Sometime after Zach has shown all the girls that he is a jerk, none of them will have sex with him. He's fine for a month or two, he can jack himself off and look at porn, but pretty soon he gets the need for a blow-job or sex. He turns to me.

Somehow Zach and I end up being at Josh Collier's house together. Josh and Paige are in Josh's parents because he parents aren't home. They will probably be in there for a longtime. Zach starts complaining about how horny he is and how no girl will have sex with him. He kind of slyly asks if I could do anything about that. Im like what are you talking about Zach? He like man I don't know um maybe you could just rub it for me, just for a little while. I was like Zach I'm not gay I'm not doing that for you. He's like man come on I know you haven't had sex before maybe I could return the favor, if you know what I mean. I'm like, we don't even have anywhere to do it and it still sounds weird to me. Zach tells me that we can just go into Josh's room and lock the door. I'm like okay whatever, but I'm not going first and nobody can ever find out about this I'm serious. Zach says no duh, I don't want people thinking that I'm gay! So we get in the room and I say so how are we going to do this. Zach says just sit down on the bed and take your clothes off. I ask him if he has locked the door and he says yes. So I take off my shoes and socks, then my shirt, then my pants. I tell Zach I'm not sure about this anymore. He tells me to stop being a pussy. So I just go ahead and take off my American Eagle underwear. I'm semi-hard from the thought of getting a hand-job. Zach is like wow dude that's a pretty big cock you've got there, I would know I've seen some ones in the locker room. I mean Josh's is like 8 inches and Ryan's is a thick 6 1/2. I ask him how big his is and he tells me that I will find out later. I spread my legs and he gets in between them and grabs my cock. It feels awesome and he hasn't even started yet. He grabs some lube out of Josh's drawer and rubs it all up and down my cock. By now Zach has that really cocky grin on his face like he knows something that you don't but wish you did.He starts pumping my meat and doing all sorts of things that are making me go crazy. This goes on for about 15 minutes and I tell Zach that I'm about to cum. He lubes me up again and starts pumping faster, I'm making noises that I've never made before. Right before I'm about to cum he takes my whole 6.75 inches in his hot wet mouth.

To Be Continued...



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