As I dropped back to my knees and looked up at Mr. Jarvis expectantly, his fingers worked rapidly to undo his belt.

'That's a good boy, Joey. I think I'm gonna be able to give you at least three doses of medicine today. Taking it straight from the source, you should be feeling better in no time.' Once he had his belt undone, he stopped and came around the desk until he was standing right in front of me. 'I want to get nice and comfortable this time. Undo my shoes for me.' I reached forward and as I undid the laces on his shoes, I saw him pull the tails of his shirt out from the waistband of his pants and start to undo the buttons down the front. He lifted up his foot and I slipped off one shoe and set it aside, then looked up at him.

'Should I take your socks off too, sir?'

'No, they're not gonna get in the way.' I slipped off his other shoe and then he peeled off his shirt and threw it over the back of his desk chair. I looked up at his thick barrel chest and could see black curly hair over a portion of the centre of it with a narrowing trail leading down his stomach towards his crotch. Like I said earlier, he was a solid husky man and he had a little bit of a spare tire around his midsection. It wasn't gross; he was just big and solid.

'Now take my pants and underwear off, Joey. I want you to get used to doing that,' he said as he stepped right in front of my kneeling position. With his belt already open, I reached beneath it and opened the button at the waistband of his pants. I then slid the little metal hook out of the clasp that held it and then reached for his zipper.

'Just take that zipper down nice and slow now, son.' When he called me 'son', I felt my heart swell with happiness and it brought a warm smile to my face as I reached beneath the cover of his fly and grasped the metal tab at the top of his zipper. I looked up at him smiling down at me as I took my hand and drew the tab down ever so slowly. The raspy sound of the metallic zipper being dragged down seemed to fill the room as a teasing reminder of what was to come. When I reached the bottom of his fly, I stopped and looked up at him questioningly.

'That's good, Joey; now take my pants off.'

'Yes sir,' I said compliantly as I reached up and took hold of his pants on each side of his waist. I pulled downwards and started to shimmy them from side to side over his hips. As they cleared his hips, they slid down easily to the floor. I looked in awe at his loose fitting boxers. His big cock lying beneath was causing the front of his underwear to tent out invitingly towards me. I could see it bobbing up and down inside the confining material. I couldn't help but stare as I looked at the waking monster I knew was lurking beneath the shielding fabric. I felt him lift his foot and it snapped me out of my trance as I reached down and pulled his pants off each foot. I set them on the chair behind me and turned back to look at his imposing crotch, the tented material mere inches from my face.

'Now my underwear.' I reached up again and this time hooked my hands over the elastic waistband of his boxers. I pulled them down and watched intently as the dark swirling curls of his pubic hair came into view. His underwear kind of got held up as the waistband hit the top of his projecting cock and I had to pull harder. My eyes were glued to that thick shaft as more and more of the impressive length came into view. As I eased it down the gnarled white shaft, the waistband got caught up again as I tried to slip it over the protruding rope-like corona. I slid my hands forward and eased the tight elastic over the ridge and slid it right off over the broad flared crown.

'Aaaaaah,' I said with a sharp intake of breath as the big mushroom head bobbed free of the confining fabric and almost hit me in the face. I quickly drew his underwear right down and off his feet and tossed it with his pants behind me. I turned and looked at that beautiful thick cock bobbing menacingly before me. It was about half hard and projected almost straight out from his body. I looked beyond it to his big sperm-filled balls hanging between his thick tree-trunk legs. They looked heavy and swollen as they hung majestically in his smooth silky bag. I looked back up to his pulsing manhood and watched it bob teasingly up and down before me with each breath that he took. I knew that soon it would be much bigger than the already impressive size that I was looking at right now. My eyes were glued to that big piece of man-meat like it was the most beautiful thing on earth.

'Do you like that, Joey?' he asked as he reached into the drawer and pulled out his big jar of Vaseline. He popped off the top and reached into it to scoop up another generous gob of the slippery gel.

'Oh yes sir.'s beautiful!' I said and felt myself turning red in embarrassment again. I instinctively dropped my eyes to the floor in shame.

'Now now, Joey,' he said to me in a comforting voice, 'there's no need to be embarrassed. I'm really glad you feel that way about my cock. Lift your head up, son.' Once again, as he called me 'son', I felt a strange wave of comfort and security roll over me. After what he'd just said, I was more at ease as I realized Mr. Jarvis didn't think badly of me for saying what I had about his cock. I lifted my head up tentatively and looked up at him. He was looking down at me kneeling before him with a soft gentle smile on his face.

