I finished eating my breakfast and as the other boys from the group home drifted outside or back up to their rooms, I went and sat on the little wooden bench on the opposite side of the hallway from Mr. Jarvis' office. His door was closed and I felt a little anxious just sitting there waiting. It felt like being called to the Principal's office at school when you'd been bad. Usually when Mr. Jarvis wanted to talk to you in his office, it was because you'd gotten into some kind of trouble. I sat there fidgeting, wondering once again if he'd forgotten about me or if I'd heard him wrong. I looked at the clock over the front entrance, 8:05. As I was thinking that maybe I'd been mistaken and that I should just go back to my room, I looked up as his office door opened.

'Joey, right on time. C'mon in,' he said as he looked furtively down the hallway to see if anyone else was around. As I got up from my seat tentatively and stepped into his office, I noticed that he had a fine sheen of perspiration on his forehead and his face appeared a little flushed. He was also kind of tucking in his shirt as I went by him and then he adjusted his belt. I figured he must have just finished using the private bathroom he had in the back of his office. As I stood in front of his desk waiting for him, I watched as he closed the office door and then I was surprised to see him push the little button by the handle that locked the door. I wondered what that was all about.

'You're what, 16 now, Joey?' he asked.

'Yes sir. I had my birthday a little while ago.'

'16, that's a nice age. Have a seat,' he said as he motioned to the two chairs sitting in front of his big desk. As I sat perched on the front of one of the chairs, Mr. Jarvis reached into his back pocket and pulled out a hankerchief. As he moved behind his desk, he raised it to his face and wiped off his sweaty brow before sticking it back into his pocket. 'Yeah, I noticed yesterday that you looked even frailer and more peaked than usual, Joey. Are you sure you're feeling okay?' he asked with a concerned look on his face.

'I....I feel fine, sir,' I said.

'Well, just to be on the safe side, I think you should start taking some extra vitamins on a regular basis,' he said as he leaned forward and started to slide open the top left-hand drawer of his desk.

'Uh....okay. If you think I should, Mr. Jarvis.'

'I do Joey. I think that would be the best thing for you,' he said with a smile as he lifted a clear plastic cup out of the drawer. As he moved around the desk and held it in front of him, I could see a milky-white liquid moving about slightly in the bottom of the cup. The medicine looked pretty thick and creamy and I could even see a couple of drops of it sticking to the inside of the clear plastic. He must have dropped those there when he poured it into the cup for me. He came right around the desk and held the cup out towards me.

'Here you go, Joey,' he said as he handed me the cup and then perched himself on the front edge of the desk. 'This medicine is high in vitamins and protein. It's just the thing for a boy like you.'

'Thank you sir,' I said as I took the cup in both hands and looked down into it. I could see close up that the liquid was not a smooth white color; it was kind of pearly with almost swirls of some clear areas and then some thicker looking whiter areas. As I held it right in front of my face, it had a very subtle fragrance. It didn't smell like anything I'd smelt before; it smelled.....I don't know....kind of warm and comforting almost. I sniffed again and tried to identify the scent. I held the cup up to my nose again and took another good long sniff. I liked the different feeling I was getting as the distinctive new scent filled my senses. I could feel my eyes close peacefully as I breathed deep one more time and let the peculiar smell settle right on my tastebuds.

'C'mon, Joey, drink it up now, son,' Mr. Jarvis said as he looked at me intently. 'We don't want you to get sick now, do we?'

'No sir,' I said as I brought the small plastic cup up to my lips. I could feel his eyes on me as I tipped the glass up. I looked down into the cup and could see the thick creamy liquid start to slide sluggishly toward my mouth. As the leading edge started to settle on my tongue, I was surprised to find that it was slightly warm, almost at body temperature. I had expected it to be cold. As I tipped the cup up a little higher, one big gob of the gooey medicine slid forth right onto my tongue. I lowered the cup and closed my mouth. I let the warm viscous fluid slide around inside my mouth as I savored the new taste. It was just a little bit salty and tasted....I don't know....the word 'musky' came to mind. It wasn't unpleasant at all and I liked the taste as well as the smooth silky texture. I savored the new sensation of the thick creamy liquid as I slid it around my mouth and let the new flavor settle on my tastebuds.

'How do you like that, Joey?' Mr. Jarvis asked as he watched me intently. I looked up at him and swallowed to let him know I was getting the medicine into me like he wanted. This brought a big smile to his face as he watched the satisfied look come over my face. The warm creamy medicine felt silky smooth as it slid down my throat. It seemed to leave a soothing coating along the inside of my throat as it made its way right down into my stomach.

'I like it Mr. Jarvis,' I said as I looked up at him and smiled. I looked back down at the remainder of the liquid still in the bottom of the cup. 'Can I have the rest?' I asked eagerly.

'Go ahead, Joey. Finish it, it's all for you,' he said with a broad smile on his face. I slipped my lips around the edge of the plastic cup and tipped it up. There was enough medicine left for two good mouthfuls and I took one at a time and let the interesting new flavor sensation settle on my tongue for awhile before I swallowed. I savored the taste of the warm gooey fluid before I once again swallowed and let it slide smoothly down my throat. I tipped the glass up and let the final mouthful slip between my lips. I rolled the thick viscous fluid slowly all around the inside of my mouth before letting it settle right in the center of my tongue.

'Mmmmmm,' I heard myself let out an unconscious little purr as the creamy medicine made its way down my throat to make a nice warm spot in the pit of my stomach.

'I guess you like that medicine,' Mr. Jarvis said as he raised his big meaty hand and pointed to the cup still in my hand. 'There's a little more left. See if you can get your tongue inside there and lick out those final drops.'

'Yes sir,' I said as I tipped the open end of the cup towards my mouth. Fortunately the plastic cup had a wide opening and was fairly shallow. It was pretty easy for me to run my tongue all around the inside edge and then even all around the bottom of the cup as I spotted a few stray silvery drops of the medicine there. With the cup now totally clean, I passed it back to Mr. Jarvis and sat there like a kitten that just finished lapping up a bowl of warm cream. He took the cup and sat there holding it as he just looked at me for a few seconds with a big smile on his face.

