I came in Zach's mouth more than I ever had before and he took it all and swallowed it. Right when the orgasm wore off, I pushed Zach off of me

'What the hell Zach?!'

'Dude you know you liked it, so what's the big deal?'

'How about the fact that I'm not gay and you just put your cock in my mouth?!'

'Man I was just making you feel good. Sorry if I offended you. I won't do again....if you don't want me to.'

'Yea whatever.'

'So, um well it's my turn now.'

'Fine, but I'm not doing any of that freaky crap.'

'Okay, let's just get this started.'

Zach starts to get undressed. He takes off his shirt (Zach is one of those guys you thick but muscular). Then he takes his jeans off, and slowly pulls off his boxer briefs. I finally get to see his cock. It's not that suprising but it's about 7 1/2 inches and pretty thick. I crawl over to Zach and he spreads his legs and I get between them. I start pumping his cock and about 3 minutes into it he starts to moan and say my name. About 5 minutes later his moans become so loud that I had to tell him to be quiet or Josh would hear us. He quieted down but kept up a steady stream of moans. After about 5 more minutes I start pumping faster and faster. While Zach is keeping up a line of 'fucks' and 'oh yeas'. Zach finished and sprayed all over his stomach. We get done and I wipe my hands off and start to get on my clothes, while Zach goes to the bathroom to clean up. Zach walks back into the room.

'Well that was interesting...what do you want to do now?'

'Let's just go and watch some TV.'

'Okay, fine with me.'

We go back in the living room and are sitting on the couch as Paige runs through the living room half-dressed with messed up hair. About 5 minutes later Josh comes out in his boxers mumbling to himself.

Zach says, 'Dude what happened?'

'Well we started making out and we were just about to have sex and she started talking about our relationship and then I guess I said something that upset her and she just got up and left. Leaving me with a raging hard-on.'

I say,'Why don't you just take care of that yourself?'

Josh says,' I don't do that sort of thing, someone else always gets me off.'

Zach says,'Do you want me to take care of it?'

Josh says,'Sure dude come on over, I'm fucking horny!'

I say,' Whoa hold up! You guys are supposed to be the jocks the cool kids who make fun of the fags. What is happening right now?'

Zach says,'Let's just say we take care of each other and return the favor when it's needed.'

Zach walks over to Josh and gently pulls down his boxers like he's done it a thousand times. He reaches in and pulls out Josh's ever growing dick. When it reaches full mast Josh is a whopping 8 inches and about 6 inches wide. Zach takes it in is mouth and starts sucking like a pro. About 5 minutes into it, Josh is face-fucking Zach, his hips bucking back and forth and Zach is still taking it like a champ. All of the sudden Josh leans down into Zach ear and whispers something that I can't hear.

Zach jumps back and says,'Hell no! I'm not doing that...why would I even want to do that!'

Josh leans over and whisper in Zach ear. And I can tell Zach is contemplating what Josh has told him.

Zach says,' Okay Josh, but you owe me one.'

Josh says,'Yea man whatever this is a freaking good deal. Anyways I'm the one getting gipped. Okay (my name) this is the deal I get to fuck Zach and you get to fuck me, if you and Zach will fuck around and experiment here at my house tonight. I want you to fuck me and the only way Zach will let me is if you guys can stay here. Don't worry my parents aren't going to be home and even if they were they could care less.'

I say,'How do you even know if I want to do this! Don't try to act like you know exactly what I want.'

Josh says,'Don't kid yourself I know that what you want, I can see it in your eyes. Get ready to have the ride of your life...literally.'

To Be Continued......



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