'Feel free to take a good look, Joey,' he said as he reached forward with his Vaseline-covered hand and wrapped it around his heavy member. 'Yeah, I think you and my cock are gonna be best friends from now on.' His hand closed around his pulsing dick in a slick warm corridor as he started to slowly move his hand back and forth. I saw his cock start to fill and extend as he pumped more blood into the thickening shaft. With his swelling manhood just inches from my face, I felt hypnotized and my eyes never left his pumping hand or glistening member.

'That was a shame that we missed your mouth with a few of those shots last time.' He paused for a second and I could see from the look on his face that having missed getting a few shots of his potent semen into my mouth seemed to be troubling him. 'I wonder if there's anything we could do about that?' he said with a puzzled tone.

'I...I think there's something we could try,' I said as I looked up at him towering over me. 'While you're doing that with your hand, while don't you try putting the tip of it right in my mouth. If I can kind of seal my lips around it like I did to get that last drop, I think it might work.' I knew by the slow smile spreading across his face that Mr. Jarvis was happy with my suggestion.

'Well, Joey, you just might have something there. Yeah, I think that we should give that a try.' I was all aglow under his words of praise. As he kept sliding his hand back and forth along his growing cock, he stepped closer to me. Still kneeling before him in my t-shirt, jeans and running shoes, I tilted my head up slightly and opened my mouth.

'Yeah, this just might do the job,' he said as he touched the head of his swelling member against my lips. As I felt the warm slick surface touch my pouting lips, I pursed my mouth and latched onto the tip. I loved the feel of the spongy membranes of his wide flared cockhead against my lips. They felt so warm and velvety soft against the entrance to my mouth, even as his whole cock continued to get harder and harder. The contrast of the silky soft texture of the surface combined with the rock-hard stiffness lying beneath sent a chill of anticipation running down my spine.

'That's good, Joey,' he said as I tried to keep the moving head of his cock between my lips. In order to keep my parted lips adhered to the tip, I realized I'd better apply a little suction. I pressed my full lips firmly against the spongy surface of his cockhead and sucked in slightly to make sure there were no air gaps.

'Oh yeah, you know just what to do,' he said as his big slick hand continued to slide back and forth. I was thrilled by his words of praise and as I nursed softly at the very tip, I felt a little gob of silky fluid ooze forth onto my tongue. As soon as it touched my tongue, I used the tip of my tongue to follow it back to its source at the gaping red eye of his piss-slit. I deftly feathered my tongue right into the narrow opening in search of more.

'Oh fuck, yeah,' I heard him say with a low growl, 'you want that medicine bad, don't you, son?' With my lips continuing to nurse softly at the oozing tip, I looked up at him with woeful eyes and nodded.

'Mmmmmhhhmmm,' I hummed in agreement as I never took my mouth away from his cock. His cock was now totally hard and he was taking long firm strokes all the way from the base to the tip. When he neared the end, the circle made by his thumb and forefinger would bump softly against my lips. Soon the area all around my mouth was shining with the slippery gel of the greasy lubricant.

'Oh yeah, this is gonna be a big load of medicine this time, Joey,' he said as he started to pump his hand faster back and forth along his rigid erection. As he started to jack his cock more vigorously, his jerking hand pulled his cock out of my mouth. I immediately followed the moving end with my open mouth until I had it safely between my lips. This happened a second, and then a third time and I became anxious that we might lose some of his potent seed when he was ready to shoot.

'Oooohh,' I groaned almost in anguish as his pumping hand pulled the engorged tip right out of my mouth once more. Sensing my concern, Mr. Jarvis slowed his hand slightly and looked down at me.

'Hhhmmm, looks like we're having a little trouble,' he said as he continued to slide his hand back and forth while he held the oozing cockhead right over my upturned face. 'I wonder if there's something else that might work?'

'Maybe I could try putting my mouth a little further down?' I said as I looked up at him, nervous that he might take his beautiful cock away from me. 'I think if I can get my lips down past that ridge, it would kind of be locked inside my mouth. Then I wouldn't lose any of my medicine.'

'Well, that's a great idea! I'm proud of you, son,' he said as he stepped closer to me once more. His kind words sent a warm feeling throughout my body. I felt so good that he was happy with me. 'I'll just hold it still for you while you slide your lips over the head.' He put his hand around the base of his cock to steady it and I loved to see the full length of that erect monster pointing towards me. It was so much bigger than my own little cock that I just loved to look at it. It was so long and thick and hard. His whole manly body looked so big and powerful as he loomed over with his engorged virile manhood poised menacingly right over my face. It reminded me of a stallion in heat I'd once seen at a horse farm. His gorgeous cock seemed to pulse and bob slightly with each of his heartbeats. It was a thing of beauty and I was absolutely thrilled that he was going to allow me to feed from it.