'So the medicine was okay, Joey?' he asked as he finally got up and walked back behind his desk and sat down. He quietly opened his desk drawer again and set the cup back inside before closing the drawer.

'I did, Mr. Jarvis. I've never tasted anything like that before. I wasn't sure at first but once I let the taste of it settle on my tongue.....well....I really liked it!' He smiled and nodded when I said this. 'And it was so creamy and soothing when it went down my throat. I...I can still taste it.' He looked at me with a pleased look on his face as I savored the interesting new flavor still lingering inside my mouth. 'I had expected it to be cold and I was surprised to find that it was nice and warm. How did you do that?'

'Oh, that's my secret, Joey. I just want to make it as nice as I can for you to take the vitamins that you need. And besides, the medicine works best if you take it while it's warm too. If you let it get too cold, it doesn't work as well.' He paused for a second as he looked at me with a more serious look on his face. 'And speaking of secrets, this has to be our little secret, Joey. If the other boys found out, they'd want me to give them some vitamins too. And you especially can't say anything to the other councilors. This medicine is pretty hard to come by and if they found out I was giving it to you, well, we'd then have to start giving it to all the others equally too. If that were to happen, Joey, well, you just wouldn't be able to get it except maybe about once a week at best. And you do want more, don't you Joey?'

'Oh yes, sir!' I said with an anxious worried look on my face.

'That's good, Joey. If we keep this as our secret, I should be able to give you the amount that you need.'

'How much do you think I need, Mr. Jarvis?'

'Oh, I think you need at least one good dose a day, maybe two on some days. I'll see what I can do to give you as much as you need,' he said as he gave me a conspiratorial wink.

'Oh thank you, Mr. Jarvis!' I said excitedly. 'I'll take as much as you think I should have.'

'That's good, Joey. That's what I wanted to hear. So do you think you can keep this as our little secret?'

'Yes sir!' I said as I nodded emphatically.

'Good. Now since it's your first day with these new vitamins, I think you should probably have a second dose. Why don't you report back here after lunch at 1:00pm?'

'Yes sir. I'll be here.'

'Okay good. Now you better go and do your chores. And remember, not a word to anyone,' he said as he pointed his finger at me with a grave expression on his face.

'No sir, I promise,' I said jubilantly as I bounded up out of my chair and reached for the door. The lock released automatically when I turned the handle from the inside. As I opened the door, I turned and saw him staring at me with a strange look and a soft smile on his face. 'Thank you, Mr. Jarvis. Nobody's worried about me and been this nice to me in a long time.'

'You're welcome, Joey. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you,' he said with a funny leer on his face. 'I'll give you just what you need.'

I left his office and closed the door behind me. I hadn't felt this good in a long time. Mr. Jarvis was going to take special care of me. I had always been kind of afraid of him but now I saw the gentle caring side of him that I never knew existed. As I walked into the big farmhouse kitchen, I savored the delightful taste of the warm vitamins still lingering inside my mouth. With one o'clock only a few hours away, I was already looking forward to my next dose of medicine..........


As the Greyhound bus droned on through mile after mile of dusty farmland, I gazed out the window and thought back on how I had got here and especially the flurry of activity in the last few days. Just a short time ago, I thought I was all alone in the world; now I was on my way to stay with an aunt and uncle that up until two days ago, I never knew existed.

My name's Joey, I'm 16 and I'm an only child. Actually, I guess I should say that I 'was' an only child. My parents had been killed in a car accident when I just a toddler. They'd left me with a babysitter that day while they went to a friend's wedding out of town. The accident happened on the way home; a drunk driver hit them broadside and they never saw it coming. They were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

From what I'd been told, the authorities hunted high and low for any relatives of my parents but couldn't find any. Eventually I was made a ward of the state and ever since then, I'd lived in a number of different institutions and foster homes. Some of the people in the foster homes were pretty nice, and I'm not sure why, but I never seemed to stick anywhere. Maybe it was because I was too shy; I don't know.

I'd always been pretty small and frail for my age. The bigger kids always used to pick on me and so I came to just keep to myself most of the time. I read a lot and I've never been very good at sports. I was always pretty quiet, and as I quickly found out, you got into less trouble if you kept your mouth shut. I never even had a regular best friend. Being in group homes, other kids just seemed to come and go, and in the few foster homes I was in, I was always worried about getting to know anybody when it likely wasn't going to last anyways. So I mostly just learned to rely on myself.

Being shy and keeping to myself most of the time, I guess you could say I was pretty naïve about a lot of stuff. I had never had a girlfriend, and figured I wouldn't even know what to do if a girl came right up and started talking to me. That was okay though, I never really worried about it too much; after all, that was the only life I knew.

So over the years, I'd been shuffled from one group home to another, with a few short stays in foster homes mixed in every once in awhile. Like about six months ago, I'd been sent to live with the Quigleys; a couple who already had a boy and girl of their own close to my age. When they made the decision to take me in, I think they were just trying to be good citizens or something. The kids never liked me or even seemed to make any kind of effort. After a little over five months of me trying to fit in and their kids complaining all the time, the Quigleys had had enough. They probably would have liked to get rid of me sooner but they probably felt guilty and kept me on until the end of the school term. They obviously didn't want me hanging around for summer vacation, and that's how I ended up back at Monroe's about two weeks ago.

'Monroe's Group Home' was a state run institution for boys. They usually housed about ten boys at a time with about four or five councilors overseeing us in various shifts. That's where I'd been living for the last while before I went to the Quigleys. It was a big old farmhouse that the government had bought a long time and set up to house boys like me. And that's where I'd first met Mr. Jarvis.

