My name is Ryan and i am 23yrs old. I knew that i was gay at the of 14 but never did anything with another man until i was 16 and found out that my neighbor AJ was also gay. Me and AJ went to the same school for years and everytime we were on the bus we could not keep our eyes off of eachother then one day we were walking down the alley and AJ asked me if we could go in my garage and talk, so of course i said yes and after a long talk we wound up blowing eachother,we continued this almost everyday for several years.

Then when i was 18 i got into some trouble and went to prison for a couple yrs, i got out in 2010 and went back to the same house and when i found out that AJ still lived across the street i got excited hoping that we could continue where we left off,but after a while i lost hope of that happening. Then one day i was outside working on my car and AJ came up to me and asked me if i wanted to come over later and play video games and of course i said i would hoping that we would fuck at some point. So around 5pm i went over and he answered the door in nothing but a pair if shorts and i could not believe how much he had changed over the years,he looked like he worked out at least twice a day. So we went straight to his bedroom and he told me to make myself comfortable,so after he put some music on he sat down next to me and put his hand on my leg and told me that he has wanted to see me alone ever since i came home,so i asked him why he did not say anything earlier and he told me that he was afraid that i had gotten over him.

I told him that he was on my mind every single day and i would never get over him because he was my first. So after a little more conversation he leaned over and planted his lips on m ine forcing them to part with his tounge. We made out for a good 10min and then he broke our kiss and pushed me on my back,ripped my shirt off and startyed kissing me all over and tellin me how much he missed me. He started biting my nipples and then he took his tounge and traced it right down to my waist,he ripped my belt off and pulled my pants and boxers off and then he started licking the head of my cock before swallowing me whole. He continued sucking my dick for a couple mins and then i told him that it was his turn. So he stood up and pulled his shorts down and revealed his beautiful 9 1/2in uncut cock and low hanging balls and i went right to work.

I did not have to suck his dick for long because after about 4mins he started shootin rope after rope of his sweet man juice down my throat. I made sure that i swallowed every last drop before letting his dick fall from my lips. He sat down next to me and asked me if i would fuck him (which we never did before) and i said fuck yea i will,so he layed on his back and i grabbed his ankles anf put them on my shoulders and prepared to enter his hairless fuckhole. I put the head of my dick against his hole and started pushin and i was able to bury my whole length inside him with no problem, i started to pull out and he told me to fuck him as hard as i could (which i had no problem doing).

I started thrusting in and out of his ass as hard as i could and it did not take me long to feel my cum building up inside of me. I pulled out of his ass afte another min or two and as soon as i did i put my dick back in his mouth and started to fuck his face and right when i was about to shoot my load i forced him to deepthroat me and i held his head on my cock and started blasting my hot cum down the back of his throat. When i finished i collapsed on the bed next to him and he told me that he really enjoyed that and i told him that i had wanted to fuck his sweet ass for years and i was glad that i was finally able to. So we started talking again and he asked me if i wanted to go out with him and i said absolutely, so he kissed me on the lips and we jumped in the shower and got ready to go out for dinner.




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