'That's the way, Joey,' he said as I pursed my lips into an inviting 'O' and pressed them against the tip. I leaned forward and kept my lips adhered to the hot spongy surface but let them stretch further open as they slid down over the broad flared head. My mouth opened further and further to accommodate the engorged tip and then I felt the hard round tube of the thick rope-like ridge beneath my lips. I pressed forward just a little more and them felt the wonderful sensation of my lips slipping right over the widest part and then down onto the rigid shaft just below his pronounced corona.

'Mmmmmmm,' I unconsciously let out a low moan as I felt my mouth filled with the big plum-sized head of his throbbing manhood. Oh man, did it ever feel good to have that hot throbbing crown of Mr. Jarvis' cock embedded in my mouth! It just seemed to fit so perfectly inside my mouth as my lips kind of clamped down against the thick gnarled shaft. I pulled back just slightly and felt the delightful tug as my lips made contact with the bulging corona and kept the enflamed head trapped within my welcoming mouth.

'Oh, that's beautiful, Joey,' he said as he looked down at me then slid his greasy hand forward in one slow consistent stroke. He stopped when his hand bumped against my stretched lips. 'Hmmmmmm.....just one problem...' I looked up at him with questioning eyes as I wasn't sure what he meant.

'With your mouth this far down on my cock, I can't really stroke the head the way I like,' he said with a concerned look on his face. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up. 'I know! Since I can't use my hand on the end the way I want to, why don't you use your tongue and kind of swirl it all around my cockhead?' he asked eagerly. 'I think if you use your tongue like that and kind of suck on the head at the same time, it should probably give me just about the same feeling as my hand.' He seemed excited by this idea and I looked up at him and nodded without ever taking my mouth off his cock. To show him I understood what he wanted, I pressed the flat of my tongue right against the engorged membranes of his cockhead and rolled my tongue all around the slick surface.

'Oh Jesus....that's it!' he said as started to jack away at his rigid erection once more. He was taking long leisurely strokes all the way from the thick base of his cock and then as far up the shaft as he could until his hand bumped softly against my lips. He really seemed to be enjoying it and I could see he was in no hurry to give me this dose of medicine as quickly as he'd given me the last one. That was okay with me; I loved the feeling of his big warm cockhead filling my mouth. And I figured Mr. Jarvis would know best anyway about how long it should between each dose he fed me.

'Joey, why don't you reach up and feel my balls with your hand,' he said as he looked down at me with lust-filled eyes. 'That way, you can coax out even more of the medicine inside there that you need.' I could see those massive egg-sized balls of his hanging pendulously in his silky bag and reached forward with both hands. I turned my small hands palm up and let my fingers slide over the smooth skin of his sack until those two sensitive orbs filled both my hands. I knew I needed to be gentle as I hefted those two big nuts. Man, were they ever heavy! Like with his cock, I'd never felt or seen anybody else's balls other than my own. I couldn't believe how big and heavy they were! They seemed to be swollen with cum and I figured it must have been because his balls were so big that they were so rich in vitamins and nutrients. I used both hands to gently lift and roll those sensitive orbs all around in the palms of my cupping hands.

'Oh, that's good, Joey,' he said softly as his breathing was starting to get a little more ragged again. 'Just massage those nice and easy and pretty soon you'll get a nice creamy mouthful.' His words inspired me and as I continued to let my fingers run tenderly over his silky-smooth scrotum, I let my mouth fill with saliva and then rolled my tongue all over his enflamed cockhead.

'Oh yeah, that's it, son. Now just keep sucking on the head like that.....oh've got it,' he said with a low guttural growl as I kind of vacuumed in my cheeks and drew softly on the broad flared crown filling my mouth. I could feel that his cock was stiff as a bone but the velvety smooth texture of the surface felt incredible as I felt it pressing deliciously against my lips, tongue and all around the inside of my mouth.

'Just keep doing that, Joey.' His slick stroking hand kept sliding back and forth noisily as it moved along the rigid shaft. He was breathing more heavily and his hand started to pump a little faster now. I flicked my eyes up momentarily and saw him looking down at me with a loving smile on his face as I sucked hungrily on the head of his throbbing cock. As I cradled his sperm-filled balls in my hands, I felt them start to draw up closer to his body within their protective sack.