Mr. Jarvis was the senior councilor at Monroe's and had been there long before I was first sent there. He was probably in his early forties and was married. While some of the younger less experienced councilors sometimes stayed with us overnight in the group home, Mr. Jarvis always arrived early in the morning and left late in the afternoon to go home to his wife. I never saw the woman in all the time I'd been there. Apparently he kept his life away from the group home as private as possible. The only thing we knew was that he never had any kids of his own. I never even knew his first name. While the younger councilors always had us call them by their first names, with Mr. Jarvis, it was always 'Mr. Jarvis'.

He was kind of a gruff man, not much on small talk and always right to the point. He was stoutly built and getting a little heavy around the midsection, like many men his age. I guess you'd say he was pretty average looking, not ugly, but Hollywood wasn't knocking on his door either. I had always tried to keep out of his way and he seemed to respect the fact that I always tried to look out for myself without asking others for help. A couple of times when bigger boys had been on the verge of picking on me, Mr. Jarvis had stepped in just in time to smooth things over. Although he never made a gesture to indicate he was looking for thanks, for some reason it made me feel a little safer to think that Mr. Jarvis was kind of looking out for me. Like the day the Quigleys had dropped me back at Monroe's.......

I'd gotten back in the late afternoon and just had time to stow my stuff back in my old room and hurry back downstairs if I wanted to get some supper. All of the other boys had already finished but there was still a little ham and macaroni and cheese left for me. I was starving and as I sat by myself in the big dining room, I eagerly dug in. I turned as I heard the gruff voice of Mr. Jarvis behind me.

'So Joey, I heard you were coming back,' he said as he walked across the room towards me.

'Hi Mr. Jarvis,' I said as I washed down my mouthful of food with a drink of milk.

'They didn't treat you badly, did they?' he asked with a tone of serious intent in his voice.

'No sir. They treated me okay. Their own kids never seemed to take to me; that's all,' I said with a big sigh. I used to get real sad when these kinds of things happened, now I guess I was just a little more used to it.

'Did they ever feed you?' he asked as he looked me up and down. 'I thought you were skinny before; there's almost nothing left of you, boy.'

'They fed me Mr. Jarvis. I think I'm the same as when I left here.'

'I don't know. You don't look so healthy. I think you need some vitamins,' he said as he scrutinized me from top to bottom. 'I want you to get a good night's rest, then report to my office right after breakfast at 8:00am sharp. You got that?' He pointed his big index finger at me to make sure I understood.

'Yes sir, 8:00am sharp.'

'Okay, it's time for me to go home,' he said as he turned and walked away. As he got to the door of the room, he turned and looked back at me, 'Joey, I'm sorry about what happened with the Quigleys. I know that kind of thing is disappointing. While you're here, I'll make sure you're taken good care of.' He gave me kind of a shrug and a look that for him passed for a comforting smile.

'Thank you sir,' I said and then he was gone through the door. I finished my food and then spent the rest of the night in my room reading. I just didn't feel like socializing or watching TV with the other boys. It had been a pretty stressful day and I was actually glad to be sleeping back in my old room at Monroe's. I turned the light out fairly early and as I drifted off to sleep, I actually felt happy that Mr. Jarvis had seemed concerned about me and was taking an interest in my welfare.

I woke bright and early the next day and hurried down to breakfast. There were some new boys there I didn't recognize along with some familiar faces. As usual, I kept to myself. Breakfast was served at 7:30 sharp, which was the same time as Mr. Jarvis started his daily shift. Just as I sat down, I saw him come in and nod to the other councilors before he disappeared down the hall towards his office. I was a little surprised and a little bit hurt that he never once looked in my direction. I wondered if he'd forgotten about asking me to come to his office after breakfast. Obviously he hadn't forgotten, and that was how I came to have my first dose of medicine.


At Monroe, you were required to do about two hours of chores per day. Depending on the chore, it was usually one hour in the morning and then one hour in the afternoon. You usually did the same job for a week straight, and then they would get switched up. This week, my morning chore was to help out in the kitchen. Old Mrs. Nesbitt ran the kitchen with an iron fist and didn't take crap from anybody. Her food was good though, so nobody ever complained about her cranky attitude. Today, she set me about peeling potatoes for the evening meal. I sat down with a big basket of potatoes and an empty bucket for the peels and started in on my work. For the next half hour or so, I never looked up as over the last few days I had gotten used to manipulating the sharp peeler.

'Morning, Mrs. Nesbitt.' I looked up excitedly when I heard Mr. Jarvis' deep voice. He came in and poured himself a cup of coffee as he chatted briefly with the old cook. I looked at him with a new level of admiration. I was already anxious to spend more time with and couldn't wait for one o'clock to come around. On his way out he stopped next to me and I looked up at him towering over me.

'So this is what they've got you doing this week?' he asked as he gestured to the half empty basket of potatoes and the growing bucket of scraps.

'Yes sir,' I answered compliantly.

'Hhhhhmm,' he said under his breath. Without a further word, he turned on his heel and went back to his office. I was left wondering what all that meant.

I finished up the job to Mrs. Nesbitt's satisfaction and she looked at the clock and with only a couple of minutes of my required hour left, she decided to let me go. Most of the other boys were outside playing a game of touch football but I just went back up to my room and lay on my bed reading. I actually felt safe and comfortable back in my old bed at Monroe. And with Mr. Jarvis giving me some extra attention I hadn't been expecting, I was actually looking forward to a nice relaxing summer.

I finally heard the other boys' voices as they came in and cleaned up for lunch. I made my way down to join them in the dining room and once again I chose to sit on my own away from the others as I ate. They seemed pretty happy as they chatted and laughed about their game they'd been playing. I sat quietly, looking forward to my one o'clock appointment with Mr. Jarvis. Eventually everyone finished up and left the room after taking their plates back into the kitchen. I did likewise and tentatively made my way towards Mr. Jarvis' office. Once again his door was closed and I took my spot on the bench across the hall. I checked the clock, 12:52. I was a few minutes early and waited anxiously for Mr. Jarvis to appear. I only had to wait a minute or two before he cracked open his door to see if I was there.

