Ever since I began working for the public relations department, my supervisor has taken more than a passing interest in me. Besides calling special meetings to privately check my work, he has made a point of working out in the company's gym during the same times that I am there. While none of our conversations were ever of a personal nature, I've always felt scrutinized by him. Then, today, seemingly

out of the blue, he calls me into his office on the pretext that there is something urgent that we have to talk about. As I stand before his desk, he turns around to face me and rocks back in his chair. Then he questions me.

'Have you ever sucked another man's cock?'

As a state of shock flows through me, I force out an

feeble reply, 'What? No, sir.'

With my heating pounding and my breathing shallow, he

rocks forward and asks pointedly,

'Ever thought about it?'

Feeling trapped and helpless, I ask, 'Ah, what do you

mean, sir?'

'Just what I said. Have you ever thought about sucking

a cock?'

'Sir, what has this got to do with my job?'

'Not a thing, and maybe everything. I'm an excellent

judge of character, and I know that you can be trained

to suck my cock. You have the look and the manner

that tells me that you will obey me, that you fear my

authority, and that you will serve me. Now, once

again, have you ever thought about sucking a cock?'

With my thoughts racing, I pause for a moment, and

then blurt out, 'No, sir. I have never thought about

it; I couldn't do it.'

'You're not very convincing; I've seen guys like you

before. You sit at home beating your dick and

thinking about being on your knees, naked, and sucking

a cock. Don't insult me by denying it. Now, what is

it going take to get you to the point where you'll

stick my cock or another man's cock in your mouth?'

'Sir, I don't know.'

'Sure you do. Now come on, tell me what it would take

for you to suck a cock?'

'I-I-I-I'd have to be forced, sir. If I didn't have a

choice, then I would do it.'

Glaring at me, he says, 'You'd have to be forced? You

mean like a slave boy cocksucker?'

When I don't answer, and I lower my eyes to the floor,

he laughs, 'That's what I thought. You would suck my

cock if I made you my personal slave boy.'

With my mind racing and my natural fear of

confrontation welling up inside of me, I stammer,

'Sir, I don't know; I'm not ready for this. Please

don't make me do this.'

In his harshest, dominant tone, he shoots back, 'As I

see it, you don't have a choice. You've admitted to

me that if I order you to suck my cock, or if I force

you to your knees right now, that you would do it.

Would you like to see it on tape? You whole

conversation has been recorded, and I can show it to

you if you like.'

In a moment of resignation, I say, 'No, sir. That

won't be necessary. What do you want me to do?'

Rocking back in his imposing, black leather executive

chair, He laughs as he says, 'You will spend the

weekend at my house. That's all I'm willing to tell

you. If you refuse, I'll be looking at reassigning


'Okay, Sir. I'm totally unprepared for this, but I

don't see that I have a choice.'

'Oh sure you do, but I already know what your really

want! Gather up your things, go home, and rest. I'll

expect you to be a my home promptly at three. I'll

begin your training immediately, and you will remain

with me until Sunday night. Don't pack anything. I

will provide everything you need..'

I keep my eyes down and breathe slowly as he continues

to keep up the pressure. 'I'll be there, Sir,' I said

quietly. As I nervously turn to walk out of the

office, I wonder what I have gotten myself into. How

did he find out about my submissive nature?

Calling me back, he says, 'One more thing.' As I turn

around, he is unbuckling his belt and opening his

pants, 'I want you to get a good look at what's in

store for you.' He hauls out his half-hard cock.

It's a long, heavily veined, thick pole with a reddish

brown mushroom head. Below his cock hangs two, large

hairy balls.

'You're going to love licking and sucking my cock and

lathering up my balls, so take a good look and prepare

yourself for this weekend. You've got a lot of work

to do.'

The humiliating words cut right through me, and with

my head bowed, I struggle to leave the office with

what dignity I have left.

I spend my last hours of freedom in mental torture,

conjuring up all kinds of images and scenarios of me

submitting to my boss. I lay on my bed trying to rest

and prepare myself for the upcoming weekend.

After a couple of hours of distressful sleep, I take

one last look at my home as I start the engine of my

car and drive toward my fate.

When I show up at his house a little before three, I

walk to the front door and see a note hanging from the

door nob. It reads, 'Don't bother ringing the bell; I

let you in when I'm good and ready. In the meantime,

no slave of mine wears close in my presence, so get

naked, now. Put your clothes in the bag and padlock

it. Keep your sneakers. You'll need those.'

The entrance is partially covered by some shrubs, so

if I am careful, I can avoid being seen by anyone

passing by. Since I can still run, I stop and think

for a moment, but a gruff voice yells, thirty seconds,

cunt. Do it now!'