'OH YEAH JOEY......GET READY....JUST SUCK A LITTLE MORE....A LITTLE MORE....OH YEAH......HERE IT COMES......' he said as a warning and then I felt a powerful shot hit the back of my mouth as he started to flood my mouth with his creamy semen. The first shot was quickly followed by two more big thick ropey wads of cum that gathered with the first one to make a big puddle on my tongue. He kept pumping away at his spitting cock and as he continued to unload in my hot oral cavity. I could feel the thick creamy liquid filling my mouth and knew it would be running out the corners of my mouth if I didn't swallow. Although I wanted to keep the luscious warm cream in my mouth, I knew he'd have more for me; I swallowed.

'Mmmmmm,' I let out an instinctive purr as the delicious flavor of his strong manly cum slid down my throat. I could feel the viscous fluid leaving a soothing coating on the inside of my mouth and down my throat as it made its way into my stomach. I didn't have much time to think about that as he continued to pump his ejaculating cock off between my lips.

'YOU'RE GETTING A LOT THIS TIME, JOEY,' he said aloud as his hand was jacking frantically back and forth. I rolled his balls gingerly in my fingertips as his spitting cock continued to shoot his warm thick cream into my mouth. I got two more big mouthfuls before he was finished. I had to swallow the first one before it overflowed my mouth but as his pumping hand slowed and finally came to a standstill, I let the last mouthful linger on my tastebuds.

'I think you got it all, son,' he said as he released his hand from around his cock. I flicked my eyes up and saw him looking down at me with a blissful smile on his face as I continued to kneel before him, still fully clothed, my lips still wrapped tightly around his spent cock. I felt the gentle tug against my lips as he moved backward slightly. Reluctantly, I let him pull that beautiful fat cockhead from between my lips. I closed my mouth quickly to prevent any of his succulent cum from seeping out the corners of my mouth. As he took a step back, I looked up as he looked down at me intently.

'Let's see, you got any medicine left there or did you swallow it all?' I tipped my head up and showed him my mouth full of his milky white cream. ' better swallow that now, Joey. Let that medicine get inside you and do its work.' I closed my mouth and gulped noisily as I relished the soothing feeling of the warm viscous liquid sliding down my throat.

'Mmmmmm,' I let out another soft mew and shivered with satisfaction as I savored the delicious treat he had just given me.

'What do you say, Joey?' he asked as he walked back behind his desk and slumped into his chair.

'Th....thanks, Mr. Jarvis!' I stammered as I looked up at him with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

'And how do I like you to show me that you appreciate what I do for you, Joey?'

' like me to wash your hand and cock off for you?' I asked, slightly unsure.

'For now....yes,' he said as he nodded towards the bathroom. I scrambled to my feet and quickly returned with the steaming hot washcloth. He held his Vaseline-covered hand out for me and when I had that cleaned off, I rinsed out the washcloth and returned to attend to his cock. He let his legs fall open and I dropped to my knees before him and took that dormant monster into my hands and tenderly cleaned off the remaining traces of the slippery lubricant. Oh man, did I ever love the feel of that big cock of his in my hands. It was so different from my own.

'Okay, Joey, I've got some work to do now. You better go. You've been here more than an hour already anyways.' We both looked at the clock and saw that I'd been there about twenty minutes extra already.

'That's okay, Mr. Jarvis. I don't mind staying. Is there anything else you'd like me to do?' I asked eagerly. I loved just being near him and was in no hurry to leave.

'No, not right now, Joey,' he said as he looked at me with a warm smile on his face. 'I will need you again after lunch though. I think I'll be ready with your next dose of medicine by then.'

'Yes sir! I'll be here at one o'clock sharp!' I said enthusiastically. He motioned towards the door and I quietly let myself out and closed the door behind me. We two doses of his medicine warming my stomach, I breezed through the rest of the morning as if I had wings. I constantly ran my tongue all around the inside of my mouth as the musky flavor of Mr. Jarvis's manly seed still lingered there. I was so happy that he was so willing to help me.

I wolfed down my lunch and then took my place on the bench outside his office. I was so anxious, I could barely sit still. At precisely one o'clock, he ushered me into his office and closed the door behind me.

'Take your position, Joey,' he said as I saw him start to undo his belt. I instantly dropped to my knees before his desk and looked up at him in anticipation. He fed me another big dose of medicine in the same fashion that we had worked out earlier, my lips clamped down just past his big protruding ridge while his Vaseline-coated hand stroked off his load of medicine right into my mouth. After I'd cleaned off his hand and cock, he gave me some simple filing to do to make up my required hour of work. I kept hoping he would choose to feed me again, but after the hour, he dismissed me.