'Joey, you're a little early,' he said as he opened the door wider and looked up and down the hallway. 'That's good though. It didn't take me as long to get your medicine ready as I thought it might. You'd better come in and get it while it's still warm.' He stepped sideways in the door opening for me to go past his big looming body. Once again, his face looked flushed and sweaty and he was wiping his hands with a towel as he ushered me into his office. I heard him lock the door again and as I sat down on the same chair I'd sat in this morning, I noticed his belt lying on top of his desk. Where his shirt was tucked into his pants, it looked a little disheveled again. Like I had thought earlier, he must have just finished using the washroom, especially since he was still wiping his hands off with the towel.

'So you haven't said anything to anybody about this morning, have you?' he asked as he stepped back behind his desk.

'Oh no, sir!' I said nervously, worried that he might be upset with me. 'I did just as you said and didn't say a word to anyone.' I paused for a second and then looked up at him shyly, 'I know it's selfish of me, but....but....I don't want to share this with anybody else. Like you said, I want it to be our secret.'

A big smile spread slowly across his face and he looked down at my frail little form sitting in front of him. 'You're a good boy, Joey. I'm glad I can trust you to keep our secret.' He dropped the towel on top of the desk and opened the same drawer that he had last time.

'Here you go,' he said as he reached into the drawer and pulled out the clear plastic cup, 'still nice and warm.' He came around the desk quickly and passed it to me. 'Drink up.'

I took the cup from him and held it in my two hands in front of me. I looked down into the cloudy fluid and was pleased to see that there seemed to be even more than last time.

'So there's more here than last time?' I asked as I looked up at him questioningly.

'Yeah, I was able to work up a bigger load....er....I mean, I was able to work up a bigger dose for you this time,' he said. 'You did like it, didn't you, Joey?'

'Oh yes sir! I'm not complaining at all. I really liked it. I think I'm already feeling better after that dose you gave me earlier. I've been looking forward to this all morning,' I said eagerly as I brought the medicine up beneath my nose and inhaled deeply of the warm musky scent. 'I'm really glad there's even more than last time.'

'Good......good,' he said as he perched on the front edge of his desk again. 'Go ahead, you'd better drink it before the vitamins lose their effectiveness.'

'Yes sir!' I said as I quickly brought the cup up to my lips. I tipped it up and let some of the warm creamy medicine run into my mouth. 'Mmmmmm,' I mewed out loud as I let the slick pearly liquid roll all over my tongue. I was already starting to love both the feel and taste of it in my mouth. I slid it from cheek to cheek and let its thick texture coat the whole of the inside of my mouth. Finally, I swallowed.

'Aaaaahh,' I gave a little gasp as the silky fluid slid down my throat. Its distinctive taste and odor continued to fill my senses and made me want more of the same. I raised the cup back to my lips again and tipped the cup up gradually. I could see Mr. Jarvis watching me intently as I kept my eyes glued to the big wad of medicine sliding sluggishly towards the edge of the cup. I felt the leading edge roll onto my tongue and then I made a slurping noise as I sucked the rest of the big creamy gob into my mouth. It kind of made a sound like when you slurp up a single strand of spaghetti. I could see Mr. Jarvis smiling openly as I brought the cup down and closed my lips over my mouthful of medicine. I savored the delightful taste and warm creamy texture for a long time before I noisily swallowed.

'Did you get it all?' he asked as we both looked into the empty cup.

'Oh, there's a little bit more here,' I said as I spotted a couple of milky-white drops clinging to the side. I quickly ran out my tongue and lapped up those two drops and then just to be sure, I ran the flat part of my tongue all around the inside of the glass and even over the flat bottom.

'Mmmmmm,' I said as I handed the empty cup back to him. 'That was so good. And I'm glad there was even more of it this time. Thanks for being so nice to me, Mr. Jarvis.'

'That's okay, Joey,' he said as he sat there with a big smile on his face. 'I want to make sure you stay nice and healthy. Two good doses of medicine should get you started on the right track. I think you should come tomorrow morning at the same time for your next one.'

'Yes sir!' I said eagerly. 'I'll be here right after breakfast.'

'Good, Joey. I'll have some more ready for you then. Now you better get to your afternoon chores,' he said gesturing towards the door of his office.

'Yes sir. Thank you sir.' I said as I got up and let myself out of his office and closed the door behind me.

I reported back to my kitchen for my afternoon chores. For the next hour I peeled some carrots and washed pots and various dishes and utensils under the watchful eye of Mrs. Nesbitt. As I worked, I rolled my tongue all around my mouth as I savored the peculiar taste of the medicine still lingering in my mouth. Compared to most medicines, I really liked it and wanted to keep the flavor of it for as long as possible so I didn't eat or drink anything for a long time.

I finally finished my shift and took my book out to the back porch to read in the shade. Just before we were called in for dinner, I heard a car start up and looked around the corner to see Mr. Jarvis leaving for the day. He looked up and spotted me at the corner of the house. His eyes met mine and he nodded in my direction as he gave me a comforting smile. I felt a warm feeling of happiness come over me and I waved tentatively as he pulled out of his parking spot and headed home. I spent the rest of the day almost overwhelmed with a feeling of safety and comfort that I'd rarely had. I went to bed that night eagerly looking forward to my next dose of medicine from Mr. Jarvis.

This went on for the next two days. I would wait outside his office right after breakfast and right after lunch for him to invite me in. He'd pass me the cup of warm medicine and sit watching me intently as I drained the cup and let the creamy liquid find its way into my bloodstream to do its work. As soon as the second day, I could swear I was feeling better already. The combination of the regular doses of medicine and knowing that Mr. Jarvis was interested in me had me feeling better than I had in a long time.

In the middle of the afternoon of the third day, as I was standing in the kitchen washing some pots at the sink, I looked up and saw Mr. Jarvis walk across the yard and start talking to Carl. Carl was one of the older councilors and one of his duties was to set up the chore schedule. He was the one who told us what jobs we had to do from one week to the next.

