I went to my bosses house to help with some things that he needed me to help with, Just simple remodeling crap. He said he'd be ready to start working at 8am and to be there at 8am or as early as I could be there. Well, from getting up so early during the week, I got up and was there at 8am.

I got out of my jeep and went to the front door. I rang the doorbell and then a heard the heavy footfalls of one of the kids running to open the door. I heard the dead or being unlocked and the knob turning and finally, the door opened and it was his oldest son.

His oldest son jake is 16. About 5'10, maybe 130. Dirty blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect skin and so damn fucking hot. If I was only 16 again, I might be able to get him in bed and suck his cock.

Hey jake, your dad here ?

No, they had to run to the hospital, Justin hurt his leg in wrestling last night and was swollen this morning. I told them I'd just stay here.

Oh crap, that sucks. Hope he'll be ok.

He'll be fine, he's a strong kid.

Well, do you think they will be back soon or a couple of hours ?

Dad said when you got here, to tell you you'd have to plan another day for the work.

Oh, ok, no worries. I'll just head back home and go back to sleep for a few.

Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.

Ok, see you later.

As I started to leave

Wait, mikey, I need to ask you something.

Ok, what's up ?

It's kinda private. Can you come in ?


I walked into the house and he closed and locked the door.

Ok, what's up jake ?

Well, I'm .... Well not sure how to ask?

Jake, just ask or say it. I'll help as much as I can. Have you tried asking you mom or dad ?

NO WAY !!! I can't ask them this !!

Ok, what's up jake ?

Well, damn, it's hard for me to ask you this.

Jake, just say it!!

Ok, here it goes. My girlfriend wants us to do it and I've never done it before and don't know how to.

And your cant ask your dad. He'd be able to do this better than me. As you know, I'm not so good with women in bed, just guys.

Well, it's not my girlfriend. Ok, who's girlfriend are you seeing then?

Well, my girlfriend is really my boyfriend.

Ah, ok. You know your family loves you the way you are. They'd accept you whether you're straight or gay.

I know, my I'm scared and the whole church thing scares me too.

Yep, religion sucks in a bad way.

Exactly, and I hate going there too.

Well, nice you hit 18, you can stop going. But that's up to you.

My parents would be so pissed if I did.

I think when you tell them you like guys, they will understand. If you want, I can help you with things as far as coming out and be here when you tell them. Just to make sure they don't go insane.

Yes, please, I'd really like that.

Ok, first thing you need to be able to do is this. I want you to admit to yourself that you're gay and say it out loud. And tell me how you feel.

Ok. How will this help ?

Just dig deep, think about it and say what you feel deep in your soul.

Ok, I'll try it. ...........ok, I'm gay.

Try agin, just think of your boyfriend and when you spend time with him, and how you feel.

Ok, Mikey, I'm gay and love my boyfriend.

Ok and how do you feel ?

Wow, I feel better, like a load if off my shoulders.

That's better. Welcome to the family. Your toaster will be here in a few weeks.

Huh ??

sorry, old gay joke when guys come out of the closet.

Oh, ok. Sounds dumb.

It was always funny and broken the tension when you told someone that understood what you were going through.

Got it.

So, going back to where you needed help. What did you want to know.

Well, I want to know it all. We've kissed and jerked each other off, but want to do more, but we don't know how to do it right.

And your asking me for help and telling you how to do it.

No, I want to do it with you. I can read online how to do it, but doing it is better. It's the technique that I want to know about.

Yeah, I doubt your dad would know anything about gay sex, even tho I always joke with him at work about him being gay or at least bi.

Omg, that'd be too funny.

One time he was talking with one of the girls at work, he was half bent over a cubical wall and I brushed my cock across his ass and I think he liked it. He never moved , just turned beet red.

I'd love to have seen that, that's funny. So, do you want to help me?

Well jake, you're 16 and I'm old enough to be your dad.

That's ok, I actually don't mind older guys and I think my dad is f'ing hot.

Jake, your dad is hot and I love to suck his cock and bend over to have him fuck me. And with me, swear all you want. Just not every other word.

Ok cool. Can we do it now ?

Not sure I can do it now, what if your family comes home and we are naked in your bed. You're a minor and I'd be in jail and labeled a child molester forever.

Damn, I really want to learn.

You can drive right ?


Well, one day, say you have a school function and it's an all day thing and come over to my place.

Ok, I can make that happen. But can we do a little something ?

Sure, let's go to your room and I can show you what a blow job is really like.

Really !!!

Yes, calm doing or it'll be over before we even start. Let's go to your room so no one sees anything.

We walked, or should I say I walked and he ran to his room and stripped down in about 2 seconds and half hard at just the thought of getting a blow job.

Ok, just lay down and lean against the wall. He followed even order I gave him.

Ready ??

Yeah, I'm ready !!

I took of my shirt and then crawled onto his bed. I slowly approached his hot body. I got to his chest and started licking and sucking his tiny nips, and just a little nibbling just to excite him more.

I slowly made my way down his chest, kissing and licking the soft invisible almost hair. I felt his rock hard cock poke my chin. He was dropping precum, ready for action. I gently kissed his abs, all the way around his aching cock, his thighs and got to his big hairy balls. I licked and sucked his balls, showing him what pleasure can feel like. I spread his legs and dove into that little sensitive spot, between his thigh and crotch. The whole time, he was just quiet, not knowing what to do or say. I think he just focused on the pleasure that he was given. I slowly licked up his 7" hard cock, flicking my tongue on that little spot where his frenulum was, which still can be sensitive to some guys that are cut. I danced my tongue in the wet tip of his cockhead, tasting his teen precum that tasted like honey . Then, the moment he was waiting for, I opened my mouth to take his thick cock into my mouth. I went all the way down his shaft, closed my lips around his shaft and slowly pulled up, getting his cock completely wet. Going up and down, slowly, quickly, playing with his balls, doing my best to show him pure pleasure. I felt his balls pull up and his cock got a little thicker. I looked up I to his blue eyes, and sucked as hard as I could and in a few seconds after that, his eyes went rolling to see his brain and the he started shooting his cum into my mouth.

I forgot how much teenagers shoot. He completely filled my mouth and as fast as I swallowed, more was still filling my mouth. I think I had two mouthfuls of fresh young hot teem cum in my mouth, and now in my stomach. I slowly pulled off his cock, milking his shaft to get the last few drops of his sweet cum.

Well, what did you think ?

Holy fuck, that was the best !! Does every guy suck like that ?

Nope, some guys can't suck cock at all. It's like they take lessons from their wives or mothers. It's sad. The best way to learn is from an older guy. We've learned what to do. Put it this way, what you want down to your cock, is what you do to his cock. You know what feels good on your cock now so you'll know what feels good on his. And swallowing is something that every guy loves to have done to him and guys love swallowing a hot creamy load like yours.

Can I suck your cock now ??

It's risky being in your house with your family due home soon. Let's do it another time. And we can do more too!!

Cool, I can't wait. I wanna know what it's like to fuck your ass !!

You will soon enough and you'll love it.

to be continued ???



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