The next day was Friday and with the weekend approaching, I wondered how I'd do. The reason was that as the senior councilor, Mr. Jarvis had weekends off. I think in the whole time I'd been at Monroe, I'd seen him come by maybe once on a Saturday to pick something up. After breakfast, I reported to his office as usual. He fed my regular dose of medicine straight away and I loved the feel and taste of that thick warm load as he filled my mouth. I did some more paperwork for him and then he told me to come back after lunch again. He gave me two doses in a row that time like he'd given me the previous morning. As I cleaned off his hand and cock after the second load, he just sat in his chair totally content and I was happy to see the soft blissful smile on his face. He eventually dismissed me and I hesitated at the door before opening it.

'I....I guess I won't see you until Monday then?' I said sadly as I looked back at him. He looked at me with a warm comforting smile on his face.

'I think you'll be fine over the weekend, son. You've had three doses of medicine both yesterday and today. All those vitamins inside you should be good for the next two days.'

'Yes sir. If you say so,' I said sadly and quietly left the room. I felt good with the two loads he'd just given me warming my stomach but I was also incredibly sad that I wouldn't see Mr. Jarvis until Monday. I spent the rest of the day and the evening by myself in my room wondering if he was thinking of me at all.

On Saturday morning, I quietly ate my breakfast with the other boys and then returned to my room. I'd been back about half an hour when there was a knock on my door. I called out and one of the weekend councilors poked his nose into my room.

'Joey, Mr. Jarvis is downstairs in his office. He said he's gotta do some work on a special report or something. He wants you to come and help him with something.' Totally elated, I sprung out of my bed and almost flew down the stairs. As I dashed into his office, I saw him sitting behind his looking towards me.

'Close the door, Joey,' he said as he motioned towards the door. I closed and locked the door and stepped over until I stood in front of his desk, a big beaming smile on my face.

'I was worried about you, son,' he said as he got up and came around the desk and started undoing his belt. 'I was just about to feed this load to Mrs. Jarvis and then I figured you needed it more than her.'

'Oh, thank you sir!' I said excitedly. 'I hope she won't be too upset with you.'

'No, she'll get hers tomorrow. Now get down on your knees, son.' I quickly dropped to my knees as he stripped off the rest of clothes. He kept me there for a little over two hours and in that time fed me three loads of medicine. It was close to lunch time when he finally dismissed me and then from the window of my room, I saw him leave shortly after. I guess he'd picked up the papers that he needed for that report he was working on.

Time seemed to drag forever on Sunday and I found myself looking out my window any time I heard a car. I was hoping that Mr. Jarvis would stop in and feed me some more medicine but he never did. I felt disheartened for most of the day but also excited that I would be seeing him the next morning. At night in my bed, I kept picturing that beautiful big cock of his and fell asleep with visions of that long menacing weapon poised over my face.

The next morning I awoke bright and early and hurried through my shower and then wolfed down my breakfast. I never saw Mr. Jarvis come in but I spotted his car in the parking lot. I anxiously waited outside his office for him to let me in. Just before eight, he opened the door and I hurried eagerly into the room. I watched as he looked up and down the corridor before closing the door behind me. I hadn't noticed it when I'd first come into the room, but as he walked back behind his desk, I saw that his right hand was wrapped in one of those stretchy elastic bandages. It went from his wrist all the way up his hand with most of his fingers showing.

'Wh....what happened to your hand, Mr. Jarvis?' I asked with concern.

'Yeah.....I sprained my wrist moving some boxes yesterday,' he said as he sat back down in his big rolling chair and looked over at me with a serious look on his face. 'So we might have a bit of a problem.'

'What's that?' I asked innocently.

'Well,' he said as he held up his bandaged hand, 'this is the hand I use to stroke my cock off into your mouth. With my hand like this, I don't think I'll be able to do it.' I couldn't hide the hurt and disappointed look that came over my face immediately. It felt like a dark cloud had just settled over the room.

'Wh....what about using your other hand?' I asked hopefully.

' never feels the same. I've never been able to do it by using my other hand,' he said with a dismal shake of his head. 'I guess we'll just have to wait until my hand gets better. I'm sorry about that, son.' I could feel the intense disappointment and sadness washing over me like a cold blanket. I was wracking my brain to think of a solution to the problem.

'I know!' I suddenly blurted out. 'How about if I do it for you?'

'What do you mean exactly, Joey?' he asked as he looked at me curiously.

'Why don't I use my hands to help you?' I said excitedly. 'I know my hands are smaller than yours, but if I use both of them, it might be almost the same.'

