he ordered Derek to move up close to me and began running his tongue deep into my throat. Sex had never been more erotic. I was fighting the urge to shut my load. But I failed when I felt my nuts began to contract and soon I unloaded a monster load of my seed all over Harry's hand.

Harry immediately stood up and put his cum covered fingers into my buddies mouth and ordered. "Derek, you little bitch, suck Bjorn's juices off my fingers and swallow."

WOW, this was so hot. I think I had a second smaller ejaculation from all the control of this hunk, Harry.

Now it was Derek's turn. Harry put him up against the wall, knelt down and plunged his big tongue into Derek's ass crack, reached around and began jerking my buddies big cock. Again he ordered Derek to give me hard kisses. I could taste my warm salty cum as I kissed my buddy. Harry was an incredible gay fucker.

When Derek was close to coming, Harry stood up and had us complete showering. Then he took us to his king sized bed. He seemed to have planned ever move for his two young horny subjects. He was in complete control.

"Bjorn, I want to fuck your beautiful bubble ass. You have won the lucky number today to be the receiver of my, guess what, 12-inch cock with a huge cock shaft. Derek, while I fuck Bjorn, you are going to get your aching cock sucked by Bjorn.

Harry had me get on my back on the bed with my legs hanging off the side. He spread my legs far apart, put a small pillow under my ass, he lubed my ass as he finger fucked me, lubed his giant cock and lowered his crotch, as he pointed his purple rock hard cock head to the entrance to my man pussy.

He instructed Derek: "Now Derek get down on your knees at Bjorn's head and place that cute big cock to the entrance to his mouth. He is going to give you a rocking hard blowjob until you come. I know he wants your salty bittersweet semen for dessert. Is that right Bjorn?"

"Hell yea, I love Derek's cum and it will be so hot to suck my buddies dick while getting fucked by the biggest cock ever to get inside. Lets go for it."

Harry was now ready. He jerked his cock several more times, poured more lube on it and when he felt his cock as hard as it could get, I felt him began to part my outer ass ring with his beast. My ass surrendered as he acted like a ramming rod going deeper and deeper until he actually has all 12-inches down my ass chute. I had never felt my ass so packed with a huge object.

At that moment, Derek in a passion of heat, drove his cock all the way down my throat. I was now getting fucked by Harry's giant cock and at the same time giving my roommate a tongue sucking job on his cock.

We got into a terrific rhythm as Harry pounded my ass and Derek moved his big cock in and out of my mouth. Hell, I felt my cock come back alive and start bobbing up and down on my stomach. I was sure that I could come several times with such a hunk taking control of me. I also loved sucking Derek's cock any day.

Soon Harry, the pro fucker, began to move his cock all around my ass. He moved up and down and sideways covering ever inch of my man pussy. He was so effective rubbing the big tool across my prostate. He was actually massaging ever inch of my ass. Although my ass was stuffed with this incredible large cock, he made me feel like my ass was being explored like never before. I had never had a cock that deep down my chute. I was not sure that his cock might come out my mouth and rub against Derek's cock.

I felt shivers all over my body as I felt a big cock up my ass and another large cock pushing deep into my throat. I got fucked and sucked cock for at least 15 minutes when oh my god, Harry's cock swelled even more, he grunted hard and drove deep one more time when he unleashed a volcanic thick English load of cum deep in my inner man pussy. He seemed to shoot stream after stream for the longest. This was the largest semen load I had ever received.

This set off Derek as he thrust deep inside my throat and gave me his huge salty load of cum. I swallowed as much as I could with the rest flowing down my chin.

They both pulled out of my holes. They took turns sucking my cock until I shot a huge load of cum on both of their faces. What a great facial it was.

We kissed and shared the smell and taste of cum. Then we showered and waited for our coach to pick up his two 18-year-olf horny guys for our trip back to the boys' academy. This was an experience we would never forget.

Derek and I had learned some new rugby plays but more important we had some great tips for our fucking in the future.



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