Mr. Jarvis started talking to him and then I saw him point towards the part of the house where I was standing. Carl's eyes automatically followed Mr. Jarvis' pointing arm to look in my direction and then he turned back as they continued their conversation. Mr. Jarvis did most of the talking and Carl nodded every now and then. Finally, Mr. Jarvis patted Carl on the arm and turned to go back to his office. Carl went back to working with some of the boys who were busy in the vegetable garden. I didn't think any more about it until later that afternoon when I was up in my room. I was lying on my bed reading when there were a couple of knocks on my door.

'Come in,' I called through the door. Carl opened the door and took half a step into my room.

'There's been a change of plans, Joey. I'm gonna have to pull you off kitchen duty.'

'Oh, okay Carl. What do you want me to do instead?'

'Starting tomorrow, right after breakfast, you're supposed to report to Mr. Jarvis' office. He wants someone to help re-organize some paperwork and files or something like that,' he said with a dismissive wave of his hand as if he didn't know exactly what the work would entail. 'Oh yeah, Mr. Jarvis said there might be some days where he'll need you a little longer than the regular hour. Okay?'

'Oh, okay,' I said, barely able to keep the excitement out of my voice. 'Uh....will that just be for the remaining days of this week's schedule, or what?'

'As of right now, he told me it's 'until further notice'. So you might be there more than that, I don't know. So just make sure you go there right after breakfast and then again right after lunch. Got it?' he pointed a finger at me to make sure I understood.

'Yes sir!' I could barely contain my excitement and as soon as Carl left the room I pulled my pillow over my face and let out a big whoop of joy. I was thrilled for the rest of the day and people seemed to look at like I was weird or something. After awhile, I figured out that it was because they weren't used to seeing me smile very often. I even had a hard time falling asleep that night thinking about getting to spend that extra time working with Mr. Jarvis.

I awoke bright and early the next morning and hurried down to breakfast after getting washed up. As I was starting to eat, Mr. Jarvis arrived and nodded to me as he made his way through the big dining room. My breakfast never tasted so good and as soon as I was finished, I went and waited anxiously on the bench outside his office. I was fidgeting about and could barely keep still. I was looking forward to my morning dose of medicine and anxious to see what kind of work Mr. Jarvis wanted me to do.

'C'mon in, Joey,' he said as he finally opened the door. He looked a little cooler and calmer this morning that the previous three mornings. As I had mentioned earlier, every time he'd ushered me into his office, he'd appeared flushed as if he'd just been exerting himself. He didn't look like that today, I noticed as I watched him close and lock the door behind me. I was both excited and a little nervous about the new arrangement so I went and sat on the edge of my usual chair and waited for him to say something. He casually walked around behind his desk and sat in his big rolling chair. He leaned back and let the chair rock slowly from side to side.

'So Joey,' he finally said, 'Carl has informed you that I want you to come and do some work for me instead of your usual chores, right?'

'Yes sir, he did.'

'How do you feel about that?'

'I....I'm really excited about it actually. I like spending time with you, Mr. Jarvis.' I hung my head and felt my face turning red. I was afraid that I'd embarrassed myself by letting my true feelings out.

'That's okay, Joey. I'm happy you feel that way,' I looked up at him and relaxed as he gave me a warm comforting smile. 'I like spending time with you too. I think we have a certain level of understanding and trust that not many people have with each other.'

'I...I feel that way too!' I blurted out.

'Good......good, I'm really glad that we can trust each other.' My eyes drifted over in the direction of his desk drawer where he'd always brought forth my cup of medicine. He probably noticed the furtive look in my eyes. 'So you're probably wondering about your daily dose of medicine,' he said as he put his hand on the handle of the drawer.

'Y...yes sir,' I said as my eyes flicked back and forth between his own eyes and his hand resting on the drawer handle.

'Well, that's one of the reasons I want you to come and work for me. Have you ever wondered where I get that medicine, Joey?'

'Ummm...well...I don't know. I figured you got it at a drug store or something.'

'Well, no. I kind of make it myself.'

'You do?' I asked as my eyes opened wide in wonder. 'You make it yourself?'

'Well, sort of. There're some things I have to tell you, Joey. Now we trust each other totally,right?' he pointed his big index finger at me and had a serious expression on his face now.

'Yes sir, we do.' I said and nodded my head to emphasize my understanding of the seriousness of his tone.

'Good. Now I think you know that I don't have any children of my own,' he paused as he looked at me for a response.

'Yes sir, I'd heard that.'

'Mrs. Jarvis and I tried for a long time to have children but with no luck. So we decided we better see a doctor and get things checked out. They put each of us through a number of tests to see if they could find out what the problem was. In the end, they found out that my wife was the one actually unable to bear a child.'

'Oh...I....I'm sorry to hear that, sir,' I said with a slightly confused look on my face as I didn't know where he was going with this.

'Thanks for saying that, Joey. But that's okay; it was a long time ago now.' He paused for a second as he looked at me waiting patiently for him to continue. 'The reason I'm telling you this is that during the fertility tests, the doctors found out that my semen not only has an unusually high sperm motility rate, but it's also incredibly high in vitamins and proteins.'

'Oh,' I said as my mind was trying to take in what he was saying. I had heard the other boys talking about jerking off and cumming so I had an idea of what he was talking about.

'Yes, they told me that my semen would be extremely beneficial for anyone that might have a vitamin deficiency. And when I saw you the other day looking pretty pale, I thought I might be able to help you out.' He paused as he leaned forwards with his elbows on the desk and looked deeply into my eyes. 'You see, Joey, I care about you. I wouldn't just do this for anybody. I'm just glad I can help you in this way.' I felt my heart swell with happiness as I listened to his kind words.

'I....I understand, Mr. Jarvis. I don't know what to say. I mean....I...I'm so happy that you're will to do that for me.' I stopped and looked towards his desk drawer. 'But this...this talk....is...is there something wrong?'

'No, not really, Joey. It's just that I called my doctor yesterday and let him know what I was doing for you. He was glad I was able to help a boy like you. He did point one thing out though.'