'Well, I never thought of that,' he said as a soft smile played at the corners of his mouth. I could see by the look on his face that he was quickly warming up to my idea. 'You know Joey, that might work. Do you think we should give it a try?'

'I do, Mr. Jarvis, I do!' My eager enthusiasm was apparent in my excited voice and it almost came out of me in a high-pitched squeal.

'Okay, son, why don't you come around here and help me off with these clothes.' I went around his desk as he stood up and this time I took off everything. It felt nice to me to be able to help him with the buttons on his shirt as well as his pants and shoes. I don't know, it just made me feel so good to be wanted like that. Soon, I had all his clothes off except his socks. His beautiful cock was hanging majestically between his legs over his big dangling balls. He sat back down in his big desk chair and pulled open the top drawer at the same time as he let his legs drift to each side.

'Here you go,' he said as he popped the top off the Vaseline. After watching him the last few days, I reached into the jar and scooped out a generous gob of the slippery lubricant. Still dressed in my running shoes, jeans and t-shirt, I dropped to my knees and rubbed the greasy gel between my two hands. As the cool lubricant started to warm and cover my hands, I looked up at him and just had to ask a question that I'd been thinking about.

'Sir?' I said hesitantly.

'What is it, Joey?'

'When you were here on Saturday, you said you were gonna feed some of your cum to Mrs. Jarvis yesterday....' I paused and he looked at me as he patiently waited for me to continue. 'Well....I was just wondering....uh......did you?' My question brought a broad smile to his face.

'No I didn't, son. I was going to, and then I thought about how much more you needed it than she does. So I decided to save it up for you. I haven't cum since those three loads I gave you Saturday morning.' I felt a tremendous warm feeling of happiness rush through me as I thought about what Mr. Jarvis had done. I was thrilled that he had decided to save his cum for me and not give it to his wife.

'I....I don't know what to say,' I said as I looked at him all aglow. 'Thank you, thank you so much, sir.'

'You're welcome, Joey. After wrecking my hand last night, I thought in the end, I wouldn't be able to give you your medicine today like I promised. But I think your idea just might work.' He paused as he looked down at me still rubbing my hands together. 'That looks good now. They're both nice and warm and slippery, right?'

'Yes sir.'

'Good, then let's get started,' he said as he slumped down a little bit in his seat to present his open crotch to me even more. It looked lusciously inviting as his thick heavy cock and swollen balls hung over the front edge of his chair. I inched forward on my knees and then settled down on my haunches as I reached forward with both of my warm slick hands. I slipped one hand around the shaft just below the rope-like ridge and lifted it. Man, was it ever heavy. I slid my other hand past the first one and let my fingers wrap around it. It was so big around that I couldn't even close my hand around that warm piece of flesh, and it hadn't even started to get hard yet!

'Oh yeah, that feels good, Joey,' Mr. Jarvis said softly as I wrapped both hands one above the other around his thick shaft. Doing what he had done with his one big hand, I started to slide both of my hands back and forth at the same time. Within the first few strokes, I felt it start to grow in my hands. Oh man, what a fantastic feeling that was! As the blood started to pump into it, it lengthened and filled as my warm delicate hands slid all the way from the base up to the broad flared head. Soon the entire length of his filling cock was glistening with the warm slick lubricant.

'Oh Jesus, that's perfect,' he said with a low groan as his cock got harder and harder in my stroking hands. As it got longer and thicker, it caused my gripping hands to open wider as the filling shaft pulled my fingertips further and further from the base of my hands. I could feel the tremendous power in his beautiful cock with each sliding stroke. I couldn't believe how something could feel so incredibly hard and yet so velvety soft at the same time. As I continued to slowly slide my gripping hands back and forth, it soon was standing up proudly in full erection. My eyes were glued to that impressive piece of man-meat as I had about 9' of thick hard cock beneath my two warm hands. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me through half-closed eyes, a look of sublime satisfaction on his face.

' there anything special you'd like me to do, sir?' I asked.

'Just do whatever you feel like, Joey. That cock is your new best friend. Do whatever you want to get to know it better.'

'Yes sir,' I said as I settled in and kept my eyes glued to his long virile manhood. As I stroked my two hands back and forth, he just sat back and let out a series of soft moans and groans as I basked in the warm feeling of providing him this little bit of pleasure. I felt it was the least I could do for him offering to feed me his potent creamy semen.

As I slid my two hands back and forth on his rock-hard cock, I was continually astounded by the incredible sense of power that I could feel beneath my hands. It was so much bigger, so much harder, just so fantastically more powerful than my own. I already loved the wonderful feel of it and knew I would stay there all day if necessary stroking that beautiful cock if Mr. Jarvis wanted me to.