The tone scares me, so I immediately begin removing my

clothing. Once I am naked, I lock the clothes in the

bag and crouch by the door. 'Get on your knees; bow

your head, and put your hands behind your back.' Once

I get in position, I am once again shocked by his

voice. 'You will remain there until a package

arrives. A man will be delivering some of the things

I'll need for this weekend.'

All I can do is groan. Here I am kneeling naked in

front of a guy's house, and I'm about to be approached

by and humiliated by another man. The squeal of the

truck's breaks seals my fate. I hear the footsteps on

the sidewalk and then a laugh. 'Looks like Bill's got

himself another boy. I feel sorry for you. I've seen

him train his slaves, but if you do what he says, you

might survive.' I hear a steel rachet, and without

warning, he jerks on my left wrist and slaps on a

steel cuff. Then he roughly grabs my right wrist and

locks it to my left. After checking them to make sure

they are secure, he laughs again, 'Now he's ready to

see you. Have fun slave boy!'

As his footsteps fade, the front door opens, and I am

confronted by my boss. 'Stand up and get your ass in

here. I want to get started right away.'

I stagger through the door and follow him to the front

room. 'Stand at attention with your legs spread and

listen carefully.' A low, desperate whine escapes my

lips as I realize that I have now reached the point of

no return; he'll train me to his satisfaction, and I

will have nothing to say about it. I am, his captive

even though I put myself in this position without him

first forcing me.

When he is satisfied with my position, he walks all

around me, and I feel his eyes surveying his prey.

Then he walks up to my face and stares directly into

my eyes. 'Don't look away CUNT or I will punish you.'

As he glares at me, he takes my balls in one hand

and my cock in the other. When he begins to massage

me, I let out with a deep groan. He lets go of my

cock and says, 'Feels good doesn't it CUNT! But I

want you to keep your fucking mouth shut.'

Then without warning, he pulls something out from

behind his back and says, 'And now you pay.' Not

daring to look down, I feel him drag several strands

of what feels like leather over my cock and balls.

Then, when he pulls back his arm, I see a small whip

in his fist. Still holding my balls, he viciously

swings the whip at my hard, sensitive cock. When the

leather strikes my flesh, I can't help but scream.

Ohhhh, the pain is terrible, and I try to move away

from him, but he clamps down on my balls and jerks me

back in place yelling, 'I told you to keep your

fucking mouth shut, CUNT! As he squeezes my balls,

tears well up in my eyes as I try desperately to keep

quiet. But the pain is too much and a cry of pain

escapes my lips.

Grabbing me by the jaw, he glares into my eyes and

yells, 'You want this CUNT; otherwise you wouldn't

have come here. Now let's try it again.' He walks

away ordering me not to move. When he returns, he has

a black cloth with him. Wrapping it around my eyes,

he blindfolds me so I cannot see what he is doing.

Once again he takes my cock and balls in his hands and

massages them. The rubbing feels good and my cock

hardens, but I remain quiet. When he takes his hand

off my cock, I take a deep breath anticipating another

slash from his whip. At first he does nothing but

roll my balls around in his hand, and I breathe

quietly. Then the savage blow cuts across my cock

causing me to scream again, and I try to pull away.

I know this angers him, but I cannot take the pain. I

just want to get away. 'Sir, please; I can't take the

pain; let me go; I don't want to do this any longer.'

'What the fuck do you think this is CUNT, a game?

You'll do what I tell you or else. Now I'm tired of

your fucking whining. Stand still.' I hear him walk

away and a drawer open and shut. When he returns to

me, I feel him sliding a harness over my head. Then

he yells, 'Open your fucking mouth CUNT.' When I do,

he shoves a leathery tasting rod into my mouth. It is

thick enough to stretch my mouth wide open and keeps

me from making any sounds but lows moans. 'This will

keep you quiet. Now once again, let's start over.'

My situation is now desperate. I'm naked, handcuffed,

blindfolded, and gagged. I'm under complete control

and unable to escape, yet I don't know that I can

endure his torments. He massages my cock and balls

again, bringing me close to orgasm. When he senses

this, he strikes me with the whip. I cringe, but I

remain silent. He continues his torture for three

more rounds, each one more difficult to endure than

the previous one, but I hold on. My tears have soaked

the blindfold, and I am breathing heavily around the

penis gag. My legs are tired, and I am sweating

profusely, but I keep quiet as ordered.

When he walks away, I am left alone suffering. My

cock is hard but feels like it has been cut to pieces.

I know it will be sore for days, and this only serves

to remind me that I am here as his slave to make sure

he is pleasured and that I am not.





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