'Wha.....what?' I asked curiously.

'Remember when I said that it was best if you drank the medicine when it was still warm so the vitamins would work properly?'


'Well, the doctor told me that during the tests, the nutritional value of the vitamins and proteins in my semen were highest as soon as it left my body. He recommended that for it to be most beneficial for you that we try and get you to ingest it as quickly as possible. Do you understand?'

'I....I think so. The doctor says I need to drink it as quickly as possible once it comes out of you.'

'Yes,' he said as he sat back in his chair, 'that's it exactly. So, do you want to continue taking your medicine, Joey?'

'I do, Mr. Jarvis. Wh...what do you need me to do?'

'Well, you know about jerking off, right Joey?' he asked.

'Yes, sir,' I said and could feel my face turning crimson with embarrassment again.

'You won't have to do too much right now,' he said as he got up from his chair. 'First off, you should probably kneel down on your knees in front of the desk there.' He nodded towards the floor in front of me and I compliantly got to my knees. As I looked up at him, he reached into the other top drawer of his desk and took out a big plastic jar. I read the label: Vaseline---Baby Fresh Scent.

'That's good, Joey,' he said as he came around the desk and set the jar on the front edge. 'Now while you're kneeling there, I'm gonna stand in front of you and jerk off.'

'Is that what you did into that plastic cup?' I asked as I nodded towards the other desk drawer.

'Yep, exactly. Only this time, instead of shooting it into the cup and having my semen lose its beneficial qualities, I'm gonna try and shoot it right into your mouth. That way it'll get into you quicker and start working more effectively.'

'Okay,' I said as he stood before me and started to undo his belt. I looked up at his rugged body looming over me and felt happy that this big mature man was willing to do this for me. I watched as he opened his belt and then drew down the zipper on his pants. He put his hands on either side of his waistband and pushed down both his pants and underwear to his ankles in one motion.

'Oh dear!' I said with a sharp intake of breath as his cock came into view. My eyes must have seemed like saucers as I stared openly at the sight of his partially swollen member. From my position on my knees in front of him, his cock was mere inches away from my face. My own penis was the only one I'd seen naked and mine was nothing compared to this one. It hung majestically between his legs and lay heavy and relaxed over an enormous set of balls. He was circumcised and his cock was nice and long and thick with a large mushroom head. I could see the intricate swirl of protruding veins lining the gnarled shaft of that incredible piece of flesh.

'Have you ever seen another man's cock before, Joey?' he asked as I watched him reach into the jar of Vaseline and scoop up a generous amount of greasy gel.

'N...no sir,' I said in a squeaky voice.

'Well, take a good look,' he said as he wrapped his Vaseline-coated hand around his heavy cock and held it out towards me, 'I think you're gonna get to know this one pretty well.' It was like I was hypnotized as my eyes remained riveted to the incredible display going on before me as he started to slide his big meaty hand back and forth. His cock quickly started to thicken and extend in his pumping grasp. He was taking long slow consistent strokes from the thick base all the way to the broad engorged head. His slow firm strokes allowed me ample time to look at that huge cock up close.

It had now become fully erect and I would guess that it was probably about 9' long and so big around that his hand couldn't even close around it. The dark crimson crown looked positively menacing as he slowly rubbed his slick hand back and forth over the spongy membranes. The big mushroom head was separated from the hard gnarled shaft by a thick rope-like corona which was almost purple in color. The long slick shaft glistened invitingly as his hand methodically pumped back and forth with a smooth cork-screwing motion.

'Do you like that, Joey?' he asked as he watched me staring mesmerized at his hard throbbing erection.

'Y...yes sir,' I stammered as my eyes never once left his sliding hand and throbbing virile manhood. As I watched, I could feel my own smaller cock getting rock-hard in my underwear.

'Well, it's not gonna be much longer and you'll get a nice big dose of medicine,' he said as he adjusted his feet slightly as he inched closer to me. As his jacking hand kept sliding back and forth along that hard rigid monster, I could see a glistening drop of fluid gathering in the gaping red eye at the tip of the enflamed head. The drop grew in size and started to slowly distend downward as more fluid oozed forth. As his hand moved along the hard thick shaft, the drizzling web started to move back and forth tantalizingly as it dangled from the oozing tip. I knew this was some of the precious fluid he'd been talking about earlier and I boldly slid my tongue beneath it and let it settle on my tongue.

'That's it, Joey,' he said as his breathing had become more ragged, 'it's all for you.' As I slowly let my tongue moved upwards beneath the dangling web of fluid, his hand started to move more rapidly back and forth along his throbbing cock.

'Not much longer now,' he said through gritted teeth as his hand became almost a blur now as he vigorously pumped away at his long hard cock. My tongue followed the drizzling strand higher until the tip of my tongue touched the very tip of his cock as the point slid right into the gaping eye to lick up the full strand of fluid. I quickly drew the silky nectar back into my mouth and swallowed. I think having my tongue touch his cock must have sent him over the edge.

'OH FUCK......GET READY, JOEY......OPEN WIDE....' I immediately opened my mouth wide and tried to position it right in front of his jerking cock. He looked down and I could see the lustful look in his eyes as he positioned his engorged cock right in front of my face.

'OH FUCK.......HERE YOU GO!' he grunted between clenched teeth as he stopped his rapidly jacking hand in mid-stroke and held his cock totally still as he pointed the dark angry crown right at my open mouth. My eyes were locked on that gaping red eye and I saw it almost flex open as milky white fluid started to fill it. It seemed to pause with the shiny opening full of the pearly liquid for just a second and then a long white rope of semen shot forth.

'AAAAAHHH,' I gasped in surprise as the long thick strand of cum shot right into my open mouth. I felt it hit way back against the roof of my mouth and then it fell into a big pool on my tongue. As soon as the first wad had shot forth, a second silvery rope jettisoned forth. His aim was perfect as it too blasted right into my mouth to plaster itself against the inside of my cheek. I watched him take two more quick strokes along the pulsing shaft of his cock and then he held it still again as a third, fourth and then a fifth long stringy gob of his precious seed shot forth right into my mouth.