'Mmmmm,' he let out a little groan of satisfaction as I started to twist my slick hands in slow corkscrewing motion as I moved them back and forth simultaneously. My eyes were glued to that big glistening piece of hard muscle as I slowly twisted my gripping hands along the full length of his thick gnarled shaft. The red gaping eye of his piss-slit caught my eye as it filled with a growing drop of silky fluid. As I continued to methodically pump my hands back and forth, the oozing drop grew in size until under its own weight, it started to distend downwards. I watched totally enthralled as the growing drop distended further and further; still connected to his surging cock by a shining web of the clear fluid. Not wanting some of my treasured medicine to get away, I extended my tongue until I felt the warm touch of the heavy drop. I could see Mr. Jarvis watching intently as I held my tongue still and continued to slowly pump away at his stiff erection. As my hands slid back and forth, more of the smooth silky fluid oozed forth and I felt the warm drop growing in size as it rested on my tongue.

'You like that pre-cum, Joey? There're lots of vitamins in that too,' he said as I continued to pump out more of the tasty warm fluid onto my tongue. As the drop got so big that it threatened to slide off my tongue, I brought my head up and followed the connecting strand right up to the glowing red opening and teased the tip of my tongue right into the centre of the oozing eye.

'Hhhhmmmm, I guess you do like it,' he said softly as I licked right into the little opening and drew my tongue back into my mouth. As my lips closed around the prized gob of silky fluid, I swallowed.

'Mmmmmm,' I let out a little purr of satisfaction as it slid down my throat. I slid my hands towards me and as my one hand slid right off the end, he let out a low growl of pleasure. Sensing that he liked it, I drew my further hand towards me and as I did so, I reached forward to grasp around the base of the thick shaft with my other hand. Soon, I had a smooth hand over hand rhythm going. It was like I was trying to pull a boat to shore by gripping a thick rope and drawing it closer and closer to me one hand at a time.

'Oh shit, that's good,' Mr. Jarvis said with a groan as I continued to draw my warm slick hands one at a time all the way from the thick base and then right off the end of the large mushroom head. Oh man, it felt so big and hard in my small hands. The lubricant felt delicious beneath my fingers and palms of my hands as it greased the way to allow the perfect amount of stimulating friction.

'OH!' I gasped as I accidentally eased up my grip on his surging cock. It instantaneously snapped up out of my hands and slapped noisily against his stomach. 'Are you okay?' I asked with a note of concern in my voice.

'Sure, Joey,' he said as he gave a little chuckle. He paused for a second, looked down at his hard throbbing erection pointing straight up, and then looked back at me. 'Why don't you put the head into your mouth like we've been doing so that doesn't happen again?'

'Yes sir, good idea,' I said as I reached up and wrapped both my delicate little hands around that throbbing monster and pulled it back down towards me. I raised myself up off my haunches until I was back up on my knees. This brought my face to the perfect level just above the head of his upright cock.

'It's so beautiful,' I whispered under my breath as I was mere inches away from the pulsating rock-hard piece of man-meat. I felt drawn to it like a moth to a flame and eased myself forward as I slowly opened my mouth. I could sense Mr. Jarvis watching me intently as I pursed my lips into an inviting 'O' and then pressed them against the hot smooth surface of his glans. As I lowered my face downwards, I let my soft lips follow the sensual flared contours of his cockhead as my mouth was stretched open further and further as I fought to accommodate the broad crimson crown. My lips stretched and stretched and then I felt that delightful sensation as they slipped right over the thick purple ridge of his corona and locked down on the glistening shaft below.

'Mmmmmmm,' I let out a little mew as I rolled my tongue all around the sensitive membranes of the engorged head trapped within my mouth. I pulled back ever so slightly and loved the pleasurable feeling as my lips fit snugly right under that thick rope-like ridge. I sucked softly on the big head trapped within my mouth and felt my cheeks pressing teasingly against those sensitive enflamed membranes.

'Oh Jesus, that's fantastic,' Mr. Jarvis said in a husky voice. Knowing he was pleased with my efforts, I wrapped both of my hands back around his hard glistening member and started using that slow corkscrewing motion again. I stroked both hands in unison, all the way from the base back up until I bumped my hands softly against my own stretched lips. As I slid my hands firmly up and down, I continued to use my tongue to bathe the hot fat head captured inside my mouth at the same time as I sucked on it softly.

