To give you some background on myself, my mother passed away when I was only ten. My dad took it hard and began drinking heavily and we moved in with his dad. MY grandfather was very wealthy, owner of a large energy company.

During college, between majoring in petroleum engineering and taking care of my ill grandfather, I had my hands full.

When grandpa died, Dad went wild when he found out that all grandpa had left him was a trust fund from which he could only withdraw one hundred dollars a month and a small rundown cottage across town. The will stated that dad could no longer live in the house left to me.

Grandpa was a miser and seldom did any repair work on the house, although he could afford to make it a mansion and never miss a penny. I immediately began planning repairs.

Now, instead of working for the company, I owned the company. Everyone had known that I was the owners grandson, but no one had any idea that I was also gay. By working out regularly, I had a extremely well built body and was very masculine, and kept my secret private.

I began looking for a contractor to do the work I needed done. The house was a one story ranch style home on 120 acres. The interior needed some updating but the outside needed more work, including a new rook and lots of decorative repairs.

One of the secretaries at the company heard I was looking for someone to do the work and came to me recommending a man that had done work for her. She told me that he worked alone hence the name of his company, 'One Man Construction'.

She had informed me that he did beautiful work and was very precise in how things looked. I took his name and decided to call him.

His name was Clint Baker and when I called, he agreed to meet me at the house Saturday morning at nine. When I saw him get out of his truck, I gasped.

He stood right at six foot six and was built like a Sherman tank. His hair was dark brown and shoulder length and his short dark beard and sky blue eyes, made him look even more rugged. The tank top that he wore was smug and revealed a muscular hairy chest. His jeans were also snug and showed a nice package both in front and in back.

We shook hands as I tried to catch my breath. I began explaining what I wanted done as he made notes and took pictures. When we were done, he asked if he could have a week or so to work up an estimate. I said yes. However, during our meeting, I did find out that he was thirty-one, single, and was a former Marine.

We parted and while I still had visions of him in my head I quickly whipped out my semi-hard cock and jerked off a huge load.

Afterward, I called a private detective that had done work for my grandfather. I told him that I wanted every minor bit of information he could scrap up regardless of what it was.

A week later I received a call from the detective and he only verified what I knew. He could find not one bit of gossip about Clint, and nothing the least bit questionable.

Soon afterward, Clint called and gave me an estimate. I immediately told him that regardless of the cost, I wanted the work done. He did explain that since he worked alone, it would take longer to complete and at times he might ask for my help. I told him that I was ready to do whatever he wanted me to. I meant that in more ways that he knew.

The house stood back in the center of the property and was hidden from the road and all neighbors. I loved that fact as it gave me to opportunity to enjoy the patio and pool nude, as well as wander around nude.

Clint was scheduled to begin work on a Monday and I had arranged to be off for the duration of the work. However I was in total shock when on the Saturday before work was to begin I was out front working in a flower bed when Clint suddenly pulled into the yard bringing in some supplies.

When I realized that someone as there he was coming straight for me and I turned to face him, totally naked. I could see a surprised look on his face as he approached.

He stopped and got out, only a few feet from me. Looking toward me, he smiled and said, "I thought I'd bring out some materials ahead of time. I apologize if I caught you at a bad time."

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting you as you can see. I enjoy going nude."

"Mr. Rivers, it's your property. Do what you want."

"First off, call me Mark. Secondly, I never want to offend anyone."

"I'm not offended. Surprised yes, but not offended. I saw plenty of guys nude in the showers while in the Marines."

While he unloaded his materials, I excused myself and went inside and put on some shorts. Then, once back outside, I helped him with the materials.

Work began the following Monday and I helped when requested. By Thursday, I had convinced him to work shirtless if he wanted. He did and I loved looking at his muscular hairy chest.

At the end of the second week, I suggested that he stay on Friday and have dinner. He accepted and I planned on a steak and potato dinner.

I had managed to behave and had at least worn shorts while he was there. I noticed that he was hot and sweaty when he finished up for the day and suggested that we have a swim before dinner to cool off.

"Sounds good," he began, "but I don't have a swim suit with me."

"Who needs one?" I asked. "It's just me and you here, " I said smiling.

Then a moment later, I turned toward the pool and quickly shoved my shorts to the ground and jumped into the pool, totally nude.

When I surfaced, I turned and looked toward him. He was watching me intently and then I saw him move toward a lounge.




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