'Oh yeah, that's it......I've got more for you, Joey,' he said as he put the spitting head of his cock right in front of my open mouth and started furiously jacking away again. I felt two more good-sized spurts paste themselves against the back of my open mouth before falling into the growing puddle on my tongue. And then as his hand kept pumping away, I felt some stray gobs and strands landing on my face. They were hitting my cheeks, chin and all around my mouth as the spitting head of his cock was pulled every which way by his strong jacking hand. I kept my mouth as wide open as possible for him and then eventually his hand slowed until he finally came to a total stop. I looked up and saw him looking right down into my eyes as he took deep gasping breaths. There was a look of pure serene pleasure on his face as I looked up at him lovingly.

I felt so happy that this big hulk of a man had chosen me to give his affection to. No one had ever really cared about me since my parents had died so long ago. As Mr. Jarvis had been hunching over me with his big powerful cock filling my mouth, I had felt an almost overwhelming feeling of comfort and safety. It was like his whole big body and soul was wrapping itself around me with care and security. If he was willing to feed me his precious semen like this, I knew at this point that I'd do anything he'd ask of me.

'I think you've got it all, Joey,' he said as her stood up straight and took a step back. I could feel the warm texture of the now familiar medicine sitting in a big pool on the back of my tongue and I closed my lips to savor the salty musky flavor. He looked down at me intently as I rolled the huge milky gob of cream all around inside the warm confines of my mouth.

'Mmmmmmm,' I let out a long mew of pleasure as I let my tongue swirl all around and through the thick pearly wad of semen. It tasted wonderful and I loved having it in my mouth but I knew I would love the feeling of having it slide down my throat just as much.

'Mmmmmmmmmm,' I gave an even longer purr as I finally swallowed. I loved the soothing sensation of his thick cream coating my throat as it made its way to a warm spot in the pit of my stomach. I swallowed again and was rewarded with a second big throat-full of silky smooth cum. I swirled my tongue all around the inside of my mouth and gathered up the final drops still clinging to my cheeks and then swallowed one more time.

'Aaaaahh,' I gave a satisfied gasp as I looked up at him with a big smile on my face. 'Thank you, Mr. Jarvis. There sure was a lot that time.'

'And it looks like I missed with a little bit too,' he said as he reached forward with his hand and I felt his big index finger slide around my chin. 'Here you go.' I looked down at his thick finger and saw a big gob of his precious seed clinging to it. I opened my mouth and he slid his finger slowly between my parted lips.

'Mmmmmm,' it was him that gave a soft groan this time as my lips closed around his inserted finger as I sucked and licked the warm cream off of it. He withdrew his finger and slid it around my cheek where there must have been more cum. He brought it forwards and slipped it right back in between my soft lips. As I closed my lips and started to suck the silky nectar off his finger, he started to slide it back and forth between my lips. It would have been easier for me if he'd just left it in my mouth but for some reason, he seemed to want to move it and out between my sucking lips. I looked up at him and he had a broad smile on his face as he looked down at me intently. Finally, he slipped his finger out of my mouth. As he did, it made an audible 'POP' as it came clear of my sucking lips.

'I think you've got all that medicine now, Joey,' he said as he let out a final big sigh. I looked down and could see his majestic cock hanging heavy and about half-hard as it arced out suggestively from his body. I could see one more milky drop still filling the gaping eye of his piss-slit.

'There....there's one more drop there,' I said as I nodded towards the little pearly gob that I wanted.

'Oh, you're right,' he said as looked down at the oozing tip of his cock. He reached his hand back around his heavy thick cock and held it up towards me. As he did, I felt my tongue slide out instinctively and run around my lips.

'What do you think we should do with that?' he asked as he took one long firm stroke from the base of his cock to just beneath the wide flared crown. As he did, I felt a shiver of desire go through me as the milky-white drop grew in size as he forced the last of his delicious semen to the surface.

'Can I.....can I have it?' I asked eagerly as I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

'Sure you can, Joey,' he said as he looked at me with a lecherous grin on his face. 'Why don't you just put your lips right on the end there and suck out that last drop.'

'Okay,' I said as I sat forward and brought my mouth up as he held his dick right in front of my face. I opened my mouth slightly and with my eyes locked hypnotically on that inviting drop, I pressed my lips against the spongy membranes of his cockhead.

'Oh yeah, that's it,' he said with a soft moan, 'suck out that last drop, Joey.' I could feel the slick coating of Vaseline on my lips but through it, I felt the delightful feeling of the sensitive surface of his spent cock against my spread lips. It felt and warm and smooth as I closed my lips just around his oozing pee-hole and started sucking. I pushed my tongue forward right into the creamy white gob and used my lips and tongue to draw it back into my mouth. I would have liked to stay there and see if I could draw another drop out of him but I didn't want to appear too forward. Once I felt the drop slide into the back of my mouth and down my throat, I sat back and as I pulled my lips off his cock, I paused for a split second and gave the very tip a little kiss. As I looked up at him, he was grinning from ear to ear. I knew that he was happy with me.

'What do you think of taking your medicine that way, Joey?' he asked as he sat down on the chair I'd just been sitting in. His pants and underwear were still bunched up around his ankles.

'I really liked it!' I said enthusiastically. 'It tasted even better like that. And there seemed to be more than usual.'

'Yeah, there's always gonna be more if you take it straight from the source. And like the doctor said, getting it into you quicker like this will allow the vitamins to do you the most good. So should we do it that way for your next dose after lunch too?'

'Oh please, sir! Could we?' I asked wide-eyed with excitement.

'Sure Joey. But right now, why don't you reach into that bottom drawer of my desk there and pass me the towel that's in there. I scrambled to my feet and pulled out the towel he had asked me to get. It was the one I'd seen him using before and it felt heavy in my hands. As I brought it to him, the smell of the Baby-Fresh Vaseline wafted into my nostrils from the terrycloth fabric. I handed him the towel and he started to wipe the excess lubricant off his hands.