'Oh fuck.....this is gonna be beautiful,' he said with a low groan as I felt him start to get more and more agitated as his pleasure escalated. 'Oh Jesus.....your hands feel fantastic, son.....oh yeah...just a little more.' I kept my hands moving in a smooth twisting motion up and down the length of that hard greasy shaft as my lips drew teasingly on the spongy membranes of the crown. I felt his cock seem to get just a little bit harder and I could hear him breathing more raggedly from above me.

'JOEY....GET READY.....OH FUCK....THAT IS SO GOOD.....OH JESUS....JUST.....JUST....OH FUCK...HERE YOU GO!' he said with a low groan and then I felt his body go rigid as he started to flood my mouth. The warm cream seemed to burst like a shot from the tip of his cock and hit forcefully against the roof of my mouth. I felt three quick hard shots and then I could feel my mouth filling with his thick manly semen. I kept my hands firmly shucking back and forth and with each stroke I was rewarded with another shot of his warm seed as he continued to unload inside me. My cheeks were filling with the smooth silky cream and I wanted to hold it as long as I could to savor the intense manly flavor I'd come to love so much already. I kept my lips locked snugly just beneath his ejaculating crown as I kept pumping as much of his delicious cum out of him as I could. His orgasm seemed to go on for a long time and then finally, I felt his body seem to collapse back into his chair. I instinctively slowed my jacking hands until they came to a complete stop. I sat still with my hands wrapped around his thick shaft and my full mouth clamped down over the broad flared head.

'Oh fuck, that was unbelievable,' he said in a husky voice as he breathed in large gulps of cool fresh air. I was thrilled to hear that Mr. Jarvis was so happy with my efforts. 'Let's see how much medicine you got out of me this time, son?' I cautiously slipped my lips back off his wide flared cockhead and closed my mouth to prevent any of his silvery cum from slipping out. He sat forward in his chair and I looked up at him with adoring eyes. As I sat there on my knees before him with his warm milky semen filling my mouth, I felt like I'd never been happier in my entire life. As he looked at me intently, I tipped my head up and slowly opened my mouth to show him my treasured prize.

'Oh Jesus, that's a lot of cum,' he said as a broad smile came over his face. He reached out with his bandaged hand and tenderly started stroking the side of my neck with his fingertips. I loved the feel of his big manly hand touching me. 'You'd better swallow it, Joey, so those vitamins can get inside you.' I nodded slightly and closed my mouth. I swirled the mouthful of warm cream all around my mouth for a second and then swallowed.

'Oh yeah, that's the way,' he said with a nod as his fingertips stroked my neck while I swallowed. I knew he'd be able to feel the muscles in my throat contracting as his thick silky cum slid down my throat. I swallowed three big mouthfuls before I got it all down. Man, was there ever a lot! He had never fed me this much before. I loved every mouthwatering drop. I almost smacked my lips with pleasure as I finally swallowed the last morsel and looked up at him with a look of pure satisfied bliss on my face.

'Oh Mr. Jarvis, thank you. That tasted so good.' He slumped back in his chair and just looked at me with a contented look on his face as I looked back at his half-hard cock. 'Should I....should I get the cloth and clean your cock off for you now, sir?' I asked as I pointed at his heavy spent member.

'Not just yet, Joey,' he said as he looked down at me kneeling between his legs. As I looked up at him, I could see the lustful desire still lurking in his eyes. 'You know, I haven't felt this horny in a long time. I'm ready to go again already. Just put your mouth back on my cock and let me feel those hands of yours again.'

'Yes sir!' I said eagerly as I almost dove forward and slipped his cock back into my mouth. I reached up on top of the desk and scooped out a little more Vaseline which I quickly spread along the length of his cock. He sat back totally relaxed and let me take my time working on his cock with my mouth and hands. It took less than five minutes for his stallion-like cock to come back up to full hardness. Once it did, I just settled in and enjoyed the wonderful sensations that hard beautiful cock was able to provide for me. A couple of times it felt like he was close to cumming and then he would reach forward and stop my pumping hands. I loved the feeling of his big hard cock beneath my hands and in my mouth. For over an hour, he kept me working slowly on that hard powerful cock. Finally, he let himself go and flooded my mouth with his thick creamy cum. His cock kept shooting and oozing his milky semen right into my mouth until he was totally drained. This time he sent me for the washcloth and I obediently cleaned off his heavy spent member before he dismissed me, but not before making sure that I knew to report back to his office right after lunch.

I went back up to my room and lay on my bed totally elated with the way things had gone this morning. Mr. Jarvis' injured hand had allowed me to show him how much I was able to help him by using my own hands and mouth to help draw forth the potent medicine I loved so much. With his manly taste still lingering in my mouth, I was eagerly looking forward to my next dose of medicine......



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