'Joey, if you go into the bathroom back there you'll find a washcloth over the rack near the sink. Get it good and wet with some hot water, then wring it out and bring it back here.'

'Yes, sir,' I said obediently and went to the bathroom and did as he asked. 'Here you go,' I said as I held the steaming washcloth out to him when I returned.

'I'd like you to wash my hand off for me,' he said as he held out his big meaty paw with the remnants of the Vaseline still adhered to it. I spread out the washcloth and kind of wrapped it around his big hand. I used both of my small hands on it as I worked the washcloth all around the surface of his thick fingers and large hand. Soon I had it cleaned of the greasy lubricant.

'That's good, Joey. Now go and rinse it out and bring it back nice and hot just like you did this time.'

'Yes sir.' Not wanting to disappoint Mr. Jarvis, I hurried back to the bathroom and ran the cloth under the tap. I wrung it out and then let the hot water run over it until it was steaming hot again. I quickly returned and found him still sitting peacefully in the chair.

'What now, Mr. Jarvis?' I asked questioningly.

'I want you to get down on your knees in front of me, Joey, and wash off my cock,' he said firmly.

'Okay,' I said as I dropped to my knees before him.

'Yeah, that'll be a nice way for you to thank me for giving you my semen,' he said as he spread his knees to allow me to move in closer.

'Oh, but I do thank you, sir,' I said as I looked up at him with a worried look on my face. 'I....I can't thank you enough. I'm just so happy that you'd do this for me.'

'I'm glad, Joey,' he said as he reached out and stroked my cheek tenderly. 'Washing my cock will just be a little something extra I want you to get used to doing.'

'Okay,' I said as I felt the momentary anxiety ease out of my body. 'I...I'll do my best.' I reached forward and with my delicate fingers lifted his heavy tumescent member. Jesus, even now, in it's totally flaccid state, I could feel the solid thick weight of it in my hand. It was still covered in a fine coating of the slick lubricant so I held the washcloth open in my hand and let his long thick cock settle into my palm. Oh man, did it ever feel good. I never thought that holding another person's cock would make me feel this way. I felt kind of tingly all over as I moved the washcloth back and forth on the underside.

'Yeah, that's it. Get used to that, Joey. I think you're going to be doing a lot of that from now on,' he said as he looked down at me on my knees between his spread thighs. I used both my hands and moved the washcloth all around that glistening monster as I softly rubbed the gooey lubricant off. He sat back with his thighs spread wide apart and I lovingly cleaned his cock from the base to the tip. His cock felt wonderful in my little hands and I could almost feel the latent power lurking within it, just waiting to spring forth.

'Wash my balls off too, Joey, but be gentle. That's where all that nice medicine you love so much comes from.' I slid the washcloth off the shaft of his dormant manhood and gently lifted his balls. Wow, were they ever big and heavy! They felt like two big eggs beneath the soft surface of his silky bag. I gingerly wrapped the washcloth all around them and softly manipulated them in my hands as I cleaned off the remainder of the Vaseline from his skin.

'Oh yeah, you certainly are good at that, Joey,' he said as I withdrew the washcloth totally from his shining damp groin. 'Now you better go rinse that out and then you can go for this morning.'

'You don't need me to do anything else?' I asked with a disappointed look on my face.

'Not right now. Just make sure you're back here right after lunch. I'll have your next dose of medicine ready for you then.'

'Yes sir! Thank you, sir!' I was just beaming with happiness now as I sprang to my feet and rushed into the bathroom to rinse off the washcloth. When I was finished and came back into the room, he had his pants back on properly and was sitting back behind his desk already absorbed in some paperwork.

'Are you sure there isn't anything else I can do for you, Mr. Jarvis?' I asked as I stood next his desk expectantly.

'Oh, I don't think so, Joey,' he said as he finished up what he was reading and then looked up at me. 'You can go....wait a second....' He paused and looked at the left side of my face closely. He reached forward and I felt his big thumb wipe across my cheek near my ear. 'I guess we missed this.' He held his thumb up with a drop of his silvery semen on the tip with his fingers curled against his palm below. As soon as I spotted the glistening drop of his precious seed, I instinctively stepped forward and took his big hand in both of mine. I leaned forward and slipped my lips over his protruding thumb.

'Oh yeah, that's a good boy,' he said under his breath as I rolled my tongue all around his upright thumb as I lapped up the tasty drop of semen. He moved his thumb back and forth again a couple of time between my lips. I could tell from this and the previous time that Mr. Jarvis must like this so I held his fist firmly in my two little hands and started to bob my head up and down on his big meaty thumb. I kept my lips pressed tightly against the skin of his thumb and I softly sucked at it as I moved my head moved up and down.

'That's it, Joey. You've got such a pretty mouth.' I was thrilled to hear his words of praise and enthusiastically continued to bob my head up and down on his thick digit. He let me suck away at his thumb for another minute or so and then pulled it from between my pouting lips. I felt like a kid who'd had his favorite new toy taken away.

'You'd better go, Joey. I've got work to do,' he said as he appeared to be a little flustered and I could see a fine sheen of sweat on his brow. With a sad face I turned and opened the door. I looked back and he was looking right at me with a concerned look on his face.

'Are you sure there isn't anything more I can do for you, Mr. Jarvis,' I said with a sincere pout. 'I'll...I'll do whatever you want me to.' He looked at me intently and I could almost see the wheels going around inside his head. He finally seemed to reach some kind of decision.

'How would you like that next dose of medicine right now, Joey?' he asked me with a lecherous smile on his face.

'Would I?' I gushed with anticipation. 'Yes sir! More than anything!'

'Okay, you better lock that door and get back on your knees,' he said as he started to get up out of his chair. Beaming with happiness, I turned and closed the door. As I pressed the button locking it, I felt a shiver of excitement run through my body. I wasn't going to have to wait until one o'clock! As I turned, he was already undoing his belt buckle.....



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